Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 41
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 17 Dec 17, 11:10
Arrival at 17 Dec 17, 12:35
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Published on 31st March 2018
So, was the concert good?

It was absolutely FANTASTIC!


It was two unforgettable hours of singing and dancing like there's no tomorrow!

In fact, I still feel a little ashamed/amused when I think of my behavior during the concert. An adult guy screaming and waving his arms at his favorite artist like a teenage girl gone mad?? I'm sure that even Jay Kay rolled his eyes when he was singing Seven Days In Sunny June, which is a slow song, and during a long "youuuuuu…" he suddenly streched his arm toward the place where I was, and I started leaping and yelling and waving my arms in the air while everybody else around me was quietly enjoying the song. It was impossible not to see me from the other side of the Movistar Arena!! XDDD

Before we board my plane back home, let me share some photos of my weekend in a brief…


Early morning on the day of the concert - December, Sat 16 - I pay a reconnaissance visit to the concert venue.

photo img_20171216_084929

As shown in my previous report, the Movistar Arena is in the middle of a large park in downtown Santiago.

photo img_20171216_085123

The park is a nice place and Santiago is not the usual frantic pandemonium on Saturday mornings, but it's gonna be a hot day today - around 35°C - and I don't have to cope with that if I'm just 2 hours away from the much cooler coast.

photo img_20171216_090330

So I dash to Parque O'Higgins Metro station - just outside the park entrance - and in 30 minutes I'm on a bus that takes me on a supersonic ride to my beloved Viña del Mar!

The road is beautiful. There are vineyards…

photo img_20171216_112020

…and more vineyards.

photo img_20171216_112728

In fact, Viña del Mar means Vineyard of the Sea!

photo img_20171216_122907
photo img_20171216_123100

The O’Higgins Hotel, which used to host the stars performing at the Viña del Mar festival.

photo img_20171216_123217

Those old carriages are very popular among tourists here, especially among couples. So romantic. :P

photo img_20171216_123409

I don't think I will ever go on a ride on one of those. I prefer to stay away from the foolosophy of love. :D

However, Viña is a wonderful place to go for a stroll.

photo img_20171216_140946
photo img_20171216_141825

Of course, some corners are quieter…

photo img_20171216_144644

…than others.

photo img_20171216_145337

Wondering where stormtroopers go for their holidays? Viña is VERY popular, indeed!

photo img_20171216_143816

At lunchtime I come across an offer of grilled octopus posted outside this Peruvian restaurant, which doesn’t look like anything special. But the price, 8000 CLP (13 USD) is tempting, so I get in, hoping for the best…

photo img_20171216_140154

…and I get this! The whole eight tentacles on a bed of potatoes prepared with God knows what heavenly Andean spices. A very nice surprise. And the mango juice was equally good.

photo img_20171216_131327

That grilled octopus was… dynamite!!

The concert is at 9, so at around 4pm I take the bus back to Santiago…

photo img_20171216_171551

…and get to the Movistar Arena at around 7. Very good timing. From what I see here, fans will make use of any means of transport to attend a Jamiroquai concert!

photo img_20171216_192041

O’Higgins park is in the midst of a mostly residential area in downtown Santiago.

photo img_20171216_192348_1

I can hear the music from loudspeakers from here. Jamiroquai, of course. How exciting! Been a fan of this band since the early nineties and I’m gonna see them for the first time live!

photo img_20171216_192401

“Official merchandise”? Make way!

photo img_20171216_192941

The crowd is just starting to gather. A sound test is under way.

photo img_20171216_193804

I wanted a seat down there, in the corner in the lower left, but even though I purchased the ticket back in October, almost all the seats were taken!

photo img_20171216_193810

Half an hour before the concert…

photo img_20171216_210851

…the place is packed.

photo img_20171216_210854
photo img_20171216_211006

And the concert starts!! Oh my God!! There he is!! It's Jay Kay!!!!

photo img_20171216_214711

The repertoire includes all the songs I like the most! I'm ecstatic!!

photo img_20171216_214712_1

When the concert finishes we demand for one more song. The whistling is deafening! The band comes out again and plays…

photo img_20171216_231148

Deeper Underground, from the Godzilla movie soundtrack.

