Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Osaka in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX566
Class Economy
Seat 52D
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 24 Dec 17, 01:50
Arrival at 24 Dec 17, 06:20
CX 459 reviews
Published on 3rd January 2018
Hello guys! Welcome to my first trip report! On 24th December 2017, I took Cathay Pacific CX 566 to Osaka Kansai. This is an red eye flight departing Hong Kong at 0150 and arriving at KIX at 0620. Excuse me for this one if it lacks the amount of photos since I haven't decided to write a flight report when taking this flight. Anyways, enjoy!

For this trip I will be reviewing on 2 flights which is:

[INTL] CX566 HKG-KIX 24/12/2017
[DOM] JL2501 KIX-CTS 24/12/2017- Avaliable Soon

Flight Amendment:
We are originally settled on CX464 to Taipei on 23 DEC, then take Japan Airlines flight JL814 to Osaka. Approximately 2 days before flight, we found seats avaliable on an red eye flight CX566 to Osaka on 24 Dec. The flight now is operated by B772, which is retiring soon so is a good idea to take it before it's gone.

Hong Kong International Airport:
photo img_5080
Full of Christmas vibes!

Check In:
Checking in at Cathay's aisle C at HKIA requires no queue at 10:15. It took us less than 5 minutes from arriving the counter, check our passports and baggages to getting our boarding passes.

Immigration at HKG is always fast and efficient. Staff attitude was fine and they are focused.

Plaza Premium Lounge
My travel companion (family) has the credit card where we can access to the lounge.

photo img_5083
Entrance of the lounge. We decided to visit the 3rd lounge in the restricted area which is near to Gate 1. There are two lounges sticking very close to each other, so just ask the staff whether or not this is the newer or the older one.
I had visited the older one before and I much prefer this one since it is less crowded and offers better amenities. This is definitely the lounge to choose of all three (the other one near gate 40 which offers less privacy).
Moreover, if you wanted to check if any of your cards allows you to enter the lounge, go to this website: (Source: PPL's website)

photo img_5086
I got some fishball noddles at the PPL lounge.

photo img_5087
At 11:45, I successfully safeguarded one of their private suites in the "Relaxation Corner". It is a comfy chair with USB plugs, a small table and a coat hook.

photo img_5091

After spending 2 hours at the PPL, I began walking to gate 31- gate assinged for today's flight.

photo img_5092

We arrived at gate 31 after 5 minutes of walk.

Boarding commences at around 01:15. OW Emerald and MPC Diamond gets to board first, then MPC gold/ silver and business, MPC Green and finally Economy.

We are among the first economy passengers to board the plane (a majority of frequent flyers are business passengers), and the Senior Purser greeted us with Asian Hospitality. A majority of passengers on this flight are Japanese.
On around 0140, the captain introduces himself and notified us that there will be turbulence throughout the flight. Shortly after, the In Flight Service Manager showed the safety video while flight crews are handing out immigration forms.

photo img_5095
Cathay Pacific's/ Cathay Dragon's safety demonstration video.

At 0145, we are allowed permission for pushback however taking off eventually at 0220 due to busy air traffic control.

photo img_5096
Cabin lights dimmed for take off.

photo img_5098
The flight map. Unfortunately Cathay adopts this type of old seat maps on B772, B773, selected Regional A333 (also applies to Cathay Dragon, Cathay's sister airline). This provides less fun and information for aviation geeks. I prefer A350's one more.

photo img_5100
Approximately 35 minutes after take off supper is served. Cathay started serving this kind of small snack boxes on red-eye flights to Asia. However, Business passengers are still served with full meals. This kind of snack boxes are progressively phasing out according to some rumors and has been heard to be replaced by a "buy on board" menu which significantly cause less disruptions to passengers wanting to have a good night sleep.

photo img_5101
Inside the snack box, there is a Chicken & Cucumber Sandwich, tiny muffin, cookies, assorted fruits and VLT lemon tea. I would strongly suggest Cathay to provide choices for drinks as not all passengers prefer lemon tea.

photo img_5103
The Chicken and Cucumber Sandwich.

photo img_5104
When we started our descend, we are flying over South Japan.

photo img_5106
The safety card for 772.

photo img_5107
The lights are turned back on for landing checks. Mood Lighting is not avaliable.

We landed approximately 15 minutes ahead schedule. Unfortunately I am too tired to take any pictures in KIX. But thanks for seeing my review. :)
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.0

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited The Travelers' Lounge (West Hall)


Hong Kong - HKG


Osaka - KIX



HKG- Well organised and clean airport. Immigration is fast and efficient. Overall very nice airport with very good amenities.

Plaza Premium Lounge- Very clean and nice but a bit cramped even at midnight. I love the suites in the relaxation zone and food is decent, however lack desserts. Staff is very attentive and they often clean our food up. Overall very good amenities and service.

Cathay Pacific- Limited service for red eye flights. If you expect full meal service, you should spend more and buy business. Cabin crew are very friendly. Hardware product is fine and nice entertainment choice but lacking music. Unfortunately forgotten to review.

KIX- Slow immigration but clean airport. Lots of clear directions listed.

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The airline with the best average rating is Cathay Pacific with 8.4/10.

The average flight time is 3 hours and 36 minutes.

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  • Comment 425461 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5230 Comments

    Hi, welcome here!
    I am utterly chocked by this snack box, which really sounds like cost cutting to me, and the rumor of a buy on board menu is even worse!
    Nice report though and hope to read more from you soon ;)

    • Comment 425507 by
      cathay_flyer AUTHOR 4 Comments

      Thanks for your generous words!
      Yes, I agree with you. Cathay is definitely falling behind like British Airways because of over cost cutting. I will rather choose Hong Kong Airline's red eye flight if they introduce "Buy On Board".

  • Comment 425516 by
    Ge90man 3 Comments

    Buy on Board? Sounds more like cost cutting. Quite disappointing for CX. Nice trip report, and I had no idea that the new economy seats are also on the 777-200s now.

  • Comment 425651 by
    cathay_flyer AUTHOR 4 Comments

    Thanks mate!
    I will try to make more trip reports and take more photos on the functions of the seat. This is actually not new economy, they are fitted on 77W, long haul A330, and majority of short haul A330s. The new one now is on the A350-900 and they are developing new economy seats for A350-1000 which they will recieve later this year.

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