Review of Air France flight Paris Tokyo in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF 276
Class Economy
Seat 22C
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:50
Take-off 10 Nov 17, 13:30
Arrival at 11 Nov 17, 08:20
AF   #33 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4837 reviews
By GOLD 4058
Published on 7th February 2018
Hello everyone

Our route

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  • AF 0276 CDG - NRT Here we are !
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Transit in CDG

Previously on FR, I left you here for the next flight to Tokyo NRT. The boarding gate is gate M43.

photo sortie 2f

A long walk is required from terminal 2F to reach borders. A fountain is appreciated for the long marathon…

photo ddicace marathon

I arrived just before it got crowded.

photo paf censurphoto paf censur 2

Clear to leave France, let's go to gates M. I have to take the blue shuttle which is one floor below.

Since I'm only transiting, I avoid extra security controls, like this one. It's already Christmas inside the Terminal.

photo pif s4photo vers le s4photo entre s4 censure

Because I still have euros not converted in yens, I try to stop by the exchange desk but because of a large queue, I decide to wait until I'm in Tokyo for trading. The AF lounge before reaching the boarding gate.


Today's aircraft is F-GZNJ.

photo avion

Aircraft's presentation:

photo carte didentit f-gznj eng

His neighbour, F-GSQI, Air "France" One.

photo air france john one

BP on my smartphone.

photo bp phone cdg-nrt censure

Pre-boarding Sky Priority & Business. Boarding will start with a 30 minute delay, with no explanation.

photo j ou y censurephoto passerelle aveuglephoto porte esteban censure

As mentionned earlier, old cabin in all classes.

photo vieille affairesphoto 22c

Quick shot of GE90 gauche.

photo ge90

The space.

photo espace

While we're still boarding, I ask the cabin crew if it's possible to upgrade in Premium Eco for the remaining vacant seat but the crew directly answers no. So I will be forced to keep my current seat… The AF Magazine and the safety card…

photo magazine afphoto safety card 1photo safety card 2

The Entertainement, old school and which doesn't react much with the finger.

photo ife

The headphone, a mask and two refresh towels are given. The headphone is a bad one, I'll use mine.

photo casque anti-bruitphoto masque dodophoto oshibori

Pushback with a 40 minute delay. Safety video starts.

Soon after take-off, we're crossing a zone of turbulences.

Once the seatbelt signal is off, the crew is preparing the meal. They will do an excellent job during the flight. My selection:

photo snack

I start watching a movie but will be often interrupted by announcements, either for safety or duty-free.

photo tous  louest

GO West East…

photo tous  lest

… or how to eat with chopsticks.

The meal is served after we reached Stockholm, Sweden.

photo govision 2photo govision

No menus onboard. The crew announced the meals instead in French, English and Japanese. Between French chicken and Japanese beef, I picked the Japanese one with a miso soup. Kanpai!

photo barquette fermephoto barquette ouvertephoto photo signature

Japan is known as one of the safest countries in the world, AF still gives plastic cutlery while LH or EK are giving metal cutlery for the same destination…

photo couverts

It was very good. However the cake was very industrial…

photo aprs le repas

The meal almost done, 2nd zone of turbulences.

Once we're out, I'm doing a little walk and I stop by the toilets, clean during the flight.

photo wc 1photo wc 2

Back to my seat, I try to go to sleep. The lights will be switched off later.

photo dodophoto dark cabin

3rd zone of turbulences during my sleep. 4th after I'm up. The mood-lightning

photo mood-lightning


photo petit-djeuner

Above all, passengers and crews's safety.

photo attention aux corens

Around 45 minutes before landing, the crew is giving Japan's immigration files. Approach in zigzag.

photo approche

We're parking next to KL. Borders will be long to cross but I'll pick up my suitcase quickly enough. And by opening the AF application on my smartphone, I received a missing baggage notification while my baggage is just next to me. I didn't understand but it doesn't give a good impression about Air France. Quick exit where I found my group and outside view of Narita Airport.

And our flight's play-back to conclude this FR.

photo route af nrt finale

Thank you for reading me. I hope you enjoyed it. If so, don't hesitate to put a like and/or a comment. The return flight with Emirates is coming soon…
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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Paris - CDG


Tokyo - NRT



A good flight despite the turbulence zones we met and the old cabin for a such a prestigious road like Tokyo.

If the 77W is a beautiful aircraft, it remains quite noisy. Which is an important disadvantage.

The crew did an excellent work. Nothing special to mention...

Catering was good although the omelette was heavy on my stomach.

CDG: Once we know it, Transit can be very difficult.

NRT: A bit long to cross the immigration but easy to access once you got through.

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The airline with the best average rating is Japan Airlines with 8.1/10.

The average flight time is 11 hours and 38 minutes.

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  • Comment 431710 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5588 Comments

    Hi thanks for sharing this FR! Wow, I didn't know there were any 77Ws left with the old cabins. So that means in J it was the old NEV3+ or 4...yikes, I'd wouldn't be too happy if I had paid for Business class and get the old seats. In Y, it's cramped 3-4-3 either way, but I guess the newer cabin has a bit more room with thinner seats and the IFE is better.

    I did an AF 77W in Y with 3-4-3 just one time, and I'll never do it back still hurts thinking about it :-P

    "A good flight despite the turbulence zones we met and the old cabin for a such a prestigious road like Tokyo."
    - I think you mean route. It's one of those words that is the same in both languages :-)
    To be honest, I'm not sure AF sees this as such a prestigious route. Considering they codeshare with JAL on the route, they don't really have much competition, except for ANA. But I agree that it's a shame to have such an old product between Paris and Tokyo.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 431740 by
      Aigle_voyageur GOLD AUTHOR 703 Comments

      "- I think you mean route. It's one of those words that is the same in both languages :-)" I read a lot of French FR but i only start recently reading the English ones. So I learn about what to do to improve. :)

      "To be honest, I'm not sure AF sees this as such a prestigious route." When I'm thinking about AF in NRT, reminds its passengers Paris-Tokyo's 65th anniversary (which was in November), I just can't understand...

      When I flew, I didn't see any JAL's codeshare on my flight.

      Thanks for your answer :)

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