Review of SAS flight Stockholm Vilnius in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK738
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 01 Nov 17, 08:40
Arrival at 01 Nov 17, 11:05
SK   #45 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 189 reviews
Rl 777
By 718
Published on 25th November 2017
A warm welcome to a short selection of solely two FRs regarding a shorter day trip from Stockholm to Vilnius in the beginning of November 2017. The opening part includes the outbound flight from Stockholm ARN to Vilnius while the next part will revolve around the flight back to Stockholm.

Note: The background to this itinerary is similar if not identical to the FR covering an F50 flight between THN and BMA published a few weeks ago.


During the summer months frivolous talks regarding a family trip in late-October were presented. Unfortunately we were unable to book a trip at this time, due to our move to a new part of town at the end of July 2017. Costs involved with the move were of higher importance than the costs of a hypothetical family trip, the trip was put on hold. When the situation with the new home had stabilized, we were too late to the booking party. The plan was to leave Stockholm for a warmer place during my school holidays, but many other inhabitants have similar if not identical plans during these school holidays. Fares to most international destinations were high and the hopes for a family trip faded away. The trip was not entirely cancelled, but postponed for 2018 instead. As a result, my week of school holidays was free. A week or two prior to the start of the holidays, I asked my parents if I could head out on two quick day trips within Europe. They agreed rather quickly after I presented the planned destinations and after the oral confirmation I proceeded to book the quickies. The first day trip included Trollhättan, while the latter involved a round-trip to Vilnius, Lithuania. The stay was expected to be brief, at only 3,5 hours after accounting for time spent at the airport and travel times to/from the airport. As a result of the brief stay, my exploration and experiences from Vilnius would be extremely limited. Nonetheless, SAS' fairly reasonable youth fares made it economically feasible to consider a quickie to Vilnius. Additionally, the permission from my parents made it socially feasible to consider such a day expedition. Thank you mother and father for letting me go on these quick trips!


Part 1 - ARN-VNO, SK738, SAS (Cityjet), Bombardier CRJ-900, EI-FPM - You are here

Part 2 - VNO-ARN, SK739, Norwegian, Bombardier CRJ-900, EI-FPP -


On the day of departure, the alarm clock began ringing at 04:30, sending vibrations to my ears and alerting me of the upcoming schedule on this initial November day of the year. I had a quick and basic breakfast at 04:47, mainly focused on crispbread and slices of bread. The remaining time was spent going through my final checks and relaxing in my room before planning to leave at 05:42 for the bus departing at 05:48 AM. Online check-in had been completed the night before.
photo dsc_0001i

After telling my parents goodbye, I proceeded towards the bus stop to catch a local bus to the train station. 05:47 AM.
photo dsc_0002ii

The Volvo 8900 bus on picture arrived punctually at my local bus stop, before pulling up at the station two minutes ahead of schedule. The scenario of this context did not allow me to fully take advantage of the early arrival, because my train was expecting a delay of two minutes. A common occurence on this line from prior experience.
photo dsc_0004i

Southbound train towards the city centre.
photo dsc_0006i

Northbound train towards Bålsta decelerating towards the end of the platform, with a delay of two minutes at 06:02 AM. Bålsta, the northern terminus, is a town located just outside of Stockholm County in Uppsala County. Besides the commuter train service, the local public transportation company in Stockholm known as SL also operates a bus line from Bålsta to Arlanda Airport. I had planned to hop on one of these buses from Bålsta.
photo dsc_0008i

Inside the X60B commuter train.
photo dsc_0009i

Locating an optimal seat for this swift train ride involved few complications.
photo dsc_0010iphoto dsc_0013i

At 06:08 AM local time, the doors of the train were opened, allowing passengers to exit. Despite living in close proximity to Bålsta, I had not visited nor connected at the station prior to this occasion.
photo dsc_0014i

Instead of the usual red and blue SL buses, yellow UL buses were mainly present at the station due to the change from Stockholm to Uppsala County. The SL bus I was supposed to catch was scheduled to leave at 06:19 AM, before arriving at Terminal 5 by 07:15 AM. A planned departure at 08:40 AM could be noted for flight SK738 to Vilnius.
photo dsc_0015i

