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Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX888
Class Business
Seat 16A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:25
Take-off 01 Sep 17, 01:00
Arrival at 01 Sep 17, 20:25
CX   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By 3735
Published on 11th March 2018
Oh Canada - Cathay Pacific Airways
A/C Registration: B-KPV

Welcome to Leg 2 of 3 of my flight from CGK-JFK. This report focuses on my flight from Hong Kong to New York JFK via Vancouver. After experiencing impeccable service from Jakarta, I was excited to see what Cathay Pacific's business lounges had to offer; ALL OF THEM. Since my flight was almost an hour delayed (due to holding) I was pressed on time and needed to freshen up and spot some aircraft, whilst still being sure that I see what this 5 star was all about.

Hong Kong airport was ranked #5 in 2017 and I can see why. This airport is keen on efficiency and passenger experience. The terminal space was airy and fresh, creating a refreshing mood after flights.
photo img_4071
I made my way to the PIER lounge. I grabbed a small beef plate and some desserts, browsed my social media and relaxed before finding the other lounges at HKG.
photo img_4059photo img_4061

Spending about 30 minutes there I went to freshen up for my 11:40-minute flight to Vancouver at the PIER.
photo img_4079photo img_4080photo img_4081

The Bridge lounge was my next destinationphoto img_4068
.photo img_4069photo img_4070

I left the lounge in search of the Wing and the Cabinphoto img_4078photo img_4164

Some aircraft at HKG. BR A321, BA A388, BA B77W, KE 772, OZ 744
photo img_4072photo img_4073photo img_4077

And terminal photo img_4074photo img_4075photo img_4076

I managed to get to the gate just as they announced business class boarding. B-KPV was my aircraft for the trip. Swiss 777W and an Emirates A380 can be seen amongst the Cathay girls.
photo img_4165photo img_4166photo img_4167

As usual, the world-class cabin crew greeted me as I entered the 777. Drinks were given out and to be quite honest I have no idea what I chose. It had a peculiar taste as if it were mixed with perfume. I certainly didn't finish it. photo img_4169photo img_4170

The amenity kit was also handed out, and at this point, I had then realised that my CGK-HKG did not offer the kits. The down blankets were superior to those found on the regional flight. The quality was amazing.

Taxi ft. the massive GE90. I vaguely remember taxi as I fell asleep almost immediately after pushback.
photo img_4178photo img_4179photo img_4180

Upwind HKG runway 07R. Hong Kong city in the distance. Not much could be seen as there was pitch darkness when we flew away from Hong Kong.

Menus were handed out and the options seemed neverending . I did not take picture of all the options, however. photo img_4215photo img_4216photo img_4217
Within 30 minutes I was asleep. As i woke up, somehow there was daylight. No idea how that happened.

Our 777 cruised North East of Japan and into the open Pacific .photo img_4195.
Since I was asleep I missed meal service but I managed to signal the flight attendant and order a burger. This took 20 minutes to prepare. I fell asleep again and had to reorder. The chips were oven baked and fresh. I also chose some white wine with this meal. photo img_4192photo img_4196

Views over the pacific were picturesque.

Cruising south of Alaska.
photo img_4211photo img_4212
As we neared Vancouver, breakfast was served as the food service operated on local time at the img_4219photo img_4220photo img_4221
Time to img_4218
The sun began to set as evening closed img_4222photo img_4225photo img_4227

Golden sun reflecting on the aircraft somewhere over the Pacific. This happened to be the second time the sun was setting on this flight .

Descent began some distance off Vancouver Island. We made a right downwind over the bay into img_4252photo img_4255
Taxiing to the gate for our short img_4256photo img_4257
We deplaned for a security check at Vancouver then we stayed by seating by the gate. The stopover was 1 hour. In the distance one could see a BA A380, China Airlines' newest A350 and two 777s. photo img_4258photo img_4269photo img_4270

Passengers connecting onward to JFK were asked to remain in a secured seating area next to the gate for about an hour. Cathay Pacific changed crew and loaded new catering for the 5-hour flight. The hour went by pretty quickly and I reboarded the aircraft, where all passengers reclaimed their original seat numbers. This crew happened to be warmer than those on the HKG-YVR leg but service remained impeccable.

Stay tuned for my report on YVR-JFK.
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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report from one of my favourite airports! Seems like a very nice experience in CX J, as usual.

    I've only been to the Pier First class section, but the Business class part seems decent. Looking forward to seeing the first reports with The Deck as that's opening soon! With CX coming to IAD, hopefully I'll have an opportunity to fly CX this year.

    I don't blame you for falling asleep before meal service; it's hard to stay awake with a departure at 1AM! At least you got some good sleep in those super comfortable Zodiac Cirrus seats.

    Thanks for sharing!

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