Review of Thai Lion Air flight Bangkok Phuket in Premium Eco

Airline Thai Lion Air
Flight SL752
Class Premium Eco
Seat 2K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 22 Apr 18, 00:05
Arrival at 22 Apr 18, 01:30
SL 12 reviews
Eric V P
By SILVER 2796
Published on 30th April 2018
Report #31: SL752 - Upfront at Lion Air Group's least wanted plane configuration

This will be my report on flying on Thai Lion Air premium economy class from Bangkok DMK to Phuket, a short-haul domestic flight within Thailand on their Airbus A330-300. This is not just the first report of the product in FR, but arguably also the first report of the product not made in Thai, so read on!

Here are the 6 parts of the trip (which magically enough could be crammed into 3 days):
KUL - BKK on Malaysia A330-200 business class: Read here
DMK - CNX on Thai Lion Air 737 MAX 9 economy class: Read here
CNX - DMK on Nok Air 737-800 economy class: Read here
DMK - HKT on Thai Lion Air A330-300 premium economy class: You are here
HKT - BKK on Thai 777-200ER economy class: Read here
BKK - KUL on Malaysia A350-900 business/first class: Read here


Lion Air Group have two configurations for their A333, the low-cost configuration (440Y) for Lion Air's trunk / Umrah / Hajj flights and full-service configuration (18W 374Y). While the low-cost configuration has proved useful for Lion Air, the full-service configuration has been a thorn in Lion Air Group with the plane initially to be used by Batik, then thrown to Malindo, and now strangely enough used by Thai Lion Air. SL's A333 mostly see their days flying between Thailand and China, but they also fly within Thailand twice daily between DMK and HKT, making it much easier to fly on as part of my intra-Thailand aviation tour.

SL's A333 W has interested me not only because of its weird price positioning (i.e. more expensive than TG Y, but also much cheaper than WE W/PG J), but also because there isn't much detail about the product and the fact that the product is designated as W despite the slightly better D7 premium product being classified as C. The flight costs ฿2695(US$87), which while steep compared to the economy class is still reasonable enough to stomach.
photo sl752 tix prices

The flight came with free 20 kg luggage, seat selection, and prepaid meal on top of the regular W meal service (that is, if you booked when the meal preorder was still available), which was fair enough. Since I couldn't find a way to book the premium economy on any OTA, I safely assumed that I was the first one to book the unpopular service for the flight.
photo sl752 22042018 add1photo sl752 22042018 add2

7 hours before the flight I looked up at the seat map and found the load to be 3W.
photo screenshot_20180421-180659

Trip to DMK and check-in

I was concerned that I may miss my flight (and it's not until I reached the gate that I was indeed very early - I used Singapore/Malaysia time) so I went from Khao San Rd to Mo Chit Stn by car to take the public airport bus to DMK.
photo 20180421_215838

After waiting for a while bus A2/A1 came and I hopped on to the bus, which costed me ฿30(US$0.95)
photo 20180421_220216

The inside of the public airport bus.
photo 20180421_220310

After 22 minutes of ride I finally reached DMK T1 departure area.
photo 20180421_222429photo 20180421_222434

Did I go to the right airport?
photo 20180421_222446

The terminal 1 (for international flights) was pretty crowded in the evening.
photo 20180421_222500photo 20180421_222505

However, I walked further to the terminal 2 (for domestic flights) for my flight, which was very quiet.
photo 20180421_222622

FIDS of the evening - note the sizable number of midnight/late night flights from T1.
photo 20180421_222702

In fact, it was so quiet there was barely anybody there. Check-in was fast and I was soon let through.
photo 20180421_222755photo 20180421_222845

SL promoting their A333 W.
photo 20180421_223208

Since I checked my luggage, I needed to wait for a while to see my bag being screened.
photo 20180421_223308

This is where it goes funny: SL, strangely enough, used different ways to address their premium product - so much for consistency?
On desktop web they called it as Premium Economy.
photo sl752 tix prices

On mobile web they called it as BusinessFlexi.
photo screenshot_20180421-180603

When I checked in online the boarding pass showed Premiere (I'm sure they're not referring to themselves as something like AF's La Première)
photo screenshot_20180421-090258

On counter check-in boarding pass it was written as Business.
photo 20180422_003811

I then proceeded to the domestic departure area.
photo 20180421_223341

Boarding pass check and security was fast and I was let through in ~2 minute.
photo 20180421_223358photo 20180421_223622

