Review of American Airlines flight Rio De Janeiro New York in Business

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA974
Class Business
Seat 2L
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 09:40
Take-off 03 Jul 16, 21:25
Arrival at 04 Jul 16, 06:05
AA   #73 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 598 reviews
By 2370
Published on 3rd January 2018
This trip started off with an Uber ride from Ipanema to GIG. Check-in was organized poorly and took a pretty long time.

photo img_2590photo img_2594

After getting through security and passport control, I headed to the lounge which wasn't great.

The gate area was nice and open though

photo img_2606photo img_2609photo img_2610

Some photos of the hard product. I chose a rear-facing window seat because you get an extra table and the actual seat is farther from the aisle.

The bathroom actually seemed pretty nice

photo img_2636

Amenity kit

photo img_2701photo img_2702

Food was pretty average. Overall, the service on this flight was really bad.

Finally made it to New York

photo img_2646photo img_2651

Some shots from two different Admirals Clubs that I visited while waiting for my connecting flight to Chicago. The second one was a temporary Admirals Club that I hit up after they made everyone deplane because of a maintenance issue.

photo img_2662photo img_2664photo img_2669

A shot from the window after we finally departed for Chicago. We were actually on the exact same aircraft type as the one from Rio, with the same international configuration. Pretty nice for a domestic flight.

photo img_2677

Some shots from the hotel and Ipanema beach back in Rio

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American Airlines

Cabin crew1.0

Rio De Janeiro - GIG


New York - JFK



This was actually the first time I was confronted about taking photos on an airplane. First, a flight attendant spoke to me about it and I thought that was the end of it, but then they made me speak to the captain. I told him that I always take photos while I'm in business class on a long haul flight so I can blog about it. He seemed to understand and even chatted with me about the new seats they were planning to install because of issues with the current ones.

Completely separate from the photo confrontation, this flight had probably the worst soft product I've ever experienced. The flight attendant assigned to my row was completely unfriendly and kept trying to take service items from me before I was done. He also brought the dessert (ice cream) while I was only halfway through dinner. Too bad the flight attendant had to tarnish this experience on what was a fantastic hard product. Experiences like this are why I roll my eyes whenever US airlines complain about the ME3 and try to allege that they're only successful because they engage in unfair trade practices. You know why they're actually successful? Their flight attendants know how to smile. They're flights are on time. And when you call them, you don't have to go through 10 phone menus before getting to a live person.

Information on the route Rio De Janeiro (GIG) New York (JFK)


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  • Comment 425435 by
    VHBrando 5 Comments
    Thanks for the - late - flightreport. It is really nice to see how much GIG has developed within 1,5 year... I can barely remember those poor lounges since we got 5 new ones + Spa.
    • Comment 425447 by
      Nick AUTHOR 171 Comments
      Good to hear that they've upgraded the lounges since my trip. I expected a better lounge from American since they have such a strong presence in Latin America and I'd think that Rio to New York would be treated like a pretty marquis route.
  • Comment 425444 by
    dreamweaver888 77 Comments
    Photo police? Wow, I didn't think that photo-taking would cause a ruckus on a US carrier. Thanks anyhow for weathering those difficulties and creating this report for us!
    • Comment 425448 by
      Nick AUTHOR 171 Comments
      Haha, no problem. In the end, they didn't kick me off the plane so I have to commend the captain for making the right decision. I've always felt like if I ask for permission from a flight attendant to take photos they might be weirded out and say no for some reason, so I just get my shots and then can explain later if they ask.
  • Comment 425609 by
    Rewardflying 493 Comments
    Hi Nick,

    He seemed to understand and even chatted with me about the new seats they were planning to install because of issues with the current ones

    -So the pilot is suggesting they are going to remove the Concept D (reverse facing seats) and replace with the B/E Super Diamond? They just installed these over the last 2-3 years or so. It would be nice but I can't see Mr. I'll Never Lose Money Ever Parker trashing millions of dollars in practically new seats because customers don't like them.

    And why can't they get rid of the tin foil cups when serving a meal!

    Thanks for the report, happy rewardflying.
    • Comment 425610 by
      Nick AUTHOR 171 Comments
      He may have been mistaken, but yes, that's what he was saying. I've read that AA had problems with Zodiac being way being schedule. But I don't know why you'd rip out seats that are already installed though and basically brand new. I thought they were great.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!
  • Comment 426398 by
    Andyw 34 Comments
    I think you have been overly harsh here due to other issues clouding your view.

    Looking at the meal shots, for a USA airline that is more than a 3.0. You even say it was average which means a score about 5 or so woul;d be more reasonable.

    Or did it give you the shits afterwards so reduced the score?

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