Review of Citilink Indonesia flight Surabaya Majalengka in Economy

Airline Citilink Indonesia
Flight QG9820
Class Economy
Seat 1D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:30
Take-off 08 Jun 18, 05:25
Arrival at 08 Jun 18, 06:55
QG 17 reviews
Eric V P
By 556
Published on 10th June 2018
Report #38: QG9820 - Making our mark in West Java aviation history

This will be my report on flying on Citilink economy class from Surabaya SUB to Majalengka KJT (Kertajati International Airport), a short-haul intercity flight within Java island, on board their Airbus A320-200. This is also the first scheduled commercial flight arriving at KJT, so read on!

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Note that among the reviews series the KJT and 744 flights would be published soon, followed by the rest of the series.


It's not an usual occasion to be among the first to fly on a brand new airport (it's one thing when a new terminal opens, but when it's a whole new airport opening, let alone a long-awaited one, that's on a completely different level), so when I heard of the airport's first flight being confirmed I decided to make a trip around the very joyous occasion. The first flights announced to operate was the daily QG flight from/to SUB, so I decided to hop on it.

The prorated fare after OTA discount came at Rp401.000 (US$28), which was still cheap as the airport was virtually in the middle of nowhere with no expressway or rail connection yet.
photo qg9820 qg9821 08062018 receipt

Confession time: I paid up for the 1D seat, the closest possible seat to the door 1L so I would be one of the first to arrive at the new airport as well as a chance to rub shoulders with the officials. As much as I don't fancy paying for bulkhead seats, this was indeed a historical moment.

Trip to SUB and check-in

I opted to take a car to SUB terminal 1. At least the road wasn't crowded, so that's a plus (note that it would be particularly messy from afternoon onwards).
photo 20180608_044324

SUB terminal 1 kerbside
photo 20180608_045122

Like in many airports in Indonesia, ticket check was needed to enter the check-in area.
photo 20180608_045244

FIDS of the morning for SUB terminal 1A (1A refers to the ex-international terminal while 1B refers to the domestic terminal proper - QG together with ID and FS flies from terminal 1A) - where is the KJT-bound flight?
photo 20180608_045303

I then went through the preliminary security, which was fast.
photo 20180608_045554

Despite the seemingly quiet kerbside, the check-in area for QG was already quite bustling.
photo 20180608_045602

QG operate an all counter check-in mechanism for all flights, but their counters are often written as for one or two particular flights. Check-in took me around 5 - 6 minutes. During check-in I also asked:
- If he was aware of any form of celebration (ex.: reception) for the flight (no - in fact there was none of it in SUB), and
- The load for both flights (initially at 70/180 and 174/180), and
- Whether it would be possible to get my boarding pass for both flights (yes).
photo 20180608_045730

My boarding pass for the morning.
photo 20180608_061854

ID's check-in counters
photo 20180608_050309

After an escalator ride I went to the departure screening area, which first consisted of ticket check.
photo 20180608_050356

The ticket check was then followed by second security check. Due to my tight review schedule I had my 20 Ah portable battery with me, which had its capacity checked.
photo 20180608_050626

SUB transit area and departure

The transit area was still quiet with barely any shops opening.
photo 20180608_050634photo 20180608_050639

The waiting room wasn't that crowded, owing to the light load.
photo 20180608_050826

Between me not reading the boarding pass or the flight time being changed without informing, I then realized that the flight's boarding time was 4.30 AM instead of 4.55 AM had it followed the original schedule, so I quickly proceeded back after I had my breakfast at the public area. The boarding counter also sport Surya newspapers.
photo 20180608_054338_001

I then walked through the interstitial corridor to the aircraft stand at gate 11.
photo 20180608_054421

After that it's a short walk to the aerobridge
photo 20180608_054455

Those with blue and white clothing are the officials from various stakeholders such as the East Java branch of the Ministry of Transportation as well as from the airport itself.
photo 20180608_054524

Even some SUB-based officials were also seen shaking hands with the passengers for the inaugural flight.
photo 20180608_054549

I soon reached the aircraft where Ms. Rani, one of the flight attendants greeted. It also came as a strange revelation that she was also one of the flight attendants on the SUB-SRG flight the day before.
photo 20180608_054623

