Review of Qatar Airways flight Bangkok Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR 831
Class Economy
Seat 47K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:35
Take-off 17 Feb 18, 08:35
Arrival at 17 Feb 18, 12:10
QR   #7 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 627 reviews
By 2370
Published on 9th May 2018
Hi and welcome to the report number 8 in this SE Asia trip series:

05.02 BKK-REP, THAI SMILE - A320 -
07.02 REP-KUL, AIR ASIA - A320neo -
12.02 SGN-PQC, VIET JET AIR - A321 -
17.02 BKK-DOH, QATAR AIRWAYS - A380 - you are here

After more than two weeks spent in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam it was time to go back home. I wasn't happy at all to leave SE Asia with its 35 degrees Celsius compared to -5 (or -15 a couple of days later) in Poland but all good things come to an end fast and we can do nothing about it. The good thing was that the first leg of the journey back home was supposed to be operated by A380 that I have already tried two weeks before but as it was a night flight and I was more than exhausted after a long stopover, I was looking forward to this one as if it was almost my A380 virgin flight.


It was a busy morning as always at BKK (to be honest I've travelled to and from this airport a couple of times already in different times of night and day and have never seen it calm or empty). We used the entrance number 7 that is the closest to QR check-in desks.

photo img_9583photo rsz_img_9585

We were quite early and there wasn't much people there yet. There was almost no queue to BAG DROP desks (we've checked in online)

photo img_9588photo rsz_img_9586photo rsz_img_9587

The deamon was there as always

photo rsz_img_9589

Current departures

photo rsz_img_9590

A look from above on what seems to be Emirates check-in area

photo rsz_img_9592

After having a coffee and croissant we headed directly to our gate E4

photo img_9594photo img_9595

It required a lot of effort to take a decent photo of our A380 but while Suvarnabhumi isn't generally too spotting friendly it gets even harder in the morning with all the humidity covering the windows.

Boarding started on time and as always in case of a jet of this size we were divided into boarding zones. Our zone, as we were travelling in the most forward economy cabin, was supposed to board last.

photo img_9608

During my first flight I didn't have the possibility to see the front stairs but now as I'm travelling in the front section, here they are :)

photo img_9611photo img_9613photo img_9614

The front cabin during boarding

photo img_9609photo img_9610

And my seat 47 K with a lot of space

View of the cabin with stairs in front

photo img_9621photo img_9640

I've tried all the cameras to see if they worked. They did but the gear camera showed obviously only the tarmac surface

photo img_9620photo img_9622photo img_9623

Windows in A380 are usually blamed for being too deep and photo unfriendly. It wasn't easy but if you get used to it, you can take really decent photos.

EK A380 preparing for a flight back to DXB

Air Astana 757

photo img_9647

Thai 777-300

photo img_9652

China Southern 737-800

photo img_9655

Safety video was played during taxi. There was also a digital version of the safety card available among the IFE content

Taxi was long but we could see the queue for take off thanks to the front and tail camera

photo img_9656photo img_9659photo img_9660

Etihad 777-300

photo img_9657

Bangkok Airways A320

photo img_9658

SriLankan A321

photo img_9663

Thai Smile A320

photo img_9664

We are followed by two Queens of the skies

Our turn to go up

Slowly leaving Bangkok area

Menus were distributed when we reached our cruising altitude. We were totally fed up with Asian food that we had for the last two weeks and were looking very much forward to the European style breakfast number 1

photo img_9712

Unfortunately my portion of the omellete was the last one and my friend needed to take noodles that I shared with him giving him half of my hot breakfast. Generally speaking it was good and aboundant and the flight attendant that I will write more about a little bit later offered us additional croissants and beverages since not everything was available.

photo img_9759

Some half an hour after breakfast I felt bad, my stomach started to ache and I wasn't sure if it was the breakfast I've just had or rather something I ate the night before in Bangkok. I went to the galley and found there the same flight attendant that served us breakfast. I asked her for coke explaining I had some digestion problems. She gave me my coke and said she would give me more if I need it. Half an hour later she came to me to ask if I need more coke and brought me another can. Then, another half an hour later I was given another one without asking and then she came again to ask if I'm ok and if she could help in any way. I've never been treated so well during any of my air travels. It's a pity I didn't see her name so that I could thank her here for her care. Anyway, it was the best crew I've experienced so far having flown almost 200 times.

