Review of Braathens Regional flight Trollhättan Stockholm in Economy

Airline Braathens Regional
Flight TF807
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft Fokker 50
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 30 Oct 17, 15:40
Arrival at 30 Oct 17, 16:40
DC 11 reviews
Rl 777
By 642
Published on 5th November 2017
Greetings readers. Welcome to another brief FR, this time including a swift domestic hop from Trollhättan to Stockholm BMA in Sweden towards the end of October 2017. A selection of possible readers may know I live in Stockholm, therefore it could be interpreted as odd that there is no FR from Stockholm to Trollhättan being posted. The cause for this scenario is rather simple, I traveled by train to Trollhättan , hence the omit of a separate FR covering an outbound flight. However, an inclusion of the train ride will be made as a separate bonus before the actual FR for those who are interested :).


During the summer months frivolous talks regarding a family trip in late-October were presented. Unfortunately we were unable to book a trip at this time, due to our move to a new part of town at the end of July 2017. Costs involved with the move were of higher importance than the costs of a hypothetical family trip, the trip was put on hold. When the situation with the new home had stabilized, we were too late to the booking party. The plan was to leave Stockholm for a warmer place during my school holidays, but many other inhabitants have similar if not identical plans during these school holidays. Fares to most international destinations were high and the hopes for a family trip faded away. The trip was not entirely cancelled, but postponed for 2018 instead. As a result, my week of school holidays was free. A week or two prior to the start of the holidays, I asked my parents if I could head out on two quick day trips within Europe. They agreed rather quickly after I presented the planned destinations and after the oral confirmation I proceeded to book the quickies. The first day trip involved Trollhättan, but why Trollhättan you may (or may not) wonder? BRA (local Swedish airline) decided to lease Fokker 50 aircraft from Amapola flyg in order to operate certain routes, including Stockholm - Trollhättan. I opted for an outbound journey by train as a return trip by plane would have cost too much for my budget, in the end I would still be able to fly with a Fokker 50, an aircraft I never believed I would be able to try out before getting retired. Thank you mother and father for letting me go on these quick trips!

Note: Pictures used in this report were taken with my camera and phone.


TF807, Braathens Regional Airlines BRA, Fokker 50, SE-LEB - You are here

Train bonus Stockholm to Trollhättan:
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Tourism bonus Trollhättan:

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Bus and train spotting at Trollhättan C:
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9km worth of walking distance, a short period of bus/train spotting and a quick lunch rolled by before the scheduled time of departure for the bus to the airport began synchronizing with my clock. Line 66 from Trollhättan C towards Vänersborg via Trollhättan-Vänersborg airport would, according to schedule, leave at 14:16 (2:16 PM) before stopping by the airport at 14:29 (2:29 PM) local time. Stop number 10 was assigned for this line. Previously, I had downloaded the "Västtrafik to go" app and purchased a one-way youth ticket in the Trollhättan/Vänersborg-area for 20 SEK (USD 2,37 or 2 EUR). The ticket has a validity for 90 minutes.
photo dsc_0475i

At 14:18, the bus pulled up hastily in front of the stop. I scanned the barcode on the phone and grabbed a seat near the middle. The Solaris Urbino 15 bus was equipped with USB ports, available along the seats.
photo dsc_0477

Eventually we arrived at the airport, although with an increased delay of five minutes. No big deal in my situation, boarding in this tiny airport was not scheduled to commence for another 50 minutes. I hope other passengers would not get affected greatly by the delay at their respective destinations.
photo dsc_0478

Parked cars.
photo dsc_0480photo dsc_0481

The terminal building on the left hand side.
photo dsc_0482

Some asphalt, vegetation, two benches, a waste bin, a windsock, fences, a Toyota RAV4 and a smaller selection of buildings.
photo dsc_0483

The arrivals area, including a single baggage belt.
photo dsc_0485

Hallway between the arrivals and the departures section, there were toilets to the right of the picture.
photo dsc_0486

The principal section of the airport, including a manual check-in desk, an information desk, a handful of seats and a smaller cafe.
photo 20171030_143707photo 20171030_143710

Power- and USB-ports located by the windows facing the tarmac.
photo 20171030_143901

