Review of LATAM flight Sao Paulo Santiago in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA761
Class Economy
Seat 24L
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 26 Oct 17, 20:30
Arrival at 26 Oct 17, 23:40
LA   #38 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 210 reviews
By 1103
Published on 22nd March 2018
What would be the coolest airport in the world, in your expert opinion?

DFW, perhaps, as the headquarters of the largest airline in the world?

Or DXB, the gate to the splendor and magnificence of oil riches?

Or maybe FRA, a business airport by excellence in the economic heart of Europe?

Ts, ts, ts. No, my dear readers. The truth is quite different.

The award to the coolest airport goes to Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International (GRU), which happens to be the main hub for nothing less than…


Welcome to the fourth and last leg of this trip to Brazil. You can also read the reports for legs 1, 2, and 3 if you like.

Some interesting info about this flight.

photo gru scl 01


Having just arrived from Florianópolis, we stop at this café in the main hall of Terminal 3…

photo img_20171026_165008

…for a little refresshment.

photo img_20171026_163324

In my case, being on the wrong side of 40s, this includes a visit to the restrooms. Too many people for photos, but this corner with a row of power outlets deserves one. Very practical!

photo img_20171026_164852

Outside the restrooms - and all over the terminal, indeed - Uber ads confirm that Brazilians feel at ease with new technologies.

photo img_20171026_164933

Need some help with your baggage? Look for these white uniforms.

photo img_20171026_173731
photo img_20171026_173834

The parent in charge of the group has new tickets printed for all of us, with the new departure time.

photo img_20171026_175321

According to this map…

photo img_20171026_180348

…we are in the east end of terminal 2. Gate 242, in the left pier…

photo img_20171026_180309

…is accessible through this escalator leading to…

photo img_20171026_180848

…the check-in counters on the second floor (which Brazilians call the first floor. And the first (ground) floor is called "térreo" /TEH hew/)

photo img_20171026_180935_1

According to the FIDS…

photo img_20171026_181332

…LATAM's flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, is atrasado (late), too. This is one trip I want to make… as soon as I can have a shower in Cape Town without leaving the rest of the city without drinking water! Luanda, Beijing… Hm! Amazing reports coming as soon as I have visited all the largest Chilean airports.

photo img_20171026_181402_1

Getting lost is impossible at GRU, despite its size. Everything is clearly marked with large signs…

photo img_20171026_181636

…and bright colors.

photo img_20171026_182224

The group splits for some minutes and we go looking around the shops. Then… huh? What on earth is that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane??

photo img_20171026_182343

Hi, there. What is a nice superhero like you doing in a place like this? [no answer] You're not very talkative, are you?

photo img_20171026_182353

Let me check your credentials.

photo img_20171026_182400

Mm! You're a limited edition. So beside those muscles you must have brains, too. Do you write reports about your flights, by any chance? Oh, I see. You don't need planes.

photo img_20171026_182411

Now that you're here… are you taking passengers? I'd love to go for a Superman-class ride. :D

photo img_20171026_182423

What? Lois Lane already booked all your flights?! Dat b*tch.

photo img_20171026_182453

Back in the counters area…

photo img_20171026_182530

…it's almost 6:30! It would be a good idea…

photo img_20171026_182933

…to go through security check at once.

photo img_20171026_184442_1

More corridors, more stairs, more Supermen…

photo img_20171026_184830

…and we make it to the checkpoint.

photo img_20171026_185502

Beyond security check…

photo img_20171026_190509

…there are gates and a saída (exit) on the left…

photo img_20171026_190519

…and more gates on the right. This is the way we have to go.

photo img_20171026_190606

The usual duty free trap…

photo img_20171026_190620

…then a long stroll along the pier…

photo img_20171026_190916

…and here we are, at last. The area around each gate at GRU…

photo img_20171026_191022

…is a whole world in itself…

photo img_20171026_191058

…with money exchange services…

photo img_20171026_191235

……cafeterias, et cetera.

photo img_20171026_191249

Our flight is estimated to depart at 8:00. As you might have read above, we eventually leave at 8:30.