The feeling of being in a different town was surely strengthened by the significant presence of yellow UL buses.
photo dsc_0016i

Additionally, taxis in liveries of "Bålsta Taxi" were dominant, instead of the usual "Sverige Taxi Stockholm", "Taxi Stockholm" and "TaxiKurir Stockholm" cabs I am used to spot.
photo dsc_0017i

VDL Citea LLE bus operating line 311 towards Skokloster.
photo dsc_0018i

Volvo 8900 bus assigned for line 803 towards Enköping.
photo dsc_0019i

Prior to departure, I overheard a passenger in the area mentioning a major delay. With curiosity the SL app is launched in order to check the status of the bus from Bålsta to ARN. Moments passed before unsatisfying results approached me, according to the app the 06:19 departure would be delayed for 25 minutes due to a shortage in staff. That implied a departure at 06:44 and an arrival at 07:40 AM. I suppose this unexpected occurence shows the importance of keeping reasonable margins. Perhaps I should make better attempts at including a larger margin in the future.
photo dsc_0021iphoto dsc_0023i

At 06:37 AM a Scania Omnilink II bus in more familiar colours arrived by the station, although it would not operate our departure to ARN. However seconds later another SL bus arrived at the station and pulled up hastily towards our assigned stop, showing signs of it operating the delayed departure to the airport.
photo dsc_0026i

We managed to leave Bålsta with a delay of 20 minutes instead for 25.
photo 20171101_063907i

Six minutes later, the bus entered Stockholm County.
photo dsc_0027i

07:00 AM.
photo dsc_0029i

Throughout the ride, the driver managed to reduce the delay with a further five minutes, resulting in an arrival at 07:30 AM implying a delay of 15 minutes instead of 25 or 20.
photo dsc_0030i

The ATC tower in the background.
photo dsc_0031i

Departures area at Terminal 5.
photo dsc_0033i

Inside the terminal.
photo 20171101_073206i

According to the Swedavia app and FIDS screens at ARN, SK738 to Vilnius was assigned for an F gate. The F gates are in closer vicinity to the security check found by SAS' check in-desks (desks 71-90), therefore I proceeded to walk in that direction.
photo 20171101_073219i

In preparatory for the security procedures, I printed a secondary BP using one of several kiosks available in the section.
photo 20171101_073246iphoto 20171101_073312i_li

Interestingly I was provided with a single BP for both flights, most likely due to the short stay in Vilnius.
photo 20171101_073338i_li

Continuing to the BP scan, before passing security.
photo 20171101_073417i

The member of staff standing by the scanner I used told me to proceed to the check upstairs, when scanning the BP. 07:35 AM.
photo 20171101_073530i

Queues were minimal, allowing me to pass the control in roughly seven minutes.
photo 20171101_074227i

According to this FIDS found at 07:42 AM after security, my flight was still assigned for gate F38.
photo 20171101_074240iphoto 20171101_074252i

Walking through the duty-free section found after clearing security.
photo 20171101_074427i

The relatively rapid and smooth clearance through security opened a margin for plane spotting prior to departure.
photo dsc_0035i

Norwegian 737 MAX 8.
photo dsc_0036i

SK B737 and TG B77W.
photo dsc_0039i

A walkway, with stores to the left and windows to the right.
photo dsc_0040i

At 07:53 AM a vibration was felt in one of my pockets, apparently SK had notified me of a gate change to gate F33.
photo screenshot_2017-11-01-07-54-39i_liphoto dsc_0041i

6B B738.
photo dsc_0042i

SK A20N.
photo dsc_0044i

Volvo XC60 on display.
photo dsc_0045i_li

BT B733 and an LH A320.
photo dsc_0046i

SK B737.
photo dsc_0047i

At 07:56 AM the short spotting sesson by the walkway between the F gates and gates 1-10 was terminated. Instead at this point, I decided to walk to the actual F gates.
photo dsc_0048i

The lower lewel of the F section with the Schengen gates was quiet.
photo dsc_0049i

737 getting serviced for a morning departure to Helsinki.
photo dsc_0050iphoto dsc_0052i

