Review of JetSmart flight Santiago Antofagasta in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA32
Class Economy
Seat 27F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 06 Feb 18, 15:50
Arrival at 06 Feb 18, 17:50
JA 11 reviews
By 654
Published on 26th July 2018
Wanna visit the Town of the Great Salt Lake?

That seems to be the meaning of the name Antofagasta (from the Diaguita words anto = large; faya = salt lake; gasta = town)

This formerly Bolivian city is now at the center of the Chilean mining industry, making it an important destination for air carriers.

But more than that - and more relevant for us, flight-reporters - is that Antofagasta was the birthplace of Dora Magdalena María Koeppen Maisán - aka Mucki Koeppen - the very first Chilean flight attendant. You can read a history bonus about her at the end of this report.

This is flight 7 of 9 of my 2018 summer holidays. The reports for flight 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are also available!

Flying "smart"

As explained in a previous report, JetSmart is a Chilean ULCC created by US investors Indigo Partners. It's been in service since 2017.

In their ads they encourage travellers to "fly smart". Well, smart is my middle name, so let's see what happens. :D

After picking my flight from Santiago to Antofagasta I have to enter my personal information. Feel free to notice my birthday. Thanks. XDDD

photo 02

My eyes bleed when I read at the bottom "All fields ending in a * are mandatorios". Calque from the English word mandatory. The correct word would be obligatorios. Gosh.

Anyway, the price (one way) is 12.406 CLP (19 USD). Not bad at all, considering that its a 1100km journey!

Besides, have a look at the prices for a one way bus ticket for the same route. The cheapest is 45 USD. And it's an 18-hour ride!

photo bus

I'm afraid I'll be carrying more than a backpack after my trip around Patagonia, so I pay an extra 5000 CLP (7.5 USD) for checked baggage.

photo 03

Prices were recently increased, according to this chart published by JetSmart on their Facebook account.
Durante la compra = During purchase
Después de comprar = After purchasing
En el counter = At the counter
En la puerta de embarque = At the boarding gate

photo jetsmart equipaje2

Next step is choosing a seat.

photo 04

For 2000 CLP (3 USD) I pick a window seat. But I still wonder why I didn't choose a "smart" seat with extra legroom for 6 USD. I'm not that smart, after all! XDD

photo 05

So the final price is 19.406 CLP (29 USD). Not bad!

photo 06

"Congrats! You purchased you ticket successfully" seven months before the trip.

photo 07

Mobile boarding card.

photo 02 06 scl anf


A nice way to spoil your flying experience: a summer cold. It was meant to happen after two weeks of cold, penguins and ice.

With a fever and a nose like a leaking faucet, I take the bus to the airport. Oops. A 100 CLP (0.15 USD) increase since the last time.

photo img_20180206_134901

Caught from the bus window.

photo img_4588

The new terminal is making a lot of progress, it seems.

By the way, the airport concession's holder published an updated video showing what the new terminal will look like inside.

Yikes. More and more people are flying here.

photo img_20180206_142414

The moment of truth. Let's see if I am really smart.

photo img_20180206_142643

Nope. Paying for extra baggage was unnecessary. The limit for free baggage was 8kg. :(

photo img_20180206_142648

So I guess I'm smart, but in a Maxwell Smart sort of way. Where are you when I need you, 99!!!! XDDD

photo img_20180206_142836

My favorite shop at the airport! I'd gladly visit it…

photo img_20180206_143016

…if I wasn't stuck at a line for security check as long as next week!

photo img_20180206_143022

The line moves quickly, though. In minutes we go from the counters area to the entrance to security check.

photo img_20180206_143121

All the check points are working at full steam!

photo img_20180206_143143

Once in the boarding room I go straight to the bottom with the intention of enjoying some spotting…

photo img_4600

…but I'd rather be in my bed. Aaaa choooooo…!!!

