Review of LATAM flight Sao Paulo Mexico City in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA8112
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Flight time 09:55
Take-off 28 May 18, 23:25
Arrival at 29 May 18, 07:20
LA   #71 out of 121 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 138 reviews
By 1329
Published on 24th June 2018
Hello! This is the second part of the series of reports from my trip to Mexico this month. I hope you like it!

The routes were:
- ROS-GRU with LATAM Airbus 321
- GRU-MEX with LATAM Boeing 767-300 YOU ARE HERE!
- MEX-CUN with Volaris Airbus 320
- CUN-MEX with Volaris Airbus 320
- MEX-GRU with LATAM Boeing 767-300
- GRU-ROS with LATAM Airbus 321
Date: 28/05/18
Origin: Sao Paulo – Guarulhos GRU
Destination: México City – Benito Juarez MEX
Departure: 23.25 (23.45 real)
Arrival: 07.20 (07.20 aprox real)

So I had arrived on my flight from ROS at 21.05. We disembarked through stairs and we were driven to the main building of Terminal 3. On the entrance there were two paths, one to migrations and the other to security check point prior to international connections. Almost all the passengers of my flight took the second path. Security controls were fast, and after that you could continue the way to the upper floor where the gates, shops and restaurants are located.

Next departures

photo 2018-05-28_19-45-41

I still had like two hours for my flight. I decided to wander around Terminal 3 looking for my two favorite Brazilian delicacies: Açaí and Pao de Queijo.

photo 2018-05-28_19-57-02photo 2018-05-28_19-57-10

The second one I found, but the first I couldn’t. There were many shops and restaurants closed. But I was surprised to see many locals eating like horses! Later I would find out why…

photo 2018-05-28_19-57-10a

At 22.45 they started boarding my flight on gates 315 and 316. There weren’t many people; I would say the flight was 50-60% full. Most passengers were Brazilian or Mexican.

photo 2018-05-28_20-44-51

The plane registration was PT-MOG. It’s a Boeing 767-300 almost 20 years old. You could really note the age from the interiors. Nevertheless, I always felt the 767 very comfortable. Especially on long haul flights. I would say it’s my favorite aircraft.

photo 2018-05-28_20-51-56photo 2018-05-28_20-52-03

The IFE screens were a little old but worked ok. After the FAs tried to play the security demonstration video all the screens (even the common ones) stopped working. They had to do the demonstration “manually”. Such a pity! I was already watching Pedro Almodovar’s film “Julieta”.

photo 2018-05-28_21-03-09

At 23.45 we took off and turned northwest. The screens still didn’t work…

At 00.30 the FAs started serving dinner. According to the menu they handed us previously there were three options: one of vegetarian pasta, other of chicken and rice and another of cold meat. Actually none of those options sounded appetizing to me. They all had something of “Brazilian culinary taste”. When my turn came, I asked for the meat plate, but there wasn’t any more left :( . I had to take the chicken option.

photo 2018-05-28_22-00-58photo 2018-05-28_22-44-01

When I took the aluminum fold off the plate I was very disappointed: a tiny baby chicken breast, one and a half cherry tomato in a white rice bowl with a repulsive sauce of I don’t know what. There wasn’t even a piece of bread, so at least I could make a sandwich :( .The plate seemed small itself. I don’t pretend to get served a full banquet on economy class… But it’s a nine hour flight! And I had left my home almost 8 hours ago. For dessert there was a mini alfajor (It’s 2 cookies with caramel between them), but it was also disgusting.

photo 2018-05-28_22-44-54

When the FAs served my dinner I asked them if there was something they could do with the IFE system. They said they’ll try to reset it. While I was eating the IFE came back and I could finish my movie. After that I tried to sleep the most I could.

