Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok London in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG910
Class Economy
Seat 46A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:05
Take-off 09 Apr 18, 01:10
Arrival at 09 Apr 18, 07:15
TG   #47 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 398 reviews
By 8379
Published on 12th April 2018

Bangkok to London with Thai Airways International

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Sawasdee! Welcome to this flight report of Thai Airways International flight TG910 from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to London Heathrow. This flight was originally supposed to be operated by an A380, but due to some problems.. it was changed to a 777-300ER, which was equally fine to me. As this is my first ever review on, do expect some errors, I'm very sorry.

THAI's Boeing 777-300ER

Thai Airways International's Boeing 777-300ER only has 2 class Royal Silk and Economy. There are 42 seats in Royal Silk Class in a 1-2-1 configuration and a whopping 306 seats in Economy class in a 3-3-3 configuration

Economy Class:
Pitch: 32 Inches
Width: 18 Inches

Royal Silk Class:
Pitch: 87 Inches
Width: 20 Inches

*According to SeatGuru*
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The journey started at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), one of the 2 airports serving Bangkok, also called The City of Angles. It is usually busy everyday, but during the Songkran Holidays, it gets even busier because in this period, Thais are rushing out of Bangkok. Either to see their families, or travel abroad. Possibly the busiest time of BKK, as most THAI heavies depart BKK during this time.

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After I passed through security check and immigration, I headed to the Wisdom lounge, which was overcrowded, as most of THAI's daily flights to Europe departs during this time. Food was also disappointing, but it was fine, as long as we don't have to pay for lounge access. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the lounge, as I didn't want to disturb others. After the visit, I headed straight to the gate D3, where my flight departs from, and see HS-TKZ, waiting for us to board.

photo dsc00187photo img_2880

As I boarded the magnificent bird through door L2, I turned right and was greeted by a beautiful Royal Silk Class cabin, then followed by the colourful Economy Class cabin. THAI's Economy class cabin looks gorgeous I'd even go as far as saying that they have the best-looking seats in the industry. What a good first impression!

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As I sat down in my seat, 46A. The first thing I noticed was the legroom, it was very comfortable for me, a guy who's 176cm tall, and is slowly becoming the norm throughout the aviation industry. Though, the seat itself isn't as comfortable as on their Airbus A350-900s, which I've flown numerous times on both short and long haul flights. I'm not sure about the differences between the seats, but I feel like there is more recline on the A350, and also the headrest is more practical. That being said, I'd take the A350 over the 777 any day.

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There are 2 seat adjustment options, the first button is for reclining, the second to adjust the lumbar support. Rather nice overall.

photo img_2888

Waiting at my seat were purple blankets and pillows. No travel kits provided.

photo img_2887

Each seat has PTV screens, that could be controlled by the remote below it. It also touch-screen, but it is sometimes unresponsive, so I'd recommend using the remote instead. There was a huge variety of movies though (more on that later)

photo img_2881photo img_2886

Seat 46A has a nice wingview..

photo img_2884
Royal Jordanian 787-8 waiting for her departure back to Amman

The takeoff from Suvarnabhumi was smooth, then headed towards The Bay of Bengal.

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When we reached cruising altitude, dinner was served. It consists of Shrimp and Potato Salad, Green Chicker Curry with pickled Turnips, Almond Cake,and Bun with Butter. It was the same thing I had when I flown on TG924 to Munich last October, nevertheless, it still looked delicious.

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Thai Airways Economy Class Dinner

The cake tasted delicious, and the curry was great too, but I've had better food on THAI. First, I thought the portion was a little bit on the smaller side, but I was wrong, and didn't even finish the whole thing. Overall, the meal was great. I just wished the curry has a little bit more taste.

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As passengers finished their dinner, the flight attendants came around to collect the finished trays. After that, the cabin lights were turned off, letting the passengers, including me, to get some sleep.

photo img_2905
Good Morning!

