Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Singapore Surabaya in Economy

Flight 3K247
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 14 Feb 18, 12:55
Arrival at 14 Feb 18, 14:25
3K 47 reviews
Eric V P
By 665
Published on 15th February 2018
Report #24: 3K247 - Cheapest lounge access opportunity in Singapore SIN

This will be my report on flying Jetstar Asia economy class from Singapore to Surabaya, a short haul international flight within SE Asia and yet another Singapore - Indonesia shuttle flight (for what it's worth, this is the 15th of such report from me). Despite the flight being on Jetstar, this report includes a review of the SATS Premier Lounge at terminal 1 thanks to admission fee promotion. I am also working on making my pre-departure reviews easier to read, so feel free to let me know if it has got any improvement.


Since I didn't go back home on semester holiday, I asked my parents for the possibility to return home for Chinese new year, and even suggested flying between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta with excruciatingly long combined overland trips between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as well as Jakarta to my hometown to cut costs. After some challenging negotiations, I ended up flying direct between Singapore and Surabaya, which consisted of:

- Singapore - Surabaya by Jetstar Asia with SATS Premier lounge access (you are here), and
- Surabaya - Singapore by Garuda with upgrade bid (let's hope it get through so I can be the first to review their business class on the route; to be announced).

I also bought paid, standalone access to SATS Premier Lounge, which costed me only S$24 (US$18) thanks to the promotion using SATS' own app. I don't value lounge access highly, but S$24 for no strings attached lounge visit in Singapore (no Priority Pass for now, thanks to student budget, but even so my parents aren't a fan of it either) represented a decent deal.
photo spl res

Trip to Singapore SIN and check-in

In Singapore we can eat really well on a budget, so I decided to have some satay as my mood called fit for dinner after a meeting.
photo 20180213_213441

After my dinner I decided to go to the airport by bus and electric train.
photo 20180213_215908photo 20180213_223234

I then arrived at the airport train station.
photo 20180213_223325

Since I was looking to get a sip of the free Singapore Sling I decided to reach the departure area from terminal 3. Note the Chinese new year decorations still present.
photo 20180213_223401photo 20180213_223518

Some Sanrio characters, which came up to me as cute.
photo 20180213_223653

The departure area, which looked crowded. I was denied entry using my mobile boarding pass there since everybody must depart from the correct terminal (except Singapore where I could enter from terminal 3 despite departing from terminal 2).
photo 20180213_223655

I proceeded to the terminal 1, and more works on the check-in rows were made.
photo 20180213_224709

Under that, even traditional airlines (i.e. those not reliant on self-service kiosks) will have their counters changed to the more compact one.
photo 20180213_224806photo 20180213_225057

On the terminal 1, I was initially also denied entry with the boarding pass scanner showing a warning of me being too early. I then retreated to the Starbucks downstairs to do some of my works.
photo 20180213_224809

The self check-in counters were empty.
photo 20180214_011404photo 20180214_011115

The self check-in machine was easy enough to use, but like on my previous ex-Singapore Jetstar flight I couldn't check-in more than 12 hours ahead by the kiosk.

The self-service boarding pass, which was flimsy as ever.
photo 20180214_011343

Since I would rather not sit on a middle seat, I decided to go to the service counter to change my seat to a window one, which was also done in a minute.
photo 20180214_011539

To add to the Chinese new year festivities, they have envelopes traditionally used to give money to relatives but with Jetstar being Jetstar it's orange instead of red.
photo 20180214_012817photo 20180214_012823

The self-service boarding pass was taken and torn, and a new one issued, which feature a more decent stock paper and seat selection.
photo 20180214_011607

The departure area. After I got my boarding pass checked, I got selected for a quick bag check and after that I was off to the automated immigration counter.
photo 20180214_011543

Singapore SIN transit area

The automated immigration gates from the inside.
photo 20180214_011831

Cuteness overload spotted.
photo 20180214_011854

As expected, the terminal 1 was mostly dead on midnight.
photo 20180214_012609photo 20180214_012613

The interterminal people mover station seemed to undergo some minor facelift.
photo 20180214_012711

The terminal 2 was also quiet ….
photo 20180214_013352

Except for the inbound immigration.
photo 20180214_014150

I decided to be a zombie for that night and return to my favourite place to do some more work.
photo 20180214_052604

My sister had unfortunately asked me to buy some potato chips, so I queued to get some for her (were it not for that I would sleep at the rest area instead). After that, I slept very poorly at the same spot.
photo 20180214_060136