DMK transit area and departure

FIDS of the evening.
photo 20180421_223643

I then walked through the lifeless corridor all the way to the gates 51 - 56.
photo 20180421_223722photo 20180421_224032

The sole domestic lounge available, which was closing and sadly not available for access with SL W boarding pass.
photo 20180421_224223

The plane of the evening, -LAJ, a 5 months old A333. Note how windows in DMK doesn't really support plane spotting.
photo 20180421_224522

The closed shops near gates 51 - 56.
photo 20180421_224616

It was only when I noticed there was barely anybody there that I realized I went to the airport way too early, so the most realistic thing to do was to charge my portable battery and laptop while working and drinking from the water fountain.
photo 20180421_224619photo 20180421_224623

The situation improved before boarding, but not by much due to the light load.
photo 20180422_002736photo 20180422_002738photo 20180422_002742

Boarding was soon called, but with no priority for premium economy/business class passengers so it took me ~2 minutes. In the meanwhile, I also happened to queue together the other two passengers in W by their boarding pass and found out that they were traveling for some run activities in Phuket and that their trip was expensed.
photo 20180422_003902

Notice the portable booth SL used in lieu of the default computers at the gate. I also asked for the load at this point, which was promptly answered.
photo 20180422_004204

I then walked down the slope to the aerobridge.
photo 20180422_004300

The front aerobridge was not used so everybody boarded in one go.
photo 20180422_004333

It was a fast one and I soon arrived at the plane. Note how they removed the door 2L galley and used the place for even more seats.
photo 20180422_004349photo 20180422_004405

On board

Flight: SL752
Plane: HS-LAJ
STD/ATD: 00.05/00.17
STA/ATA: 01.30/01.22
Load factor: 17%W (3/18), 25%Y (92/374)
Seat type: Cradle recliner business class (window seat)

I was welcomed on board and had my boarding pass checked by the flight attendant nearest to the door. Afterwards, she uttered something to the flight attendant in Thai, mentioning the word business instead of premium economy. Me and the other party were then directed to our respective seats.

I walked past the small economy cabin.
photo 20180422_004422

Afterwards I reached the premium economy cabin. The seat itself is much better than true premium economy for full-service carriers, so I classified it as business class seat.
photo 20180422_004429

My home for the next 1 1/2 hours (or so I thought).
photo 20180422_004455

Legroom was ample.
photo 20180422_004509

The earphone service soon began, where the flight attendant distributed some earphones for use during the flight.
photo 20180422_004524

The headphone were of the disposable type and wasn't comfortable at all (there's a reason I have a headphone).
photo 20180422_004534photo 20180422_004931

Let's go to the seat tour. The seat feature a normal seatbelt.
photo 20180422_004652

This has to be one of the more limited electronic seat control panel: settings were limited to lumbar, footrest, two seat setting templates, and massage (I barely had any idea what M+ and MR mean - something to do with calculator?)
photo 20180422_004709

IFE remote control was available, which was exactly the same as the one used on ex-AB MH A332.
photo 20180422_004704photo 20180422_004720

2/1-plug headphone plug (that is, if you have a 3.5mm headphone just plug to either of them) and USB plug was available.
photo 20180422_004751

There was also a cup holder.
photo 20180422_004734

Beside the seatback there is a universal AC plug.
photo 20180422_005545

Two small storage area are located beside the IFE screen, and two more are located down, but note that they are all open - unlike SQ A333 there is no secured storage area available. Also, notice the warning stickers, which are in Malay and English, a testament to the group throwing the plane around.
photo 20180422_004758photo 20180422_005556

Table can be retrieved from the middle armrest, and a literature pocket is located right below.
photo 20180422_004817

The table was acceptable and can be swiveled to ease exit. Note, however that the armrests closer to the aisle/window are fixed.
photo 20180422_004906

Reading lamps are available at the middle armrest and can be activated or adjusted by rotating the lower metallic cover.
photo 20180422_005506

Additional lamps are available above but no individual air vent is available.
photo 20180422_005236

Selfie test: here is how I looked on the W seat.
photo 20180422_010947

I then checked out the economy class. Consider it as a bonus, but since no one has reviewed SL A333 here ….

