Review of Air France flight Port-au-Prince Miami in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF606
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 21 Mar 18, 19:50
Arrival at 21 Mar 18, 21:50
AF   #49 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4345 reviews
By GOLD 1250
Published on 1st April 2018
Welcome to my spring break 2018 serie from Pointe-à-Pitre (guadeloupe FWI) to Breckenridge (CO).
We have a first part of travel on Air France (From PTP to MIA) then on American (From MIA to DEN)

This report is for the second part of AF flight (PTP-PAP-MIA).

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Going to snow sports in the USA is a better alternative than French Alps because of the flight time between Guadeloupe and Paris, the jetlag etc… Moreover, Breck is a beautiful ski area with many difficults spots.

AF's Caribbean network is composed of 2 A320 based in PTP Guadeloupe. They flight from PTP to MIA via PAP and from PTP to CAY via FDF. PAssengers from north to south and south to north have to make the correpsondance at PTP (and often change planes).


We arrived at Port-Au-Prince Toussaint Louverture airport at 6:50pm. We have to go in a special transit room, after been ID'd.

AF transit paper
photo img_1171

travel document
photo img_1169

The stopover was suppsed to last over one hour but we spent only 30min on the airport. At 7:30, we board for the second time of the day on our plane, same seat. The plane is less full than the first part of the flight.

It's 7:50pm when we pushed-back, and it's dark outside. Sorry for the reflect!

Sunrise's Airbus will spend the night here and will go tomorrow morning to Havana.
photo img_1172

Af's caribbean network seat.
photo img_1174

the pitch
photo img_1177

AF (carribean) network, with winair and AirAntilles Express
photo img_1183

TX and 3S go to Santo-Domingo in ATR42&72, and even up to Port-Au-Prince for TX (also in ATR). I think it's a long trip in ATR, and AF's 320 are better for this. TX operated the flight to northern caribbean in Embraer190, but this plane has been removed from their fleet.
We continue our climb and we pass over Gonaïves, a city between Port-Au-Prince (capital city of Haïti) and Cap-Haïtien (the 2nd largest city).
photo img_1184
photo img_1185

Horatius test
photo img_1222

The curtains for a socio-spatial discrimination.
photo img_1224

Because of a break in a cold chain "i don't exactly know the words in english), the catering won't be served on this flight. We'll only have apero snacks.

the catering with 2 drinks
photo img_1226

then cabin's light has been shut down for passengers wanted to sleep.

Toilets are clean
photo img_1228
photo img_1229
photo img_1230
photo img_1231

we start our descent at 9:30pm
photo img_1241
photo img_1242
photo img_1243

I'm very happy to have chosen rseat on the right side, thanks to that i'll have a beautiful view of miami CBD.
photo img_1244
photo img_1245
photo img_1246
photo img_1247
photo img_1248
photo img_1249
photo img_1250

Still descending on west-miami
*photo img_1252
photo img_1253
photo img_1255

Touchdown at 9:45pm

Lady and gentleman, it's 9:45pm and we just arrived at Miami international. in the name AirFrance-KLM and our SkyTeam partenairs, we wish you pleasent holiday.

it's hard to have good pics
A380 AF.
photo img_1260

767 Lan
photo img_1261

South Terminal Rotond, between H&J concourses.
photo img_1262

Mister luggage
photo img_1263

it's empty at this time.
photo img_1264

Then we must pass US border Police, but surprisingly it been made quickly.

The very cold Miami airport (international arrivals)
photo img_1289photo img_1290photo img_1291

FIDS at rental car place
photo img_1294

rental car center
photo img_1303
photo img_1304
photo img_1305


photo img_1309
Landing on Miami, just south of the CBD
photo img_1310

and let's go for a 24h sotp-over at Miami (with an outside temperature of 55F). Living in Guadeloupe, we didn't go to the ugly miami- beach lmfao, just re-visiting miami, why not ?
see ya for the American part from Miami to Denver int'l.
and sorry for my bad english level:))
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Air France

Cabin crew9.5

Port-au-Prince - PAP


Miami - MIA



AF: Good flight, crew was nice. Airplane was equipped by USB outlets.