As expected at terminal 2, the views were mostly of Singapore's group's planes, although I also got to see United's 787 closer later on.
photo 20180214_095237photo 20180214_095240photo 20180214_095646

With my booking time approaching, I then proceeded to terminal 1 to go to the lounge. Naturally, what follows will be my review of the lounge.
photo 20180214_101109photo 20180214_101215photo 20180214_101639

Lounge test: SATS Premier Lounge at Terminal 1

The entrance looked rather cold.
photo 20180214_101658

I then proceeded to the sole reception staff, who at first was confused when I showed my booking on their app, after which I showed the invoice. She then asked me to send the invoice to her email address as I didn't bring a hard copy and copied my boarding pass before I was let in.
photo 20180214_101707

A narrow, bland walkway led to the lounge.
photo 20180214_102054

The lounge was fitted with normal sofa and massage chairs.
photo 20180214_102102

More seats with partitioned areas to be reserved as needed, but the lounge was very open, which I disliked. I also saw the lack of power plugs on most sofas, which wasn't a good sign.
photo 20180214_102107photo 20180214_121602

Seats outside the partitioned area.
photo 20180214_102109

There were even more seats inside.
photo 20180214_102126

Personal-sized benches and private booths, which I opted as they offered better privacy and more power plugs (2 for each seat).
photo 20180214_102130

There were several areas, so I will cover them as appropriate - like my other lounge tests this will be the longer one.
On the first hot dishes section, Western-styled breakfast options were available.
photo 20180214_102256

The other all day offerings there were just starch.
photo 20180214_102343

Meal test round 1. The Western-styled breakfast was ordinary and I hated how they had frittata instead of some ordinary egg-based dishes (ex.: scrambled egg). Their fried rice and noodle was better though nothing spectacular, and I appreciated the meat/starch balance there.
photo 20180214_102534

The second hot dishes section feature vegetable bun and radish cake (usually called as carrot cake in Singapore).
photo 20180214_103015

Soup consisted of some lotus root soup, which I took from the first section.
photo 20180214_103123

Second meal test. The vegetable bun was disastrous as it was mostly bun with very few vegetable inside, while the lotus root soup consisted of, well, lotus root and red dates (I had been accustomed to one with meat, hence the disdain). You also didn't get the smell from the wok in the carrot cake, though at least there was a lot of egg there and was quite flavourful.
photo 20180214_103240

SATS' sole "live" station was the noodle station, which that time featured rice noodle with fish balls in chicken broth. In fact, the station was weird because:
- An elderly staff was working the station instead of it being self-serve as intended, but
- The manner it was served was unlike any proper live station since it was just blanching noodles and adding broth.
photo 20180214_103802photo 20180214_103850

The fourth section consisted of mostly a very basic selection of salads and breads.
photo 20180214_104001photo 20180214_104010

Later on during lunch period they would add pineapple and cheese selections.
photo 20180214_115240

Cakes were also available for dessert.
photo 20180214_104017

Back to the third section, there were some quick meal selections.
photo 20180214_104030

Espresso-based coffee, tea, and drinking water was available - with that, they also didn't offer bottled waters to go (especially that SIN have their security at the gate).
photo 20180214_104040photo 20180214_104045

I expected their alcoholic drinks to be basic, but this is a very basic one by SIN standard. There seemed to be very few people drinking in fact I opened a new bottle of wine.
photo 20180214_104053

They also provided some wine pairing suggestions.
photo 20180214_104106

I had forgot to take a photo of the drinks selection in the fridge, but it offered some soft drinks, juices, and Tiger beer (all in can).. Beer lovers may rejoice that there were chilled glasses inside, but other than that it wasn't that noteworthy.

Third round meal test. The rice noodle was ordinary and unbalanced, while the wine was drinkable. Note the plates beside, which wasn't cleared quickly. It would be quite a while after the third lounge test that the plates were cleared, which was unsatisfactory.
photo 20180214_104253photo 20180214_104259

Fourth (and final) round meal test after the cheese plates were out. It was ordinary, but I still opted for some additional packs of camembert cheese to have for my flight.
photo 20180214_115859

A corporate shot.
photo 20180214_115909

Continuing to the shower, the room itself looked clean and didn't see much usage but the floor felt soapy when I stepped on it especially after shower.
photo 20180214_113832

Amenities were available in the drawers, which consisted of dental kit and comb.
photo 20180214_114643

