Review of Air Asia X flight Chitose Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Air Asia X
Flight D7 551
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:05
Take-off 06 Sep 17, 10:35
Arrival at 06 Sep 17, 16:40
D7 21 reviews
Published on 6th October 2017
Welcome to my latest trip report.
This series cover recent vacation in the USA, and 8 airlines and 5 countries all the way to the USA.


No.1 AirAsia X A330-300 Sapporo(Japan) – Kuala lumper (Malaysia) ← You are here.
No.2 AirAsia A320 Kuala lumper (Malaysia) – Shinzen(China)
No.3 Asiana Airlines A330-300 Hong Kong(Hong Kong) – Incheon(Korea)
No.4 Asiana Airlines A350 Incheon (Korea) – San fransico (USA)
No.5 Delta Airlines B717 San Fransico – Seattle
No.6 Alaska Airlines B737-700 Portland – Oakland
No.7 Boutique Air PC12 Oakland –Merced
No.8 Botuique Air PC12 Merced – Los Angels
No.9 Asiana Airlines A380 Los Angles – Incheon
No.10 Asiana Airlines B747-400 Incheon – Hong Kong
No.11 Hong Kong Express A321 Hong Kong – Narita(Japan)
No.12 Spring Japan B737-800 Narita(Japan) – Sapporo(Japan)

I'm an AV-geek, so I never hesitate to fly long haul and transit a lot.
Main Purpose of this trip is to try Asiana new Economy products and fleets, A350 and A380.At the same time, I tried a PC12, Swiss-made, 8 passenger prop-Aircraft.


photo 1

I arrived at Chitose Airport, my home-airport at 8 am. Then, I proceeded Document-Check to verify my passport and ticket.
All Airasia X passengers must proceed such a process at the check-in desk if Web-check in had been already done.
Few passengers were queueing at that point, so I could proceed it quickly. This process was identical with usual Check-in.
photo p1000551 - photo p1000552 -
I decided to spend the rest of the time in the Food Court, in the domestic terminal. It was a great place to eat and spotting aircrafts.

TG B747 just arrived.

photo p1000622
Chocolate factory in the airport.


When I arrived at the Gate, Long queue was already formed. I decided to wait another place to avoid congestion. I decided to head to the second floor, where food court and tax free shop available.

photo p1000630
Japanese style seat…Cool
photo p1000631
The typhoon was hit in the south part of the Japan. Our flight would change routes to avoid it.
Boarding started a little bit later than scheduled. Queue became longer than when I had arrived here….
photo p1000633

To my surprise, Registration Number was same for previous Air Asia X flight… And I had a completely same seat number
photo p1000640photo p1000648 -
Seat pitch was better, compared with other LCCs. But the seat width was apparent smaller,due to the configuration.
Usual A330 layout is 2-4-2 configuration,though Air Asia X is 3-3-3 configuration,can accommodate more passengers.

photo p1000651photo p1000656
There were not IFE, and outlet, WiFi…. Typical LCC experience.
But I downloaded Amazon movie on my table,so It was not a big issue for me.

At 10 am,We started take-off. Beautiful Scenery of Hokkaido….
Then,We flew toward south and pass over Hakodate.
photo 7

The restroom was in good condition, but there were no amenity. I afraid that some LCC will charge for a restroom… someday.

photo p1000691

After the seat belt sign was turned off, Meal offer started. They sold a lot of kind of Asian foods, which cost around $6.
Most of the passengers seemed to order something, though I don't order to save money….Smelled very good…I became hungry
photo 8photo p1000715
The light was turned off after a meal. Most of the passengers fell asleep because they had nothing to do on this flight.
Ironically,The cabin was comfortable because there were no IFE screen's light and cabin crew traffic at all.
photo 4.jpg4

After 7hour of the flight,The Cabin right turned on and started second meal offer.

We started a descent and turn many times to avoid cloud.Then PA announced “We are now holding because of airspace congestion.
photo p1000724photo p1000754
We landed on KUL smoothly. We arrived at Klia2 after 10 minutes taxiing. Klia2 is called LCC terminal, hence it was not gorgeous, but huge terminal.
photo p1000764photo p1000776
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Air Asia X

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu9.0

Chitose - CTS


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



This flight was a typical LCC experience. There was no service (Meal, Drink, IFE... Etc..). If you need it, Buy it.
However, Their biggest mission is transporting passenger point A to B safely and on time. I never complain at this point.
I hope such a long-haul LCC flight will increase worldwide,because there will be still a lot of demand in this market.



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