A functioning Wi-Fi network was available in the airport.
photo screenshot_2017-10-30-14-41-54i

Once the local time had moved forward by circa 38 minutes, I quit my charging sesson and began moving towards the security checkpoint.
photo 20171030_150711

A mobile BP would have to suffice this time.
photo 20171030_150743photo 20171030_150745

The tiny security check was cleared in less than three minutes, when security is cleared passengers arrive at a waiting area. Both the security control and the waiting area essentially share the same room but have been divided.
photo 20171030_151125

A poorly taken picture of my ride to Stockholm, an Amapola flyg Fokker 50 painted in BRA colours.
photo dsc_0488

Flight information:

Airline: BRA (aircraft leased from Amapola flyg)

Flight no & route: TF807 THN-BMA

Aircraft: Fokker 50

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 15:40 (15:41), UTC +1

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 16:40 (16:38), UTC +1

Scheduled flight time (actual): 1 hour (0h 59 minutes)

Only a month prior to this moment, I would have never believed I would fly with a Fokker 50 before retirement.
photo dsc_0489

SE-LEB, a frame which was delivered back in April 1988, making it approximately 29,6 years old. This particular bird used to be with LH Cityline and Airbaltic, among several other carriers.
photo dsc_0490

One of the PWC PW125B units visible on the picture.
photo dsc_0491

The sole FA on this flight greeted passengers with a smile upon boarding, before passengers scavenged the cabin for optimal seats suiting their respective seating desires. There was no seat selection on this flight, whichever seat you occupied could become your seat for the flight. This scenario caused minor trouble this occasion, mainly due to the light load onboard. I happened to settle at seat 10A, for unknown reasons.
photo dsc_0493

Settled at row 10.
photo dsc_0494_li

The actual seats seemed to be old while the fabric was clean and updated, most likely in order to match the look of BRA's interior design.
photo dsc_0495

Interesting situation with the legroom below the seat in front.
photo dsc_0496

I was given the impression these overhead bins were larger than those found in the SAAB 2000 I flew back in June 2017, then again, this cabin featured a 4-abreast layout compared to a 3-abreast layout in the SB20.
photo dsc_0498_li

Boarding had almost been completed, we were waiting for two final passengers to arrive.
photo dsc_0499

photo dsc_0500

photo dsc_0501

Another look at the seats from the side.
photo dsc_0502photo dsc_0503_li

Still expecting two additional passengers.
photo dsc_0504

Meanwhile a look at the safety card of this Fokker 50 couldn't hurt.
photo dsc_0505photo dsc_0506

Bra koll magazine.
photo dsc_0507

Wing view through seat 10A.
photo dsc_0508photo dsc_0510

At last our remaining passengers arrived and the flight operation was ready for resumption, safety instructions were presented in Swedish and English before rolling out with a dimmed cabin. SE-LEB started moving at 15:37 local time (3:37 PM).
photo dsc_0512

Before commencing our taxi when the FA checked all rows, she stopped at row 10 and noticed my jacket laying on the seat next to me. Kindly, the FA offered to put it up for me in an overhead locker which I thought was really nice, especially because I had not experienced anything similar formerly. Additionally, she pointed at my camera in my hand and told me what a nice camera I had, I thanked her with a smile before she proceeded to the subsequent rows.
photo dsc_0513photo dsc_0514

Continuing the taxi towards the end of THN's sole runway before making a u-turn. The terminal building is visible in the middle of the picture.
photo dsc_0516

Nearly set for the u-turn.
photo dsc_0517

Rolling down runway 33, a runway having a length of 1 710 m (5 610 ft).
photo dsc_0520photo dsc_0521

The sun was moving rapidly towards the horizon, or perhaps more correctly, the rotational movements of our planet made it look like the sun was heading towards the horizon quickly.
photo dsc_0523

Lifting off at 15:40 (3:40 PM).
photo dsc_0524

Stallbacka industrial area.
photo dsc_0525

photo dsc_0527

E45 (European route 45) on the bottom part of the picture.
photo dsc_0531i 2

Banking towards Stockholm.
photo dsc_0534i

Stora Hästefjorden (lake).
photo dsc_0535i

For a duration of roughly 18 minutes, our aircraft flew along Lake Vänern visible on the picture and the following pictures.
photo dsc_0536ii

