Review of China Eastern flight Beijing Xi'an in Economy

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU2108
Class Economy
Seat 46A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 16 Aug 17, 12:50
Arrival at 16 Aug 17, 14:30
MU 170 reviews
By BRONZE 1042
Published on 1st September 2017


Hello everyone
The 24th July my parents celebrated 20 years of marriage and they decided to make a family trip for this special occasion
About 2 months before leaving we started to evaluate all the possibilites and in a week we made a sort of round-the-world journey: USA, Caribbean, Fjords' cruise and so on…
After all this we finally decide the destination: CHINA
We booked an organized group tour with one of the best Italian tour operator with departure date 12nd August.
The tour comprised 4 cities: Beijing, Xi'An, Guilin and Shanghai for a total of 12 days
Personally I was very happy because of the many different airlines and planes we would have tried. And obviously also because I've never been to China and it had always fascinated me.
Here is the itinerary:

12nd August Roma Fiumicino - Beijing Capital with Air China Boeing 787-9
16th August Beijing Capital - Xi'An with China Eastern Airlines Airbus A321 (YOU ARE HERE)
18th August Xi'An - Guilin with OKAirways Boeing 737-900ER
20th August Guilin - Shanghai Pudong with Suparna Airlines Boeing 737-800
22nd August Shanghai Hongqiao - Beijing Capital with Air China Boeing 747-400
22nd August Beijing Capital - Roma Fiumicino with Air China Boeing 787-9

photo mappa voli


After spending three beautiful days in Beijing it's time to leave to Xi'An, the ancient capital city of Chinese Empire. Since the flight would have been in the afternoon we had time in the morning to visit the Temple of Heaven.
Our flight, operated by China Eastern, would depart from Terminal 2, located in the older part of the airport and which hosts most of international and domestics flights.
We arrived at the airport about 2 hours before departure
Korean Air birds seen from the expressway
photo pek-xiy 1

The shuttle left us in front of Domestic Departures, at the far left of the Terminal
photo pek-xiy 2photo pek-xiy 3

On the right there are International Departures as well as flights to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
photo pek-xiy 4photo pek-xiy 5

Our flight was reported to be on time
photo pek-xiy 6

China Eastern check-in desks
photo pek-xiy 7

Since we were a group we could use a priority desk and in about 10 minutes we obtained our boarding passes
Unfortunately the airport staff doesn't speak English well so our guide had to translate everything as seat preferences in Chinese
photo pek-xiy 8

There was just a little queue at the security checkpoint but it took about 20 minutes to do all
Every passenger is controlled manually beyond metal detectors and also every bag is minutely checked
Airside area of PEK T2 is quite good but it lacks of interesting shops…I cannot find any plane model ahaha
Fortunately the Terminal is very good for plane spotting
photo pek-xiy 10

Since we had about 50 minutes before boarding I made a walk around the terminal to take pictures
photo pek-xiy 17photo pek-xiy 19
China Southern A330
photo pek-xiy 12
China Southern A321 with Sharklets
photo pek-xiy 13
XiamenAir Boeing 787
photo pek-xiy 16
Azerbaijan Airlines Boeing 767-300ER
photo pek-xiy 18
Going towards the International part of the Terminal I saw many interesting birds
photo pek-xiy 33
China Eastern A330 with People's Daily Online livery
photo pek-xiy 20photo pek-xiy 25
China Southern A330 in SkyTeam livery
photo pek-xiy 21
Hongkong Airlines A330 and 737
photo pek-xiy 22
Air China A330s at T3, one of them with Zichen Hao - Capital Pavilion Liner livery
photo pek-xiy 23
Air China Boeing 737 taking off
photo pek-xiy 27
China Southern A380 arriving at Terminal 2
photo pek-xiy 26photo pek-xiy 28photo pek-xiy 29
Hainan Airlines A330
photo pek-xiy 30
Air China A330 taking off
photo pek-xiy 31
China Southern A330 in SkyTeam livery
photo pek-xiy 32photo pek-xiy 34
China Southern A380 desembarking
photo pek-xiy 35
All Nippon Airways Boeing 777
photo pek-xiy 36
photo pek-xiy 37
China Eastern Boeing 777
photo pek-xiy 38
China Southern Boeing 757
photo pek-xiy 40
SAS A340
photo pek-xiy 41
China Souther A321
photo pek-xiy 42
Since boarding time was close I came back to Gate 34
photo pek-xiy 14photo pek-xiy 15
Our bird for the flight
B-9903, delivered to MU in Febraury 2013 and fitted with sharklets in January 2017
I really like old-style liveries of Chinese carriers. They are very fascinating
photo pek-xiy 11
In the background is it possible to see China Southern A330 in 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010 livery
photo pek-xiy 43photo pek-xiy 43b