On board

Flight: QG9820
Plane: PK-GQO
STD/ATD: 05.00/05.02
STA/ATA: 06.25/06.02
Load factor: 38%Y (69/180)
Seat type: Standard economy class (bulkhead aisle seat)

The cabin for the morning. I was seated in 1D and therefore was the sole non-official in the first few rows. Note the person in uniform in 1B, who was the head of the East Java branch of the MoT, and also the improperly fitted seat marker.
photo 20180608_055050

Like most bulkhead seats, the seat pocket was located by the wall.
photo 20180608_054925

The table wasn't that big, but was enough given the meal service for the flight.
photo 20180608_061802

The standard contents were there as usual:
Safety card
photo 20180608_061813

Inflight menu
photo 20180608_061828

Inflight magazine
photo 20180608_061838

Store catalogue
photo 20180608_061844

Plastic airsickness bag
photo 20180608_061911

Seat pitch was pretty good.
photo 20180608_062057

Safety demonstration was done even before pushback.
photo 20180608_055859

We soon taxied out and afterwards took off from SUB, which was uneventful.
photo 20180608_060451

After the take-off it was another usual climb to the cruising altitude.
photo 20180608_061044

As I had paid up for the upfront seat (those who got into those seats without paying like the officials didn't receive anything) I received a complimentary snack service. The snack service consisted of:
Snack: multigrain bar
Drink: coconut water drink
photo 20180608_062713

I went to the lavatory, which was clean thanks to the low load, no free snack service for most, and the flight being the first one for the day.
photo 20180608_064113photo 20180608_064116

The cabin as seen from behind. The person walking to the lavatory would then ask me to have a photograph of him taken with the crews.
photo 20180608_064210

Galley visit time: I asked to Ms. Rani and the other flight attendant in the galley:
- Whether it was the exact same set of crew as the SUB-SRG flight (somehow yes),
- Was it the same plane as before (i.e. -GQL, note that I didn't have the chance to see the plane properly; no - it was -GQO instead),
- Were the catering for SUB-bound flight catered straight from KJT (no, they doubled up on the supplies from SUB), and
- About the flight time change (she only knew that there was an email from QG about flight time change).

In the spirit of tit-for-tat, after one of the officials asked to have his photo taken with the crews I then asked for the same.
photo 20180608_064002

Ms. Rani also offered me a hot drink, to which I opted for the powdered hot chocolate.
photo 20180608_064451

The view during descent, which despite being quite good was accompanied with some
photo 20180608_064459

During the flight I also discussed with the officials seated nearby (i.e. 1F and 1C) and found:
- A research done by an Indonesian IT consulting company found that there is significant traffic of people from Cirebon and its surroundings traveling to BDO for their flight,
- Either of them asked me whether the news of KJT had reached out to people in my university (no, even if it's been known based on the current flight timing the connection would be very inconvenient),
- There were plans for international flights, starting from Singapore,
- All shared the issue on road connectivity, which was still more than 2 km from the province road and even further from the Cikampek to Palimanan expressway, and
- The main VIP of the day would be Mr. Wahid Wahyudi, the person in seat 1B.

The weather was still rather foggy during the final approach.
photo 20180608_065918photo 20180608_070053

We soon approached the airport and landed, which was fortunately quite smooth.
photo 20180608_070239photo 20180608_070256

The control tower.
photo 20180608_070258

Side views of the terminal, which looked quite grand.
photo 20180608_070305photo 20180608_070307

Afterwards it was a short taxi to the gate.
photo 20180608_070944

Note the still unfinished apron.
photo 20180608_071014photo 20180608_071125

Our plane was then greeted with a water salute, and afterwards followed by applause from the passengers inside.
photo 20180608_071140photo 20180608_071148photo 20180608_071150

After I bid (not really a) farewell I proceeded through the aerobridge and then through the short corridor.
photo 20180608_071830photo 20180608_071848

Arrival ceremony at KJT

At the corridor we were greeted with children dancing following the song.
photo 20180608_071854

Some photos of the airport during its construction were displayed.
photo 20180608_071929photo 20180608_071935

Instead of being brought straight to the arrival hall we were brought down the interstitial corridor.
photo 20180608_071945

A clearer view of the control tower as well as -GQO.
photo 20180608_071952

The airport after construction was done from above.
photo 20180608_072000

We were in fact brought for the reception session.
photo 20180608_072025

The officials were readying themselves for the ceremony.
photo 20180608_072037

The arriving passengers receive a flower garland.
photo 20180608_072053photo 20180608_072057

After the garland was worn we were greeted by one of the directors of the airport authority.
photo 20180608_072126

Other passengers queuing for the flower garland.
photo 20180608_072155photo 20180608_072207

Me with the garland worn.
photo 20180608_072333

Some members of the press were present.
photo 20180608_072342

The crews and officials had their photos taken first.
photo 20180608_072829photo 20180608_072908

Afterwards the other passengers were invited (and no, I didn't join the photo taking session).
photo 20180608_073006photo 20180608_073120

While waiting I checked for Wi-Fi at the airport, which was still non-existent.