The economy class is arranged in 3-3-3, which is exceedingly narrow.
photo 20180422_010637

Note how empty the cabin was.
photo 20180422_010645

Each seat has their own IFE, although the screen was on the smaller side.
photo 20180422_010649

Legroom was fine typical of high density 333 (even D7 and 5J won't tease with the idea of cutting legroom on their high-density 333 either)
photo 20180422_010659

The IFE screen.
photo 20180422_010702

This is where the problem lies: the seat is so narrow my body would very easily bleed into another person's space. I would definitely avoid this configuration, which is easy enough given SL's 333 flew on very few routes.
photo 20180422_010708photo 20180422_010720

They also use folding table, which didn't bode especially well with the crease on my jeans when I sat.
photo 20180422_010749

I then went back to the premium economy class before they found out I went to the economy class. The goodies in the literature pocket consisted of magazine and in-flight menu.
photo 20180422_004833

Despite in premium class the safety card was in a very poor state. This was also the case for many other seats, which wasn't good.
photo 20180422_004951

I took the one from the seat beside and found it to be much better.
photo 20180422_005059

An airsickness bag could be also found.
photo 20180422_004957

I then tried the IFE for a while. I have mentioned earlier that the remote control resembles the one on ex-AB MH A332, but seeing from the menu bar above the interface seems to be the case as well. Also note how like ID (that is, the Indonesian full service arm of the group) they had no music selection at all.
photo 20180422_005250photo 20180422_005255

Their movie selection isn't too bad, though given the plane's rotation they can always supply more Chinese films.
photo 20180422_005312

On the other hand, their TV show selections are more limited.
photo 20180422_005332

I didn't have much thought on what to watch (and test) so I ended up watching The Big Bang Theory later on.
photo 20180422_005347

At this point, a flight attendant came to me and asked whether I had ordered any meal, to which I said yes. After that, she asked me to show my booking confirmation with the detail of the meal I ordered so she could take a photo of it. She also mentioned that the boarding pass didn't record the preorder meals so she would need it to confirm my meal later on.
photo sl752 ifs conf

View from the outside.
photo 20180422_010223

We soon pushed back for departure.
photo 20180422_011117

Safety video was played.
photo 20180422_010908

Most of the video looked very cheap, though - they even used some pictograms and the lighting for the video was pretty messed up. Did they just run out of budget?
photo 20180422_011156photo 20180422_011210

I then watched the moving map, which was not adjustable.
photo 20180422_011458photo 20180422_011502photo 20180422_011910

Cabin light was fully turned off for take-off.
photo 20180422_011850

Some bad views of the taxi (my phone isn't especially good for night photos).
photo 20180422_012212photo 20180422_012351

I had been at DMK 3 times in such a short span of time, so see you next time?
photo 20180422_012512

The climb afforded some decent views of Bangkok in midnight.
photo 20180422_012640

After take-off the cabin was dimmed for service. First they provided the premium economy free default meal service, which consisted of some bread in an unbranded box with a small bottle of mineral water. I also asked about my meal preorder, to which she said that it would take ~10 minutes to prepare.
photo 20180422_013342

The bread (which turned out to be rolled pizza) was supposed to be eaten using the box, but I put it out first so you can see clearly.
photo 20180422_013410

I couldn't help but to take a photo of the inside.
photo 20180422_013458

The menu for premium economy snack service was as follows:
Bread: Rolled mini cheese pizza
Drink: Mineral water.

The pizza, albeit rather dry, is a better rendition of Lion Air Group's pizza with a slightly more realistic bread. Like the pizza on ID, the group seems to emphasize the cheese, which is always good for a supper. On overall, while even full-service economy can give even better than this it's still an acceptable one for an LCC.

When I was about to try reclining my seat the movement mechanism was broken. I then told the flight attendant about it and after she tried the chair I was invited to move to any other chair. Naturally I don't want to be too close to 3K or 2AC where there are others, so I opted for seats 1H/K.

One downside of the seat is that the IFE screen is farther away so I needed to either bend far or use the remote control.
photo 20180422_013641

On the plus side, the bulkhead row afforded extra legroom.
photo 20180422_013648

While waiting for the meal I turned the seat to bed mode. The recline is acceptable for the short flight, but for longer flights this doesn't seem especially ideal. On a side note, does this kind of seat constitute cradle recliner or angled lie flat?
photo 20180422_013817_001photo 20180422_013910

Me on the bed. While the bed isn't especially long, at least it was slightly less restricting as the one on MH A332 (see my hair).
photo 20180422_013941photo 20180422_014027

The second meal service from the preorder menu came 10 minutes after the normal meal as promised. This time, though, I was the only one receiving it - the other W passengers just had the default snack service. The cabin lamp was also turned off so I solely relied n the overhead lamp.
photo 20180422_014401

Instead of putting some design on the cover they instead covered it full of text. Another missed marketing opportunity?
photo 20180422_014446

