Review of ANA flight Tokyo Los Angeles in First

Airline ANA
Flight NH176
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 09:40
Take-off 11 Mar 18, 16:00
Arrival at 12 Mar 18, 09:40
NH   #30 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 232 reviews
By 2320
Published on 19th April 2018
Greetings Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by. I plan to share a series of flights that provided a chance to try several First Class products and lounges that were new to me and also enjoy some familiar but fantastic experiences along the way. A while back I had enough Krisflyer miles in my account to wait list for SQ25. This is a tough nut to crack for us mere mortals. (Rewardflying uses Jedi mind tricks to secure space on a whim.) I went about searching the SQ award engine for the rest of the year and wait listed on the only 4 dates (that could possibly work with my schedule) where even wait listing was available. I wait listed for both JFK-FRA and JFK-SIN. Fast forward several months and the magic email arrives telling me I have 48 hours to confirm my booking but only on the JFK-FRA segment. I'll take it!

If I'm going to be in FRA and flying Star Alliance I will all too sad not to drop in on my German friends and their spectacular lounges. The problem is I cannot book LH F through Krisflyer until space opens two weeks prior to departure. This date would come after my 48 hour window to book SQ. In comes the trusty Star Alliance member Asiana and their ever present F availability. I booked JFK-FRA-ICN on SQ and OZ as a place holder until LH comes calling. The SQ change fees are so very minimal it was worth it to me to have something. Worst case scenario is 10 hours in an OZ A380 suite. Concurrently I place flight alerts on Expert Flyer for just about every LH flight heading east form either FRA or MUC. The two week window arrives and the emails start flying in. Well, not really. FRA-PEK, FRA-PVG and, most interesting to me, MUC-PVG all offer O class space. Munich piques my interest as I have never done LH F from there and I know they have a new F lounge as well as a remodeled F lounge. Oh and expert Flyer was showing F8 for MUC-PVG.

I can't leave the table while I'm up so I start looking for where to go after PVG on this ticket. I would like to get to Tokyo but the connections don't work without an 8 hour wait. International to International MCT at PVG is 2 ours, just FYI so the other options didn't allow enough time. What about Osaka? I do like Osaka a great deal for night time food and adult beverage consumption. Plus, it's closer to Tokyo… Great, let's add PVG-KIX and book this thing! The Krisflyer rep on the phone had me hold to verify this was a legal routing but I'm confident. Shortly I have an email confirming JFK-FRA-MUC-PVG-KIX. What fun!

Now to get to JFK. I had a little snafu, you may have read about, with a ticket issued by American Airlines. Due to a date error i wasn't able to use it when I expected. I think I will try to use these miles/ticket to get to JFK. Then, in a somewhat miracle fashion, the points blogosphere blows up with news of AA releasing a lot of F and J space on the LAX-JFK transcon routes. Normally this is none. OK, this was meant to be. I look up my date and low and behold it's there. F space from LAX-JFK that fits perfectly. A call to AA and a super agent even waived all the fees. She siad technically I'm upgrading to a higher class of service so she can waive the change fee on the award ticket. Never mind that the city pairs had changed… I had to kick in 20k extra miles but i was excited to try the new AA F experience with new lounges and dining.

There is now one hole. TYO-LAX. I suppose you know how that ends. ANA of course. My favorite redemption, for 110k Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles, I booked NRT-LAX-NRT with the outbound to complete this mission and the return to begin another adventure in November. Enough talk, let's fly.

Behold the visual representation courtesy of

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Carrier, route, equipment, class, lounge, and procurement method:

American Airlines - LAX-JFK - A321T - First - Flagship Lounges and Flagship First Dining - Advantage Miles
Singapore Airlines - JFK-FRA - A380-800 - Suites - Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse - Krisflyer
Lufthansa - FRA-MUC - A320 - Business - First Class Terminal (Bonus Porsche Experience)- Krisflyer
Lufthansa - MUC-PVG - A340-600 - First - First Class Lounge(s) - Krisflyer
ANA - PVG-KIX - 767-300ER - Business - Air China Lounge (Bonus Osaka Night Walk) - Krisflyer
Japan Airlines - ITM-NRT - 767-300ER - Business - No Lounge(Bonus walk around Narita) - Cash
ANA - NRT-LAX - 777-300ER - First - Suites Lounge(s) - Virgin Atlantic Flying Club (This Report)

Narita Terminal 1 Observation Deck

After a delightful stroll about Narita I returned to the airport. I am a creature of habit and tend to tread the same paths over and over. Not because I don't like new experiences but rather I do like familiar and comforting experiences. I'm sure many people have their favorite spot in nature to relax and reflect. Perhaps it's a beach or a mountain top lookout. Mine is here. At an airport. The ritual goes like this: Visit the Lawson store on the 5th floor of the North Wing to grab a beer. Don't be distracted by all of the food items. Proceed to outdoor observation deck. Breath in the Jet A and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Lawson fired goodies.

photo 20180310_185519photo 20180310_185524

Spotting beer.

photo 20180310_190236

Real airplane action.

