Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Vancouver in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX838
Class Economy
Seat 59C
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:20
Take-off 22 Dec 17, 16:25
Arrival at 23 Dec 17, 11:45
CX   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By 3933
Published on 25th December 2017
This is my first trip report so please go easy on me :).

Welcome to my trip report from Hong Kong to Vancouver

Flight Information CX838

Aircraft Registration: B-KQN
Aircraft Type: B777-300ER
Boarding (planned): 15:30
Boarding (actual): 15:42
Push Back: 16:35
Departure (planned): 16:10
Departure (actual): 16:45
Arrival (planned): 11:40
Arrival (actual): 11:53
Arrival Gate: 11:59


I did the in-town check in at Kowloon station and then I went to the airport using the airport express. (Nothing special so no pictures).

Tip: Take the bus if you just want a cheaper way to go to the airport. Airport express can go upwards to 100 HKD and the bus usually costs around 15 dollars for E buses which stops by Tung Chung and maintenence area or 35 dollars for A buses which goes straight to the airport.

Security went by decently quickly and I headed to the lounge because of my Marco Polo status with Cathay.

Here's a British Whale sitting by the lounge

photo 20171222_150643photo 20171222_150446

Huge line of CX tails at HKG(common sight as I see them every time I am there)

photo 20171222_151021

First look at our bird today. Boeing 777-367(ER). Cathay Pacific B-KQN

photo 20171222_151535

Not hard to tell that it is Christmas

photo 20171222_151702

Empty check-in area…

photo 20171222_151737

Getting ready to go.

photo 20171222_152451

Boarding finally starting

photo 20171222_155529

The flight starts.. Now

Empty cabin today

photo 20171222_160214

Lower quality compared to the one on their newest A350

photo 20171222_161611

Route and time today

photo 20171222_161653photo 20171222_161709

Can't live off 12 hours without food. Here's the menu, choices are not great but they are certainly not bad.

photo 20171222_162407

Lots of legroom in this flight which is really good.

photo 20171222_162555

Safety card which should always be read especally when you're sitting at the exit row.

photo 20171222_172430photo 20171222_172522

Bye Hong Kong!

photo 20171222_170007

Cabin crew giving out some nuts, had some ginger ale on top of that.

photo 20171222_170554

Quick look at the emergency exit and the seat right across from me.

photo 20171222_172356

The seat beside me remained empty for the whole flight.

photo 20171222_160520

Studio CX welcome page. Very reponsive system and watched quite a bit of the latest movies on there.

photo 20171222_172732

I got the beef option. Tasted really bland but the beef is really soft. Ice cream was given out around 15 minutes later and it was Movenpick(which is really expensive and unexpected). Another shame for me because I just dug in and forgot about pictures.

photo 20171222_180206

Empty flight calls for lots of food spares. Didn't want to make it hard on the FA'so I didn't go for seconds.
photo 20171222_180900

Finishing dinner near Tokyo.

photo 20171222_193159

Front ecomony section.

photo 20171222_193758photo 20171222_194034

Lights out to allow sleep. It's around 8:30pm Hong Kong time
photo 20171222_194444

Took a snack stop later on in the flight. UA and DL look at how this economy class stock compare to your business class stock
photo 20171222_235149

Washroom tour, kept clean throughout the flight. A plus for Cathay
photo 20170807_102914photo 20171223_000051

Woke up 2 hours before landing
photo 20171223_025004photo 20171223_025014

Chose congee for breakfast. Too thick for my liking but the taste is not bad. Ordered a cup of coffee to wake me up.

photo 20171223_032233

Uneventful landing, no window view so no landing pictures.


Cathay PEY product, honestly it's only "meh".

photo 20171222_120625

Cathay Business, one of the best avalible out there with direct aisle access for every seat

photo 20171222_120634

One last look at our bird today.

photo 20171222_120813photo 20171222_120802

Welcome to Vancouver!

photo 20171222_122320
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

Cathay Pacific The Bridge


Hong Kong - HKG


Vancouver - YVR



Lounge: Pretty good in general but just forgot to take pictures and do a review of that.
Cabin crew: Honestly way better than those of US(The big 3 in particular)/traditional European carriers. Just feels bad to see them being abused by mainlanders.
Cabin: Bulkhead seat with so much legroom nothing that I could ask for more at a very cheap price. Seat feels comfy enough for economy.
Food: Yea. No don't expect good food for economy, and honestly this deserves an 8.5 in terms of economy food.
Entertainment system: Responsive, updated and new movies, wide range of music. Just hoping this will eventually get upgraded to the A350 IFE because I will give that IFE a solid 10.
HKG: Fast, clean. Nothing else needed to be mentioned. Solid marks
YVR: Slow-ish security and the self immigration is a solid pain to pass through.

Overall: Not a bad flight. Air Canada and Hong Kong Airlines also operate this route and honestly Cathay is just a lot better. Friendly cabin crew that are not waiting for their retirement(AC only) or just are there to travel not to serve people(HX this is you). Cathay wins food by a landslide. Being from Hong Kong I have to be biased about the Cathay entertainment system, lots of Hong Kong movie choices. Seating, AC your sardine can 77W is just awful and no one likes that product.

Please leave any comments or critiques below, and happy flying!

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