photo img_20171026_191941


Time passes quickly and we are ready to board.

photo img_20171026_192231

The only piece of CC-BAG I can see from here is its tail. Very disappointing. I was expecting a 787, as on our inbound trip. :(

photo img_20171026_192649

I can see that general boarding is the norm with LATAM here. I wonder if the same happens with other airlines in Brazil.

photo img_20171026_193516

Among the things…

photo img_20171026_193707

…that I never saw before coming to Brazil…

photo img_20171026_193746

…is the use of a tarp…

photo img_20171026_193857

…instead of the traditional accordion-like jetbridge canopy.

photo img_20171026_193843

This is…

photo img_20171026_194138

…what it looks like inside.

photo img_20171026_194218

Very representative of the fractured world we're living in!

photo img_20171026_194236

LAN-style seats, covered in leather, not wool.

photo img_20171026_194355

On them, a bag…

photo img_20171026_194410

…containing a blanket and a pillow. No earphones. :(

photo img_20171026_194446_1

Looks like I won't see much of the landscape this time. It's completely dark already!

photo img_20171026_194611

How did she get there?!

photo img_20171026_194521

The only outstanding feature of this seat…

photo img_20171026_195041

…is the coat hook!

photo img_20171026_215859
photo img_20171026_215951

Seat pitch more than acceptable for me.

photo img_20171026_195104

Oh, and there's my floating device in case we crash… in the Andes!

photo img_20171026_195417

Tray table OK.

photo img_20171026_195028

Contents of the pocket.

photo img_20171026_194830

Ahh… It feels good to be able to read at a glance again, without that little translation work constantly going on in the back of your head!

photo img_20171026_194943

I wonder if a LATAM blanket will look nice on my bed. What?! Oh, cruel world! :(

photo img_20171026_195214

Gabriela kindly shows us how much the seats recline.

photo img_20171026_195631

Standard A320 panel.

photo img_20171026_195850

The bagage handlers have just finished their work…

photo img_20171026_200107

…when we are handed the form needed to enter Chile. "Bienvenido/a" is one of those monstrosities resulting from this stupid idea that grammatical and biological gender are the same thing. In Spanish, the masculine form of nouns and adjectives embraces all individuals, male and female. It's called masculino no marcado. No need to write or speak like retards.

photo img_20171026_200425

We're all set.

photo img_20171026_200910


photo img_3757b
photo img_20171026_201509

We leave the boarding rooms behind…

photo img_20171026_201128

…and slowly make our way to the runway.

photo img_20171026_202146

If GRU looks big by day…

photo img_20171026_202442

…it looks even bigger by night!

photo img_20171026_202534

The flight

We take off towards the east.

photo img_20171026_203149

I can tell because that seems to be the Rodovia Presidente Dutra toll station.

photo img_20171026_203405

Sao Paulo makes for an amazing view…

photo img_20171026_203519

…even by night.

photo img_20171026_203705

The meal service starts almost at once.

photo img_20171026_213452

Actually, it's halfway between a meal and a snack…

photo img_20171026_213504

…made up of a sandwich…

photo img_20171026_213522

…some crackers…

photo img_20171026_213620
photo img_20171026_213637

…cream cheese…

photo img_20171026_213645

…and dessert.

photo img_20171026_214919

The sandwich inside.

photo img_20171026_214134
photo img_20171026_214143

And, oh, surprise! Branded metal cutlery.

photo img_20171026_213835

They are good quality. In fact, I have been using them for the last few months and the knife cuts very well! :D

photo img_20171026_213929

The weather outside is great. Too bad it's pitch dark and you can see nothing but this. >:(

photo img_3762

But the best part comes above the Andes. Intense turbulence like I never experienced before! I'm having fun, but some of the kids start crying in silence! Awww. Especially when the captain explains that the turbulence is over… but then it gets worse!! I'm telling you! Without our seat belts we all would have flown out of our seats! It was like being on a speedboat on rough water.

