Review of China Southern flight Guangzhou Bangkok in Business

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ 357
Class Business
Seat 3K
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 11 Nov 12, 08:50
Arrival at 11 Nov 12, 10:45
CZ 133 reviews
By 5379
Published on 14th November 2012
Here is the next part of our trip to Thailand.

We were expected and greeted by a China Southern Airlines agent who will take us to the immigration transit counters.
photo P1000634
photo P1000635

We go through immigration and then walk along a very long passage leading to international departures and we find the lounge on our right.
A first check is done by 2 agents who check the boarding cards and they fill out an invitation. At the second check agents are picking up the invitations and welcome us in the lounge.
photo P1000636

Always some stunning orchids at the counters, this Phalaenopsis is magnificent for the deep hues !
photo P1000637

The lounge is divided in 3 parts, 2 on the main floor and 1 on the top floor. We choose to go upstairs.
photo P1000638
photo P1000661
photo P1000639

We settle down in a corner of the lounge with electric plugs for our computers. We chose the pistachio green seats and opposite is a gold couch.
photo P1000640

The lounge is nice and calm with views over the planes, armchairs are placed facing the planes. A small area is dedicated for the tea ceremony.
photo P1000641
photo P1000642

Let's check the buffet now.
photo P1000643
photo P1000644
photo P1000645
photo P1000646
photo P1000650
photo P1000651

My first selection, tuna or turkey sandwiches.
photo P1000647

Now let's check the restrooms.
photo P1000648
photo P1000649

Our airplane is on the foreground, it's an Airbus 321 registration B-6355
photo P1000652

This is a funny name for a cracker !
photo P1000653

I made myself a cappuccino and a nice selection of desserts.
photo P1000654

The shower rooms.
photo P1000656
photo P1000657
photo P1000658

You can charge up your mobile phones.
photo P1000659

Business and computer area.
photo P1000660

We are lucky our gate is right next to the lounge so a short walk for us !
photo P1000662

A few pictures of the articles for sale in the terminal's boutiques.
photo P1000663
photo P1000664
photo P1000665

After the whale in which we crossed the Pacific, here is the small sardine that will take us to Bangkok, a beautiful baby that was delivered to China Southern on the 25 of june 2008.
photo P1000666
photo P1000667

Our gate is showing infos about our flight and the next one.
photo P1000668

As soon as the 2 China Southern agents arrived, everybody stood up and started to queue to board.
photo P1000669

We board on the right hand side, reserved for Business Class and for SkyTEAM Elite and Elite Plus passengers.
photo P1000670

When we arrive on board we are welcomed on board by 2 air hostesses, one of them take us to our seats.

The cabin and the legroom.
photo P1000672
photo P1000671
photo P1000674
photo P1000676

Our neighbour, a China Southern Airlines Airbus 330.
photo P1000673

The cabin attendant will bring us a newspaper and slippers packed with a shoe bag. She will then come back and offer a choice of orange, apple juice or water.
photo P1000675

She will make sure to have the CZ logo facing us.

She will then bring us the menu that she will collect back afterwards.
photo P1000677

But a good point here, the menu is correct !

The door closes and we are the only ones in Business Class.

We are pushed back 5 minutes early, YAY ! The safety demonstrations are shown on the overhead screens. They are different from the Airbus 380 demonstrations.
photo P1000678

We will have a rather complete visit of Bayiun Airport and go all around the terminal building before finding our runway !
photo P1000679

An Airbus 380 departing ? where to ? Beijing maybe…
photo P1000680

B777 and A330
photo P1000681
photo P1000682

Behind this 777, our A380-800 B-6138 with which we flew in from LAX.
photo P1000683
photo P1000684
photo P1000685

Guangzhou Bayiun International Airport and its based residents.
photo P1000686
photo P1000687

I try to get a picture of this SkyTEAM 777 flying for China Southern but our captain is in a hurry…
photo P1000688
photo P1000691
photo P1000690

A Shenzhen Airlines A320.
photo P1000689

Spotting on our way to the take off runway.
photo P1000692
photo P1000694
photo P1000695
photo P1000697
photo P1000698
photo P1000700

We line up and here we go ! It's a big change from the A380 where you feel it is not moving at all…
photo P1000699
photo P1000705
photo P1000706
photo P1000707
photo P1000708

