Review of Thai Airways flight Phuket Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG204
Class Economy
Seat 51H
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 22 Apr 18, 10:55
Arrival at 22 Apr 18, 12:25
TG   #19 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 360 reviews
Eric V P
By SILVER 1866
Published on 3rd May 2018
Report #32: TG204 - How difficult is it to have a rendezvous with the Queen of the Skies?

This will be my report on flying on Thai Airways economy class from Phuket to Bangkok BKK, a short-haul domestic flight within Thailand on their Boeing 777-200ER. I decided to fly on this route since it was supposed to be flown by one of the last passenger 744 in service in SE Asia since MH, SQ, PR, and lastly GA had retired them, but fate said otherwise. This report may be on the lighter side, but rest assured I worked on to make the report as comprehensive as possible.

Here are the 6 parts of the trip (which magically enough could be crammed into 3 days):
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DMK - CNX on Thai Lion Air 737 MAX 9 economy class: Read here
CNX - DMK on Nok Air 737-800 economy class: Read here
DMK - HKT on Thai Lion Air A330-300 premium economy class: Read here
HKT - BKK on Thai 777-200ER economy class: You are here
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To complete the intra-Thailand aviation tour I had first thought of some cheap repositioning flights (or even flying on SL's A333 in economy class), but Kevin (@ItsKevin) proposed the idea of trying TG's 744, which runs almost daily between Bangkok and Phuket. The fare was steep at ฿1937 (US$62) after OTA discount since I had just passed the 30 days advance purchase, but still reasonable for a piece of history.
photo tg204 22042018 recript

Cramming 4 flights in the intra-Thailand aviation tour in only 24 hours (this flight's STA was 12.25 while the first flight on SL 7M9's STD was 13.00 -1), while a joy, was also a very arduous one, so after turning to a zombie earlier I decided to laze around. However, Kevin also let me know that the 744 was flying to Phuket and back on TG201/202 so I decided to rush.

Trip to HKT and check-in

After being deprived of sleep, I got notified of the plane change so I quickly made my way to the airport to check if it would be possible to take the earlier flight. I also bought some breakfast along the way, but I was too much in a rush to document it.
photo 20180422_094309

As TG operate flights at 10.00 (TG202) and 10.55 (TG204) the queue for economy class was pretty long.
photo 20180422_094748photo 20180422_094754

Since there was nobody at the the premium class check-in counter and I needed to ask to shift my flight before the TG202 check-in close I then rushed there and asked:
- Whether it is possible for me to move to TG202 (no; she first checked the computer and called somewhere else before letting me know of the outcome),
- Whether it is fine to bring two carry-on bags on board (yes; I forgot to ask for the sticker for my bag so she couldn't check the bag for me - must be something to do with me flying from BKK too often).
photo 20180422_095526

The boarding pass of the day, which was printed in proper TG stock paper.
photo 20180422_100832

I then proceeded to the security check, which started with boarding pass check. I was cleared in 5 minutes.
photo 20180422_101245photo 20180422_101747

HKT transit area and departure

Is it that difficult just to fly with TG's 744?
photo 20180422_101858

The waiting area consist of an open area with rows of seats. Since some parts of the terminal was under renovation it became very warm inside.
photo 20180422_103157

Stores and restaurants are located further away from where most people wait.
photo 20180422_104945

As uninspiring as it may seem, I had a more substantial breakfast on Subway, which was also slightly cooler than the waiting area for my flight.
photo 20180422_105638

TG202 departing back to BKK.
photo 20180422_110455

PG's AT7 arriving.
photo 20180422_110724photo 20180422_110725

Afterwards it's TG202's turn, without me in the Queen of the Skies. :(
photo 20180422_110847

The boarding gate for my upcoming flight. I also checked the load of the day, which was rather high.
photo 20180422_110912

The plane of the morning would be HS-TJS, a 11 years old 772.
photo 20180422_111031

Situation at the toasty warm waiting area.
photo 20180422_111748

FV's 744 arriving from VKO.
photo 20180422_112733photo 20180422_112736

Soon boarding for the flight started.
photo 20180422_113341

Some other tourists were about to follow me to board the plane - they were clueless on whether to board so I asked for their tickets, and to my chagrin they were about to board an FD flight.
photo 20180422_113950