I just seat and languish until my plane comes.

photo img_4605

And who is it?

photo img_4608photo img_4609photo img_4610

Nothing less than Violeta! My first ride ever with JetSmart. The one of my adventure in the roadside dump!

photo img_4611

Violeta (aka CC-AWC) has a loica on its tail.

photo img_4612

I gather my pieces and crawl to the line.

photo img_20180206_151208

Her lap label reads Acciona, which is the company in charge of JetSmart's ground services.

photo img_20180206_151429

Not the cute kind, huh? She remind me so much of my sister at the same age.

photo img_20180206_151710

She would tie a piece of string around the neck of a Barbie doll and drag it around the house!

photo img_20180206_151733

Cabin luggage is not necessarily free with JetSmart. Well, you have the price chart above.

photo img_20180206_153725

Part of JetSmart strategy to get customers to identify themselves with the company: a livery with the national colors, blue, red, and white.

photo img_20180206_153815

The thin, sleek seats give the cabin a decluttered look that I like…

photo img_20180206_153842

…but I wouldn't fly long-haul on these. They're rather hard and won't recline. My back would not tolerate it.

photo img_20180206_153848

The tray table and…

photo img_20180206_154429

…the pocket are comfortably out of the way, even with my roll of toilet paper in it. It's for my nose! I use six at least every time I catch a cold. :(

photo img_20180206_154438

I wonder what's in the menu.

photo img_20180206_162918

A Mexican fajita with quinoa and black beans! They're becoming a habit for me.

photo img_20180206_162848

The Flight

Some additional information about this flight.

photo route scl anf

We don't have to wait long…

photo img_4622
photo img_4623

…before we push back.

photo img_4624
photo img_4627

This Twin Otter meets us on our way to the runway.

photo img_4630

Won't you stop?!

photo img_4634

Honk - honk. Get out of the way!

photo img_4635

After a tour with some idyllic views of the airport grounds…

photo img_4638

…we make it to the runway…

photo img_4639photo img_4642photo img_4643

…and take off towards the south as usual, even though Antofagasta is to the north.

photo img_4644photo img_4645photo img_4646

After the Pronto Copec on Costanera Norte…

photo img_4648

…and the intersection with Ruta 68 to Valparaíso…

photo img_4649

…we bank to the right above Lo Aguirre hill…

photo img_4651

…with a view of River Mapocho…

photo img_4653

…which is now free from the concrete bed that held it while it flowed through the middle of Santiago.

photo img_4655

After crossing Ruta 68 again, but towards the north…

photo img_4662

…and climbing above Lo Prado tunnel…

photo img_4667

…we are finally heading north above the island hills of the valley of Santiago.

photo img_4672
photo img_4675

If you have read my previous reports you might be familiar with…

photo img_4677

…toxic El mauro tailings dam…

photo img_4678

…just west of Corrales dam…

photo img_4679

…at the foot of the mountains.

photo img_4680

The BOB service starts and I ask for my fajita…

photo img_20180206_165206

…aka wrap mexicano. See the manufacturing and expiry dates on the label.

photo img_20180206_165214

Really? Just one day??

photo img_20180206_165214b

Inside, it looks as promised. Lots of quinoa. Yummy!

photo img_20180206_165402

North of Santiago there's an area stretching for some 600km where the mountains reach the sea. People there live in the valleys that run from east to west, from the Andes to the sea. Hence their name: valles transversales.

photo img_4686

The valley of river Choapa, for example. The town of Salamanca is there.

photo img_4687

Or the valley of river Illapel.

photo img_4689

El Bato dam is at its top.

photo img_4692

The valley of river Combarbalá, renowned for a beautiful kind of handicraft in stone…

photo img_4700

…is near the valley of river Cogotí.

photo img_4705

Rocks in the nearby mountains are quite special…

…and artisans in the valley of Combarbalá turn them into little works of art. Look at their colors!

photo combarbalita04

The question is: is it possible to see those colors from the air? Just wait and see!!

For the next hour we fly over La Paloma dam.

photo img_4708

The towns of Monte Patria and El Palqui lie on its shores.

photo img_4710

The valley of river Elqui is one of the most important of the area.

photo img_4711

Puclaro dam is located there.

photo img_4712

In the valley of river Huasco…

photo img_4716

…Vallenar has an airport, and Aerocardal airlines covered the Santiago > Vallenar route with Dornier 328 aircraft for a couple of years…

photo img_4718

…but several mining projects came to an end and there was no more demand for those flights.

photo img_4719

Santa Juana dam.

photo img_4717

As we near Antofagasta I see striking variations in the color of the ground underneath.

photo img_4721

I wonder what makes those spots so bright.

photo img_4722

Then I see patches of red or yellow…

photo img_4725

…before and after flying above Copiapó…

photo img_4734

…the northernmost important valley…

photo img_4735

…before Atacama desert takes over the landscape completely.

