Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Porto in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1451
Class Economy
Seat 07F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:50
Take-off 15 Jun 18, 08:30
Arrival at 15 Jun 18, 11:20
TK   #13 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 779 reviews
By SILVER 1692
Published on 27th June 2018

This trip includes 2 flights;
Flight 1: TK 1451 Istanbul to Porto ( Economy ) Boeing 737-800 [ you are here ]
Flight 2: TK 1450 Porto to Istanbul ( Economy ) Boeing 737-800 [click here]

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Pax for this flight
Business Class: %65-70
Economy Class: %80-85

Online Check-in:

Mobile check-in was quick and efficient. Seats were prebooked online.
photo img_2323photo img_2324photo img_2325

I had generated a mobile boarding pass for this flight but I was handed a paper issued one at the check-in counter.
photo img_2326

Entering the airport:

Can't decide which airport to go but the new one isn't open yet.
photo img_2328

Entrance E2 at Istanbul Atatürk Airport is reserved for Turkish Airlines Business class passengers and Miles&Smiles Elite/Elite Plus card holders such as Star Alliance Gold members. It took 3 minutes to pass here.
photo img_2329


There was only 5 Business Class desks at that time which one of them served only passengers without baggage, the waiting time was approximately 10 minutes. The check-in agent was polite to us and she handed us our boarding passes and baggage tags and we were all set for the flight.
photo img_2330

Also it's possible to see the seat map at that time
photo img_2331

Passport and Security Checkpoint:

The direct lounge entry is not suitable for M&S Elite passengers or Star Alliance Gold card holders but there is another fast track lane at Passport Check area 2 that was OK for us. Just in case this fast track area is only for Turkish Airlines passengers. No one was in front of us and it took 5 minutes to pass to the airside.


After the security checkpoint we headed to the famous Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul. Today we decided to sit and rest at the first level instead of the lower one which I prefer. The first level was crowded but there were empty chairs and tables at that time. This month ( June 2018 ) featured a special of Chinese food but due it was morning that desk served sandwiches with chicken instead.
photo img_2332

Croissant & Simit & Açma selection for the day
photo img_2333

There was also and omelette bar which the chef makes you an omelette of your choice in front of you. There was also a breakfast desk that included cheese selections, jam, granola and yoghurt.
photo img_2334

Different types of coffee and tea was served at that time. Even in the morning, there were plenty of cake selections and some freshly prepared drinks.
photo img_2335photo img_2336photo img_2337

Boarding Pass:

photo img_2338


Gate 702 is a remote gate at the left-end of the terminal. It took 10 minutes to walk to the gate. Boarding was started when I arrived to the gate. There was a priority line but there was no ground staff at that line so I needed to head at one of the other two queues. I guess there was no priority boarding because it was a bus gate.

photo img_2339

Welcome on board - Our aircraft 737-800 TC-JHL Kemah ( named after a village in Erzincan, Turkey )

photo img_2341photo img_2345


The seat was fine for a 4 hours 30 minutes journey. The aircraft was installed with personal screens. Pillows and blankets was offered and any passengers who wish to have one could take one from the overhead bins. Legroom was fine. I'm glad that seat 7D was empty so we had 3 seats for 2.

photo img_2342photo img_2343photo img_2344

Before Takeoff:

Our route today and some flight information before takeoff

photo img_2346photo img_2355photo img_2356

The safety video featuring Zach King, Star Alliance commercials, Turkish Airlines advertisement featuring Dr. Oz & a video about zero waste was shown before pushback.

Earphones were distributed when passengers were watching these videos.

photo img_2349

We have pushed back almost on time but we had redirected to our parking position due to the low visibility in Porto and waited an hour at the parking spot.

photo img_2357photo img_2358

In addition the aircraft wasn't well air-conditioned when boarding but this issue was solved after the first pushback.

Two A321 brothers waiting to fly at Hamburg and Brussels this morning.

photo img_2354

TC-JSY arrived from Bucharest this morning.

photo img_2359

Just after arriving back to our parking spot some chocolate was distributed by the cabin crew due to Ramadan Holiday.

photo img_2360

The fuel car had arrived and we were told to unfasten our seatbelts.

photo img_2363

After a wait of an hour it was time to pushback again.

TC-JPS an A320 with the Star Alliance livery arrived from Zagreb last night

photo img_2365

TC-ATD, the only A319 of AtlasGlobal, had arrived from Tel Aviv and another Star Alliance livery aircraft ( TC-JRL A321 ) was preparing for it's flight to Bodrum

photo img_2366

Another two TK narrow body aircraft. The 739 was preparing for it's flight to Budapest and on the other hand the A321 would soon depart for TK1849 service to Athens.

photo img_2367

A Saudia A333 arrived that time from Medina

photo img_2371

Some wide body aircraft at the apron this morning

photo img_2373

TK1315 to Bilbao is ready for takeoff

photo img_2377

TC-ATT is ready for his flight KK80 to Dalaman

photo img_2380

A Turkish A320 will depart soon to Ordu Giresun Airport

photo img_2381

A Turkmenistan 777 had also been in my radar. That bird was getting ready for its flight to Ashgabat

photo img_2386

Last view of the airport

photo img_2387


Güneşli district

photo img_2389photo img_2390

İSTOÇ industrial area

photo img_2391

Başakşehir area & Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium

photo img_2392

The new airport construction

photo img_2393photo img_2394

Also some road construction for the new airport

photo img_2395


No menu cards were distributed and there was no choice for breakfast. It was the usual breakfast, Turkish Airlines hasn't updated the breakfast selection for almost 10 years. Scrambled eggs, cheese toast, olives&cheese selection, yoghurt, butter&jam, bread and a small water was offered. The food was fine and tasted good. After breakfast tea and coffee was offered by the cabin crew.

photo img_2396photo img_2397


Personal screens were installed on this aircraft. It included the Planet entertainment system and recent selections of movies and music. No inflight wifi and cellular data was offered and besides this 737-800 didn't had USB ports on each screen. Some Turkish 737-800 with the updated personal screens are installed with power supply and USB ports but this aircraft hasn't got the latest system yet.

