Review of Qantas flight Brisbane Singapore in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF51
Class Economy
Seat 54A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:50
Take-off 11 Dec 10, 13:40
Arrival at 11 Dec 10, 19:30
QF 154 reviews
By GOLD 3058
Published on 8th December 2017
Trip Report : Brisbane - Singapore on Qantas

Airlines: Qantas
Flight: QF51 BNE-SIN
Reg: VH-QPF "Esperance"
Aircraft: Airbus 330-303
Dep - BNE International Terminal: 13:40
Arr - SIN(T1): 19:30
Flight time: 7 h 55m
Distance: 6,155 kilometers or 3,825 nautical miles.


This trip was undertaken in 2010. I was flying to Singapore and onwards to Shanghai. After checking the available options, found flying via Brisbane as the cheapest option.

Below is the trip report of the flight.

Full Trip Video: Qantas QF51 Airbus A330-303 BNE - SIN

Arriving @ Brisbane International Airport

After arriving by Qantas shuttle bus from Brisbane domestic airport, got dropped at the entrance of the International terminal.

photo dsc_0124_resize

Flight Schedule

photo dsc_0125_resize

Check-in area

photo dsc_0126_resizephoto dsc_0127_resize


As my bag was already checked all the way to Singapore. I went straight to immigration and security.

photo dsc_0128_resize

Departure area

After completing security, entered the departure area.

photo dsc_0129_resize

Departure Schedule

photo dsc_0131_resize

Departure Gates

photo dsc_0132_resizephoto dsc_0133_resize


With time to spare for departure, spotting the planes at Brisbane.

Singapore Airlines [SQ] A330

photo dsc_0136_resize

Thai Airways [TG] arrives from Bangkok

photo dsc_0143_resize

Etihad[EY} to Singapore

photo dsc_0138_resizephoto dsc_0139_resize


photo dsc_0149_resizephoto dsc_0150_resize

Art work

photo dsc_0137_resize

BNE Waiting Area

photo dsc_0140_resize

TG from Bangkok

photo dsc_0157_resizephoto dsc_0158_resize

Tarmac action

photo dsc_0169_resizephoto dsc_0172_resize

Aircraft details

photo dsc_0165_resize

SQ to Singapore

photo dsc_0162_resize

Walk back to gate

QF 51 was departing from the other end of the terminal

photo dsc_0159_resize

Waiting area

photo dsc_0173_resizephoto dsc_0174_resize

Duty free shops

photo dsc_0175_resize

Internet Kiosk

Didn't have wi-fi in those days.

photo dsc_0178_resize

QF51 to Singapore and Mumbai

photo dsc_0179_resize

QF close up

photo dsc_0182_resize

Code Share partner

photo dsc_0185_resize


photo dsc_0187_resizephoto dsc_0188_resize

Waiting for boarding call

Boarding call was made for passengers on QF51. Passport and boarding card was checked before being allowed to proceed.

photo dsc_0184_resize

On board

photo dsc_0189_resize

View from seat

After finding the allocated seat.

photo dsc_0190_resize

Window View

photo dsc_0191_resize

Flight Information

photo dsc_0192_resize

Waiting for Pushback

Door was closed after the boarding was completed.

photo dsc_0193_resize

Menu card

It was lunch time, checked the menu card. What was coming during the flight.

photo dsc_0195_resize


photo dsc_0196_resizephoto dsc_0199_resize


Pushback commenced and after a short taxi, were holding short of the runway.

photo dsc_0200_resize

Window View

photo dsc_0201_resize

Departure from Brisbane

Watch video for departure and arrival . Take off was quiet. It was cloudy outside.


After departure made series of turn to head north west towards Singapore

photo dsc_0202_resizephoto dsc_0203_resize

Small Windows

photo dsc_0204_resizephoto dsc_0205_resize

Flight information

photo dsc_0206_resize

Cabin View

photo dsc_0207_resizephoto dsc_0211_resize

Port to Starboard side view

photo dsc_0212_resizephoto dsc_0213_resize

Safety Card

photo dsc_0218_resize

A330 Safety card

photo dsc_0229_resizephoto dsc_0230_resize

Seat pocket material

Inflight magazine, duty free magazine, Q entertainment, Safety card, Air sickness bag

photo dsc_0219_resizephoto dsc_0221_resize

Inflight Magazine

photo dsc_0222_resize

Lunch Presentation

Lunch service commenced soon as it was lunch time by the time flight departed Brisbane,

photo dsc_0245_resize


Teriyaki Chicken with rice, bread and Mousse for dessert

photo dsc_0246_resize

Window View

Cloudy outside, the year Brisbane got flooded due to heavy rain.

photo dsc_0261_resize

Flight Information

photo dsc_0231_resizephoto dsc_0232_resize

Flight map

photo dsc_0233_resizephoto dsc_0234_resize

Flight details

photo dsc_0236_resizephoto dsc_0237_resizephoto dsc_0238_resize

6 hrs 44 mins still left

IFE menu

There were entertainment options, I didn't watch any entertainment and decided to rest as I had a long day ahead.

photo dsc_0268_resize

IFE Remote

photo dsc_0263_resizephoto dsc_0264_resize

Back side

photo dsc_0265_resize

Window View

photo dsc_0270_resizephoto dsc_0271_resize

Snoozed off for the remaining flight and woke to somewhere near Indonesia

photo dsc_0272_resizephoto dsc_0276_resize

more detailed map

photo dsc_0277_resize

Flight Information

photo dsc_0274_resize


Light refreshment was served before arrival in Singapore

photo dsc_0281_resize

Veggie Roll

photo dsc_0282_resize

Window View

photo dsc_0283_resize

Flight Path

photo dsc_0285_resizephoto dsc_0286_resize

Flight Information

photo dsc_0284_resize

Over Batam- Indonesia

The crew distributed the immigration forms, I wasn't carrying a pen, asked if I could borrow pen, was told by the crew member that he had passed the pens out and he can't provide the pen. I had to borrow pen from my fellow passenger to fill the form. Having flown Singapore Airlines numerous times, If customer makes a request for a pen , it gets provided, point of difference in customer service between the two carriers.

Experience this before with Qantas, when flying to Hong Kong based on that had stopped flying with them for many years.

photo dsc_0287_resizephoto dsc_0289_resize

Sunset as flight approached Singapore

photo dsc_0291_resizephoto dsc_0293_resize

Beautiful view outside

photo dsc_0294_resizephoto dsc_0296_resize

Approaching Singapore

photo dsc_0297_resizephoto dsc_0301_resize


Landing was smooth, watch video to experience the arrival into Singapore.

Arriving @ Terminal 1

photo dsc_0302_resize


photo dsc_0303_resizephoto dsc_0304_resize

Preparing for next flight

The aircraft was returning back to Australia

photo dsc_0305_resize

Terminal 1

After disembarkation, headed for immigration and baggage collection.

photo dsc_0306_resize

Baggage Carousel

photo dsc_0307_resize

Baggage Carousel 16

Received my bag within few minutes and exited the terminal.

photo dsc_0308_resizephoto dsc_0309_resize

Hope you enjoyed the report. Thanks for reading.

End of Trip

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Cabin crew6.0

Brisbane - BNE


Singapore - SIN



Flying with Qantas was a good till I asked for additional service. Not providing a simple request was a big letdown in service. Brisbane airport transit was easy, trouble is have to take a 15 min bus ride from Domestic to International Terminal. Immigration and security check was quick.

Singapore Changi was quick, efficient to travel through. Always had positive experience flying through Singapore

Information on the route Brisbane (BNE) Singapore (SIN)


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