Ahhh, wasn't that nice? Now it's time to head inside. I know I can get a mobile boarding pass on my phone or even visit a kiosk but those are joyless experiences. A private lounge for check in is far more interesting.

photo 20180310_192123photo 20180310_192214photo 20180310_192222

ANA Suites Lounge No. 5 Satellite

Boarding pass in hand and not gate assigned yet I ventured to the No. 5 Satellite Suites Lounge.

photo 20180310_193847photo 20180310_195424

The hoards of passengers haven't arrived yet so I get my choice of seating.

I direct my escort to a window seat and she offers me a beverage. I request water and Champagne which are both quickly delivered along with a warm oshibori.

photo 20180310_200129photo 20180310_200133

The Comte de Brimont Premier Cru Brut is a refreshing and easy drinking wine. This is my first time enjoying the Brimont.
photo 20180310_213741photo 20180310_195941

A look at the buffet landscape.

photo 20180310_195841photo 20180310_195851

Elgar for a snack I approach the noodle bar and request the kakiage soba. It's a perfect snack and the bonito scented broth is very comforting.

The noodle bar menu.

photo 20180310_220002 2photo 20180310_220005 2

My selection.

photo 20180310_200516photo 20180310_200522

Soba and champagne with a view.

photo 20180310_200944photo 20180310_202807

Around this time I request a shower room to freshen up from both the long travel day behind me and long travel night ahead. The shower facilities are not designed with luxury in mind but they are very functional and every amenity conceivable is provided. I appreciatet he fan as the room can get quite warm. I don't believe the other lounge has the fans so use the No. 5 Satellite Suites Lounge for your shower rather than the No. 4 Satellite (40s gates).

photo 20180310_194027
photo 20180310_194018 2
photo 20180310_194032 2

After the trip to the shower notice NH176 has been assigned a gate and it's on the other side of the terminal. I decide to make the trip now and pop in the other Suites Lounge if time permits.

photo 20180310_212300

This lounge also has nice ramp views.

photo 20180310_212726

SQ11 is readying to continue the trip form LAX-SIN.

photo 20180310_214213
photo 20180310_215515
photo 20180310_215532


I seem to have lost track of time airplane gazing as it's time to board. The excitement is high as I make the walk downstairs to the departure level and locate gate 42. Boarding is already underway so I proceed directly on board the aircraft.

photo 20180310_223339 2

Warm greetings and bows complete I make the turn towards 2A. I will learn shortly that the "A" side of the cabin is all mine and the "B" side will only have one passenger as well. I'm really getting spoiled with separate bed and seat First Class trips. It's such a spectacular luxury to have the bed made and ready when you want it and still a seat to recline and watch a film or have a snack.

photo 20180310_223550
photo 20180310_224649
photo 20180310_224659
photo 20180310_224704 2
photo 20180310_233400 2

Perhaps I've complained enough about the seat design blocking the window in favor of an assortment of small storage compartments and seat controls so I'll skip that rant. Here's what you get instead of a beautiful view of the massive GE power-plant and elegant wing.

There is another compartment to your right that can hold eye glasses and a water bottle.

photo 20180310_225135 2photo 20180310_225139 2

As per my routine I opt to don the lounge wear right away so I am escorted to the lav and presented with a hanger. I really appreciate the little service touches like lowering the platform for me so I can change without standing on the lav floor.

photo 20180310_224339 2

The lounge wear is rather utilitarian but comfortable.

photo 20180310_224239 2photo 20180310_224243 2

The lavatory itself is well outfitted with amenities and unique features like the bidet toilet. I guess I have to decide if I'm and emulsion man or lotion man. Why must we take sides. Sometimes it is appropriate to emulsify and sometimes lotion is called for. Either way ANA has your back.