FIDS just before I boarded.
photo 20180422_114049

As I was among the later to board the queue had already subsided and I was cleared in seconds.
photo 20180422_114216

From there it's a short walk through the interstitial corridor and aerobridge.
photo 20180422_114235photo 20180422_114253

There was no queue there so I soon found myself stepping on the plane.
photo 20180422_114315

Note the flight attendant closest to the door, which could be seen wearing a traditional costume to celebrate Songkran
photo 20180422_114327

On board

Flight: TG204
Plane: HS-TJS
STD/ATD: 10.55/10.58
STA/ATA: 12.25/12.16
Load factor: 86% combined (240/279)
Seat type: Standard economy class (aisle seat)

After turning right I proceeded to the economy class cabin.
photo 20180422_114353

My seat, 51H, was further back so I proceeded to the second economy class cabin.
photo 20180422_114422

My home for the next 1 1/2 hours. Also note that they provided a pillow even for such a short hop.
photo 20180422_114509

Legroom was acceptable, typical of full-service carriers.
photo 20180422_114531

There were quite a selection of musics, however it's worth noting that the IFE they used was still rather archaic and that they didn't provide any headphone for the hop.
photo 20180422_114539

Typical of an older IFE system, remote control was still provided.
photo 20180422_115121

The seat was also still not the slimline type, which offered sufficient padding.
photo 20180422_115103

Contents include safety card and in-flight magazine.
photo 20180422_114650photo 20180422_114729

A duty-free and a community-produced goods magazine could be found as well.
photo 20180422_114704photo 20180422_114718

Last but not least: airsickness bag.
photo 20180422_115511

Selfie test: as the 772 was configured in 9-abreast seating, seat width was sufficient.
photo 20180422_115430

The headrest can be also put up quite highly, which is always a good thing.
photo 20180422_115447

There was also an AC plug, which I used later on to charge my phone.
photo 20180422_124532photo 20180422_124626

The moving map for the flight.
photo 20180422_115802

We soon pushed back and a safety video was screened.
photo 20180422_115819

After the safety video it was a short taxi to the runway.
photo 20180422_120319photo 20180422_120503

We soon climbed over Phuket island.
photo 20180422_120505

After the seatbelt sign was switched off the crew rushed to do the in-flight service, starting from the food. Service started from door 4L/R and 2L/R towards door 3L/3R.
photo 20180422_121306photo 20180422_121451

There was no choice offered and a salad with a bottle of water arrived at the table.
photo 20180422_121824

The food when opened.
photo 20180422_122014

The snack service of the day consisted of:
Main course: Quail egg salad with dressing
Drink (default): Mineral water
Drink (second service): Coffee / tea / orange juice (on request)

In many other countries serving a salad for such a short trip would be an overkill, but this is Thailand where PG served hot meals on all mainline flights so this is appropriate. The salad itself was acceptable and the quail egg represented a positive change from what would be an ordinary salad. On overall, a decent snack service.

A separate drink service then commenced, with everybody asked, "Coffee or tea?" I then asked for tea with milk and afterwards also orange juice, which the flight attendant took from inside the trolley (I doubt many would specifically ask for it, but I overheard people on the next row asked for orange juice as well).
photo 20180422_123058

The tea was presented in a paper glass while the orange juice in a plastic one, both sporting the TG logo.
photo 20180422_123045

Laptop test: I tried to put my laptop and work on it for a few minutes. There wasn't much space for the 15.6" laptop, but for economy class it's as good as you can get.
photo 20180422_123437photo 20180422_123443

The cabin from the front during cruise, which unlike my flight on SL to CNX was rather busy.
photo 20180422_124027

I then checked out the lavatory, which was clean enough.
photo 20180422_124245photo 20180422_124251

How about the cabin from behind as well?
photo 20180422_124454

View during cruise. An elderly Thai couple sat on the window and middle seats, hence rendering it impossible to get good views.
photo 20180422_124916photo 20180422_124926

TG's fleet.
photo 20180422_125323

Also note the domestic network, which is very Bangkok-centric. Among those routes, TG only flies to USM, CNX, HKT, and KBV, while the rest is operated by WE.
photo 20180422_125528