Arriving at SCL is a relief.

photo img_20171027_003633
photo img_20171027_004001_2
photo img_20171027_004111

Last one to disembark, as usual.

photo img_20171027_004518

Whoa! Flying on CC-BAG was quite an experience!

photo img_20171027_004716
photo img_20171027_004644

SCL is very peaceful at the moment…

photo img_20171027_004735

…and we seem to be…

photo img_20171027_004840

…the only ones wandering around here (except that lady, of course)

photo img_20171027_004853

At international police…

photo img_20171027_004916

…there seems to be a booth for each one of us. Very convenient! :D

photo img_20171026_235516_1

See the mountains on the screen on the right? They will soon be featured right here, on! :D

photo img_20171026_235550

SCL's baggage claim, so modest in comparison to GRU's.

photo img_20171026_235635_1

When you pick your baggage…

photo img_20171027_000436

…you are given…

photo img_20171027_000114

…the very last opportunity…

photo img_20171026_235857

…to get rid of any products of animal or plant origin that you might be carrying! (I don't think that "option" means the same as "chance". Bad translation, IMHO. I would say "última oportunidad")

photo img_20171027_000046

Thanks for protecting my country! (Or else) :D

photo img_20171027_000932

You won't get away even with a small olive.

photo img_20171027_000733

Just look at how concentrated they are. Nothing escapes them!

photo img_20171027_000812

From there, the exit is just…

photo img_20171027_001221_1

…around this glass panel.

photo img_20171027_001336

It's a bit crowded outside. SCL is making some "home improvement".

photo img_20171027_002431

I hope you enjoyed this trip as much as I did!

Tourism Bonus - Views from the highway

Now we start our 11-hour bus ride to Valdivia. Like a backbone, the Panamerican highway (aka 5 Sur) runs from north to south along the middle of the 1000km-long valley where most Chileans live. There are some nice views along the way.

We started our trip right here, one week before. This is near my city. If you go that way you'll arrive in Osorno in about 90 minutes. But we are going north…

photo img_2679

…where the ondulanting land around Temuco is used for growing mainly cereals.

photo img_2689
photo img_2696

North of Temuco and up to Santiago the weather becomes Mediterranean…

photo img_2720

…which means "short, rainy winters…

photo img_2742

…and long, warm summers."

photo img_3803

Agriculture and wineries are the main activities around here.

photo img_3792

In fact, you might probably find some Chilean produce at your local supermarket, say apples, or grapes, etc. They come from here!

photo img_3793

Too bad for us that the best products are exported…

photo img_3795

…and we have to make do with the rest. >:(

photo img_3805

This hill is very meaningful for me. I have been on its top two or three times. It's brown and dry in summer, but green and beautiful in winter and spring. It used to be my playground when I was a child.

photo img_3787

To finish with, a little word of advice:

photo img_3806

Always keep your distance…

photo img_3783

…from the vehicle in front of you!

photo img_3784
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Cabin crew10.0

Sao Paulo - GRU


Santiago - SCL



Large and efficient. Has all services you might need. Clear signage. Get there early because you might have to walk a lot.

Still on the small-ish side, it clean and efficient, bit it's getting more and more crowded. Be warned. New terminal coming soon.

Quality of service varies wildly for the same route depending on... God knows what. First you fly on a 787 with the best IFE, etc, and then you come back on an A320 with barely an earphone plug. Decent meal service.

Information on the route Sao Paulo (GRU) Santiago (SCL)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 3 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Sao Paulo (GRU) → Santiago (SCL).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LATAM avec 7.2/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 4 heures et 13 minutes.

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  • Comment 438271 by
    marathon GOLD 10089 Comments
    A GRU-PEK flight would be the longest in the world ever, if it did not stop in MAD on the way.

    Plate tectonics at work in OneWorld ?

    "How did she get there?!"
    - Flight Attendants can be very tall indeed.

    "There's my floating device in case we crash… in the Andes!"
    - Never underestimate the need for a life jacket in an A320 on a flight above land. The passengers of Flight US Airways 1549 did not expect to need them.