This time a tour to see the lower deck was obligatory, first I visited the lavtories

photo img_9719photo img_9720photo img_9721

And then the other two economy sections

In the meantime we flew over the Irawadi river delta in Myanmar and entered the airspace of India where, as always, some turbulence occured from time to time

I watched a movie and listened to some music while we passed India and Pakistan

The second meal was served above Iran - it was the usual meat or vege sweet and savoury pastry set with the muffin being completely inedible. The second part however was ok, the meat option being slightly better than the vege one.

photo img_9789photo img_9792

As we were flying along Iranian south coast I was able to spot the small island of Hormuz and the big island of Qeshm. Funny that all this part of the world looks frome above as there was no life there, just sea and sand.

Then we flew again over Iranian mainland before the final crossing of the Gulf

photo img_9819photo img_9823photo img_9828

Some ships, oil platforms and Qatar peninsula emerging from the blue sea

It happened to be one of the most beautiful descents I've seen with deep blue water, lagoons and desert

What a faboulous approach to DOH over Pearl Qatar and with West Bay city center in distance!

Very smooth landing as for a bird of this size

Welcome back to Doha

photo img_9895photo img_9896photo img_9897

After a short taxi we made it to our parking position. While we were still in the air and I made a small walk to see the other two economy cabins I was asked by one of the CC members what was the aim of this walk. I explained I wanted to see the A380 and it was then when he offered me a visit to the upper deck as soon as all the business and first class passengers disembark. So when most of our co-passengers where leaving the aircraft we approached the same male FA to ask him if we can go upstairs as promised. He spoke to the purser and after a while we were invited to the upper deck. I was thrilled!!!

The first class occupies the front section

photo img_9899photo img_9900

The biggest part of the upper deck is occupied by the business class where blanket collection has already started

photo img_9920photo rsz_img_9904

Then there is the lounge

photo img_9914

And a small economy cabin at the very rear

photo rsz_img_9910

All the FAs met upstairs were very polite inviting us to come back to the upper deck as passengers one day. We left by the upper jetbridge which was also a bonus for me.

photo img_9921photo rsz_img_9923photo rsz_img_9926

That's all for now. To be continued soon. Many thanks for reading!
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew10.0

Bangkok - BKK


Doha - DOH



It was a great flight regarding most of all the cabin crew that was extremely nice, proactive and helpful and of course the aircraft that I had an opportunity to explore during the flight and after landing. Catering was ok, but I think they should provide passengers with more western style breakfast options and not only one that finishes after the few first rows. The muffin in the second service is simply disgusting, industrial and should be raplaced with something else as it spoils the meal service as a whole. Regular drinks that were provided from the trolley or available at the galley during entire flight were also a big bonus.

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  • Comment 444442 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    For once QR crew are praised, usually they're described as efficient but cold.
    It's surprising they ran out of the western option so early in the service, you were in the first rows!
    I guess you weren't the only one who was tired of asian food.
  • Comment 445728 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Hi Loukas, great report as always! BKK is a beautiful airport, but you're right that it's not very spotter-friendly despite so many windows. Overall the QR A380 Y product seems quite good. It was very nice of the cabin crew to take you to the upper deck to take pics.

    Great aerial shots of Doha on landing!
    • Comment 445963 by
      loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
      Hi, Kevin, thanks a lot for stopping by! The crew did a great job on this flight and I really can't say a bad word on QR in general. Doha looks best from above, that's true :) Have a great week!
  • Comment 448440 by
    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Ah, reading this FR reminds me of the comfort of this aircraft in Y.

    Nice spotting shots at BKK.

    “two Queens of the skies”
    What a stunning sight!

    Wonderful aerial shots.

    “Unfortunately my portion of the omellete was the last one”
    This seems to be a common occurrence with QR, it also happened to me multiple times.

    Glad to hear about the positives regarding the soft product. Btw, did you feel well afterwards?

    Beautiful shots prior to landing.

    How nice to see you were invited to the upper deck!
    • Comment 448562 by
      loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
      Hi and thanks for your comment. Yes, I was alright then, happily it was something short. The upper deck tour was a dream coming true (as the whole A380 experience). Regarding the food - maybe it's less expensive for the company to order more Asian style meals, I don't know, but a noodle breakfast is definitely not something you dream of after 2,5 weeks in SE Asia :) Have a good week!

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