We push from the gate more or less on time and taxi over to 16R. Traffic is light at this hour with the evening rush starting after our departure.

photo 20180310_231814photo 20180310_232050photo 20180310_232214 2

Takeoff is forceful and cacophonous on the 777-300ER.

photo 20180310_232352photo 20180310_232405photo 20180310_232708

The seat belt sign is turned off at around 10,000' and the menu is presented for my review. It's an epic read, as always.

Let's start with the drinks. I apologize for the blurry pictures, tehre were some bumps on initial climb. I'll put them in there in case they're of use to someone.

photo 20180310_234051
photo 20180310_234136 2
photo 20180310_234140 2
photo 20180310_234148 2
photo 20180310_234148 3
photo 20180310_234152 2
photo 20180310_234209 2
photo 20180310_234209 3
photo 20180310_234218 2
photo 20180310_234226 2
photo 20180310_234226 3
photo 20180310_234228 2
photo 20180310_234228 3
photo 20180310_234235 2
photo 20180310_234235 3
photo 20180310_234239 2
photo 20180310_234239 3
photo 20180310_234247 2
photo 20180310_234247 3
photo 20180310_234249 2
photo 20180310_234249 3

The savory and sweet delights.
photo 20180310_234348 2
photo 20180310_234348 3
photo 20180310_234616
photo 20180310_234623
photo 20180310_234633
photo 20180310_234927
photo 20180310_234932
photo 20180310_234935
photo 20180310_234937
photo 20180310_234946
photo 20180310_234951

Spoiled for choice and overwhelmed like a child in a toy shop my first choice was easy.

photo 20180310_235158photo 20180310_235207 2

The lovely and engaging flight attendant pointed out the Krug ID, something I was not aware of. I'll spare you the wine ponce drivel but the facts on this bottle are as follows:

Received its cork: Summer 2016
Blend: 127 wines
The oldest wine: 1990
The youngest wine: 2008

photo 20180310_235233 2

The aperitif pairings are really lovely and this is one of my favorite parts of the service.

The pace is as you like and I tend to linger on the Krug and canapes but eventually the table is meticulously set for the main event. Today a bread basket was placed on the tray. This is either a new service element or an FA going rogue. I rather it not be there as it takes up a lot of space and I will be tempted to nibble. Also, the bread just gets cold.

photo 20180311_001028photo 20180311_001022photo 20180311_001019

All of the appetizers read like culinary pornography and it's difficult to make a selection. Luckily the light load makes it so I don't have to.

I started with the rather verbose "tartar style of marinated red sea bream and botan shrimp, dill and anise-flavored vinaigrette with caviar." Say that ten times fast. It turned out to be a lovely crudo in both presentation and flavor. The caviar almost seems like an afterthought because, well, it's first class and there has to be caviar.

Next is the Hokkaido scallop and crab meat remoulade, high sugar content tomato with orange sauce. The plating is stunning and must take quite a bit of time. The tastes and textures were all winners. The super ripe tomato with the acidic citrus was to die for.

photo 20180311_002553photo 20180311_002600photo 20180311_002845

There will be no showing of the soup and salad today as the I passed on those courses. I wanted to save every parcel of digestive space for the Hokkaido wagyu beef with miso-flavored vegetable filling. This was a ratehr remarkable "airplane" serving of beef. The marble, the rare cookery, and the earthy miso glaze made quite an impression. I don't know how you execute this better at 30,000'. I'm not even sure if you need teeth to enjoy this slab of bovine perfection.

photo 20180311_004543photo 20180311_004550photo 20180311_005159

I have developed a following for the rindo wines thanks to ANA. It's an interesting study in combining Japanese precision and attention to detail and lovely Napa Valley fruit. It was a sensational companion to this beef dish.

photo 20180311_003119photo 20180311_004256 2

The are very few scenarios where I will pass of the cheese course. It was also a perfect foil for trying the "limited" red wine for this route. This spicy Syrah was also lovely and sat well with the rich cheeses.

photo 20180311_003135photo 20180311_011358 2

The Hokkaido products do seem to be prominently featured on today's menu.

photo 20180311_012851photo 20180311_011044photo 20180311_011049

We've made it this far it's probably best to have a look at a sweet. Again, like the first course, I have a had time choosing but settle on the ice cream and yoghurt sorbet. I hope the milk is from Hokkaido. The creamy richness is spot on and the frozen bits are served in a semi softened state rather than rock hard.