photo img_4747

Ruta 5 Norte (aka Panamerican Highway)…

photo img_4743

…winds along a large yellowish spot near Chañaral.

photo img_4744

It's when we're flying above Taltal that I notice more and more color spots on the ground…

photo img_4752

…but the air in between gives the photos a hazy look. It's when I "clean" the images with Photoshop that the magic happens, and the real colors come to life. Is that a purple spot down there?

photo img_4757

Indeed! This is what the ground looks like without the haze, and this is what the artisans in Combarbalá reveal by polishing the stone.

photo img_4757c

I'm afraid my camera or the computer software may be playing a trick on me, so I check the area on Google Maps. This is what I find:

photo color

The desert is full of color!!! Check it yourself here.

I'm speechless.

photo img_4765
photo img_4766
photo img_4767
photo img_4768
photo img_4769
photo img_4771
photo img_4773
photo img_4774
photo img_4782

In the midst of this sea of color, Paranal observatory is home to the ESO Very Large Telescope, 120 km south of Antofagasta and 110 km north of Taltal.

photo img_4775

You can visit it on weekends. More info here. I wanted to, but I didn't spend the weekend in Antofagasta. :''(

photo img_4778

A mine near the coast.

photo img_4783
photo img_4786

The Humboldt current…

photo img_4788

…flows towards the north…

photo img_4796

…bringing cold water - and even penguins! - to the desert.

photo img_4797

Don't you think of fractals when you see these cliffs?

photo img_4799
photo img_4800

Puerto Coloso, a port…

photo img_4803

…that is the property of a mining company…

photo img_4804

…is located…

photo img_4805

…right south of Antofagasta.

photo img_4806
photo img_4807

Antofagasta is a long, narrow city…

photo img_4808

…tucked between the hills…

photo img_4809

…and the sea.

photo img_4810
photo img_4811

Calvo y Bascuñán regional stadium.

photo img_4812


photo img_4813
photo img_4814

Terminal station of the Antofagasta - Bolivia Railway, a cargo company.

photo img_4815
photo img_4831

A lot of new housing projects are popping up in the north area of the city.

photo img_4832

This area is classified as "cloudy coastal desert" for a reason!

photo img_4835

This is a most remarkable moment for me. An outstanding geographical feature of the northern coast of Chile that catches your eye at first sight is a peninsula just north of Antofagasta. I was intrigued by it since I was a child and saw it on maps. And here it is! The dark terrain underneath is Moreno hill. The airport is located in the peninsula, and was originally named after this hill, Cerro Moreno.

photo img_4837

We turn right…

photo img_4841

…above the peninsula.

photo img_4844

The city is on my right now.

photo img_4852
photo img_4854

We keep turning. We're flying to the south now. I see Moreno hill over there.

photo img_4857

In final approach.

photo img_4859

And the Argentine tourist gude says that Patagonia is monotonous. Ha! She's never been here!

photo img_4861
photo img_4864
photo img_4867

Judging from the tracks, people find ways to have fun here, huh?

photo img_4870

The airport fencing.

photo img_4872

This airport is an airbase, too.

photo img_4873
photo img_4874

Daniel Sabella Airport


photo img_4875

…welcome to ANF…

photo img_4876

…formerly known as Cerro Moreno airport, but renamed Daniel Sabella after a local poet.

photo img_4879

Hey! The airport looks…

photo img_4880

…quite modern.

photo img_4882b

Crossing the taxiway.

photo img_4884


photo img_4886

…and LATAM also fly to ANF.

photo img_4888

Of course. Antofagasta is a main center of the copper mining industry in Chile.

photo img_4890
photo img_4893

Here we are.

photo img_4895
photo img_4896

Only when CC-ABV pushes back I realize that…

photo img_4897

…CC-BBI is a Dreamliner. Probably on its way to or from Lima.

photo img_4900

Whatever happened to the paint above the wing?

photo img_4901

I think ANF looks great.

photo img_20180206_180319
photo img_20180206_180330
photo img_20180206_180338

Thank goodness the weather on the coast of the desert is never too hot or too cold.

photo img_4903

I should recover quickly here.

photo img_4904

Inside, ANF reminds me of other Chilean airports.