Water came afterwards as the tray was rather small. If you have also read my other report with SL to CNX you will notice that they used a different brand of water, which also didn't match with the one promised at the booking confirmation (Pure Life instead of Minere, even though both are from Nestle).
photo 20180422_014510

Inside the box.
photo 20180422_014644

The menu for complimentary premium economy pre-booked meal service was as follows:
Main course: Rice with chicken in red Thai curry sauce
Drink: Mineral water

The rice with chicken curry turned out to be a pretty good choice. At first I was skeptical with the curry as there doesn't seem to be a lot of it, but the curry proved to be enough and was very flavourful as well as spicy (by in-flight meal standard). The chicken was also tender, so that's another plus point. On overall, apart from the lack of vegetables it was a decent second meal service for the flight so if you happened to fly on this product book early to preorder the free second meal service.

I then tried to use my laptop for the laptop test. The table could easily fit the 15.6" laptop with some space on both sides so consider it passed.
photo 20180422_015516

After drinking two bottles of water it's only natural to go to the lavatory, and so I did. The lavatory was spotless as nobody used it for the flight.
photo 20180422_015923photo 20180422_020017

The flight attendant also congregated at the front galley (there were at least 4 of them), so I asked:
- The rotation for them that day (DMK-HKT-NKG),
- How was the load on W for HKT-NKG (quite good; I had expected the load to be low), and
- How was the Mainland passengers' behaviour (surprisingly quite good; either it's because HKT-NKG is a midnight flight or what, but their reputation in general hasn't been the best)

View of the W cabin from the front. The passenger in 3K is a deadheading captain, also scheduled to fly on the HKT-NKG route.
photo 20180422_020602

Before the film a 15 seconds ad of SL's ex-DMK services to China was screened. However, I couldn't help but to notice that the W fare for the flights to China is rather steep.
photo 20180422_015729

The sound quality of the show wasn't that good, even after I changed to my own headphone.
photo 20180422_020355

The view during cruise and descent consisted of some lights down.
photo 20180422_020727

The cabin light was turned on again, this time for pre-landing check. Note how I moved to 1K trying to get some views from the outside.
photo 20180422_021737

A view of the seats (and also, the other passengers), with the one sleeping and the other watching from the IFE. In fact, the sleeping passenger had her seat adjusted to upright by the flight attendant at that point.
photo 20180422_021745

The view below, which by then featured a bit more lights.
photo 20180422_022019

The cabin light was turned off again for landing, at which point I changed to the moving map again.
photo 20180422_022039photo 20180422_022042

The approach was done from the east, which afforded the view of the town at night.
photo 20180422_022758

We soon landed, but the landing was a particularly hard one despite the clear weather.
photo 20180422_022914

CA's 738 bound for PEK.
photo 20180422_023037

We were then parked beside MU's 320.
photo 20180422_023134photo 20180422_023235

The deplaning soon started, with the other two W passengers disembarking first. Since only the aerobridge at L2 was used, there was no priority deplaning.
photo 20180422_023455

Last view of the W cabin. Note the slightly reclined leftmost seat, which was the 2K seat I was in that happened to be broken. Also seen is the captain for the next flight to NKG.
photo 20180422_023621

View of the smaller Y cabin.
photo 20180422_023600

The Y seats from side.
photo 20180422_023639

I bid farewell to the flight attendant and then proceeded to leave the plane.
photo 20180422_023809

From there it's a walk through the aerobridge.
photo 20180422_023815

Arrival at HKT and post-arrival trip

Where I would be later in the morning.
photo 20180422_023858

Thailand seems to have a love-hate relationship when it comes to fully separating arriving and departing passengers, let it be for both domestic and international.
photo 20180422_023910photo 20180422_023927

From the corridor it's an escalator ride down to the dingy, warm luggage claim floor.
photo 20180422_023950photo 20180422_024004

The first bags arrived 14 minutes after the two W passengers disembarked. My bag wasn't the first one to arrive (so there's no priority bag service).
photo 20180422_024857

The reason behind HKT being so warm: a major renovation (but the warmth this time was nothing compared with for the next flight).
photo 20180422_024936

It was then a walk down the bland corridor.
photo 20180422_024947

I passed through some counters before making my way to the exit.
photo 20180422_025014photo 20180422_025044

Afterwards I walked all the way to my hostel, which took me 20 minutes of walking on inhospitable terrain. I also checked Grab, which showed that a ride there would cost at least a staggering ฿200 (US$6.3; note that motorcycle taxi is also unavailable except in Bangkok), so as a solo traveler I had no choice.
photo 20180422_031738
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Thai Lion Air

Cabin crew6.5

Bangkok - DMK


Phuket - HKT



Thai Lion Air's premium economy product offered a comfortable way to shuttle between Bangkok and Phuket. While apart from the seat they don't really feel much like business class, it still serves as a decent low-cost alternative for premium class travel on the route and quite competitive even with last-minute TG Y. Apart from the closed shops in the evening, DMK was still very much manageable and fast to get through, while I didn't especially like HKT during the renovation period (but the worst was yet to come - find out more on the next report).