I could barely get a view of the descent and final approach.
photo 20180422_130925

After taxiing for a while we arrived at our gate, beside WE's A320.
photo 20180422_132029

Before disembarking I took a photo of the Y cabin from the centre, which already looked rather messy after the flight.
photo 20180422_132223

A sneak peek of the J cabin featuring angled lie flat seats, which I was glad not paying for.
photo 20180422_132303

I then bid farewell to the flight attendant and went off from the plane.
photo 20180422_132316

CI's 333.
photo 20180422_132403

There was a queue just to get out of the plane, which was strange.
photo 20180422_132324

In fact, I was the last passenger to deplane that I could see the cleaner coming in.
photo 20180422_132447

It took a few minutes of waiting in the warm aerobridge, which wasn't good.
photo 20180422_132508

Arrival at BKK and post-arrival trip

We weren't directed to the terminal itself.
photo 20180422_132703

CI's 333 and TG's 772 side by side.
photo 20180422_132709photo 20180422_132751

Since the plane arrived at the international gates it was another bus ride to the domestic arrival.
photo 20180422_132834

The crew took their own bus.
photo 20180422_132856

A way better view of CI's 333 just before the bus door closed.
photo 20180422_132908

CX's 359
photo 20180422_133035

AT's 777 could be seen, albeit not well-photographed.
photo 20180422_133113photo 20180422_133114

After 5 minutes of ride I reached the domestic arrival area.
photo 20180422_133141photo 20180422_133148

From the bus gate it was an upward escalator ride to the arrival floor, unlike at, for example, CNX or HKT.
photo 20180422_133208

I directly proceeded to the luggage claim area.
photo 20180422_133250photo 20180422_133318

As expected of BKK the luggage area was also pretty crowded, but since I didn't have any checked luggage I just went through.
photo 20180422_133341

Some banners located adjacent to the exit.
photo 20180422_133439

I made my way to the public area in no time.
photo 20180422_133924

I previously wondered how would the observation deck look like, which was rather disappointing due to the not spotter-friendly area.
photo 20180422_135245photo 20180422_135247

As I was tired and upon seeing the others take a rest at the observation deck, I slept for a full hour while waiting for my next flight's check-in.
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Phuket - HKT


Bangkok - BKK



It's indeed pretty sad that TG changed the plane from 744 to 772 at such a short notice, but for such a short hop both the hard and soft product offered were quite solid (except the lack of headphone). HKT was pretty much a mess during the renovation (let's see what they have to offer afterwards), while BKK was still as usual quite crowded yet manageable (got to hate the bus gates, though it's inevitable since the plane was more for international flights).

I would still fly with them for domestic flights in a heartbeat, but at the same time I wouldn't expect too much in terms of chasing any specific plane type.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Mid/long-haul plane
+ Well-spaced seats
+ Well-adjustable headrest
+ Dining offering
+ Clean lavatory

Things that can be improved:
- Expensive price (฿1937 (US$62) one-way)
- Last-minute plane change
- Long economy class check-in queue
- Warm waiting area at HKT
- Lack of headphone
- Lack of individual air nozzles (at least they managed to keep the cabin cool)
- Crowd at arrivals area in BKK

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The airline with the best average rating is Thai Airways with 8.2/10.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5318 Comments

    Oh no, you got TG'd! Thai are sooo notorious for last minute aircraft swaps. Sorry you missed the 744 :-/
    Other than the aircraft swap, the product is very good for a 1.5 hours domestic flight. Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 443610 by
      Eric V P SILVER AUTHOR 125 Comments


      Thai are sooo notorious for last minute aircraft swaps.
      - I saw on FlightAware that TG204 had been pretty consistently operated by the 744, which means that last-minute swaps are getting less frequent - you should check that for yourself as well. Maybe it was just my bad luck for that morning then :(

      ... the product is very good for a 1.5 hours domestic flight.
      - Is it very good just by normal standard or by Thailand standard? The standard for trunk routes on full service carriers in Thailand can be especially demanding (i.e. TG vs PG; WE not counted), but nonetheless it should be above European/North American short-haul Y standard.

      Thank you for reading!

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