Review of Lufthansa flight Nuremberg Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH143
Class Economy
Seat 22A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:41
Take-off 01 Mar 18, 07:40
Arrival at 01 Mar 18, 08:21
LH   #49 out of 123 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 902 reviews
Published on 10th March 2018
Hey guys,

welcome to this short trip to Hamburg with Lufthansa in Economy Class.

You are here for the review of flight LH143 from NUE to FRA.

Series overview

1st Part
NUE > FRA with LH143 You are here!

2nd Part
NEW FRA > HAM with LH010 Can be found here: LH010: FRA > HAM

3rd Part
HAM > FRA with LH023 Can be found here: LH023: HAM > FRA

4th Part
FRA > NUE with LH148 Can be found here: LH148: FRA > NUE

Flight information LH143

Aircraft Registration: D-AILH
Aircraft Type: A319-100
Boarding (planned): 05:55 am
Boarding (actual): 05:50 am
1st Push Back: 06:08 am
Back at gate: 06:33 am
2nd Push Back: 07:36 am
Departure (planned): 06:15 am
Departure (actual): 07:40 am
Arrival (planned): 07:00 am
Arrival (actual): 08:21 am
Arrival Gate: 08:29 am

*All times are local

Flight Ticket
photo lh143_ticket

Pre Flight @ NUE

After I arrived quite early at the parking lot and walked to the departure hall, everything was still very calm at the airport as there were not that many departure flights.
There was only cabin luggage included in my ticket, so after the online checkin the day before with the LH app, everything was fine and I just had to pass the security checks.

KLM flight to AMS was also ready for his early morning departure.
photo 20180301_050933

My aircraft for the short hop to FRA - an LH A319.
photo 20180301_051019

Flight LH143

Boarding started 5 minutes earlier as planned and was finished within another 15 minutes.
The load for that short 20min flight to FRA was quite good, there were only a few empty seats in the rear of the cabin.

Seat pitch and width - as usual on LH domestic and european flights - is not too bad.
photo 20180301_060030

View from my window - it was very cold and rainy outside, -15°C.
photo 20180301_060041

Cabin view shortly after boarding was finished.
photo 20180301_060612

Ryanair B737 was getting ready for her flight.
photo 20180301_060646

We were pushed back early and would have been able to depart on time … but our Aircraft had different plans.
After about 20 minutes standing on the apron the captain told us that there wer some problems with the engines.
After a normal startup of both engines, the left hand engine shut down by surprise.
The crew was in contact with the LH technic center in FRA to check the behaviour. Unfortnuatley there was no logical explanation for that behaviour.
They guessed that the cold temperatures (up to -15°C during the night) might have caused a frozen fuel valve. So when the engine run out of fuel because of the frozen fuel valve, it stoped imideately.
Next steps were a restart of the system and another engine startup followed by a 5 minute engine test.
Unfortunately refilling was necessary and it would take up to 60 minutes until we could get another departure time.
After the aircraft was refuelled, the startup and 5 minute test of the engines was successfull and we were finally - 90 minuts later than scheduled - ready to go.

In the meantime my connecting flight FRA > HAM was cancelled and I was rebooked onto another machine which departs 2 hours later.
Just a fun fact: The aircraft which was used for NUE > FRA would have been also used for the FRA > HAM route. So it was no surprise that my flight from FRA to HAM was cancelled, as the aircraft was still in NUE!

After everything was okay, the sun already rose on the horizon.
photo 20180301_063155

There was a Delta B767 at a remote gate - don't know the reason why she visited cold Bavaria!
photo 20180301_073904

With a delay of about 90 minutes we were finally airborne and all engines worked fine.
photo 20180301_074431

As it is just a 30 minute flight from NUE to FRA, there as no cabin service.
Here are some pictures from the flight and the arrival into FRA.

It is special at some airports, but I guess in FRA it is common!
Parallel landing @ FRA.
photo 20180301_081715photo 20180301_081732

Passed a Condor B757 and finally @ FRA.
photo 20180301_082028photo 20180301_082050

And when do you know, you are in FRA?
Well of course … when you see LH beauties everywhere!!

Post Flight @ FRA

As the technical problems in NUE caused a 90 minute delay I was rebooked onto another flight.
Way to the new gate for my connecting flight to HAM.
photo 20180301_084554

With enough time, I was able to do some planespotting, which is always great @ FRA.
photo 20180301_0847360

And I was also able to see my A319 which had engine problems before.
Well … maybe it was just too cold for her in Nuremberg!! :)
photo 20180301_084744

Thanks for spending your time and reading :)
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Cabin crew8.5

Nuremberg - NUE


Frankfurt - FRA



Note: As there was no Entertainment and Meal/catering on this domestic flight - I also set the rating to 8.5 to not manipulate the overal rating as Cabin and Cabin crew were very professional and handeled that situation quite good.



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