    So-called "inclusive" spelling is the latest politically correct fashion in France, writing "mes ami.e.s" instead of "mes amis" (= my friends), with the same generic masculine convention. I find these dots as awkward as slashes.

    Sao Paulo is just as amazingly huge by night as by day !

    Thanks for sharing !
    • Comment 438282 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 994 Comments
      A GRU-PEK flight would be the longest in the world ever, if it did not stop in MAD on the way.

      Yes, too bad it's not a direct flight. :( It's still interesting, however. The route resembles a great circle very closely, and it passes almost above my antipode!!

      Flight Attendants can be very tall indeed.

      This one was rather short. That's why I was surprised to see her up there! :D

      The passengers of Flight US Airways 1549 did not expect to need them.

      You have a point there. I only hope we won't fall into the Mapocho. Nothing would save us fron an overdose of vibrio cholerae. :P

      Thanks for dropping by! :)
  • Comment 438276 by
    VHBrando 5 Comments
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    GRU's T2 does indeed need a refresh. No matter what the operator does, it will keep looking old fashioned; a deeper work needs to be done urgently.

    Another weird thing is that the Brazilian and Chilean Latam have different service between GRU and SCL, there's still a lot of work to do, standardize wise.
    • Comment 438283 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 994 Comments
      You're very right, VHBrando! GRU is large and cool, but it definitely could use some updating. Those gray, naked walls make it look cold, dark and unwelcoming.

      Thanks for your comment! :)
  • Comment 438306 by
    loukas 341 Comments
    Hi Nechus, thanks for another great report. Surprisingly poor service for a 4 hours flight, I can't see what was the cuttlery for if the main "dish"was a sandwich? Sorry to hear about the turbulence, I hate it as I always get scared, especially after what I experienced 4 years ago somewhere over Malaysia when we were falling down for ca 10 seconds that seemed eternity... "Long, warm summers and wineries" - that's a place for me! Have a nice weekend and see you!
    • Comment 438339 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 994 Comments
      I can't see what was the cuttlery for if the main "dish"was a sandwich?

      Precisely! That's what made me think it was a freebie. They can't blame me!!! XD

      Sorry to hear about the turbulence

      Not at all! I love it! It's like an earthquake in the air. Makes me feel at home!

      that's a place for me!

      I'll be glad to be your guide! September and October are the best months. We have our national day on September 18, and everybody is having lots of traditional food and barbecues. You might find it interesting.

      Thans for dropping by, Loukas!
  • Comment 438558 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6585 Comments
    I guess they need Superman to watch over GRU because it's so huge :-P
    I guess GRU just matches the size of the gigantic city it serves!

    Aircraft types and products to vary a lot on Hub-to-Hub routes, but this is definitely on the extreme side. It's one thing if you're in Y, but can you imagine in J? You go from having a lie-flat international business class seat on the 787 to a Eurobiz type deal with an Economy seat and empty middle on an A320? that is wildly inconsistent.

    I found the LATAM A320 cabin to be pretty tight for just a 1 hour flight, I would be miserable on a 4+ hour flight like this!

    You managed some good night aerials! I always have a hard time with those. I've tried several manual settings before on my DSLR and I only get lucky once in a great while.

    Thanks for sharing and nice bonus of the Chilean countryside!
    • Comment 438609 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 994 Comments
      Hi, Kevin!

      I would be miserable on a 4+ hour flight like this!

      Yes. Luckily we had the strong turbulence to make the flight a little more exciting!

      You managed some good night aerials! I always have a hard time with those

      I had to take those with my cellphone. My old Canon camera, which my sister discarded and lovingly inherited to me... (for a very convenient price, that is) simply refuses to take photos in low light, no matter the settings. I think I'll make a little investment in a good camera with the coming reports in mind.

      Thanks for dropping by!
    • Comment 438616 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 994 Comments
      Er... I'm afraid I didn't use the verb "inherit" correctly. I meant "she lovingly left/gave me".
      Well, whatever. XDD
      Oh, BTW, I have a question, but I'm gonna use the mail.

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