Review of ITA Airways flight Milan Catania in Economy

Airline ITA Airways
Flight AZ1713
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:17
Take-off 24 Nov 22, 11:18
Arrival at 24 Nov 22, 12:35
AZ   #64 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 21 reviews
Published on 30th November 2022


Hello everyone!
While I write this report I'm attending my last year of my architecture course at university. 
The main architecture laboratory is focused on the redevelopment of an old industrial area near Siracusa, in Sicily. Since this project is gonna be our final work, the teacher organized a site inspection in Siracusa for 25-26th November.

I've never been to Sicily, even if it's an amazing region. Therefore this trip became the occasion to experience the island better.


Plane is the only way to get from Milan to Sicily in a quick way.
The fastest train can take up to 15 hours and at least one stopover. This is due to the fact that the Italian high speed network ends in Naples. South of it there are only conventional railways; moreover the train has to be shipped to cross the 3-km Strait of Messina, which separates Sicily from the mainland.

No need to say we didn't consider anytime this solution.

photo a2-0

Catania Airport is the closest to Siracusa, being located 48 kilometers from our destination.
Our initial plan was to leave on Thursday 24th November, stay with our teacher in Siracusa on Friday and Saturday, than spending Sunday in Catania before the nine-o'clock flight back home.
By the way we discovered that leaving back on Monday was much more convenient (116 euros agains 152) even considering an additional night.
We decided to stay in Siracusa two nights, than spending one night in Taormina and then the last one in Catania, leaving back to Milan on Monday 28th evening.

After a bit of research the best option appeard to be flying with ITA Airways from Linate.
Actualy Ryanair from Malpensa was kinda cheaper, but we avoided it. First of all because the cabin baggage was not included; leaving from MXP would have meant taking the Malpensa Express train, which costs around 20 euros, and waking up around 5 am to catch the flight around 9 am.

We chose ITA Airways "Economy Light" fare, which gives the possibility to bring a standard trolley as a carry on, plus a small bag to put under the seat. We booked the flight the 28th October, less than one month before the departure date.

photo a2-1

Since the meeting with the teacher was planned for the the day after our arrival, we deciced not the get the earlier flight (departing 9.50).
For the return we took the latest flight departing from Catania.

photo a2-2

We booked also three hotels in Siracusa (two nights), Taormina and Catania (one night each) for a total of 114 euros per person.

Since public transport in Sicily is not very efficient a rented car was the only way to move around all these places. We chose SicilyByCar rental which offered us a Fiat Panda for 55 euros per person.



photo a3-1

Some personal stats

First time flying into CTA


On the 9th November ITA Airways sent an email informing that the flight was postponed, from 10.50 to 11.00.
Nothing serious, fortunately…

photo a4-1

ITA Airways gives the possibility to check-in 48 hourse before each flight. On Tuesday morning I logged in on their app to check-in and generate my boarding pass.

The procedure itself was very easy and quick. The app ask me to confirm my Volare frequent flyer number; by the way when I got my BP I noticed that the number was missing. Moreover, even hours after the check-in, the app continued to show the "Check-in" button as the procedure hadn't been done.

Even if the app had been improved since ITA's foundation one year before, there are still some issues to fix.

photo a4-2

For the fare I chose the seat selection wasn't available. Fortunately I got a window seat, 24F, in the rear of the cabin.

photo a4-3

Arriving at THE AIRPORT

With the flight scheduled to 11 my friend and I decided to be at Linate no later than 9.30, since none of us needed to check any luggage

Getting there from my house can take 45 minutes and two changes (subway, train and bus). By the way my friend, who lives close to my home, and I were able to find a shared car. From our place to the airport 15/20 minutes are needed.