What a fantastic evening! I can hardly sleep that night, but early the next day I have to take…

The flight back home

The next day (Sunday) I find that both west piers of the future international terminal are…

photo img_20171217_093230

…slowly taking shape…

photo img_20171217_093239

…and there is a lot of building work going on at the place where…

photo img_20171217_093313

…the "main body" of the terminal will be.

photo img_20171217_093258

Everything seems to be alright at SCL! :D

There are lots of new signs everywhere, reminding passengers of some restrictions, like not taking taxis on the third floor…

photo img_20171217_093533

…or feeding stray dogs or pigeons.

photo img_20171217_093627
photo img_20171217_093611

On the domestic side I can see three interesting specimens on the right.

photo img_20171217_094102

From right to left, an Aerovías DAP BAe I would love to fly on, a Peruvian aircraft that must be a charter because that airline has no regular flights to Chile afaik, and a 737-300 that used to belong to the now defunct Latin American Wings.

photo img_20171217_094214
Yes. I posted this Latin American Wings report last year, when it was a promising airline. They tried to stick to a legacy model, with nice free meals and lots of leg room, but the fierce competition from LCCs like Sky and JetSmart, plus the bad reputation it earned for its role in the immigration of thousands of people from Haiti who stayed in the country illegally, finally made it go belly up. Really sad. I was lucky to be able to fly with them once. Their FAs had the best English I have heard among Chilean FAs. BTW, I was going to fly with LAW last January, but they canceled all domestic flights only days before my flight, which jeopardized all my plans for the summer (and for the nine reports that will originate from them!). Luckily, I was able to find a ticket with JetSmart!

We can’t feed the dogs, but we can kill ourselves, right?? >:(

photo img_20171217_094341

It’s a placid Sunday morning in Santiago, and also inside SCL.

photo img_20171217_094530

A very short queue for screening. In spite of this, here’s where the most terrible thing happens to me. I just don’t want to remember!

photo img_20171217_094543_1

I go through screening, come down those stairs and sit here. I take this photo and go to the nearest restroom. When I’m leaving the restrooms I realize that… nooooooo!!!… Where did I put my Jamiroquai baseball cap???!!!!! I frantically search everywhere… to no avail. I'VE LOST MY JAMIROQUAI CAP!!!!! I’m devastated!!! :’’’’(

photo img_20171217_100042

I still have the one I got from the official merchandise store, but the one I lost was one that I bought in the street, and I liked it more than the official one. I’m so stupid! I went back to the security checkpoint, but nobody saw it. And even today I can’t remember where I left it. I’m going old. :’’’(

There's nothing I can do. Dejected, disheartened, my eyes on the floor, I drag my feet around the boarding room like an automaton.

Where am I supposed to go? Ah, gate 27.

photo img_20171217_102450

What could cheer me up? Who could throw me a lifeline?

Of course! Why didn't I think of it before?! This loss is a great excuse to attend another Jamiroquai concert somewhere else in the world, and write a new, unexpected report! What a great idea!

SCL has just started a book swap project. I have lots of books at home, but I feel a bit attached to them. I don’t think I could give them away. :/

photo img_20171217_102242

Maybe if I get some old books from the old book district in San Diego street and leave them here next time? You should visit that place. It’s one of my favorite places in Santiago. Millions of second hand books and vinyl records!

photo img_20171217_102318

Before long it’s time to board.

photo img_20171217_104824

Much to my dismay…

photo img_20171217_104434

…the single line boarding scheme has come to stay. :(

photo img_20171217_104841

Good old CC-AFY! If you haven’t read my older reports, you might not know that CC-AFY took me to beautiful La Serena last year, where I indulged in all kinds of papaya candy and beverages. It also took me on a roller-coaster-like ride when we tried to land at ZAL with thick fog, and had to be diverted to ZCO. Aahh… memories.

photo img_20171217_105328

I usually leave some information from - where I have a silver account with this purpose - at the beginning of each flight. Unfortunately,’s server had a hiccup last week and swallowed my screenshot, so I have to get some help from, which keeps older records.

photo route

We taxi past the planes I saw earlier. R.I.P Latin American Wings.

photo img_20171217_111527

My guess that this was a Peruvian Airlines charter flight was correct. According to, this airline’s only scheduled international destination at the moment is La Paz, Bolivia. They are planning to fly to Santiago, but the LIM - SCL route is already served by five different airlines. Maybe now that LAW is out of the way?

photo img_20171217_111536

While this long French visitor is being towed, giggles fill the cabin when one of the female FAs forgets that the PA system mike is still on…

photo img_20171217_111809

…and she candidly asks another FA 'Toy media chascona, no cierto? ("My hair is a bit messy, right?")

photo img_20171217_111913

I think this is the most interesting place at SCL. The junk yard! What fascinating things there must be there! Too bad my cellphone doesn’t get good close-ups.

photo img_20171217_112338

The building work at SCL…

photo img_20171217_112352

…seems to have included…

photo img_20171217_112404

…the runways and streets.

photo img_20171217_112418

But I’m not sure…

photo img_20171217_112438

…what they are building here.

photo img_20171217_112449

Anyway, this asphalt looks new.

photo img_20171217_112728
photo img_20171217_112745

And here we go. We’d better hurry, because…

photo img_20171217_112804

"time won’t wait for you, keeps on tickin’ away, burnin’ up ev’ry day"!