PAP: Hard to note Port-Au-Prince. Many efforts have been made since January 10th 2010 earthquake. it's a very poor country and the airport is one ouf their pride. they try to have an opening on the tourism. It works because there are flights between PAP and PTP, Paris, Atlanta, orlando, miami, fort lauderdale, nyc, and boston.

MIA: I don't like Miami airport. certainly it is practical, but there is often waiting at the plice because of south-america flights. The airport is not confortable (for have sleep many times inside). AC is to low, making the airport the Groenland. Nevertheless, MIA is well connected to Miami city center.



  • Comment 439145 by
    bonvoyage 271 Comments

    Merci pour ce FR !
    La même cabine qu'en Europe et plutôt confortable pour un vol de cette durée.
    Dommage, du coup, pour le catering...
    Sinon, un bon vol avec AF avec un équipage au top !
    A bientôt !

  • Comment 439149 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 7318 Comments

    Merci pour ce FR,

    "Les sièges du réseau Caraïbes, je ne sais pas si ça correspond à une cabine spécifique d'AF." => typique cabine moyen courriers d'AF.

    Prestation réduit pour le catering, cela reste bien léger!

    N'oubliez pas de réduire vos photos avec des outils type "paint" pour pouvoir les remettre dans le bon sens.

    Bonne journée à vous et à bientôt!

    • Comment 439198 by
      Loouri GOLD AUTHOR 466 Comments

      Merci pour ton commentaire.

      La cabine était plutôt confortable.

      Dommage en effet pour le catering, J’espère qu’au retour ça sera mieux et sans rupture de la chaîne du froid !
      Je prends note pour les photos.

      A bientôt.

  • Comment 439202 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD 12368 Comments

    Merci Loouri pour le partage !

    Dommage pour la chaine de froid pas respectée et l'absence de catering qui en résulte.

    On est d'accord concernant Miami, ce n'est pas la partie la plus jolie et encore moins la plus attrayante de la Floride !

    A bientôt !

    • Comment 439253 by
      Loouri GOLD AUTHOR 466 Comments


      Miami est une station balnéaire pure, et quand ce n’est pas notre dada, on ne voit pas tellement d’intérêt à y rester.
      Pour moi c’est surtout l’escale n•1 pour les USA.

      A bientôt, merci pour le commentaire !

  • Comment 439235 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8245 Comments

    Merci de ce FR original Loouri. Des PNC vraiment au top et qui rendent le vol bien agréable; Le problème du catering est dommageable mais il faut meiux ne pas tenter le diable avec une nourriture pas fraiche et encore plus en avion. Peut être est ce un problème lié à l'escale de PAP ?

    • Comment 439252 by
      Loouri GOLD AUTHOR 466 Comments

      Salut et merci!

      Les PNC sont un plus.
      Pour le catering, dommage en effet mais être malade pendant les vacances à cause d’une viande avariée etc, et de surcroît en territoire américain ce n’est pas la meilleure solution, comme vous dites.
      Je pense qu’ils ont fait au mieux!

      A bientôt !

  • Comment 439374 by
    AirBretzel TEAM GOLD 7367 Comments

    Merci Louri pour ce FR sur une route AF originale.
    Dommage de ne pas avoir eu le catering mais être malade aurait été pire.
    Un coup de chance de ne pas attendre à la douane, j'ai de mauvais souvenirs à ce niveau là (et pas que à MIA)
    A bientôt

    • Comment 439390 by
      Loouri GOLD AUTHOR 466 Comments

      Merci pour le commentaire !
      Je passe 5-6fois/an à Miami, et les passages rapides à la douane se comptent sur le doigt d’une main, c’est pour dire.
      Cependant, même si j’ai parfois beaucoup attendu ailleurs, ça a toujours été pour moi à Miami le pire.

      a bientot !

  • Comment 439398 by
    mogoy GOLD 10373 Comments

    Merci pour ce FR.
    Intéressante ligne rarement reportée. Mais dommage pour le catering dont on n'aura pas la dernière version. Mais cela vaut mieux que d'avoir tout un avion et deux pilotes intoxiqués.

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