When we were flying over Guatemala I woke up and minutes later they started serving breakfast.

photo 2018-05-29_05-58-15

I wasn’t lucky neither this time haha. There were two options: banana cake (I hate bananas) and cheese omelette (I hate eggs), with fruit or yougurt. I took the banana cake and removed the bananas haha. I really starved during this flight so I decided that on my way back I’ll order a kosher meal.

photo 2018-05-29_06-23-20

The nicest passenger

photo 2018-05-29_06-53-02


photo 2018-05-29_07-00-20

Minutes before 7 am we started flying over Mexico City. From the air you could see how huge the city is and how many planes you can spot during de descent. The landing is beautiful because you fly directly over the south area of the city, and if you take a seat on the right side of the plane you can observe the main sites.

photo 2018-05-29_07-16-43

Punctually we landed at 7.20 and headed to Terminal 1. We parked next to a LATAM Chile Boeing 787-9, which was about to fly back to SCL.

photo 2018-05-29_07-19-21photo 2018-05-29_07-30-42

From there, I went to migrations which were fast and they didn’t ask anything. Only If I was for tourism. They stamped my passport for 180 days! Later I went to look for my luggage and it also came fast.

I went to the land side, and I asked for a taxi because my Uber app wasn’t working.
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Cabin crew9.0

Sao Paulo - GRU


Mexico City - MEX



Apart from the food deception, the flight went ok. The crew was friendly and had always a smile but I didn’t interact much with them. The flight was on time, and they managed to fix the IFE. If I ever fly with LATAM again on a long haul flight I think ill order a special meal. On the MEX GRU airport I’ll show the KSML option.



  • Comment 451650 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 707 Comments

    jajajjajajaj Bueno, habría sido más difícil sacar el huevo del omelette. XDDD

    La cabina se ve bastante común. Típico de latam. O al menos del lado "tam" de latam. En el lado "lan" se usan más los tapices de cuero, que me dan una mayor sensación de orden y de tener menos ácaros que los tapices de lana. Pero al menos parecen ser asientos bastante cómodos para un viaje largo.

    La comida... para el olvido. Parece que eso siempre ha sido el punto más débil de latam. Cuando lo comparo con lo que veo en informes de aerolíneas como SQ o EK me dan ganas de llorar. Hace poco volé de scl a gru y al menos los cubiertos eran metálicos. Ahora sé que tendré que llevar mis propios huevos duros y unas papas con mayonesa si viajo a México en latam!! XD

    Gracias por compartir!

    • Comment 451763 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 83 Comments

      Gracias por el comentario!
      La cabina se veia un poco usada, pero la verdad la distribucion me resula super comoda en este avion. Para viajes largos (de mas de 5 horas) se aprecia bastante.
      Respecto a la comida, horrible. Lo peor de todo, porciones diminutas. A la vuelta cuando me trajeron mi menu kosher, note que era bastante mas abudante que lo de mi compañero de asiento. Peeeeeero lo bueno de volar desde MEX es que se hay muy buena oferta de comida empaquetada para llevarte en tu avion jaja. En mis proximos reportes lo voy a mostrar.

  • Comment 452226 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5307 Comments

    Hola Viajero, nice to see some new reports from you! I've been wondering what the LATAM (TAM side) 767s looked like on the inside. Now I know :-)
    767s are great in Y for comfort with the awesome 2-3-2 configuration. Too bad the meal was disappointing though--it is a weirdly small meal for a 9 hour flight! Other than that, looks like it was a good flight overall. Gracias for compartir este FR!

  • Comment 452796 by
    KL651 TEAM 4492 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    The meals are clearly disappointing for such a long flight, I recal some FRs on TAM between CDG and GRU with a full tray with real cuttlery.
    It seems that was cut a long time ago.
    Is the onboard service fully unified on TAM and LAN or is it like the livery, different on each airline ?

    • Comment 454386 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 83 Comments

      Thanks for your comment! TAM's meal service was much better!
      I think the meal service is the same on every LATAM flight. It depends on which branch of the airline you fly the "taste" or "style" of food you get. I saw some reports of Argentinean LATAM on which they serveg regular argentinean food on the EZE-MIA flight.

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