We take flight towards the south…

photo img_20171217_112918

…past Chena hills, which flank the south of the Santiago valley.

photo img_20171217_113058

Talagante is a town south-west of Santiago. Never been there, but when I do some research for this report I learn about the local colorful handmade pottery figurines depicting everyday life in the countryside. It's an old tradition, but it's the first time I hear about it! Why do we Chileans know nothing about our own land??!! It’s outrageous!! So guess where I’ll be going next time I visit the area!

photo img_20171217_113119

You can visit a virtual museum with 360° samples of these figurines.

photo figurines

South of Talagante is the flat top of Cantillana hill. I had no idea there were trekking and horseback excursions to the top! You can download a brochure (in Spanish) with beautiful sights of the place!

photo img_20171217_113458

South of the hill is Carén tailings dam and, a bit closer to the sea, lake Rapel, where I used to go fishing with my uncles.

photo img_20171217_113653

Back onboard, the BOB service has started. I think I’ll give these cheese and basil scones a try.

photo img_20171217_115032

For some unknown reason, every time I have tried a salty pastry at SCL or aboard a Chilean airline it’s been an utter disappointment. No flavor at all. Just extremely salty!

photo img_20171217_115054

The engine is about to swallow Linares when I notice something funny.

photo img_20171217_115153

See that face? She’s peeking from behind the bulkhead waiting for instructions from the other FAs to warm this or that sandwich during the BOB. It’s very funny because she tries not to be noticed, but the effect is exactly the opposite! XDD

photo img_20171217_115702

According to some airlines’ standards, I’m travelling Business Class today. Great for my little souvenir of the concert! :D

photo img_20171217_121111

From above Victoria, in spite of the limitations of my cellphone…

photo img_20171217_121315

…I can see Mocha island, which can be reached on a 12-minute flight from the town of Tirúa. Only recently tourism has become an important activity on the island. Some interesting websites here and here.

photo img_20171217_121357

Banking to the right, we get closer to the sea.

photo img_20171217_122117

The Queule area…

photo img_20171217_122648

…and Mehuín, both only a bit north of Valdivia.

photo img_20171217_122714

And we finally descend towards ZAL.

photo img_20171217_123145

The lovely corner of the earth

photo img_20171217_123221

…that I call home…

photo img_20171217_123230

smiles at me.

A smooth landing is the grand finale…

photo img_20171217_123327

…for this funky weekend adventure.

photo img_20171217_123546

Where will CC-AFY take me next time?

photo img_20171217_124051

Who knows.

photo img_20171217_124108

For the time being, I will just shake it on!!! :D

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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Everything worked like a breeze this Sunday morning. The online lost and found service is very responsive (I sent a message as son as noticed I had lost my Jamiroquai cap (boo-hooo) and they replied in a short time. They didn't find it, unfortunately. :(

The cabin was older than on my previous flight. Good BOB but their scones are salty.
Departed and arrived on time in spite of the single line boarding scheme that they adopted recently.

As stated in my previous report, it's still functional but it's showing signs of wear. The few services it offers are becoming insufficient as more airlines land there and more people use the airport. It should be concessioned!

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    marathon GOLD 10151 Comments
    I didn't quite catch what was the purpose of this trip to SCL ? ;)
    CDG<>SCL is the longest route of Air France. Their 777 appears to save all the fuel it can by being towed to the runway threshold ;)
    Thanks for sharing this enjoyable report (as always) !
    • Comment 439630 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 999 Comments
      I didn't quite catch what was the purpose of this trip to SCL ?

      Rats! I knew I should've added one more video! XDDD

      CDG<>SCL is the longest route of Air France

      Holy guacamole!! :O
      And still no report in English on! Someone must fix that!

      Thanks for commenting! :)
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    loukas 341 Comments
    Hi Nechus! Thanks for a very amusing report. Now I see you had a really great time in the concert. I need to protest: how can you call this high mountain a hill? You must come to my flat like a table contry to see what I'm talking about :) Great aerial shots, as always. Have a good day!
    • Comment 439627 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 999 Comments
      I see you had a really great time in the concert.

      You bet!! I'm still dancing!!!

      how can you call this high mountain a hill?

      It's much like what happens when I call Valdivia a "city". A guy from the US said it was only a "town", and I found it offensive!! XDDD Different perceptions, I guess.

      Glad you enjoyed the report!

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