Lake Vänern is the largest lake in the European Union, overall third largest in Europe and the 26th largest in the world.
photo dsc_0540ii

Vänern covers a surface area of approximately 5 650 km2 (2 180 sq mi).
photo dsc_0543iii

Overhead panel onboard this Fokker 50.
photo dsc_0544iphoto dsc_0546i

14 400 ft and climbing.
photo dsc_0547i

Today's onboard service was conducted by the FA 13 minutes after departure. A classic Swedish Punch-roll (Punschrulle) was served with tea or coffee. Punch-rolls are also known as "Dammsugare" in Sweden which means "Vacuum cleaner" in English. The drink of choice for the passenger seated at 10A was coffee today.
photo dsc_0549iphoto dsc_0553i

Beginning to leave Vänern behind us at 16:00 (4:00 PM).
photo dsc_0554iphoto dsc_0556i

The town of Hallsberg in Örebro County.
photo dsc_0558iphoto dsc_0561i

The flight on Flightradar 24.
photo fireshot capture 155 - bra flight tf807 _ - https___www.flightradar24.com_data_flights_tf807f604784

Concluding rays of sunlight.
photo dsc_0563i

16:13 (4:13 PM).
photo dsc_0565i

Lake Hjälmaren.
photo dsc_0566i

Besides a handful of chatting passengers, this particular evening hop to Stockholm was rather tranquil and uneventful.
photo dsc_0568i

The increasing low-light situation became more apparent as we closed in the gap between our aircraft and Stockholm.
photo dsc_0569i

Åkers styckebruk (town).
photo dsc_0570i

Shortly after the previous picture was captured, announcements were made in English and Swedish regarding our landing and descent into Stockholm BMA.
photo dsc_0572i

E20 motorway.
photo dsc_0573i

Lake Mälaren between Södermanland and Stockholm County.
photo dsc_0575iphoto dsc_0578i

The northern tips of Nykvarn municipality.
photo dsc_0579i

Parts of Södertälje including a waterway connected to the Baltic sea.
photo dsc_0583i

Ritorp-Oxelgrenshagen in the city of Södertälje.
photo dsc_0584i

E4/E20 motorway at Salem in the southwestern outskirts. Now most of the visible surroundings were recognizable immediately, we were back in Stockholm. Although having lived on the northern side of Stockholm for my whole life meant I was slightly worse at identifying these southern sections.
photo dsc_0586i

County road 258 between Alby and Tumba.
photo dsc_0588i

Road 258, E4/E20 motorway, the southwestern suburbs of Norsborg, Hallunda, Alby, Fittja, Slagsta, Vårberg and certain parts of Ekerö were mainly spotted on this picture.
photo dsc_0589iphoto dsc_0590i

Flemingsberg, where Södertörn University and the second campus of the Karolinska Institute are located.
photo dsc_0594i

photo dsc_0597i

Lake Magelungen and Ågesta bridge. The suburbs of Farsta and Farsta Strand are dominant but multiple other southern districts such as Örby, Högdalen, Rågsved, Enskedefältet, Svedmyra and other areas can be seen.
photo dsc_0598i

National road 73 and county road 271 at Trångsund.
photo dsc_0600i

Road 73 and lake Magelungen.
photo dsc_0602i

Drevviken (lake), road 73 and southern districts including Sköndal, Farsta, Gubbängen among others.
photo dsc_0603i

County road 229 towards Tyresö, road 73, areas such as Sköndal, Skarpnäck, Gamla Enskede, Tallkrogen etc.
photo dsc_0604i

Motorway 229 together with Sköndal and Skarpnäck. Additionally, Sandåkra football pitch can be spotted.
photo dsc_0607i

Bagarmossen and Skarpnäck (note that other districts are also visible on a significant amount of these pictures).
photo dsc_0609i 2

photo dsc_0612i

Tele2 Arena and Globen (The Globe).
photo dsc_0615iphoto dsc_0616i

226 Huddingevägen (county road 226) and several industrial buildings in Årsta.
photo dsc_0617ii

Årsta, a district just south of the city centre.
photo dsc_0618i

Årsta, Västberga industrial area and the intersection between the E4/E20 motorway and national road 75.
photo dsc_0619i

