Review of Arkia Israel Airlines flight Eilat Tel Aviv in Economy

Flight IZ804
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 27 Aug 17, 09:20
Arrival at 27 Aug 17, 10:05
IZ 15 reviews
Yonatan Paz
By 1239
Published on 18th November 2017
Hi and welcome to my trip report!

I went with some friends to Eilat, The most southern city in Israel across the red sea. We went by bus (5.5 hours of driving, 22$). I had to get back one day before as I had a flight to Prague just one day later with wizzair : TLV-PRG, Tap It

The flight cost me around 65$ per one way. It is pretty expensive for 45 min of flying (TLV-GDN-TLV costs around 40$ or TLV-PFO-TLV costs around 10$). But its better than a bus. Also, I could fly on a new type of aircraft (already flown on E145 and E170, both of those flights operated by United Express).

Flying from Europe to Eilat:
It's possible! And those flights are direct to Ovda Airport (VDA) which is located 50km from Eilat.
Ryanair operates 12 non-stop flights durning the winter (KRK, WMI, GDN, POZ, HHN, SXF, BRE, NRN, FKB, BGY, BUD, CRL, BTS and KUN).
WizzAir operates 5 non-stop flights durning the winter (PRG, WAW, RIX, OTP and KTW).
Finnair operates non-stop flights from HEL.
SAS operates non-stop flights from ARN.
Transavia and ASL operate non-stop flight from ORY and CDG.
Red Wings, Rossiya and Ural Airlines operate non-stop flights from LED, DME and VKO),

The flight;
Sorry no photos from the check-in, cause the safety rules at the airport.
A basic terminal. Nothing to do there. Durning 2018 the Ramon Airport will replace both VDA and ETH airports and will offer new terminal and duty-free shops. Ryanair will base there 5 aircrafts.
photo 20170827_082218photo 20170827_082122
Many departures for SDV (Domestic Airport of Tel Aviv) and TLV (The international airport of Israel). I flew to SDV.
photo 20170827_082207
Nice collection of Plane models:
photo 20170827_083204
Time to board our plane!
Embraer E-190, 4X-EMD, former Virgin Australia. Nowadays it returned to the lessor:
photo 20170827_085950photo 20170827_085941photo 20170827_085937
I'm so excited:
photo 20170827_090012
Cabin contanis 6 business class seat and 98 seats at economy class:
Business class is better than the "European" business class so far.
photo 20170827_090022
Pitch is good:
photo 20170827_090055
Many ads:
photo 20170827_090346photo 20170827_090143photo 20170827_090057
The seat next to my was empty till the last passenger to boatd sit next to me:
photo 20170827_090336
Dirty window:
photo 20170827_091907photo 20170827_090104
The plane is on the radar:
photo screenshot_20170827-092351photo screenshot_20170827-092339

A320 of Israir which I had flown on him few weeks later (Report will be posted soon):
photo 20170827_092259photo 20170827_092227photo 20170827_091916
Flight time will be 35 minutes. so short!
Take off from the single runway of Eilat Airport:
photo 20170827_092510photo 20170827_092509photo 20170827_092417
Nice view of the dessert:

The service for the flight was a cup of water:
photo 20170827_093253
Some views of the south of Israel:

Arkia magazin:
photo 20170827_094535photo 20170827_094523
Planes in service;
photo 20170827_094730photo 20170827_094723
Descent started 17 minutes after departure:
photo 20170827_094510
Over the dead sea, the lowest place in the world:
photo 20170827_094809photo 20170827_094552
Northern Jerusalem with "Atarot" Airport that closed in 2000:

TLV Airport, Which I will fly from there abroad just few hours later:
photo 20170827_095431photo 20170827_095429
Petach Tikva:
photo 20170827_095642photo 20170827_0956220
Tel Aviv:
photo 20170827_095939photo 20170827_095814photo 20170827_095752
After Landing:
photo 20170827_100337
Bye bye my E190! I'm pretty loved on this type.

At SDV the plane type is written on the flight board:
photo 20170827_143317
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Arkia Israel Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Eilat - ETH


Tel Aviv - SDV



I really liked this flight, It was my 4th flight with Arkia Israeli Airlines and the first on the E190 which is very comfort aircraft even for 4 hours flight like TLV-WAW (LO) or TLV-MUC (IZ).
Eilat and Sde Dov (SDV) airport are pretty basic airports, with nothing to do except seating and eating at the cafeteria. There isn't an Air Conditioner at Sde Dov's Baggage Claim, so It was so hot during the 32 degrees and 80% of humidity at TLV.
The flight isn't cheap for 284 km of flying and 35 min of flying. But I had to fly so I did it. One way ticket in this sector is more expensive than TLV-PRG ticket which W6 and the distance is about 2700 km!. I think that It's is ridiculous. The government has to fix the prices on that route.
The service was good because it's only 35 mins flight, the cabin crew was nice but nothing special.
The flight departed on time.
I will fly Arkia again.



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