Review of Azul flight Campinas Campinas in Economy

Airline Azul
Flight AD5780
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:57
Take-off 09 Oct 17, 12:31
Arrival at 09 Oct 17, 14:28
AD   #38 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 63 reviews
Published on 27th November 2017
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Hey everybody and welcome to my newest flight report, this time covering a trip that almost went right to Ponta Grossa, a city that is quite near Curitiba, which is Paraná state's capital city.
But why did it almost went right? Check it and see :D


As you may probably know from my other flight reports, I love regional aviation, so I'm always trying to know new and different destinations in Brazil. I'm also a big fan of Azul Brazilian Airlines, which (coincidently or not) is the biggest regional operator in our contry, using the fantastic 70-seats ATR 72-600, which at most times fits their routes perfectly.
Last year Azul started operations between Campinas, their main hub and Ponta Grossa, which is a 300-thousand people city at a 100 km distance to Curitiba. PG is the main city of the Campos Gerais region, which has almost 1 million inhabitants. In Paraná, Azul flies to Curitiba, Foz do Iguaçu, Cascavel, Maringá and Londrina.

They started with 6 weekly flights made by the ATR, which you would think it's not even enough, considering the big population of the region and the low fares they made in the start of the route. At that time prices were pretty low, but I didn't get to buy tickets. But one fine day last August I managed to find the low tickets were still the same since 2016. Bad for the airline, which by the way had reduced operations to only 4 weekly, but very nice to me! The total price of the round trip was BRL403.15 with taxes - or USD124.72 in today's values.
The route I'd make was POA-VCP-PGZ-VCP-POA - with a 25-minutes stop in Ponta Grossa! I'd also know Viracopos' new terminal, which was opened last year.

Not-warned change

Originally, my flight would be made on a Sunday, October 8. That would be better, so then I wouldn't miss a class day. But some weeks prior to the trip I went to check my booking on Azul's website and I saw that the date changed to October 9. And I wasn't even informed by Azul about that… if I hadn't seen it there, I would've gone to the airport in the wrong day. I then tried to book a ticket on the right day and saw that there were no flights to PGZ on that day. Then I decided to call to Azulcenter (Azul's call center). A nice attendant confirmed that the Sunday flight was cancelled. The options were changing my flight to one that was no later 48 hours before or after the original flight - the only option was on Monday - or being totally refunded.
As an aviation lover, I wanted to fly! So I decided I would go on Monday and miss a class day.
The cancellation wasn't the actual problem I saw: these things just happen, after all. The main fault on Azul's side was changing my booking without even noticing me. Later another passenger I talked with before my flight said her booking was also changed without any warning. That's no good.

Viracopos' new terminal

After an uneventful flight from Porto Alegre, I arrived at Viracopos' new terminal. And it's waaaay better than the old one, that was really suffocating for Azul's rapid growth. It is basically divided in three parts:

the mainline part, which recieves the Embraer/A320 flights;
the regional, which has the ATR operations;
the international, which recieves the flights to Lisbon, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

Viracopos is totally dominated by Azul, that has something like 95% of the passenger flights operations. The two other Brazilian airlines there are Gol, with ~12 weekly flights to Rio/Galeão, and LATAM Brasil, with ~18 flights to Brasília. So the whole structure depends on AD's hub; the food court, for example, is on the airside; on the check-in area, there are few cafés and one or two restaurants. The feeding is also important: only ~5% of the passengers of the MII (Marília)-VCP route stay in Campinas; the others connect to other places.

But let's go to the photos:

PR-AQR "Se você fosse uma cor, seria o Azul" (If you was a color, you would be Blue) being prepared to go to São José do Rio Preto (SJP) as AZU4310
photo dsc_0001

Azul's impressive ominpresence in Campinas. How many different destinations can you count on this report?
photo dsc_0009

Each gate has two floors in Campinas: the lower for the boarding and the higher for deboarding. Each one has also elevators.
photo dsc_0013

PR-AYI "Azul Celeste" (Sky Blue) going to Brasília as AZU2601 POA-VCP-BSB. I had just arrived at VCP on it!
photo dsc_0017

Mainline part of the airside.
photo dsc_0018

More flights!
photo dsc_0023

Connection to the international flights area.
photo dsc_0029photo dsc_0028

Leaving the airside to see more. Azul's check-in area
photo dsc_0034

Pretty nice sight here!
photo dsc_0035

LATAM and Gol check-in area
photo dsc_0037

The signs in Campinas are nicer than in most Brazilian airports.
photo dsc_0039

Reimpressed my boarding pass. The tickets in Campinas are also nicer than in other airports!
photo dsc_0043

Back to the airside. This kind of sign, pointing where each store/restaurant is, is also smart. I never saw one of these!
photo dsc_0045

Hm… it seems my flight is 40 minutes delayed!
photo dsc_0058

Not quite a rush time
photo dsc_0062

10 minutes were increased to the delay.
photo dsc_0072

More flights!
photo dsc_0122

Let's fly!