photo 20180311_013631photo 20180311_013635

After dessert the table is cleared and my wine is moved to the side table. Some petits fours are presented as it's not appropriate to have an alcoholic beverage without a bite of some kind.

photo 20180311_015240photo 20180311_015244

My bed is setup in 1A for me to retire at my leisure.

photo 20180311_031843 2photo 20180311_031850

It's not possible to retire just yet as there is an important aspect of ANA First Class travel yet completed: Suntory time, The Hibiki 21. Such a treat.

photo 20180311_033837

I will note that any time I left my seat or bed for the lavatory I would return to a folded seat belt and/or turned down duvet.

photo 20180311_032211

Eventually sleep is inevitable and I succumb and wake up just prior to daybreak about 1:45 out of LAX.

Of course hunger is not at issue but desire to sample more flavors is. With that I take my arrival meal from the "Light Dishes Anytime" portion of the menu rather than the set menus. I request the ippudo "Soration" ramen and the grilled chicken skewers for that last grasp at Japanese comfort food. A cappuccino as well.

photo 20180311_081923photo 20180311_081820photo 20180311_081916

Proactively the flight attendant offers me a taste of the seasonal offer, Apple Juice: "Mapple Juice Fuji" and it's phenomenal. And not from Hokkaido.

photo 20180311_091008 2

Soon my glorious dream was over and we were holding for a Spirit A321 to take off info a foggy So Cal sky.

photo 20180311_095218
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Cabin crew9.0

ANA Suite Lounge Satellite No. 4


Tokyo - NRT


Los Angeles - LAX



The Ground Service: The private check in lobby is spacious and there is never a wait. Te service there is magnificent. I also appreciate the private security screening attached to the check in facility.

The Lounge: I think the lounge comes in a level below many of the top First Class lounges in the world. That said, i almost always have a pleasant stay and find some tasty treat to enjoy as well.

The Cabin: It's hard to not love a semi-private First Class cabin. One with spacious beds, proper bedding, and loads of personal space. The blocking of the windows still confounds me.

The Crew: I'm running out of superlatives. I could just copy and paste from previous stories. The only thing more amazing than the high level of thoughtful, gracious service is the consistency with which they can deliver such precision.

The Food and Beverage: The only carrier that competes with ANA in my experience is JAL. The food and drinks are outrageous in quality, presentation, and execution.

Overall: I've had a good handful of these ANA F TPACs and I'm still over the moon excited for the next. They surprise and delight every time.

Thank you for reading and happy flying.

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    Rewardflying 493 Comments
    Hi Christian, Another great report. As I was scrolling down the menu I was wondering if you would pick the Japanese meal. Then I saw Hokkaido wagyu and that pretty sealed the deal. Looked great, as did the whole experience. Oh and thanks for reminding me I recently cancelled FC ANA ;) Happy reward flying
    • Comment 442308 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Hi Mark, thanks for the note. I need to branch out and do the Kaiseki. I have two chances next week with SQ SIN-HND and NH NRT-LAX. The SQ Kaiseki menu sounds quite good so I'm leaning that way. I can't imagine it's anything other than spectacular on ANA given the high standards.

      "Oh and thanks for reminding me I recently cancelled FC ANA ;)"
      -Did something good on UA come up? ;)

      Thanks again and happy flying.
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    -Did something good on UA come up? ;)
    HaHa, very funny.

    Yes I've read the SQ Kaiseki is outstanding. I'll be trying the business class version over the summer, which reminds me that I canceled the first class version to try the business class version.

    Look forward to your reports Christian. Traveling to SIN on??
    • Comment 442513 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Hi Mark - Next week is one of those trips that you plan far in advance, think it will never come, and then, all of a sudden, it's imminent. CX LAX-HKG, TG J and F (got TG'd) HKG-BKK_SIN, SQ SYD-SIN-HND, and NH NRT-LAX. I'll be in SIN for the night of May 4th and Tokyo May 5th if you're in town! Happy flying.
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    Rewardflying 493 Comments
    Hi Christian, yes I remember. You got in on the UA deal 40K FC down to SYD on Thai. I'm wearing my Thai PJ top today and thinking I want to try them again some time. But more important, aren't you on the new SQ A380 FC? No plans yet, but sound enticing!
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    Yes! New Suites on SQ232 SYD-SIN. Hoping I don't get SQ'd...but I don't think that's a thing... Happy flying Mark.

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