In today's wide movie selection I chose the movie Rouge One: A Star Wars Story.

photo img_2362

The seat pocket contained the Skylife magazine and Shop&Miles catalogue.

photo img_2398photo img_2399photo img_2400

Turkish Airlines Europe route map

photo img_2401

Our aircraft type indicated in the Skylife magazine

photo img_2402

Mid Flight:

There was a mid flight drink service onboard this flight. One of the passengers in the front row asked if there were any snacks but the crew was sorry that they could offer nothing to him.

photo img_2408

Flight Information at that point


The entertainment system was closed 15 minutes before landing. A photo of the Maiden Tower appeared on all personal screens at that time.

photo img_2409

Some photos of Porto before landing

photo img_2411photo img_2412photo img_2413


The terminal from the runway

photo img_2414photo img_2415

A Ryanair 737-800 from Rome had just arrived after us.

photo img_2416

I guess that bird would park here.

photo img_2417

After the FR 738, a TAP A319 to AMS started its journey.

photo img_2418

An ATR and a FedEx cargo aircraft arrived from Liege this morning

photo img_2419

Some private jets

photo img_2420

TP453 from Paris Orly is landing.

photo img_2421

Arrived to gate 10 while an UA 752 was pushbacked from gate 11.

photo img_2427

Passport Control:

As one I was one of the first ones to leave the aircraft there was no queue at the passport control.

Baggage Claim:

Baggage was claimed at carousel 1 and my suitcase was there within 5 minutes. After that I had just headed to the tram which would take me to the city.

photo img_2428


photo img_2429

Tram station

photo img_2430
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Turkish Airlines Lounge


Istanbul - ISL


Porto - OPO



The delay was not an airline issue so no comment for that.

(+) Both checkpoints ( Priority Section ) was cleared in a very short time.
(-) TK has no bag drop counters for Business Class. Must wait the regular line.
(+) One of the best lounges I've ever seen
(+) Not too overcrowded at that time
(+) Possible to prepare your own omelette
(+) Bread selections
(+) Hot drink ( tea&coffee) selections. Many different types
(-) No choice except bread, pastry, eggs and nuts
(+) PTV for a 4h30min flight
(+) Films in the IFE included recent selections
(+) Cabin crew was absolutely nice to all passengers
(-) Air-conditioning problems as we boarded. Hot cabin for the first 30 minutes.
(-) No USB port
(-) No snacks offered ( I would like to add that Turkish Airlines offered nuts and dried apricots on my flight to SCQ in 2013 in the midflight service but now they offer nothing. )
(-) Freshly squeezed orange juice was not offered ( I think they only offer in several routes such as IST-LHR,CDG,AMS,GVA ... )
(S) Breakfast menu should be updated since they serve the same meal for almost 10 year for breakfast.
(+) No queue at the passport checkpoint
(+) Baggage delivered quickly
(-) Some passengers were having difficulties finding the tram station. ( There is no access outside the terminal, first passengers must head to the carpark level and then walk through the tunnel )

Thanks for reading.



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  • Comment 452252 by
    thejetflyer BRONZE 149 Comments
    Very nice report and thank you. I have personally never had an issue with getting extra food on Turkish Airlines. I often ask for another main course and rate the inflight service as 5 star. And that is just in Economy ! That said, Turkish Airlines Customer Relations and Social Media are one of the worst in the world if not the worst. As for no photography apparently being allowed onboard... is why I don't fly TK anymore. But you can see my 8 flight reviews on this site.
    • Comment 452370 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Thank you for your comment,

      The meal quality is absolutely good as you say, but I wonder that how would the service change as they are moving to the new airport. Asking for another meal is just a great idea so I could try that it in my future flights. On the other hand, until today I had no contact with the Customer Relations service except a schedule change issue and they were OK and helped me to assign me a new flight, but I know that once they refused to pay the voluntary overbooking fee in cash to my friend and they forced to redeem a voucher but at least he could get the cash after arguing for an hour. I didn't have an idea of a photography ban but I could tell you that Turkish youtubers are often posting IST-USA business class video flight reports these days. Meanwhile, thank you for your reports as I enjoyed reading them.
      • Comment 452540 by
        thejetflyer BRONZE 149 Comments
        Hi again ! Merhaba !
        I have given up on Turkish Airlines. Again,the inflight service really is 5 star but the poor customer relations/social media is one of the worst I have ever encountered.
        And I have dealt with KLM who I thought were the worst. Thanks for appreciating my reports.
        TK pay people to fly and promote them. I am undesirable as I pay for my own ticket. Indeed the internet is littered with TK cabin and crew photos.
        But they have chosen to be difficult with me and have lost me. They make rules up as they go along regarding photography.

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