At 11:40 PR-TKJ arrived at VCP as AZU2583 from Maringá. It would make a quick turnaround and then take me to Ponta Grossa!
And finally… let's go!
photo dsc_0130

Not quite a full flight, though: 50 passengers would occupy the 68 seats of this ATR.
photo dsc_0134

Ah, and I forgot to say: but that's a quite important detail: PR-TKJ operated for TRIP Linhas Aéreas before the merging with Azul, so it has a different livery and also a different interior. What a great experience it will be! The last time I flew on an AzulTrip aircraft was in 2015, in a CWB-POA flight, on the E190 PP-PJJ. PJJ now flies for British Airways Cityflyer.

Ah… how I love the hybrid AzulTrip livery!
photo dsc_0149

And by my side, here's one for the French readers: Azul, Blanc et Rouge (Blue, White and Red, in French) was the first ATR delivered to Azul in the revised, post-merging livery, with the lighter blue in the "u". AQB also operated for TRIP with the Azul livery before the full merging, using stickers that said "operated by TRIP" right by the rear door, this between 2012 and 2013.
Anyroad, AQB had come from Foz do Iguaçu as AZU9350, apparently had a breakdown and some hours after the landing went to Bauru as AZU9017.
photo dsc_0152

PR-AYA "Brasil é Azul" (Brasil is Azul) coming from Goiânia as AZU4123. It'd later go to Londrina as AZU2442. AYA was the first Embraer 195 recieved by Azul, and also the first Azul aircraft I flew in. It was a POA-VCP flight in September 20, 2009. And there go some eight years from that day!
Fun fact: from 2008 to last year, AYA's name was "Azul é Brasil" (Azul is Brasil), but they've changed it to "Brasil é Azul". I don't know why, but I prefer the old one!
photo dsc_0161

Boarding. This livery has Azul's logo applied on the front and TRIP's tail, and some other differences. Beautiful, isn't it? At least it will keep TRIP's legacy for some more time - but not for too long. All AzulTRIP Embraers were sent to TAP Express or BA Cityflyer, and PR-TKK was the first of five ATRs to recieve the full Azul livery.

View from my seat.
photo dsc_0185
I asked for some water and the FA promptly brought it to me.
photo dsc_0187
We're late, so let's not waste too much time!
photo dsc_0193

Video of the take-off. The window was terribly dirty, as it's the usual in the ATRs, but that's what we have for today ;)

Banking left
photo dsc_0199

Some important advices
photo dsc_0206photo dsc_0204

Not a bad legroom, innit? I'm 1,67m tall (5'48ft), so that's never a problem for me, hahaha! Notice the dirty seat pocket. It really should be washed
photo dsc_0208

As it is the standard in Azul flight experience, FAs (or Blue Angels, how the airline prefers to call them) ask the drink the client wants. Then, they serve it and offer the snacks. Snacks for today were nuts, potato chips, cookies and jelly beans. Drinks were Coke, Coke Zero, guaraná, juices and water. I asked a Coke and all the snacks!
The napkin now speaks to the passenger.
"I'm small, but I'm here to remember EspaçoAzul is giant!". EspaçoAzul (Blue Space) is something like Even More Space in jetBlue, where you pay a fee to seat in the first rows and have more legroom.
photo dsc_0214

Snacks. I love them! After that I asked some more to take home and share with my friends.
photo dsc_0218

We were in Pink October, and Azul strongly promotes this cause since 2010. So the jelly beans are pink-themed and instead of the regular "Aviõezinhos" title, the packing sported the campaign's slogan: "Quem se cuida, voa mais longe." (Who takes care goes further).
photo dsc_0223

View from the last row:
photo dsc_0226

Azul Magazine was also in pink, and promoted Buenos Aires, Azul's latest international destination.
photo dsc_0230