The Årsta bridges, Årstaviken (lake) and parts of Liljeholmen.
photo dsc_0622iphoto dsc_0624i

Reimersholme and Gröndal.
photo dsc_0626i

The E4/E20 motorway (Essingeleden) between Gröndal and Stora Essingen.
photo dsc_0628i

E4/E20 motorway.
photo dsc_0629iphoto dsc_0630i

County road 275 (275 Drottningsholmsvägen) at Alvik. At this moment we were moments away from touchdown at BMA.
photo dsc_0640i

Short final.
photo dsc_0642i

Touchdown on runway 30 at 16:37 (4:37 PM) local time. Scheduled time of arrival was 16:40 (4:40 PM).
photo dsc_0643i

After a quick slowdown the taxi towards the terminal building was initiated.
photo dsc_0644iphoto dsc_0645i

Vacated runway 30.
photo dsc_0646iphoto dsc_0647i

Cabin lights were switched on again.
photo dsc_0649i

I was the last passenger to exit the aircraft, when approaching the FA she asked me if I had gotten any decent pictures throughout the flight. My reply was not the best reply in the world but I told her it was nice seeing major parts of Stockholm before landing combined with the stunning sunset in the background. Afterwards, the FA told me she was also interested in photography. When the chit-chat ended, I thanked her for a pleasant flight while she wished me a nice evening before walking down the steps.
photo dsc_0651iphoto dsc_0652i

A final look at the bird with an age of nearly 29 years that carried us from Trollhättan to Stockholm BMA.
photo dsc_0653i

Walking towards the terminal building at 16:42 (4:42 PM) local time.
photo dsc_0654i

Baggage hall. Sidenote, this was my first time using Bromma airport as an entry port. I have yet to fly out of the airport.
photo 20171030_164334

Through customs.
photo 20171030_164337

Apparently a modernisation programme was ongoing at Bromma airport, hence the messy situation.
photo dsc_0655i

My plan of getting home involved catching bus 152 towards Liljeholmen departing at 16:50 (4:50 PM) and get off nine minutes later at Sundbyberg station from where I would hop on the local northbound Stockholm commuter train to my local station. Pictured is a Scania Omnilink II operating line 110 towards Alvik, a departure I was not taking today.
photo dsc_0656i

16:45 (4:45 PM).
photo dsc_0657i

5 minutes to go.
photo dsc_0658i

Flygbussarna (Airport Coaches) Volvo 9700.
photo dsc_0662i

Taxis at Bromma Airport.
photo dsc_0664i

Since last October, BRA operates a bus line between Bromma Airport and Arenastaden on behalf of several companies in the area. Arenastaden is an area with numerous large offices, a shopping mall (Mall of Scandinavia), residential buildings and an arena known as Friends Arena. Travel time ranges from 15-20 minutes and a one-way ticket sells for 99 SEK. Less time-sensitive and more price-sensitive passengers may consider traveling by SL (local transportation company) to Solna station which is located by Arenastaden, travel time varies from 21-27 minutes (includes one connection) and a one-way ticket costs 30 SEK if purchased using an SL-Access card or 43 SEK if purchased from a ticket booth, mobile device, convenience store or a station gate. The line offered by BRA is primarily operated by Iveco Rosero Electric buses, seen on the picture below.
photo dsc_0665i

Bromma Airport is located right next to a shopping district. In fact, some of the stores are located inside old hangars that were once part of Bromma Airport.
photo dsc_0668i

My bus arrived at BMA on-time.
photo dsc_0669i

Inside the local bus.
photo 20171030_164926

Ulvsundavägen, also known as county road 279.
photo dsc_0670iphoto dsc_0673i

Approaching Sundbyberg station.
photo dsc_0674i

The Omnilink bus arrived at Sundbyberg station with a delay of one minute, understandable when taking the traffic on the way into consideration.
photo dsc_0676i