After the photo taking sessions it was time for the speeches session:
The first speech was from one of the airport officials, who also noted that among departing passengers that day they started arriving as early as 12.30 AM for 7.25 AM departure.

Afterwards it was speech from Mr. Djoko as one of Angkasa Pura II's directors.
photo 20180608_073848

There were quite a few members of the media, including from Berita Satu, CNN Indonesia, and Metro TV.
photo 20180608_074512

The last one was from Mr. Juliandra as QG's general director.
photo 20180608_074536

As I had a proper preview of the airport to do for the review, I excused myself and quickly made my way to the arrival area.

Arrival at KJT and post-arrival trip

After those who couldn't bear the speeches were escorted down the interstitial corridor again it was an escalator ride down to the arrival floor. I was talking to one of the persons building the airport and he told me that it was not yet ready the last time he was there and he wouldn't hesitate complaining had it not worked by the time the airport was opened.
photo 20180608_075044

The arrival floor looked pretty bare like in DPS. On the left is the planned conference room, where conference sessions can be made afterwards instead of using a waiting room.
photo 20180608_075054

Lavatory visit: I don't usually take photo of an airport lavatory, but as it was empty and for the sake of review I did. The lavatory was pretty clean as there was still barely anybody using it.
photo 20180608_075136photo 20180608_075138

The floor plan layout of the airport. Note the symmetrical design.
photo 20180608_075119

A clearer view of the floor plan (edited for contrast). Further note the 11 immigration counters planned on the left side.
photo 20180608_075119 - copy

Afterwards it's a right turn to the luggage claim.
photo 20180608_075244

The carousels number 5 and 6 were still not installed.
photo 20180608_075309

Instead, only carousels number 3 and 4 were used.
photo 20180608_075335

As I didn't have any luggage I proceeded straight to the public arrival area.
photo 20180608_075412

Since there was only 1 flight daily (i.e. this and the QG9821 back to SUB) and the location was rather remote only one private transport provider opened their stall.
photo 20180608_075432

A view of the public area from the side.
photo 20180608_075442

The public transport option was Damri bus, but even that was still limited as well.
photo 20180608_075518
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Citilink Indonesia

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu4.5

Surabaya - SUB


Majalengka - KJT



Citilink is a rather decent way to travel short-haul within Indonesia, and the bulkhead seats are also quite spacious. It was indeed improved by the friendly flight attendant, so that's a positive note. Apart from the check-in queue SUB terminal 1 was rather efficient, although the lack of stores in transit area opening at such hours made it less appealing. For a new airport, KJT wasn't that bad after all with its modern design and arguably an improvement over the space-constrained BDO it was meant to take over. The ceremony indeed feature some prominent figures, but apart from that was nothing special (note how the reception didn't even feature any snack buffet).

Nonetheless, the fact that it was a once-in-a-while opportunity made the trip pretty worth it (just don't expect anything lavish with QG).

Some thing done well for the trip (airports and ceremony):
+ Acceptable security at SUB
+ Fast boarding at SUB
+ Modern design at KJT

Some thing done well for the trip (on board):
+ Reasonable price (Rp401.000 (US$28))
+ Decent bulkhead seat legroom
+ Free snack and beverage provision for paid seats
+ Friendly cabin crew
+ Clean lavatory

Things that can be improved (airports and ceremony):
- Slow check-in time at SUB
- Dingy terminal at SUB
- Lack of stores in transit area opening at early morning in SUB
- Lack of Wi-Fi at KJT
- Lack of transport options at KJT

Things that can be improved (on board):
- 25 minutes flight time change without notification
- Low load factor from SUB (it's unusual I put it here, but if the load kept on being that low there wouldn't be much more flights to/from KJT)



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