Review of Singapore Airlines flight Taipei Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 879
Class Business
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:40
Take-off 13 Jan 15, 17:35
Arrival at 13 Jan 15, 22:15
SQ   #1 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 5769
Published on 23rd January 2015
More food pics of some of the stuff we ate!

Everyone's crazy over this fresh-baked cheesecake stall in Tamshui!


The most famous Tamshui eatery serving Ah Ge (beancurd stuffed with vermicelli), meatballs and fishball soup. Nice!

Our favourite braised pork with rice eatery in the Ximending area, opposite the Red House.


Trying out the newly opened Muji Café.


More street food, this time at Shilin night market.

And my last meal in Taipei before departure.

Finally the day of departure home. We took a taxi to Taoyuan Terminal 2 and arrived for check-in slightly less than 2hrs before departure. Business Class check-in counters were empty and we were checked in immediately.

photo 16132405577_e631e2151e_b

However there was a snaking queue for economy class check-in. But Economy class ended only around 60% full while Business Class was 25/30.

photo 16132405397_b8a5b536f2_b

After immigration and security, which did not take too long a wait, it was to the Silver Kris Lounge for some bites. SQ operates its own lounge in TPE even though it operates only 2x daily flights. Guess they could have just utilized BR's lounge since BR is also a Star-Alliance member.

photo 16292322986_22a8d3d60b_b

Was warmly welcomed into the decent-sized lounge and it was still rather empty. However, the lounge gradually filled up later on. Not sure if any other airlines' passengers are using the lounge as well. It was also my second time to this lounge. Not spectacular in anyway (TK's Istanbul Business Lounge has raised the bar too high) but served its practical purposes of offering some refreshments, business and shower facilities.

photo 16130714858_ef288cee2c_b

Bakery, sandwiches and fruits area.

photo 16317397102_8973400c35_b

An oriental-style porkrib soup, a western-style soup and a hot dessert.

photo 15698383233_80cdbbc0a5_b

Hot dishes selection. Not too many choices, but most (except the curry puff)were of rather good quality.

photo 16130714178_e4078164f1_b

photo 16292323676_ffd035813b_b

Cakes and cookies.

photo 16317396202_1eee99ed87_b

Cold fridge selection of beverages, salads, cut fruit and yoghurt.

photo 16130884390_6e2d9f9f61_b

Time for bites!

photo 16292323606_a870372bf7_b

Desserts of black glutunious rice and cheesecake, wrapping up with a cappuccino.

photo 16132403137_66930001e6_b

We decided to leave the lounge early and explored the terminal. Interestingly, Taoyuan Airport has a number of themed boarding gates!

Gate C7 is of postal service theme.

photo 16317394792_643b84ded0_b

Gate C5 is of an e-Library theme.

photo 16292322196_1cdee58d34_b

Gate C4 is of some oriental art design theme.

photo 15695837554_0fc2c79bb8_b

And the oh-so-famous Gate C3, the Hello Kitty gate!

photo 16318264545_e13dd1869f_b

Complete with Hello Kitty themed wall designs and seats.

photo 16317393852_7d9f623609_b

And even a children's play area!

photo 15695836794_a4cc2c6998_b

Hello Kitty collectibles shop just beside gate C3.

photo 16130883040_b1712befe6_b

photo 16132401247_c1cca9ea48_b

After seeing what the fuss is about the Hello Kitty themed gate and shop, we proceeded across the terminal to the D gates where our flight has just commenced boarding. Out the windows, there were mainly BR 77Ws spotted only at the tarmac around the C gates.

photo 15695836724_486281cbf6_b

photo 16130710308_847799dc9d_b

13 January 2015
Singapore Airlines
SQ 879
Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

Our flight would be departing from Gate D6, which is a Hakka-themed gate. Boarding has just commenced and we were required to go down one level to board the aircraft.

photo 16317393222_7bb9466d10_b

9V-STD would be operating the flight.

photo 15698378673_6b7d769422_b

photo 15695835394_e6a01fe9cf_b

Boarded the aircraft and was warmly welcomed with the usual SQ pleasantries. SQ's A330s are fitted with the regional Business Class seat and have been reviewed countless times, so I shall not dwell too much on its functions.

Picture of our seats 14A/C, taken just before disembarkation.

photo 16316467141_d5ae958acc_b

Settled into my seat.

photo 16130709438_8d48c19999_b

Welcome drinks were offered shortly after we got settled down and I chose the Tattinger champagne. Hot towels and selection of newspapers and magazines were also offered.

photo 16130881180_a962b77418_b

The J-Class cabin gradually filled up and soon boarding was completed. Our Book-The-Cook options were also confirmed by the Inflight Supervisor, who also introduced himself. Expecting the high Business Class loads today to be a chore for the usual 3 cabin crew, I was surprised that there were actually 5 cabin crew assigned to serve in Business Class today! Apparently, as I found out later, there were extra trainee cabin crew on this flight.

The month's Silver Kris, KrisShop and Krisworld magazines.

photo 16317389412_ee23fa2276_b

Doors were closed and armed, and we actually pushed back earlier than our scheduled departure time. Safety video was played.

photo 16316472661_b9ea056ee7_b

CI B77W taxied by.

photo 16292318386_4970e9b526_b

Had a rather short taxi to Rwy05L and without much wait, we departed right on schedule to Singapore. Flight time was a rather long 4h35m, but ended up slightly longer due to lower flying speeds with the turbulence encountered enroute.

Video of takeoff.

Making a U-turn back.

photo 16132393447_0914ceb855_b

Climbing above the clouds and into the sunset.

photo 16316472371_ae99c741f6_b

photo 16132070989_ea3e5a1b54_b

After takeoff announcements and a view of the Business Class cabin.