We grabbed a car at quarter to nine and in 20 minutes we arrived at Milan-Linate Airport

Viale Forlanini, the entrance avenue to the airport

photo a5-1

Milan skyline and the Alps seen from the parking.

photo a5-2

The parking which hosts car sharing is connected to the terminal through a walkway
We got inside the terminal around 9:15, more than one hour before scheduled boarding time
Even if the terminal had been refurbished a couple of years ago, the departure hall is a bit dark

photo a5-3

The boarding gate was already visible on the FIDS

photo a5-4

Having a bit of spare time I went to ITA's counter to get my boarding pass printed
Moreover the online BP didn't show my frequent flyer number and I wanted to check it

photo a5-5

Counters were empty and I got my BP in no time
The agent told me that the frequent flyer number was registered; unfortunately ITA's app and website still have some issues with frequent flyer log-in…

photo a5-6

Having nothing else to do my mates and I proceeded straight to the security checkpoint

photo a5-7

waiting to board

There was a bit of queue at the checkpoint
The control itself was quickly due to the advanced X-ray machinery which allows passengers to keep their liquids inside the bag
The whole procedure took 15 minutes

photo a6-1

Mandatory passage through the duty free shop

photo a6-2

The main departure lounge

photo a6-3

Getting upstairs to get a coffee and take some pictures

ITA Airways A320s

photo a6-4

Despite boarding was scheduled 30 minutes later we decided to wait at the gate

I want to take a moment to express something I feel really strange about Linate (both as an avgeek and as an architect)
The main departure lounge is located on the 1st floor. And on the same floor there're 5 contact gates. By the way to access the gate area there's a mandatory passage through the remote gates area, located on the ground floor. In my opinion this is kinda weird, also considering the airport had been improved recently

Our gate was already set for boarding

photo a6-13

The apron with few European birds

photo a6-5

A320s line up: British Airways and 3 ITA Airways, one in old livery

photo a6-6

KLM Boeing 737 just landed…

photo a6-7

…and docking at the gate

photo a6-8

Hibernian Airlines Bombardier CRJ-1000 landing

photo a6-9

This plane is wetleased by ITA Airways

photo a6-10

ITA Airways A220, painted in "Born to be Sustainable" livery as the other 4 planes in the fleet

photo a6-11photo a6-12

Our plane for today:
ITA Airways Airbus A320-200, EI-DTA, delivered to AirOne in December 2008 (14.0 years old). It was later transferred to Alitalia and now it's part of ITA's fleet. It's equipped with 171 seats in mixed C-Y configuration. The plane is dedicated to Italian football champion Gaetano Scirea.
I've already flown on EI-DTA on FCO-LIN route in December 2021.

photo a6-14

Perfectly on time boarding was called at gate A19

photo a6-15-11278

Mandatory door shot
The blue paint looks sooo good

photo a6-17

Heading to my seat, 24F
The plane seemed to have a 80% load factor

photo a6-18

The view from my seat, with an Iberia A320 parked in front of the Emporio Armani hangar

photo a6-19

Meanwhile boarding was going on
The seat was a standard european-haul one, with a decent pitch for a short flight

photo a6-20

As boarding came to end an ITA Airways A320 pulled into the gate next to our

photo a6-21

"Boarding completed" was called minutes before 11
A few minutes after we pushed back

photo a6-22

ITA Airways, Aer Lingus and British Airways A320s

photo a6-23photo a6-24

ITA Airways A220 and KLM Boeing 737 parked the terminal

photo a6-25

Milan skyline with Alps is always a wonderful view

photo a6-26

ITA Airways A320

photo a6-27

Brussels Airlines A319 landing

photo a6-28

German Airways Embraer E190 leased by ITA

photo a6-29

Waiting for take-off on runway 36

photo a6-30

ITA Airways A320 landing before our turn to go

photo a6-31

Entering the runway bound to north
As I know most of the operations are north-bound

photo a6-32photo a6-33

the flight

photo a7-1photo a7-2

Almost 20 minutes after scheduled we started our take off run

photo a7-3

And in the air…

photo a7-4

The apron

photo a7-5

Linate's terminal
The lake behind is called "Idroscalo" and was built in the 20s as a seaplane port

photo a7-6

Mondadori (left) and IBM (right) headquarters in Segrate
The first one was designed by Brasilian architect Oscar Niemeyer

photo a7-7

Banking over Segrate and Milano San Felice towns…

photo a7-8

…and Pioltello

photo a7-9

Milan with the Alps

photo a7-10photo a7-11

Linate Airport as we pointed towards south

photo a7-12

Passing over A58 motorway

photo a7-13

The interchange between A1 and A58 motorways

photo a7-14

Crossing over Po river, the longest in Italy

photo a7-15

This S-bend is located west of Piacenza, on the border between Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna regions