SK A333.
photo dsc_0054i

Most seats were found to be vacant in the area.
photo dsc_0055i

QR B788 operating flight QR170 to Doha.
photo dsc_0058i

Power and USB ports.
photo dsc_0059i

By gate F33.
photo dsc_0060iphoto dsc_0061i

Airbaltic B733, Lufthansa A320 together with a hiding SK 737 and Thomas Cook Scandinavia A333.
photo dsc_0062i

SK CR9 (Cityjet) arriving as SK1840 from Billund. This particular frame would later operate flight SK738 to Vilnius.
photo dsc_0068i

SK B738.
photo dsc_0078i

Flight information:

Airline: SAS (Cityjet)

Flight no & route: SK738 ARN-VNO

Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-900

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 08:40 (08:57), UTC +1

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 11:05 (10:57), UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 1 hour 25 minutes (1 hour)

Passengers deboarding from EI-FPM, which would operate the flight I was taking.
photo dsc_0080i

737 MAX 8.
photo dsc_0081i

Our CR9 getting serviced for the short hop to VNO, while an SK A20N commences its taxi towards runway 19R.
photo dsc_0083i

Boarding for the 08:40 AM departure was announced at 08:23 AM local time. Judging by the scarce presence of human beings around the gate, the chance for a vacant aisle seat could have been on the rise.
photo 20171101_082322i

This bird was delivered in February 2017, making it less than a year old.
photo dsc_0084i

The nose.
photo dsc_0085i

When entering the aircraft, an interesting situation may have taken place. The FA standing by the door most likely noticed me taking pictures of the aircraft while I was walking towards the door, because as I entered I was greeted with a saying similar to the following: “You know you are not allowed to take pictures, right? The airline can sue you“. She immediately noticed my confused expression, while my body and thoughts froze. Quietly, I said something about deleting them before she started laughing and said “Oh coome on, I was just joking!“. I tried laughing with her and after a deep breath, I continued towards row 14.
photo dsc_0086i

Based off of my rather sloppy observation, the cabin seemed spotless in most aspects.
photo dsc_0087i

Overhead bins.
photo dsc_0088i

By 08:28 AM, boarding had nearly been completed and the aisle seat remained unoccupied. Although even if someone would show up to have this seat in the last moment, I do not believe that passenger would have stayed for an extended period of time given the overall light load in this 90-seater.
photo dsc_0089i

photo dsc_0090i

With a light load, boarding was finished quickly. The CR9 commenced the pushback process at 08:29 AM local time.
photo dsc_0091i

Announcements regarding safety were made in English and in one of the Scandinavian languages, which unsurprisingly turned out to be Swedish if I recall correctly.
photo dsc_0094iphoto dsc_0097i

Initiating the taxi towards runway 19R.
photo dsc_0098i

B2 B735, having recently arrived from Minsk.
photo dsc_0101iphoto dsc_0104i

SK B738.
photo dsc_0106i

KL E190 and SK B738.
photo dsc_0109i

A closer look at the E190, with backlighting.
photo dsc_0110i

An announcement from the flight deck was made at approximately 08:50 AM. According to the captain, there were five aircraft in front of us waiting to depart, our CR9 was therefore expected to takeoff 10 minutes from the moment this notice was made public.
photo dsc_0113i

Lining up with runway 19R.
photo dsc_0115i

Rolling down the runway.
photo dsc_0118i

Liftoff at 08:57 AM.
photo dsc_0122i

E4 motorway towards Uppsala.
photo dsc_0127iphoto dsc_0130i

Märsta in the northern outskirts.
photo dsc_0131i

Banking towards Vilnius.
photo dsc_0133i

Vallentunasjön (lake).
photo dsc_0136i

Lake Fysingen primarily seen on the picture, with Stockholm North Logistics Center in Rosersberg, parts of Lake Mälaren and Upplands Väsby. Brunna, Kungsängen and Bro in the northwestern outskirts are found in the distance.
photo dsc_0143i

Per usual, the battery level in my phone had decreased significantly since 04:30 AM in the morning. I took the opportunity from the flight in order to fuel up the phone for the quickie in Vilnius.
photo dsc_0144i