Shower was typical of a contract lounge, and while the temperature was stable they can improve the water flow, which was too slow to my liking.
photo 20180214_113837

The best view from the lounge was a blocked view of the arrival immigration.
photo 20180214_115205

There were more people inside when I left, but it still stood at less than 10 (when I entered there were only 3 guests)
photo 20180214_121607

Lounge test verdict and departure

The lounge isn't spectacular (nothing like The Private Room) with barely any view and slow service, but it was well worth the cost if you are mostly into working in a quiet space and getting some quick meals. Had the price been any higher (i.e. back to the normal price) I would prefer having a decent meal downtown before and find some space outside the lounge (which was quite quiet as well) to work.

I proceeded to my gate.
photo 20180214_122434

FIDS of the afternoon, showing my flight on gate C26.
photo 20180214_122715

That calls for walking right to the end of the pier, which wasn't pleasant especially with a couple heading to the same gate blocking the walkway (we walk quite fast in Singapore, yet we're accustomed to stand on one side of the walkway or escalator and walk on the other).
photo 20180214_122745photo 20180214_122958

At least there was Fiji's A330 to Nadi.
photo 20180214_122749

The gates between the piers were rather empty.
photo 20180214_122804

At last I managed to reach the gate.
photo 20180214_123057

The gate was only used for the flight, so it was rather empty.
photo 20180214_123100

Security was painfully slow and took me 8 minutes to clear.
photo 20180214_123122photo 20180214_123930

I decided to top up my empty can of drink with water.
photo 20180214_123935

Boarding was slow at 1 1/2 minutes, and the staff didn't respond to my question on the load for the flight.
photo 20180214_124043photo 20180214_124221

I then proceeded to the aerobridge.
photo 20180214_124230

Singapore's A350.
photo 20180214_124245

There were also some queue, exacerbated by the rather full overhead bin.
photo 20180214_124322

After 2 minutes from joining the queue again I managed to go into the plane.
photo 20180214_124516

On board

Flight: 3K247
Plane: 9V-JSM
STD/ATD: 12.55/
STA/ATA: 14.20/
Load factor: ~84% Y (~152/180)
Seat type: Slimline economy class

The flight attendant welcomed me on board.
photo 20180214_124531

The first row seats, with those on the left side having infinite legroom while those on the right side doesn't need to directly face the FA.
photo 20180214_124558photo 20180214_124601

I went further in to my seat and since the overhead bin was quite full I needed to stow one of mine 7 rows behind and the other (which is my larger backpack with 15.6" laptop inside) under my seat,
photo 20180214_124639

The slimline seat had slightly better legroom, but the benefit was annihilated with my laptop bag below.
photo 20180214_125201

The safety card was there.
photo 20180214_125219

In-flight dining, which I didn't bother due to its outrageous price, and in-flight magazine was present.
photo 20180214_125230photo 20180214_125241

The Chinese new year-special meal combo, which at S$18 (US$13.5) was outlandishly expensive.
photo 20180214_125251

Do they take care of their duty-free catalogue?
photo 20180214_125258

Last but not least, the plain airsickness bag.
photo 20180214_125331

The slimline seat means that the documents were put behind the headrest and there were no more seat pocket, so I needed to hold my can of drink by hand.
photo 20180214_125320

Due to the thinness as seen below, the seat was also pretty hard. This was my first time having the slimline seat, and I wasn't satisfied.
photo 20180214_125322

Soon the plane started its pushback.
photo 20180214_125415

Meanwhile, the flight attendant conducted the safety demo.
photo 20180214_125520

We passed through the terminal 3 despite the runway 02C departure later on.
photo 20180214_130328

I almost couldn't catch a shot of EVA's Hello Kitty jet.
photo 20180214_130328

We passed through Etihad's 787.
photo 20180214_130557

Just in front of us were Cathay's A350 and Malaysia's 737-800 in old livery.
photo 20180214_131043photo 20180214_131142

After they took off it was our turn and we then started our climb.
photo 20180214_131513

Indonesian customs cards were distributed after the seatbelt sign was turned off.
photo 20180214_132057

At least the weather was clear.
photo 20180214_133306

Foods and beverages were being sold, but barely anybody seemed to bother.
photo 20180214_133357

I decided to ask the person behind if he was cool with me reclining my seat a bit, and after he was cool with it I slightly reclined mine and I decided to take a nap.