The seat was comfortable enough for the flight, and the headrest helped a lot too. Despite all the positive comments, the recline wasn't much at all. I would expect a little more in terms of that. I woke up 4 to 5 times during the middle of the night. And again, the seats on the A350 are much more comfortable.

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Thai Airways Economy Class Seat upholstery

Taking a closer look at these seats, the upholstery was beautiful! There are even little patterns of triangles :)

photo img_2910

As a person who's really into animated movies, I chosed to watch Disney Pixar's Coco. It was one of the best in the recent years, but maybe behind Zootopia in terms of storyline and lore. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

photo img_2896
Thai Airways TV Shows selection

photo img_2895
Thai Airways Movie selection

I did not take any photos of the Breakfast, but it was just the 'normal' breakfast which consists of Omlette, Croissant with Butter and Jam, Yoghurt,Mixed Fruit juice, and water. It tasted alright.

photo img_2926
Almost there!

We descended from 34,000 ft, and we couldn't see anything out of the window but fog.

photo img_2924photo img_2928photo img_2929

We landed on time and then taxied to T2, where our plane parked at a gate

photo img_2930

Here is a last look at the Thai Airways 777-300ER Economy Class Seats

photo img_2931

Thanks for scrolling through my first-ever review on! I hope to write more of these in the future. The next review will be on Thai Airways' Airbus A380s from London Heathrow to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi :)

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Bangkok - BKK


London - LHR



Overall, it was just a standard flight on Thai Airways, but 'standard' on the airline is enough to impress me. First off, the cabin and the seat looks great, and is comfortable enough for this 12-hour flight. Secondly, the enternatinment selection was great, I was able to watch one of the newest movies, the screen was also very modern, but the touchscreen was unresponsive. Thirdly, the catering was very good. I just wished the menu changes every month, so that I don't get the same meal like my last flight. And lastly, the soft product was nice enough. The crew wasn't overly friendly or anything, but they did their job.

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  • Comment 440768 by
    PauPei2001 5 Comments
    Thanks for this flight-report but be careful, you wrote a380 instead of 777-300ER in the introduction.
  • Comment 440794 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10222 Comments
    Sawasdee! and thanks for sharing this report with us. Quite a good " standard" flight with good legroom a nice IFE a good crew and a nice catering. What esle could you ask for in economy ? eehhe for the spoiler ? your next flight ?
  • Comment 440800 by
    Arq 43 Comments
    Sawasdee and Khob Khun krup, it's such a nice review. Regarding the seat, I think 777-300er and A350 use the same seat (Zodiac 5751, if I am not mistaken). However, A350 use the newer generation of seats and Entertainment screens. That might be the reason why. They might have improved ergonomic design in the newer seat. However, what I love about 77W seat is the lumbar support function (that you can adjust on the second button on the arm rest, you can see that there are two button as opposed to one on A350). I found it to be nice and flexible enough.
    • Comment 440915 by
      MarkkiMarkk AUTHOR 12 Comments
      Hi there, Arq! I'm pretty sure that the seats THAI used on their A359s are the Rockwell Collins(formerly B/E Aerospace) Pinnacle seats, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I have to agree with you that the lumbar support function helped a lot in terms of comfort, but sadly, they didn't install it on their A359s. Nevertheless, I still think that the A359 seats are that little bit better, but that's just my opinion. Thank you very much for reading and commenting! :)
  • Comment 440802 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Welcome and thanks for this FR.
    The A380 can't be beaten in terms of comfort in Y class.
    I also like the seat fabric used in the newer TG cabins.
    The catering is exactly the same than my BKK-CDG last fall.
  • Comment 440961 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    A very nice first report. TG consistently offer a good product in Economy on long-haul. It certainly helps that they still offer a 3-3-3 configuration on their 77Ws unlike most airlines these days doing 3-4-3.

    Thanks for sharing and welcome!

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