Review of Israir flight Tel Aviv Catania in Economy

Airline Israir
Flight 6H331
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:20
Take-off 10 Oct 17, 09:20
Arrival at 10 Oct 17, 11:40
6H 11 reviews
Yonatan Paz
Published on 22nd December 2017
Hello and welcome to this Sicily trip of October 2017.

Flights were booked 6 only 5 days prior to the trip via the travel agency called "Blik". W

TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) -> CTA (Catania, Italy) 6H A320 Y
CTA (Catania, Italy) -> (Tel Aviv, Israel) MYX A320 Y

I and my family have dropped at Terminal 3 of Ben Gurion Airport at 6:45 AM for a 9:20 AM departure.

The unpacking passengers area of Terminal 3:
photo 20171010_064438

The Check-In hall of Terminal 3:
photo 20171010_065534
Our Check-In desk:
photo 20171010_070313
photo 20171010_070249
The Check-In issue took about 30 minutes, plus 10 minutes for the security check and the passport control.
The duty - free are:
photo 20171010_073553

Time for spotting:
Hainan Airlines Airbus A330-300 landed from Beijing (PEK), China, British Airways Boeing 777-200ER will be departing to London (LHR), the UK, El Al Boeing 767-300ER landed from Bombay (BOM), India and Onur Air A321 arrived from Antalya (AYT), Turkey:
photo 20171010_082210
Corendon Airlines 737-800 will be departing soon to Antalya (AYT), Turkey:
photo 20171010_072429
El Al Boeing 737-900ER before flying to Bucharest (OTP), Romania:
photo 20171010_0720471photo 20171010_072047
Arkia Boeing 757-300 before flying to Zanzibar (ZAZ), Tanzania and Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-9 landed from Shanghai (PVG), China:
photo 20171010_082315photo 20171010_082310
Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 landed from Hong Kong (HKG):
photo 20171010_081319photo 20171013_231321
Lets head to our gate, D2 which is an Airbridge but offers an exit only via bus (Airplanes can't connect to the gate due to constructions near the airbridge.
photo 20171010_082855
Our gate:
photo 20171010_085713photo 20171010_0857111photo 20171010_085711
At the "AirBridge":
photo 20171010_090042

We have to drive for about 7 minutes before we will rich our plane. Boarding was delayed by 10 minutes as The passengers of the previous passengers to Rome hadn't finished their boarding yet.
Journey in the bus:
photo 20171010_090243

The new E gates are almost ready for use:
photo 20171010_090129
Some of the El Al's heavies:
photo 20171010_090554
Astara Airlines Avro RJ100 before flying to SKG and TUS Airways Saab 2000 before flying to Larnaca:
photo 20171010_090643
Wizz Air Airbus A320 landed from Iasi, Romania:
photo 20171010_091007photo 20171010_091009
Trade Air Airbus A320 will fly to Rome (FCO) behalf of Israir flight:
photo 20171010_091415
Our aircraft for today: Airbus A320, 4X-ABF (EX-2010), I flew on this registration from Kos (KGS) to Tel Aviv (TLV) in 2013.

Cabin durning boarding:
photo 20171010_091741photo 20171010_091750
Pitch is good for 3 hours flight:
photo 20171010_092002
View from row 20:
photo 20171010_092008photo 20171010_092010
Boarding completed:
photo 20171010_0920171
Taxi to runway 26:
photo 20171010_093706photo 20171010_093928
The pilot annouced that the flight time to Catania will be about 3 hours.
View of Terminal 1 which is taking care of domestic flights to Eilat, low-cost flights (Easy Jet, Wizz Air, Ryanair, UP) and Alitalia flights to Athens (ATH):
photo 20171010_094443
View of Terminal 3 which is the main terminal at TLV:
photo 20171010_094644
A high operation of wide-body jets at TLV (HU A333 - PEK, HU B789- PVG, TK A333 - IST, CX A359 - HKG, UA B772 - EWR):
photo 20171010_094648
Cabin before departure:
photo 20171010_094844
Take off!
photo 20171010_094948photo 20171010_094952
View of TLV's Airport:

View of the southern-central distcrit of Israel (nearby Tel Aviv):
photo 20171010_095109photo 20171010_095133
Entering into the clouds:
photo 20171010_095140photo 20171010_095242
Cabin after take-off, the plane seemed to be full today:
photo 20171010_095152photo 20171010_095153
Leaving the Israeli coast-line:
photo 20171010_095320photo 20171010_095414
Flight map and details:
photo 20171010_095557photo 20171010_095611
The lavatory:
photo 20171010_100122
View of the cabin from the rear:
photo 20171010_100134photo 20171010_100136
Durning the flight all the passengers were served by cups of water freely. Other drinks and food were available for purschae.
photo 20171010_101018
View of the mediterrean sea:
photo 20171010_101402
Our location after 50 minutes of flying:
photo 20171010_094902photo 20171010_094923
Israir's reading stuff onboard including safety card:
photo 20171010_113859

View of South Crete, Greece:
photo 20171010_101639photo 20171010_101659
photo 20171010_101710photo 20171010_102706photo 20171010_1027061
View after passing crete:
photo 20171010_104739photo 20171010_111133
Getting closer to Sicily:
photo 20171010_111204
Starting our descend into Catania (CTA):
photo 20171010_111910photo 20171010_112105photo 20171010_112123
Cabin durning approach:
photo 20171010_112317
3 minutes prior to landing:
photo 20171010_113920photo 20171010_114127photo 20171010_114240
SXM of Europe!
photo 20171010_114249photo 20171010_114251
Touching down!
photo 20171010_114258photo 20171010_114308photo 20171010_114339
After the landing I could see the magnific view of Volcano Etna!
Bulgarian Air Charters MD82 (operated by Mistral Air) landed from Tel Aviv (TLV), Israel:
photo 20171010_114450photo 20171010_114453
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 arrived from Bergamo (BGY), Italy:
photo 20171010_1144571
S7 Airlines Airbus A321 will depart soon to Moscow - Domodedovo (DME), Russia:
photo 20171010_114514
Air Berlin Airbus A320 (R.I.P) landed from Berling - Tegel (TXL), Germany:
photo 20171010_1145460
Airbus A320 of Alitalia landed from Rome - Fumicino (FCO), Italy:
photo 20171010_114651
Leaving my plane after a nice flight!
photo 20171010_115623photo 20171010_115626
We had to wait for around a hour near the baggege claim:
photo 20171010_120541
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Cabin crew10.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Catania - CTA



It was a nice flight with Israir. The flight departed with a little delay but it landed on time.
The crew was nice and warm.
I find Israir's A320 a very comfortable airplane for flights to Europe: The seats are comfortable and have a good recline. Also, the seats are wide and have enough legroom (around 31").
I hadn't got anything except water. I don't need anything else but It isn't a low-cost flight. It could be nice if the crew had offered to the passengers some soft & hot drinks for free.
3 hours flight isn't too much and I ate before at the airport.

To summarize, It was a good flight and I would like to fly with Israir again.

Thank you for watching and feel free to ask questions and comment on my report!
Merry Christmas !



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    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 890 Comments

    Hi, Yonatan!

    Time for spotting

    YEAH! The best time!
    AirOnur??? There was a Turkish soap opera on TV in my country (Sherezade) and the main character's name was Onur. All women here were in love with him! I bet my mother would love to fly OnurAir, only because of its name!! XDDD

    Some of the El Al's heavies

    Do they still have their B747??

    Our aircraft for today: Airbus A320, 4X-ABF (EX-2010), I flew on this registration from Kos (KGS) to Tel Aviv (TLV) in 2013.

    That man with the angry face looking at the camera!! I wonder why people look straight at the camera if they don't want to be photographed!!

    View from row 20

    The cabin looks oldish, but I like the color of the seats. So... 60s! And they are covered in imitation leather, which is good. Not long ago I flew on a plane with seats covered in some kind of textile. It was horrible! I thought I could feel the mites crawling on my skin!!

    View of the southern-central distcrit of Israel

    Beautiful aerials!!

    Other drinks and food were available for purschae.

    Too bad Israir is charging legacy prices for a low-cost service. That sounds unfair!

    View of South Crete, Greece:

    How wonderful! Crete has been on my list of destinations since my childhood!

    SXM of Europe!

    Without the hurricanes, fortunately!

    Merry Christmas !

    Have fun! My best wishes for 2018!

    Thanks for sharing!

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