Täby in the northeastern outskirts.
photo dsc_0146i

14 000 ft and climbing.
photo dsc_0151i

Moments later, cloud layers began taking over the view.
photo dsc_0152i

The safety card.
photo dsc_0153iphoto dsc_0154i

October issue of the SK magazine.
photo dsc_0155i

BOB menu, mainly consisting of snacks and drinks. A basic breakfast could be bought until 09:00 AM (I presume on flights departing before 9) while some sandwiches, a salad and/or a smoothie could be purchased after 9 AM.
photo dsc_0156iphoto dsc_0157i

Cruising towards Vilnius.
photo dsc_0159i

Added comfort was felt throughout the flight, mainly due to this vacant aisle seat.
photo dsc_0160i

The tea/coffee service was conducted 15 minutes after departure. While servicing row 14, me and the FA who had pranked me earlier made eye contact for a moment and began laughing ever so slightly. Her colleague seemed confused to which she explained how she'd made fun of me for taking pictures while I was entering the aircraft. When serving my cup of coffee, the FA who had pranked me asked me where I originated from. I replied saying how my parents were from India/Bangladesh but I had been born in Sweden. Unfortunately due to my poor hearing, I was having difficulties in hearing her voice clearly but I believe she mentioned she was from Nepal and had only been here for a little time. After the short conversation, the FA proceeded to subsequent rows.
photo dsc_0161i

This morning flight witnessed a light load today, most likely below 40%. Sidenote: After the tea/coffee service, the humorous FA returned to my row and started chatting with me. We talked about photography, sunrises on early morning flights and the northern lights. Overall the FA was kind, friendly and of course humorous in a positive way IMO. She definitely made the flight experience more fun and enjoyable.
photo 20171101_092351i

A visit to the lavatory.

Back at seat 14F.
photo 20171101_093200i

Shortly afterwards, we commenced our descent into Vilnius Airport.
photo dsc_0165i

Losing altitude.
photo dsc_0167i

Dropping speed.
photo dsc_0171i

The cloud layers were quite thick over Vilnius.
photo dsc_0172i

Surroundings were not visible until we were seconds away from touchdown.
photo dsc_0174iphoto dsc_0175i

Touchdown on runway 19 at 10:57 AM local time.
photo dsc_0177i

Slowing down.
photo dsc_0179iphoto dsc_0182i

Easy Fly CRJ-200.
photo dsc_0184i

Transaero B734.
photo dsc_0185i

NORRA AT75 (Nordic Regional Airlines).
photo dsc_0191i

Old Jubba Airways A320 and an AviaAM B733.
photo dsc_0193i

Sky Angkor A320.
photo dsc_0194i

Wizz Air A321.
photo dsc_0196i

GetJet B734.
photo dsc_0199i

Our CR9 came to a final stop at 10:03 AM. Light rain seemed to play a role in the current weather conditions.
photo dsc_0201i

The humorous FA once again stood by the aircraft door, I thanked her for the enjoyable flight while leaving before continuing towards the terminal building. FR B738.
photo 20171101_110836i

I believe the boy in front of me was part of a basketball team, judging by their shirts on the flight. Apparently his bag was missing, I think it was believed someone else from the team had accidentally taken his bag too when exiting the aircraft? I am not sure what the situation looked like in detail but hopefully he would be reunited with his bag in the end.
photo 20171101_110859i

Walking towards the exit.
photo 20171101_110937i

Looks to be the correct path.
photo 20171101_111127i

Baggage hall.
photo 20171101_111308i

At the arrivals area at VNO by 11:16 AM.
photo dsc_0202i

Previously the plan was to catch the train to Vilnius Railway station, but the next train would not depart until 11:57 AM. Initially, I thought about waiting but after multiple minutes of waiting, I decided to look at available bus lines.
photo dsc_0203i

A MAN Lion's city bus operating line 2 to Stotis, known as the central bus station by the main railway station. I hopped on the bus, purchased a one-way ticket for EUR 1 and settled down. 11:31 AM.
photo dsc_0208i

Towards the central bus station, via an IKEA Warehouse.
photo 20171101_113258

On the E28.
photo 20171101_113705

Arrived at the main railway station area by 10:49 AM.
photo dsc_0210i

Thank you for taking your time to read through this FR :). Have a good one, see you!
photo dsc_0211i

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Cabin crew10.0

Stockholm - ARN


Vilnius - VNO



A casual hop from Stockholm to Vilnius made more interesting by the friendly and humorous FA.