SJ Intercity train (A7 carriages operated by a Rc6 locomotive) operating an evening tour to Hallsberg via Västerås.
photo dsc_0677i

Shortly after the SJ Intercity train left, the local SL (public transportation company in Stockholm) commuter train I was bound to board rolled in towards the platform. Surprisingly, it was running according to schedule.
photo dsc_0678i_li

Inside the commuter train. The following picture was captured several stations after boarding, when the majority of the passengers had already left the train.
photo dsc_0680i

The X60 train arrived on time at my local station, a rare occurence from my past experience on this line. After arriving, there is a possibility of catching a timed bus that passes a stop in close proximity to our home, or I can walk for approximately 10-15 minutes depending on walking pace. This occasion, I opted for the latter and walked to our home from the train station. The bus I could have hopped on is visible on the blurry picture.
photo dsc_0681i

I made it home in nine minutes, or entered the door at 17:39 (5:39 PM) in other terms. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this FR :). Have a good one, see you later.
photo dsc_0682i
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Braathens Regional

Cabin crew10.0

Trollhättan - THN


Stockholm - BMA



A short but pleasurable hop with BRA from Trollhättan to Stockholm

Cabin comfort - Seat pitch was sufficient for a short leg, the vacant aisle seat created a more comfortable journey.

Cabin crew - The sole FA was friendly and helpful throughout the ride. She striked conversations with multiple passengers, including me.

Entertainment - The window did the trick.

Meal/catering - A local pastry combined with a hot drink, decent enough for a short domestic hop in Sweden.

Information on the route Trollhättan (THN) Stockholm (BMA)


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    Hej mv! Tack så mycket för din FR! Tyvärr, min kommentar är på svenska. Förlåt..

    Frukosten är så svenskt... Arla och Knäckebröd, haha.

    Stockholm City är jättesnyggt!

    Vaaa, ett Direktåg mot Göteborg? Jag har aldrig hörd om det. Och jag har aldrig sedd en Train Report, tack för den! Och tåget var inte i tid.... Typiskt SJ...

    Trollhättan är också snyggt!

    Flygplatsen i Tollhättan är så sött. Det påminner mig om FMM och FDH.

    Flygplanet är litet men sött.

    Du hade tur att du kunde flyga med det gamla flygplan. Hoppas att du gillade den!

    Sverige är sååå snyggt. Hur kan du inte gillar det vackera land???? Förlåt mv hahaha

    Jag älskar bilderna. Solnedgången är fantastiskt!!

    Stockholms förorter är mitt liv. Jag vil bo i Norsborg en dag.

    Flygvärdinnan är vänligt!

    Det är mörkt klockan fem... Skit...

    Hoppas att du gillade flyget!

    Tack så mycket och ha det så bra!!!

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      Hej! No need to say sorry :).

      - There is always knäckebröd in the house, even if everything else is out of stock ;).

      “ett Direktåg mot Göteborg?“
      - Yepp, de kommer att satsa på fler direkttåg i framtiden.

      “inte i tid.... Typiskt SJ...“
      - Yepp....

      “Hoppas att du gillade den!“
      - Det var riktigt trevligt att flyga med en gammal Fokker :).

      Tack för alla dina fina och humoristiska kommentarer mv!

      “Det är mörkt klockan fem... Skit...“
      - Nu klockan 16 :(.

      Ha det så bra!

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    Hi RI777

    Thank you for sharing this nice FR with great aerials. I'm glad that you were able to travel with a Fokker 50 and that you received great service aboard.

    See you.

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    loukas 343 Comments

    Reading your reports is always a great pleasure! Congratulations for flying this unique aircraft and for stunning shots (I know how hard is to take good pictures in the last rays of sun). Sweden looks great in autumn, especially in such a good weather - thanks for the bonus pics. Have a nice day!

  • Comment 418330 by
    marathon SILVER 9734 Comments

    Many thanks for this (as usual) highly detailed report, both from the narrative and illustration point of view.
    I spotted SE-LEB in ARN last month; she was in the cargo area opposite Terminal 2 and I was wondering if she was a freight or passenger version. Now I have the answer :)
    Thanks for sharing this story, including bonuses!
    PS : this is a true avgeek day trip :)

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