Would I recommend flying with SL 333? For Bangkok to Phuket on their premium class, absolutely - it was easily the best value for money premium class product for the route, but avoid their economy class at all cost and fly on their normal 738/739ER instead, which offer wider seats.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Reasonable price (฿2695(US$87) one-way)
+ Fast check-in and security
+ Low load factor
+ Basic IFE provision (at least there's one, which is a feat for an LCC)
+ Acceptable seat product (given the distance)
+ Provision of up to two meal services
+ Decent food offering
+ Fast luggage claim

Things that can be improved:
- Unclear branding and positioning (J seat with Y service plus a bit more, sold as W but SL themselves remain unclear what to call)
- Lack of priority luggage
- Lack of lounge access
- No shop opened at late night in DMK domestic transit area
- Lack of individual air nozzles
- Limited IFE selection
- Bad safety cards even in W
- Extremely narrow economy class seat (irrelevant for this review, but may prove useful for future Y fliers)
- Broken seat control
- Warm, dingy terminal at HKT
- Lack of affordable short distance transportation at HKT

Information on the route Bangkok (DMK) Phuket (HKT)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 3 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Bangkok (DMK) → Phuket (HKT).


The airline with the best average rating is Air Asia with 6.6/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 28 minutes.

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  • Comment 443158 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5318 Comments

    Hey Eric, thanks for sharing this unique report. What an interesting product! Despite the confusing branding, I like the fact that this product, with a Business class seat, is marketed as Premium Economy (kind of, again inconsistent branding) but priced at reasonably cheap Premium Economy levels. The soft product isn't extraordinary, and I guess that's where SL keeps this product more of a Premium Economy, but the seat is definitely a Business class seat. For $87 one-way it is undeniably a great value. This mix of angled-lie flat J seat with W service reminds me a lot of Air Asia X's premium product. Also like Air Asia X, this premium product is offered on an A330 with an excruciatingly tight 3-3-3 configuration in Economy.

    If ever I find myself on SL, I would not hesitate to take W for this quick domestic run. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Comment 443218 by
      Eric V P SILVER AUTHOR 125 Comments

      Hi, Kevin!

      Despite the confusing branding, I like the fact that this product, with a Business class seat, is marketed as Premium Economy (kind of, again inconsistent branding) but priced at reasonably cheap Premium Economy levels.
      - I think that's where their value proposition is as well - it would cost just below twice as much for TG J on the same route and WE W (which like European J is just blocked middle seat) cost 40% more than that.

      The soft product isn't extraordinary, and I guess that's where SL keeps this product more of a Premium Economy, but the seat is definitely a Business class seat.
      - This is where I got mixed up, especially on how to call LCC premium class - D7 would provide lounge only at KUL and pillow + blanket for use yet they call themselves as J, and worse TR with their W seat call themselves as J. Nonetheless, this was a midnight short-haul flight so I couldn't really judge much.

      If ever I find myself on SL, I would not hesitate to take W for this quick domestic run.
      - It's exclusive on DMK-HKT route, by the way, since they only have a small A333 fleet of 3 planes.

      Thank you for reading!

      • Comment 443246 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5318 Comments

        Yep, I saw that. I have a trip to Bangkok in the fall so I was thinking of taking a quick side-trip to HKT so this seems like a good option between the two. I have no vested interest in taking TG or WE since I'm a oneworld loyalist and there aren't any OW carriers flying nonstop between Bangkok and Phuket.

  • Comment 443207 by
    K2World 1894 Comments

    Thank you for this FR
    This product is perfectly acceptable for such a short flight. The screen is quite big as well.
    Good discovery, thanks again for your report :)

    • Comment 443221 by
      Eric V P SILVER AUTHOR 125 Comments


      This product is perfectly acceptable for such a short flight.
      - Except that the plane is usually used for mid-haul flights (~5 hrs each way) between Thailand and mainland China, but it's true that this should suffice for the hop.

      Thank you for visiting!

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