Since I magically happened to wake up while still cruising despite the lack of sleep, I decided to go to the toilet and found the previous user's feces still in the closet.
photo 20180214_143053

Worse, the tap also kept dripping. I told the flight attendant about it after the lavatory visit, after which she checked it and mentioned it being normal.
photo 20180214_143058

My classic view: cabin from behind. Note the flowers put to set mood for Chinese new year.
photo 20180214_143351photo 20180214_143404

Later on the weather turned slightly gloomy and there were some slight turbulences.
photo 20180214_144225

Meal of the day: 3 pieces of prepacked camembert cheese.
photo 20180214_144654

Soon after I finished the meal they started their descent.
photo 20180214_150105

Strangely enough, we passed over Madura island.
photo 20180214_150621

It was a slightly cloudy day in Surabaya.
photo 20180214_151303

The view confirmed that we would be landing at runway 28 instead of 10 as usual.
photo 20180214_152520

Landing was uneventful.
photo 20180214_152636

After a short taxi we arrived at the international part of terminal 2, which was empty.
photo 20180214_153022

Since my bag was behind, I would be the last person to land.

A view of the cockpit.
photo 20180214_153928

In the meanwhile, the flight attendants had started their turnaround.
photo 20180214_153934photo 20180214_153937

I bid farewell and left the plane.
photo 20180214_153949

It was a very bad day to get a decent shot of the plane before arrival, with that being the best I could take.
photo 20180214_154006

Arrival at Surabaya SUB and post-arrival trip

I proceeded down the sloped walkways to the arrivals area.
photo 20180214_154026

The walkway to immigration was nothing more than a bland wall with a single line of moving walkways, prayer room, and lavatories.
photo 20180214_154133photo 20180214_154135

Some better, yet slightly tilted views of the plane.
photo 20180214_154204photo 20180214_154205photo 20180214_154212

The immigration was a mess and it took me 7 minutes instead of less than 1 minute in CGK. I also asked the staff working in the queue on when will they have automated gates, to which he replied, "Soon," despite the larger proportion of Indonesians.
photo 20180214_154427

Since I had no checked luggage, I decided to proceed to the customs where it would be another 3 minutes of queue and bag check (unlike in CGK, they check every single bag in SUB).
photo 20180214_155131photo 20180214_155423

There were some people approaching us as we went.
photo 20180214_155436

Since I was still not married, I was eligible for the Rp30000 (US$2.3) burger promotion, which I took and opted to upgrade with bacon and onion ring for an additional Rp10000 (US$.75) since my parents were still stuck in jam downtown.
photo 20180214_155934photo 20180214_160426

While waiting, there were at least 3 of Garuda's flights being delayed by up to 3 hours, which reflected quite badly for them.
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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew4.0
Buy-on-board menu2.5

SATS Premier Lounge


Singapore - SIN


Surabaya - SUB



It's not that I have much choice (mostly due to budget), but now that I've got to experience their slimline seats they're further into my to-avoid (but still can't :( ) list. SIN was fine as usual, while SUB was quite much a chaos with long queues on both immigration and customs.

It remains to be seen whether this will be the last great shuttle for me, but it seems that I need to push my case harder to fly on Garuda/Singapore when I go for my next shuttle.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Check-in and seat change processing time at Singapore SIN
+ Lack of immigration queue at Singapore SIN
+ Affordable lounge access (on promotion)
+ Relatively new plane

Things that can be improved:
- Meal options in SATS Premier Lounge
- Gate selection at Singapore SIN
- Security and boarding queue length at Singapore SIN
- High load factor
- Full overhead bins
- Torn catalogue
- On board meal price
- Lavatory cleanliness
- Unresponsive flight attendant
- Immigration and customs queue length at Surabaya SUB

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Surabaya (SUB)


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  • Comment 432056 by
    Davidbom 12 Comments

    7 minutes for immigration in surabaya is very good actually... When i was flying from Hongkong to surabaya,i got stuck on the immigration for 1 1/2 hours.... Very nice report btw

    • Comment 432067 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments

      Thank you for reading!

      7 minutes for immigration in surabaya is very good actually... When i was flying from Hongkong to surabaya,i got stuck on the immigration for 1 1/2 hours....
      - Not when you can get 1 minute immigration in CGK or DPS (at least most of the time), but again, my definition of good may be a bit on the more rigorous side. Immigration and customs had been the main pain points in SUB, especially during the early morning departure peak or late afternoon/early evening arrival peak.

      Glad you enjoyed it, stay tuned for the next ones!

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