Review of TAAG Angola Airlines flight Luanda Cape Town in Business

Flight DT 579
Class Business
Seat 6A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 25 Mar 18, 08:40
Arrival at 25 Mar 18, 13:25
DT 6 reviews
By 3455
Published on 27th March 2018

It seems like Cape town has become the default getaway for me, if I would have just flown in economy again I would not have bothered with another report, but since I thought I should try business I thought it might be interesting. When asking friends about business class on TAAG's 777's they said it's fine, but I wasn't really sure what to compare it to, as I usually fly business on long haul and longer medium haul flights. On the 2 hour flight to Namibia or Sao tome, it really seems like a waste of ney for me.

The morning LAD

Ah, Luanda airport you're damn disorganized. Like no, joke its really bad. But since there are ways to get through security an easier I got through somehow… The check-in agent was painfully slow, even after asking, she allocated me seat 6D, which was not a window seat. But at this point, I was too exhausted to argue so I just took what I had and left in hopes of the flight not being full. (Spoiler alert it worked).

I then spotted a little, as I was quite bored.

photo img_5358

The Antonov 74, a funny aircraft in my opinion

photo img_3242

The TAAG 777 that would be operating the flight to Havana later that night (D2-TEE)

At this point, I started to make my way to the boarding gate, in this case, it was gate 3. You can't really mess up here as there are only 4 boarding gates. We were bussed to our gorgeous 777, Sundays are usually quite calm here, there were basically no aircraft on the tarmac.

photo img_9202

The gorgeous GE90 of our 777

Information about the flight

Departure time: 8:40 (actual 8:52)

Arrival time: 13:40 (actual 13:24)

From: Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro (LAD)

To: Cape Town International (CPT)

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER, registered D2-TEG, aged 7 years

I was one of the last passengers to board, and business class was very empty, so I assigned myself seat 6A, in the very first row of business class by the window. Then the purser came by with drinks, orange juice and water were served. Made me miss the welcome drink that THY offers.

photo img_3102

Orange Juice and water

photo img_2670

The seat on arrival

I thought that maybe economy gets the bitchy flight attendants and business gets the more promising ones. Nope, out of the 4, only one looked like she genuinely wanted to be there and help. On the other hand, she was a gem and did her best when 3 of her male colleagues were sitting in the galley.

We took off just a little behind schedule, but I didn't worry as the 777 has the capacity to make up lost time easily.

photo img_5905

Take off from runway 25

We made a turn to the south and were soon flying over the Quicama national park and the Cabo Ledo region which was quite nice

photo img_9576

Quicama national park from onboard the 777

At this point, the seatbelt sign was still on, which was quite excessive considering that we were at 37,000 feet. I also noticed that the recline function of 6A was stuck so I moved to 9A. Now, let me show you around the seat.

photo img_7503

13'' IFE system and the legroom (I hate the navy blue finishes of everything though, not that nice)

photo img_7540

The remote control for the IFE

photo img_2694

Power sockets

At this point, omelate one of the male FA's came around asking for what we'd like to have for breakfast. The choices were either "toast or omelet" I was intrigued by the Toast option so I went for that. He also informed us that the IFE was broken. I didn't really care but I'm sure many people did. He then came around with hot towels and headphones.

photo img_2120photo img_7598

Hot towel and headphones

The headphones were pretty trash, I was going to use mine anyways but still.

At this point, the breakfast was brought out. The option was actually french toast with custard and plums (not premium but pretty good), a fruit salad and yoghurt along with tea. The pastries were quite tasty as well. I ended up having a raisin danish, a croissant and a bread roll. Honey, jam and butter were also included of course. All in all a satisfying breakfast.

photo img_4467

The breakfast

The food was cleared now, we were an hour and a half into the 3.5-hour flight. In the next two hours, I basically didn't see the flight attendants. Since the IFE was broken I was quite bored so I started on this report.

photo img_2700

Flying over Namibia

Just a quick show of the seat recline, The seat was angle lie flat which was more than sufficient for a short daytime flight. But on the longer flights that TAAG operates (like their 16-hour marathon to Havana), it might be an issue.

photo img_7796

Upright position

photo img_4047

Lounging position

photo img_7065

Lie flat position

I then ordered a coke which was brought to me quickly, the mood lighting was also turned on. At this point, we were 1.5 hours out of Cape Town.

photo img_2698photo img_1146photo img_0026

Coke, Mood lighting and the almost empty cabin.

We started our descent around 40 minutes out of Cape Town, the views were nice though a bit dry due to the water shortage.

photo img_2707

Over the coast

photo img_2702

Flying through the cloud layer

photo img_2708

On short final

We touched down on runway 01R at 1:17, exactly as foretold by the captain, we then taxied into our stand.

photo img_2709


There were a couple of interesting aircraft

photo img_2710

LH and Edelweiss A340-300's with the famous blow drier engines

We parked next to my favorite airline, this time an A330-300, sadly they don't fly to Luanda

photo img_2712photo img_2713

Bye D2-TEG!
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TAAG Angola Airlines

Cabin crew6.0

Luanda - LAD


Cape Town - CPT



Overall this was a perfectly fine flight. We arrived on time and the catering was fine, and unlike on my past economy flights, the cabin wasn't so horribly worn. On the other hand, the crew was a pain to be with. The IFE was also unusable, which made this flight seem veeeeery long.

Until next time!



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