Later we started descending.
View from the outside. This clouds were not good.
photo dsc_0231photo dsc_0233

Then we started to make some turns over Ponta Grossa instead of actually landing. We didn't know why, but look at that:
photo dsc_0235

Later we felt the aircraft climbing and accelerating. The captain made a speech saying that it was raining in Ponta Grossa, and the aircraft couldn't rain with the wet runway. So we would go back to Campinas. That was terrible for the passengers, but not a lot for me. After all, I would go back to VCP anyway… heheh, just kidding. I would've loved knowing Ponta Grossa Airport!
The FAs served us snacks and drinks again. (She authorized me to publish these photos of her):
photo dsc_0241photo dsc_0244

Besides all the headache, Blue Angels made a very nice job. Well, the passengers also understood the problem. They knew it wasn't an airline problem, but an structural one.

Landing at Campinas. No arrival speech by the FA

After the deboarding, an airport supervision said to us on the PA we had to go to the check-in counters to get a lunch voucher and also a ticket to another way to get to Ponta Grossa. Passengers had to take a flight to Curitiba and then they'd get to PG by bus, of course everything secured by the airline. I wouldn't do this - of course I'd stay in Campinas and then get on a flight to Porto Alegre.
And after everybody deboarded… what a beautiful interior! Better than the regular Azul's.
photo dsc_0247

Bye bye TKJ! It was so nice flying with you, besides the diversion.
photo dsc_0251photo dsc_0253

This panel on the arrivals hall was also promoting Pink October.
photo dsc_0254
Getting my lunch voucher.
photo dsc_0257
And last, but also important. Sorry for the terrible edition I made, I don't want to edit it again, but I think you'd like to see PR-AZL, Azul's first aircraft. "O Rio de Janeiro continua Azul" (Rio de Janeiro keeps blue) pays tribute to a song by MPB artist Gilberto Gil, "Aquele Abraço". The song says: "O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo…" (Rio de Janeiro keeps beautiful…) Just love it!
AZL was going to Brasília as AZU2612.
photo dsc_0263

I came back to Porto Alegre in AZU5046 on the E195 PR-AXG "Trovão Azul" (Blue Thunder) . Video of take-off:

Thanks for passing by and stay tuned for my next reports! :D
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Cabin crew10.0

Campinas - VCP


Campinas - VCP



Well, nothing can happen exactly as we want. Besides the diversion, though, I had a nice experience with Azul, as usual.

Cabin is better than Azul's. Unfortunately it was not as clean as I expected.
Cabin crew was great, polite and friendly as always.
Azul Magazine is enough for regional flights.
Snacks are so good - and for free! Also, the pink jelly beans gave a nice touch to the catering - and that's one of the reasons why I'm a big fan of Azul.



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  • Comment 420911 by
    DiegoSS02 78 Comments
    Excellent report of an unplanned round-trip!! From my perspective, VCP has an excess of gates in proportion to its traffic, even with AD's fast growth (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong). For some reason, I always felt kind of attracted to AD because of its good reputation and service, because of that, it would be my first choice in an hypothetical arrival to ASU. Saudades!!
  • Comment 420972 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Hi Joao, nice report with awesome planespotting as usual! No question that Azul is the boss at VCP. That livery looks really good on the ATR. Wow, that's a lot of snacks! LOL.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 420973 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
      Did Azul handle the diversion well? Was is pretty easy for you to get a new flight? Most LCCs are awful at handling IRROPS, but it seems from your report that people were reacommodated pretty easily.
      • Comment 420982 by
        joaointhesky AUTHOR 68 Comments
        Thanks for passing by Kévin!
        Yeah, they handed it quite well, though it took a lot of time for the passengers to get the tickets to Curitiba and the vouchers. There were only two counters for 50 passengers!
        For me it was pretty easy to get a new flight - an earlier one. My original one would leave to Porto Alegre at 8:00PM, but they got me a seat on the 5:45PM flight. You know, these essential routes have a lot of daily flights - there are nine daily flights between POA and VCP, for example -, so it's not that hard to reallocate passengers. Unfortunately I can't tell you how the bus trip to Ponta Grossa was, but they were certainly prepareted for this. In the week prior to my flight, VCP-PGZ diverted twice to Curitiba!
        Also, a friendly gate agent gave me a EspaçoAzul, so besides the big inconvenience this diversion was, in the end it was very nice to see they handed it fine.

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