Service started with the distribution of socks and eyeshades.

photo 16130707468_1e67367dff_b

Phitek headphones were already placed in the magazine racks.

photo 16132398837_eb68086614_b

Started watching a local comedy production starring Sandra Ng and Mark Lee, A Perfect Ghost Wedding. This film was rated M18 in Singapore due to the theme, but was actually recommended in the Krisworld magazine haha.

photo 16318260695_3aeef18b28_b

Our post-takeoff drinks were served, where I received my earlier ordered Jubilee Lining cocktail.

photo 16130878860_ecde4406bf_b

Made a quick visit to the lavatory, which was stocked with the usual SQ amenities.

photo 16317389012_838e593669_b

Returning to my seat, with the satay service just starting.

photo 16318259885_b8198418de_b

A look at the menu.

photo 16317391482_5a93a7c96a_b

Selection on the inbound SQ878 SIN-TPE flight.

photo 16316472931_84cb9f38dd_b

And the dinner menu for our SQ879 sector.

photo 16132399337_a802f2ddbf_b

Satay was served. 2 sticks of chicken and 1 stick of lamb each.

photo 16318259255_5e7c0d2f41_b

However, after the satay was cleared, it was at this moment that moderate turbulence started, and service had to be suspended for almost an hour. According to the pilot, the bad turbulence was due to shifting winds and thus to minimise the effect, we were only flying at a low 31,000ft due to expected worse conditions at higher altitudes. For the safety of the crew, the captain decided that meal service to be suspended till the turbulence weakens. However, personally I did not feel the turbulence to be too bad as I had encountered worse on my previous SIN-JNB flight.

Due to the expected suspension of meal service for some time, the crew came by and offered Haagen Daz ice-cream (presumably from economy class) to us while waiting for the turbulence to die down and meal service to resume. Rather proactive here!

photo 15698375513_b52f4bec73_b

After almost more than half hour, meal service resumed and crew rapidly distributed the meals. Luckily, with 5 crew serving us in Business Class, service was faster than usual as compared to a normal SQ flight. As this was a A330 regional flight, meal trays were distributed instead of the tray-less service on the long-haul flights.

photo 16317388432_ed3fbfbacc_b

Decided to have some Riesling with my meal, but was surprised that no Riesling was available in Business Class on this flight, but only in Economy. Instead, we had a choice of French or Australian chardonnays. The stewardess offered to bring me some from Economy, but I decided to stick with the Australian chardonnay.

Alcoholic beverages list.

photo 15703864854_18ece19f44_b

photo 16138907530_eee008ef1d_b

Meal tray with starter and bakery items. I chose garlic bread and lavosh. The garlic bread was very dry, but guessed as the bakery items were heated earlier but due to service suspension and could not be served, most of them had dried up.

photo 16316469931_d3f68d7c20_b

Peppered smoked duck breast with dried apricot compote.
This starter was rather tasty.

photo 16130705718_0f9cf5992a_b

For the mains, we had both Booked-The-Cook, and was glad to do so as none of the menu mains seemed appealing and with the heavy load, there was a high chance that our preferred selection might not be available.

Our selections were:

Cod fillet with citrus saffron cream sauce
Pan seared cod fillet with citrus saffron cream sauce, sundried tomato couscous and buttered vegetables.

photo 16132396097_e2cf7e103e_b

Seared lamb loin with jus
Seared lamb loin with jus, crushed pea with mint, leek and olive oil mashed potato. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Alfred Portale.

photo 16130877070_2a88c7117f_b

The cod fillet was decent though a tad dry, but the asparagus were still crunchy. The lamb loin was surprisingly tender and flavourful, but I am not a fan of the crushed pea. However, both mains were not bad overall.

After the mains were cleared, we were offered dessert. As we had ice-cream earlier, both of us went for the cake instead, which was just ok as I don't think that fig is a good accompaniment to chocolate.

Chocolate layer cake with dried fig compote and passionfruit sauce.

photo 16317387462_ee75a469d7_b

We were already halfway through the flight by the dessert course.

photo 16130876410_4ddc4b6bcf_b

Cheese and crackers and a selection of fruits next. I loved the grapes as they are of the Japanese slip-skin variety currently popular in Taiwan (costs a bomb in Singapore!).

photo 16132395157_f879051361_b

Pralines to round off the meal. Coffee/tea orders were taken but were served later due to another bout of turbulence.

photo 16316468431_c4750679de_b

My Paris-Singapore tea served after cabin lights were dimmed.

photo 16317386362_bb7b391224_b

Remainder of the flight was just spent watching another movie, a HK comedy.

photo 16316468261_1ab09235c6_b

Across the cabin.

photo 16316467881_88bed0458b_b

Soon, we were approaching Singapore, and the usual landing preparations were performed.

photo 16317386042_8860d6df35_b

photo 16130703128_3467085fb1_b

Flying over Batam.

photo 15695828724_8a4954e760_b

My attempt at capturing the Singapore night skyline during approach into Changi, but did not turn out well…

photo 16318255345_10ccee35d7_b

photo 16292313466_77ce7485b6_b

Landing on Rwy02L, slightly later than scheduled due to the slower flying speed and longer than expected flight time.

This evening, we would be docking at Terminal 2 Gate E27. Parked beside a ANA B787!

photo 16132065669_b140e98e30_b

Final view of my seat before disembarkation.

photo 16292312956_bce22ac3c0_b

Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly welcomed!
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A consistently great experience flying Business class on SQ, with warm and attentive service by the crew, good entertainment and amenities on a regional sector, decent catering and comfortable enough seats. What more can one ask for on a 4hr flight!

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