photo img_20180206_180357

I think they were all made from the same template!

photo img_20180206_180404

(Last view of the apron)

photo img_20180206_180434

In fact, those stairs remind me a lot of ZCO.

photo img_20180206_180521

Services for the mining industry. What else could you expect here?

photo img_20180206_180544

I visit baggage claim…

photo img_20180206_180554

…with reporting purposes only…

photo img_20180206_180614

…and immediately head for the exit…

photo img_20180206_180630
photo img_20180206_180813

…where taxis and transfer vans are already waiting.

photo img_20180206_180818

7.5 USD is quite expensive for a 10km ride, I think. :(

photo img_20180206_180934

But well, I have read that Antofagasta is…

photo img_20180206_182538

…one of the most expensive cities in Chile…

photo img_20180206_182545

…and the one with the highest per capita incomes in the country (about 37000 USD)

photo img_20180206_182548

But frankly, I didn't really notice it during my stay.

photo img_20180206_182643

I paid just 23 USD a night at my Airbnb…

photo img_20180206_182650

…and the prices at the supermarket were the same as in the rest of the country.

photo img_20180206_182714

So, if you plan on visiting the city after reading this report…

photo img_20180206_182800

…that sign outside the airport shows how you should feel: Bienvenido a Antofagasta!

photo img_20180206_182800b

Mucki Koeppen - The first Chilean flight attendant

Dora Magdalena María "Mucki" Koeppen Maisán was born in Antofagasta on January 21, 1918.

Her father died when she was two years old. Her mother moved to a small village near Temuco and later married Wilhelm Schoeneweg Sowitzky, a German engineer who worked as a teacher at Temuco's Industrial School.

Schoeneweg used to have his students build aircraft models with help from some technical books and articles. Dora grew interested in the topic, and she decided that she should work in the area of aviation.

Unfortunately, aviation-related jobs were reserved exclusively for men in Chile back then, so she could not get any kind of professional degree in that area. But then she joined the Club Aéreo de Temuco (Temuco Flying Club) in 1939. Luckily, that same year Commander Manuel Tovarias had been appointed Commander of the Fourth Air Zone, which implied becoming the president of the Flying Club. Tovarias introduced new policies, such as allowing women to join the club.

That's how Mucki and two other ladies learned to fly on two old De Havilland Gipsy Moth aircraft. On February 3, 1940, Dora "Mucki" Koeppen got her pilot brevet.

photo mucky03
(In German) To remember my flying exam. 3 II 40. Mucki.

In 1943 three Lockheed Lodestar C-60 were added to the National Airline's (LAN) fleet, and a flight attendant service was started. Mucki was hired as the first Chilean flight attendant.

In 1944 the government was distributing 30 Aeronca L3-B planes purchased for flying clubs. One of them (CC-33) had been assigned to Antofagasta. However, the pilot taking the plane to Antofagasta had an accident between La Serena and Vallenar. He was badly hurt and the plane was destroyed. So a new plane was destined to Antofagasta, but in sight of what had happened and the bad conditions of the route, no pilot was willing to do the job.

Mucki volunteered. She asked LAN for a leave, and flew the Aeronca with stops at Quintero, Ovalle, La Serena, Copiapó and Taltal. She was celebrated as a hero at her arrival.

Thanks to this, the Antofagasta Flying Club could finally open and was able to start training pilots.

photo dora-koeppen-maisan-mucky-diarioazafata-1170x17601

This made her so famous that even Coca Cola featured her in an ad, hailing her as an example: Miss Mucky Koeppen, on arrival from the Santiago - Antofagasta air raid. A magnificent example for all sports lovers. A Chilean young woman did not fear 1100 kilometers of mountain, sea and desert, piloting a 65 H.P. plane.

photo mucki_clip_image010

You can read much more about her interesting life at the source for this information (in Spanish).

And that's how, nowadays, Antofagasta airport has been named after a poet.

Hm. Is that fair?

Tourism Bonus - Antofagasta

Ungrateful as they might be, I'll include some photos of the city.

This is my first time in the city. I noticed that it's split into two main areas. The south area around Angamos park is the most well-off, with nice buildings and shopping centers and all.

