Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Luanda in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 560
Class Economy
Seat 28K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 09:05
Take-off 13 Aug 17, 21:50
Arrival at 14 Aug 17, 05:55
LH   #52 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1265 reviews
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Published on 27th August 2017
After getting off my very normal intra-European flight from Vienna (seriously it was so normal it doesn't make sense to review it) I had about three and a half hours left before my flight to Luanda was scheduled to depart. Since I'm a star alliance gold member I'm entitled to use one of the many star alliance lounges at Frankfurt. I elected not to use the Lufthansa business class lounge because it's really mediocre, and instead opted for the air Canada maple leaf lounge in terminal Z, this, however, did require a lot of walking.

photo img_6857

I mean seriously it took me a solid 20 minutes to get to the lounge.

photo img_6858

Anywho after this, I finally arrived at the lounge with still slightly 3 hours to go before my flight was to depart. The Air Canda lounge is quite hidden away on the second floor of a strange section of Z gates, this was probably why there weren't many people inside. I was greeted by a very nice German/Canadian desk officer who swiped my THY gold card and I was in.

just as a walked in I noticed a model of the 787-9 in the new Air Canada livery. What a classy touch!

photo img_6868

The lounge itself was quite nice with a selection of cold cuts, desserts, fruits and vegetables, carbs and a few hot meals. Definitely better than the pathetic sausages and curry Lufthansa offers just a five-minute walk away.

photo img_6863

Air Canada Maple leaf lounge spread.

photo img_6875

In the middle of the lounge, there was a very suggestive fireplace along with many comfortable couches and armchairs.

photo img_6867

There was a nice selection of magazines, many of them air Canada themed, which I found interesting.

I would also like to point out that the lounge is very spotter friendly with large panel windows providing an unobstructed view onto the tarmac. here are a few aircraft I spotted that evening.

photo img_6860

Thai a350-900 bound for Bangkok

photo img_6869

Ethiopian 777-200lr bound for Addis Ababa

photo img_6859

south African A340-600 bound for Johannesburg

At this point, I decided to have a small dinner. I had some beef stroganoff, rice, a cake with ice and lemon along with some nachos. All were quite good. Yet again an upgrade from you, Lufthansa.

photo img_6870

At this point, I decided it was it was time to go to my gate as boarding had begun 2 minutes ago. I arrived at the gate 10 mins later with most of the passengers already boarded. Sadly we were on a jet bridge with no view of the aircraft, and you can't take photos in Luanda. What a bummer.

Flight info

Origin Frankfurt (EDDF)
Destination Luanda (FNLU)
Flight duration: 8 hours 5 minutes
Aircraft: A330-343X, registered D-AIKK, named Fürth, 9.5 years old at the time of flight.

We were greeted by the icy smile of the Lufthansa flight attendant taking care of my section of the aircraft I find that Lufthansa crews are very polite and well intentioned but are quite cold and distant when it comes to interactions.

This a330 featured the usual 2-4-2 configuration in economy class. Here is a picture of my seat, from the very front of economy class.

photo img_6883

The seatback pocket content was pretty standard, having the in-flight magazine, safety card etc.

photo img_6878

A picture of the forward economy cabin

photo img_6876

Legroom was decent

photo img_6877

We took off from runway 18 using up about 65 percent of the runway. our initial cruising altitude was 35000 feet but we climbed all the way up to 39000 feet.

A good thing about being in the forward economy section is the fact that you have a shot at getting the premium economy service. The food is identical to economy class but is served in real porcelain. I wasn't so lucky this time but had the premium economy drinks selection. Score!

The meal took a while to roll out, only being served 1.15 hours after takeoff. strange for a red eye but whatever I guess. The meal consisted of tortellini, bread, a peach cobbler and a green salad. A chocolate and some Bavarian cheese were also a part of the meal. All tasted good except the salad vinaigrette which was really rancid. I spoilt a perfectly good salad which was a shame. The cobbler was the highlight of the meal. I mean really it was that good.

photo img_6888

After the meal, I decided to pay a visit to the bathroom, which was a pretty standard a330 affair and then goes to sleep with about 6 hours left to Luanda.

photo img_6885photo img_6893

I woke up with about one hour and 30 minutes left till landing, I decided to browse the entertainment section, in the end settling for some season 11 episodes of "Bones" which I've seen already.

Breakfast was served 1 hour before landing and consisted of an omelet, grilled potatoes, some bread, and yogurt. The omelet was just plain nasty but I guess that's the norm in economy.

photo img_6895

we began our descent into Luanda about 30 minutes out, touching down hard on runway 07.

photo img_4471 3

Passport control is a nightmare here so I was sure to get off the plane fast. My bags were already waiting for me when I got through immigration. A generally decent flight from LH.
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