Boarding started ten minutes earlier than scheduled
Going down the jetbridge
photo pek-xiy 44photo pek-xiy 45photo pek-xiy 46
I gave the Flight report to the Purser and made my way to my seat 45A
The plane seemed to be not completly full
photo pek-xiy 47
Even if it was no possible to recline (no matter for me since I like to keep seat up) the pitch was great
I'm tall and stout but I was able to cross my legs without any problem
photo pek-xiy 48photo pek-xiy 50
The view from my seat with China Southern A321 next to us
photo pek-xiy 49photo pek-xiy 51
We were among the last to board and immediately after the cabin was set for departure
The cabin crew distributed blankets and pillows, remainders of not full Business class
Of the six flights I made sure the crew of this was the best in terms of professionalism and warmth
photo pek-xiy 52
Just for the take-off I moved to the seat accross the aisle, 45F, since the entire row was empty
China Southern Boeing 737
photo pek-xiy 53
We pushed-back 10 minutes before scheduled
photo pek-xiy 55
China Southern A330 in 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010 livery
photo pek-xiy 56
XiamenAir Boeing 787
photo pek-xiy 57
China Southern A321 just landed on RWY36L
photo pek-xiy 58
Hainan A330
photo pek-xiy 59
China Southern Boeing 737
photo pek-xiy 60
And then our turn to go
photo pek-xiy 61
Another Hainan A330 behind us
photo pek-xiy 62
Off we go! Bye Bye Beijing

Climbing over clouds
photo pek-xiy 67photo pek-xiy 68
The landscape under us was so different from the almost-desertic we saw landing in Beijing 4 days ago
photo pek-xiy 69photo pek-xiy 70photo pek-xiy 71
Mandatory sharklet shot
photo pek-xiy 72
I came back to my seat for the lunch
It was composed by a nice lunchbox plus a choice for the main course

Spicy sauce
Choice between Chicken with Noodles or Beef meatball with rice and vegetables

I chose the meatballs which were quite tasty, but the rice a bit overcooked
The bread seemed to be taken out by fridge a moment before
photo pek-xiy 73photo pek-xiy 74
Meanwhile Chinese landscape continued to scroll under us
photo pek-xiy 75photo pek-xiy 76
I spent the rest of the flight listening to music and playing crosswords
We started to descent to Xi'An

Welcome to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport
photo pek-xiy 84
Landing on RWY5L was smooth and soft
photo pek-xiy 85
And again we start a long taxi to the gate
photo pek-xiy 86
Terminal 2
photo pek-xiy 87
Hainan Airlines A330
photo pek-xiy 88
China Eastern A320 in new livery
photo pek-xiy 89
Definitely Hainan's land
photo pek-xiy 90
Air China A319
photo pek-xiy 91
China Southern A320
photo pek-xiy 92
Terminal 3 apron
photo pek-xiy 93
China Eastern A321 in SkyTeam livery
photo pek-xiy 94
The pier
photo pek-xiy 95
Our stand
photo pek-xiy 96
Finally in
photo pek-xiy 97
China Eastern A320 in new livery next to us
photo pek-xiy 98
While desembarking I asked to the Purser to visit the cockpit
Considering his answer I still don't know (and maybe I never will) if he said me it was no possible or if he didn't understand a single word…
However the Flight report was well filled
photo pek-xiy 118


Desembarking through the jetbridge about half a hour before scheduled
photo pek-xiy 99photo pek-xiy 100
Last views of our bird
Thank you China Eastern
photo pek-xiy 101photo pek-xiy 102
Xi'An Airport still smelled of new since this Terminal has been opened in 2012

Down to the Baggage Claim
photo pek-xiy 107
Huge baggage claim hall
Chinese like doing things great XD
Our baggages were already there
photo pek-xiy 108photo pek-xiy 109photo pek-xiy 110
The arrivals hall was not so crowded
The guide waiting there told us that usually flights from PEK have 3-4 hours delay and we were very lucky
photo pek-xiy 111photo pek-xiy 112photo pek-xiy 113
Milano Fashion Week's advertising
photo pek-xiy 115
Ground Transportation Center
photo pek-xiy 116
And airport exterior
photo pek-xiy 117
The shuttle brought us to visit the amazing City Walls
And the day after…Terracotta Army :D
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China Eastern

Cabin crew9.0

Beijing - PEK


Xi'an - XIY



China Eastern Airlines impressed my so much for all the aspects
The aircraft was clean and comfortable. The crew was one of the best I've experienced in China for their professionalism and warmth. The food service was very good and right for a 2-hour domestic flight

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