Cabin comfort - Seat pitch was sufficient for a short leg, the vacant aisle seat added to the overall level of comfort experienced on this flight.

Cabin crew - One of the FAs pranked me well in the beginning, and striked several conversations with me throughout the flight. She was humorous, friendly and kind. In addition, the other FA was also friendly.

Entertainment - The window did the trick, at least in the first and last minutes of the flight.

Meal/catering - Tea or coffee service, standard SAS practice.



  • Comment 420595 by
    757Fan 607 Comments

    Nice report and photos! It looks like you had a good flight with SAS on this flight to Vilnius.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Comment 420753 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi and many thanks for this fantastic report! It seems you've had a nice ride on a brand new equipment. CRJ900 is one of my favourite aircrafts as it is very comfortable and fast. And now let's talk about Vilnius :) I've been there twice (last time this October and will report it shortly) and I fell in love with the city, especially the old town. I still can't believe how you made it in such a limited time! Next time you should come for a longer stay and try some Lithuanian cuisine specialties, visit some museums and the Trakai castle. Thanks again for taking me back to this beautiful city (even in not the best weather conditions).

    • Comment 421438 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 809 Comments

      Thank you for taking your time to read and comment!

      Your great FR was recently read and I was glad to see the weather seemed better there when you visited (at least on the day of arrival).

      I definitely agree with you, I should definitely try to come back and pay Vilnius a longer visit in order to gain some actual experience. Honestly speaking, this quickie may barely be classified as a "visit" at all.

      Thank you for your comments!

      Have a good one, see you.

  • Comment 425243 by
    martin1405 41 Comments

    Hej! Jag vet att jag är för sent. Jag är ledsen mv.... Men tack så mycket för din FR!!! :)

    Frukosten är svenskt, jag älksar den hahaha. Jag saknar att äta frukust in ditt hus.

    Jag saknar ARN och Stockholm också... Hoppas att jag kan besöka dig i år!!!

    Snyggt bilder i ARN! Älskar dina bilder.

    100% grön el. Så svenskt.

    Dina bilder har en fantastisk kvalitet. Du är an qar fotograf mv!

    Flygplanet är fantastiskt också. CRJ9 är ett gott flygplan.

    Sverige är jättesnyggt.......... En dag ska jag flytta till Sverige. Helt seriöst mv.

    Jag tror att ditt batteri är fantastiskt också. Jag hatar min mobil...

    Vackert toalett. Vackert landskåp. Det är Sverige mv.

    IKEA är mitt liv. Vi borde gå till Kungens Kurva.

    Vilnius är vackert men Sverige och Stockholm är hundra gånger bättre.

    Tack så mycket igen! Din FR är jättekul!

    Hå det så bra! Din kompis och Sverige fan, Martin.

    • Comment 427256 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 809 Comments

      Hej! Nej då, det är aldrig försent :). Thank you for stopping by!

      “Jag saknar att äta frukust in ditt hus.“
      - I miss eating breakfast at your place, it was incredibly nice (every time).

      “Hoppas att jag kan besöka dig i år!!!“
      - Would be lovely to meet you this year!

      “Snyggt bilder i ARN!“
      - Thank you :). You're too nice to me with your wonderful comments.

      “En dag ska jag flytta till Sverige. Helt seriöst mv.“
      - Nc mf..... I will most likely never take this seriously haha.

      “Jag tror att ditt batteri är fantastiskt också.“
      - Trust me, it's terrible (for most people's standards). G4 issues.

      “IKEA är mitt liv. Vi borde gå till Kungens Kurva.“
      - Well, if you want to.... (if you happen to visit again).

      “Vilnius är vackert men Sverige och Stockholm är hundra gånger bättre.“
      - Nc, nc...

      Thank you once again for stopping by and commenting! Ha det så bra :).

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