We go through the clouds and above them it is beautiful and sunny !
photo P1000709
photo P1000710

I didn't lie we are the only ones in Business Class !
photo P1000711

New overhead panels, not equipped with the new signage yet.
photo P1000712
photo P1000713

We chose a movie…
photo P1000714

I will watch Batman !
photo P1000723

To start we are served assorted nuts and I order a glass of sparkling water.
photo P1000715

Then the cabin attendant bring the meal when we have finished our drinks.
photo P1000716
photo P1000717
photo P1000718
photo P1000720
photo P1000719

The whole thing was nice, the sticky rice was very fragrant maybe because of the dried shrimps, but is was delicious.

Our cabin attendant will pick our tray and will offer a hot beverage. I will order a tea and she will offer some fresh fruits too.
photo P1000721

We continue our flight to Bangkok, behind us, Premium Economy, 3 rows still have their trays, same thing for Economy. Our Cabin attendant will go and help the crew working the back of the Airbus and will leave us with the Purser who will pick up the used tableware.

Outside the weather is beautiful.
photo P1000722

Our 12 seats !
photo P1000724

On each seat there is a very thick blanket and a pillow.
photo P1000725

Still Batman on the screens.
photo P1000726

A lot of space for the legs and even more comfortable due to the fact that there is no one in front to recline the seatback.
photo P1000727

We continue our journey towards Bangkok.
photo P1000728
photo P1000729

Before the movie is over, the Purser stops the video to show a movie about immigration. It looks chinese and not thai…
photo P1000730

The we are shown a movie about Thailand and the volume is way too loud !!! Nothing will be done to correct it.
photo P1000731
photo P1000733

We fly over Suvarnabhumi, our final destination.
photo P1000734

We do a turn over the suburbs of the Thai Capital City.
photo P1000735
photo P1000736

Rice fields on our final approach.
photo P1000737
photo P1000738

We are not far from the runway.
photo P1000739
photo P1000740

Smooth landing at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok international Airport !
photo P1000741

The french are leaving !
photo P1000742

A Thai Airways 77W
photo P1000743

photo P1000744

A Finnair A330 is departing while a Transaero 747-400 arrives from Moscow.
photo P1000745
photo P1000746
photo P1000747

Turkish A330 and KLM 77W
photo P1000748

Another Transaero 747-400, there were another 4 Transaero airplanes on the ground when we arrived.
photo P1000749

This one is the one that arrived while Finnair was leaving.
photo P1000750
photo P1000751

And we park next to it.
photo P1000752

The cabin attendant will draw the curtains for us to deplane first and will re-open them after we left the aircraft.
photo P1000753

One last glance at the cabin.
photo P1000754

We are waiting for the door to open…
photo P1000755

Now we have to walk to immigration which is located at the center of the terminal, I turn back and I see a flood of russians flowing out of the Transaero 747… My partner didn't want his wheelchair, he'll have to walk faster now.
photo P1000756

We arrive just before the russian wave and we go through immigration and our carousel to pick up our bags is just there !
photo P1000757

There's still time to buy a few more things !
photo P1000758

While we were waiting for our bags, here are the arrivals.
photo P1000760

We waited a little and the bags start to come out !
photo P1000762

Our bags will come out after some ten bags and we then go through customs before going to the Novotel Suvarnabhumi where we will spend the night as tomorrow morning we have a very early departure for Sukhothai.
photo P1000763

We do our check-in at the Executive Lounge where we are offered a Bale Fruit juice, ecvellent with honey !
photo P1000765

Our room is on the 5th floor, this is the reception and the lobby area from the lifts.
photo P1000766
photo P1000767

Our room is looking over the swimming pool.
photo P1000768

Finally a bed after a long trip PPT-LAX-CAN-BKK !
photo P1000769

Next leg is BKK-THS on a Bangkok Airways ATR72-500.
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China Southern

Cabin crew9.0

China Southern Business Class Lounge


Guangzhou - CAN


Bangkok - BKK



Excellent medium haul flight, very kind crew, meal was correct but then again with all we ate in the lounge, it was more than enough !

China Souther AIrlines is a rather good airline on international routes, far better than what I experienced on CAN-SYX-CAN...

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The airline with the best average rating is Thai Airways with 8.2/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 58 minutes.

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