Review of Shanghai Airlines flight Beijing Shanghai in Economy

Airline Shanghai Airlines
Flight FM9108
Class Economy
Seat --
Flight time 14:05
Take-off 19 Sep 09, 11:30
Arrival at 20 Sep 09, 01:35
FM 29 reviews
By GOLD 858
Published on 7th October 2017
Trip Report : Beijing - Hongqiao [Shanghai] on Shanghai Airlines

Flight Details

Airlines: Shanghai Airlines
Flight : FM9108 PEK-SHA
Reg : B-2563
Aircraft: Boeing 767-36D
Dep - PEK : 11:30
Arr - SIN : 13:35
Flight time : 1 hours 40 minutes
Distance : 1,089 km or 677 miles


This trip report is of a flight taken in 2009.

Having arrived from Shanghai few days earlier. Read report here : Hainan Airlines HU 7206 SHA - PEK

Travelled around Beijing to see the Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc. It was time to return back to Shanghai.

Having booked the ticket through agent, was not aware of the booking or the airlines.

Trip Video: Shanghai Airlines FM 9108 PEK - SHA

Arriving at the airport

To the Subway -Airport Express to airport.

photo dsc_1189_resize

Inside view

photo dsc_1193_resizephoto dsc_1196_resize

Subway logo

photo dsc_1197_resize

Outside view

photo dsc_1199_resizephoto dsc_1203_resize

As the train nears the airport.

photo dsc_1204_resizephoto dsc_1206_resize

Outside Terminal 3

photo dsc_1208_resizephoto dsc_1209_resize

Beijing Airport Express Terminal 3

photo dsc_1212_resize

Terminal 3

photo dsc_1210_resize

Flight Schedule

Checking the flight terminals after arriving.

photo dsc_1211_resize

Ramp to the terminal

photo dsc_1216_resize

Terminal 3 Departure

photo dsc_1217_resizephoto dsc_1218_resize

Flight Schedule

photo dsc_1219_resize

Check In

Check-in was not open, had to wait for the counter to open.

photo dsc_1230_resizephoto dsc_1231_resize

Check-in area

Flight counter was opened, got a surprise. The agent had booked for 11.30 pm flight. Since was the airport already made a request to be booked on the earliest flight. Was asked to wait. The flight had seats available and the agent booked on the 11.30 am flight to Shanghai.

Check-in area filled with passengers

photo dsc_1228_resize

Airport view

photo dsc_1233_resizephoto dsc_1229_resize

After receiving the boarding pass, there was still time left, headed upstairs to foodcourt for breakfast.

photo dsc_1232_resize

Airside view

photo dsc_1220_resizephoto dsc_1221_resizephoto dsc_1224_resize

Terminal 3 Departure Top view

photo dsc_1234_resizephoto dsc_1238_resizephoto dsc_1237_resize

Food court on upper-level

photo dsc_1235_resize

Terminal 3 Departure

photo dsc_1239_resizephoto dsc_1241_resize

It was time pass through security.

photo dsc_1240_resize

After completing security.

Terminal - 3 Domestic Departure

photo dsc_1249_resizephoto dsc_1254_resizephoto dsc_1255_resize

Passengers heading towards respective gates

photo dsc_1256_resizephoto dsc_1257_resize

Passengers waiting for boarding call

Domestic Schedule

photo dsc_1248_resize

Waiting Area

photo dsc_1251_resizephoto dsc_1252_resize

Airside view

photo dsc_1250_resize

Boarding time was soon, realised the gate was at the far end of the terminal. Had to rush to gate.

photo dsc_1258_resizephoto dsc_1259_resize

Flight schedule

photo dsc_1260_resize

Towards Gate

photo dsc_1263_resize

Gate : C37

photo dsc_1265_resize

Terminal 3 airbridges

photo dsc_1268_resize

Boarding check

On getting close to boarding pass was checked.

photo dsc_1269_resize


photo dsc_1272_resize

Shanghai Airlines

photo dsc_1271_resize

Baggage loading

photo dsc_1274_resize

Towing vehicle in place

photo dsc_1273_resize


On entering the flight, most passengers had boarded.

photo dsc_1275_resize

Seat view

photo dsc_1276_resize

Waiting for pushback

photo dsc_1277_resize

While waiting for pushback, saw few arrivals.

photo dsc_1281_resizephoto dsc_1285_resize


After passengers had boarded, the flight pushbacked on time.

photo img_2322_resizephoto img_2323_resizephoto img_2324_resize

Window view

After waiting for some arrivals, the flight roared into the sky. To watch and hear the Boeing 767 takeoff watch video.

photo dsc_1287_resize

Food Tray

photo dsc_1288_resize

Window View

photo dsc_1307_resize

Cabin view

photo dsc_1303_resize

Inflight Magazine

photo dsc_1295_resizephoto dsc_1294_resize

B767 Window

photo dsc_1300_resize

Safety Card

photo dsc_1291_resizephoto dsc_1292_resizephoto dsc_1293_resize


photo dsc_1290_resizephoto dsc_1297_resize

B767 Cabin

photo dsc_1319_resize

Seat pocket

photo dsc_1289_resize

Ready for Meal

Meal was served on the flight.

photo dsc_1298_resize


Option was rice or noodles.

photo dsc_1308_resizephoto dsc_1309_resize

Brunch - Rice

photo dsc_1310_resize

Brunch - Noodles

photo dsc_1312_resize

Brunch- Top view

I'm able to handle most foods but this I didn't eat as there was strange smell and taste. Made a good decision to have a good breakfast earlier. Handed back the food tray as it is.

photo dsc_1313_resize

Descending towards Hongqiao

The flight duration was short. Soon the flight was in descend mode into Shanghai

photo img_2338_resizephoto img_2340_resizephoto img_2341_resize

Window View

Watch the video for landing.

photo dsc_1330_resizephoto dsc_1331_resizephoto dsc_1338_resize


photo dsc_1340_resize

Tarmac View

photo dsc_1341_resize

After disembarking, bus took passengers to the terminal. After collecting bag, exited the airport and took taxi to Shanghai Pudong.

Taxi ride to city

The sky was clear being a weekend.

photo dsc_1343_resizephoto dsc_1344_resize

Hope you enjoyed the report. Thanks for reading.

End of Trip

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Shanghai Airlines

Cabin crew6.5

Beijing - PEK


Shanghai - SHA



Shanghai Airlines had good service, on-time for a domestic flight . The cabin was clean and the crew was ok, nothing more. Food was the biggest letdown.

Beijing Terminal 3 is modern with the facilities for today's traveller.

Shanghai Hongqiao Terminal didnt use much of the facilities as had to just collect the bag and step out. Taxis were available outside the terminal to head to city.

Information on the route Beijing (PEK) Shanghai (SHA)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 3 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Beijing (PEK) → Shanghai (SHA).


The airline with the best average rating is Hainan Airlines with 8.0/10.

The average flight time is 6 hours and 13 minutes.

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