The stadium we saw from the plane…

photo img_4941

…is just opposite a large shopping mall.

photo img_4942

Next to the mall…

photo img_4944

…is the Japanese Park. Nice, but the Japanese Park in La Serena is much larger and beautiful. Even better that the Buenos Aires Japanese Park, which I visited only last week.

photo img_4957

Motorcycle-riding carabineros (police officers)

photo img_4958

The south of the city…

photo img_4959
photo img_4960

…near McDonald's…

photo img_4962

…is where the largest beach of the city is located.

photo img_4961

In this case, "largest" doesn't necessarily mean very large. It's quite small, actually.

photo img_4964

The south of the city…

photo img_4959
photo img_4960

…near McDonald's…

photo img_4962

…is where the largest beach of the city is located.

photo img_4961

In this case, "largest" doesn't necessarily mean very large. It's quite small, actually.

photo img_4964

It's so small that a floating platform is necessary to add some extra room for sunbathers.

Most beaches in Antofagasta are artificial because of the rocky shore…

photo img_4974

…which is not necessarily an inconvenience, especially if you are a seabird.

photo img_4977
photo img_4981

Some views of the seafront…

…which is flanked by some colorful designs…

A diver in a black wetsuit comes out to the shore after fishing…

…and dries his wings under the sun.

photo img_5046


photo img_5068photo img_5069photo img_5072

…you find the access to the port.

photo img_5073

And a couple streets to the north there's a sort of promenade…

photo img_5098

…next to a smaller dock…

photo img_5093photo img_5094photo img_5095

…that has been turned into a stage for exhibitions and performances.

photo img_5099photo img_5101photo img_5100

Opposite the dock and the promenade…

photo img_20180207_184602

…are some old buildings…

photo img_5104

…that belong to the Antofagasta - Bolivia Railway Company.

photo img_5105

Some of them have been turned into a museum.

photo img_5106
photo img_5107

They are only a couple of streets from…

photo img_5087

…the main Plaza de Armas, or main square, in the not so beautiful older part of the city.

This older part of the city revolves around two main walking streets…

photo img_5074

…with a lot of shops.

photo img_5075

The offices of the National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) are in this building on the right, by the traffic lights.

photo img_5088

Antofagasta is not a particularly dangerous city, but I was advised to stay away from those areas on the hills. It's not like your life will be in danger automatically if you get there, but if you look like a tourist and are carrying a camera hanging from your neck…. You better stay downtown.

photo img_5091

Finally, a beautiful building in the old part of the city is the Municipal Market. There are restaurants inside. It looks nice outside, but…

photo img_4922

…but I think it needs a revamp inside.

photo img_20180207_131132
photo img_20180207_134325

The food is not exceptional, either. Anyway, I'm paying 6 USD for a dish twice as big and twice as good as the one that cost me 24 USD in Punta del Este, Uruguay. So, bon appetit!

photo img_20180207_131127

Thanks for reading! :D
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Santiago - SCL


Antofagasta - ANF



With the surge of low cost and ultra low cost carriers, it's difficult to find big differences between airlines in the economy class. JetSmart simply does the job. Punctuality, tidiness and efficiency are appreciated, though. And their wraps are addictive! :D



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      Maravilloso! Has estado en Santiago antes? Escogiste la mejor época para venir! La primavera es hermosa y, además, el 18 de septiembre es el día nacional (Fiestas Patrias) y por esas fechas hay un ambiente muy agradable y festivo, con las tiendas decoradas, banderas por todos lados, etc. No olvides probar la comida tradicional, que suele ser abundante en esos días: pastel de choclo, humitas, cazuela, sopaipillas, empanadas, mote con huesillo..... uuuuuff.... me da hambre!! Anda a Pomaire, muy cerca de Santiago, en el camino a Viña del Mar, y prueba una empanada gigante!!! O anda a comer pescado a Viña o Valparaíso!! En el mercado municipal de Santiago también se come muy bien, y barato!

      Yo regresé la semana pasada de Argentina. Quedé absolutamente loco con tantas cosas bonitas que vi! Bariloche nevado es tan pintoresco! Buenso Aires me encantó. Estuve alojándome en Recoleta, en avenida Santa Fe. Pude ir a pie al obelisco, a la Casa Rosada, a Puerto Madero, recorrí las librerías de segunda mano de calle Corrientes y me traje un cerro de libros!! Y me puedes creer que fui al jardín japonés y conocí a un señor japonés que tiene un hijo en Valdivia, donde yo vivo??? No podíamos creer lo pequeño que es el mundo!!