photo a7-16

Approaching Apennine Mountains

photo a7-17

Piacenza-San Damiano Military Airport (ICAO: LIMS)

photo a7-18

Apennines sprayed by a few snow

photo a7-19

La Spezia gulf, in Liguria Region

photo a7-20photo a7-21

Following Tuscany's coastline

photo a7-22

Pisa, crossed by Arno River

photo a7-23

Pisa "Galileo Galilei" Airport (IATA: PSA, ICAO: LIRP), Tuscany's main airport

photo a7-24

Pisa city center, with the Leaning Tower and the Cathedral

photo a7-25

Livorno visible in the distance

photo a7-26

Piombino with Elba Island in the background

photo a7-27

Monte Argentario

photo a7-28

Rome-Fiumicino (IATA: FCO, ICAO: LIRF) visible between the clouds

photo a7-29

30 minutes into the flight a drink service was delivered
I got an orange juice, which was quite good

photo a7-30

Corporate picture

photo a7-31

While the service was in progress we started to flight above Tyrrean Sea

photo a7-33

The largest visible island is Ponza, the other two are Zannone and Palmarole

photo a7-32

Eolie Islands, approaching Sicily's airspace

photo a7-35photo a7-34

Cabin was prepared for landing and the crew informed that we'd arrived in 20 minutes
Northern Sicily seemed to be covered by clouds…

photo a7-36

Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe (3.357 metres)

Located a few kilometres north of Catania, it's one of the activest volcano in the world

photo a7-37photo a7-38

Emerging under the light cloud layers

photo a7-39photo a7-40

Aligning to the runway

photo a7-41photo a7-42

Catania with Mount Etna in the background
Such a pity the summit is covered by clouds

photo a7-43

Catania's harbour

photo a7-44

Our shadow appears on the sea surface
I definitely got the best side to enjoy this landing

photo a7-45

Catania's beach
The runway edge is located barely 600 metres from the shore

photo a7-46

Last moments on air

photo a7-47photo a7-48

At 12:35, ten minutes before scheduled, we touched down at Catania-Fontanarossa Airport
The airport is dedicated to opera composer Vincenzo Bellini

The landing was quite hard and the brake very strong

photo a7-49photo a7-50

Even if the runway is equipped with a parallel taxiway, we had to backtrack to vacate

photo a7-51

Docking at a contact gate minutes after
The captain welcomed us in Catania telling that the temperature was 23 °C, much more enjoyable than the 5°C in Milan

photo a7-52

As I later discovered the western portion of the taxiway was undergoing renovation, obliging planes to backtrack the runway for landing or take off

photo a7-53

Disembark was quite fast

Fuselage shot of our blue bird

photo a8-1

Heading to the exit

photo a8-2

Last view of our plane

photo a8-3

Welcome to Catania!

photo a8-4

The baggage hall

Since none of us had checked bags we get straight to the exit

photo a8-6

My friends and me got off the terminal and went straight to the car rental center, located 4 minutes walking
After claiming our car (a Citroen C1) we pointed immediately to Siracusa
The motorway ride took around 45 minutes

See you for the return flight!

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ITA Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Milan - LIN


Catania - CTA



The flight was a standard domestic ITA's flight, the cabin was comfortable, the crew professional and the service decent

Linate is an efficient airport, it works very well as European gateway to Milan. Also the process at Catania Airport was a breeze.



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  • Comment 616548 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Ciao Carlo, thank you for the FR! ITA looks to offer decent service on its domestic legs, but it is still missing the salty/sweet snack option that used to be part of AZ's service following the EY investment. Excellent aerial tour down western Italy and beautiful bonus of Sicily, a part of Italy I have not been to yet. Grazie mille!

    • Comment 616580 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 80 Comments

      Thank you! Glad you appreciate
      I totally agree with you about ITA's service, a little snack would be fine on a short flight like this.

      My impression is that they're working hard to "erase" Alitalia's memory in order to create a new strong image of a quality airline. Wish them the best and hope to try soon their long haul product!

      Wish you to visit soon Sicily, it's beyond every imagination

      Grazie e buoni voli :)

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