      Y luego Iguazú. Yo sabía que las cataratas eran grandes, pero nunca pensé que eran TAN impresionantes! Es sobrecogedor. Tremenda manifestación de la naturaleza. Y los coatíes! Hasta le agarré la punta de la colita a uno pero él no supo quién había sido así que no me pudo morder!! En fin, me vine con una cantidad enorme de recuerdos. Y lo mejor de todo es que pude volar al menos una vez en un MD-80!!! Jajajajj Eran cuatro vuelos, pero solamente en uno tuve la suerte.

      Bueno, si te puedo ayudar en algo en tu viaje me avisas.

      Que lo pases muy bien!!!

  • Comment 456312 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5363 Comments

    You weren't kidding those mountains are very colourful! The aerials do not disappoint, as usual :-)
    Flying over deserts with the dry air makes for some great crisp shots. This drier area of Chile and the mountains with the colours remind me of flying over Peru (one of many reports I never got around to posting).

    As for JetSmart, it doesn't looks like anything particularly exciting, but seems to be a good value for such a cheap price, and the B.O.B. does seem good. The cabin is kind of blah and the seats look like uncomfortable ironing boards. lol

    Great Shots of the European Southern Observatory! Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 456396 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 723 Comments

      Hola Kevin!

      As for JetSmart, it doesn't looks like anything particularly exciting

      I couldn't agree more. Well, flying economy all the time, sometimes I think to myself "The same thing again. Will this make for a good report?". But then I think that all these reports piling up on will become more valuable in time, not only for passengers looking for the best service, but for researchers, historians, students, and even the airlines themselves. After all, it's becoming a huge data base!

      Anyway, for the time being, I just love leaving a register of my trips. I hope I'm not abusing in that sense! :D

      but seems to be a good value for such a cheap price

      Indeed! This is a recent revolution in Chile, and the same is going to happen at the end of this year in Argentina. Their government decided to allow airlines to set their own fares at will. There used to be a minimum fare they could charge, in order to protect AR.

      Gracias por comentar!! :D

      • Comment 456421 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5363 Comments

        "Well, flying economy all the time, sometimes I think to myself "The same thing again. Will this make for a good report?".
        - Your contributions are always appreciated, as many have mentioned, all the scenery in addition to the airline details really makes one feel like you're travelling as well!

        "But then I think that all these reports piling up on will become more valuable in time,"
        - Exactly! It's like I always say, every flight is worth sharing. A review, no matter how ordinary it may seem to one person may me extremely valuable to someone else pondering their airline options on a route.

        "After all, it's becoming a huge data base!"
        - Yes indeed! Over 20,000 reports strong and getting bigger every day

        "Anyway, for the time being, I just love leaving a register of my trips. I hope I'm not abusing in that sense! "
        - Haha, no way. In my opinion a Flight-Report is as much for yourself as it is for others. To me it's a nice way to keep a log/memory of your flights while sharing your opinion about the flight experience with a wider audience

        "This is a recent revolution in Chile, and the same is going to happen at the end of this year in Argentina."
        - That's great for competition and it keeps the big guys like LATAM honest. Yes, I can't believe Norwegian is going to establish hubs in Argentina!

        Buen fin de semana!

  • Comment 456902 by
    jacrew76 9 Comments

    Hello, tickes were actually very cheap.
    JetSmart looks like a good option for travelling in Chile, I would try it eventually.

    Buen reporte, lo disfruté mucho

    • Comment 456905 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 723 Comments

      Hola jacrew76!

      Sí. JetSmart no está tan mal. Digamos que te lleva de A a B y listo. Hasta el momento no he sabido de grandes demoras en sus vuelos ni nada que los haga poco confiables. Al contrario, he leído puras buenas referencias sobre ellos. Siempre tienen ofertas y promociones. La única desventaja para mí, que a menudo sufro de dolor de espalda, es que los asientos no se puedan reclinar.

      Gracias por pasar por aquí! :)

  • Comment 456904 by
    Chibcha 436 Comments

    Increíbles los precios de JetSmart considerando las distancias a recorrer!
    En Colombia la LCC (VivaAir) todavía no ofrece precios que le compitan de tu a tu a los buses.
    Excelente tour de Antofagasta por cierto, un abrazo!

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