Review of Scoot flight Singapore Taipei in Economy

Airline Scoot
Flight TR 892
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 04:55
Take-off 02 Aug 18, 06:10
Arrival at 02 Aug 18, 11:05
TR   #20 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 71 reviews
By 4541
Published on 19th August 2018
Hi! Welcome Everyone!!!

It's another great day to fly!

Im here again to share with you my Flight experience during my short holiday in Taipei, Taiwan.

TR 892 SIN-TPE (you are here!)
TR 899 TPE-SIN (later!)

Since i am a budget traveler, i searched all the airlines that that could have lowest possible fares with my preferred timings. Im traveling with my friend and going to meet him in Taipei and his plane lands around 10am. To make our arrival times to be the closest as possible, i ended up booking via Scoot. Luckily, i managed to booked a flight for S$209 round trip fare, and guest what what, Scoot uses their B787 for flight to Taiwan. It makes me more excited as this will be the first time I'm going to ride on a B787 aircraft.

A week before my flight, I reserved a seat on Scoot silence cabin for S$14 dollars, not bad at all for an extra leg room and a promise of more quieter cabin. Im also trying to book a seat In bound but to my surprise its will cost me S$32 for the same Scoot silence cabin, i found it too expensive and i don't get the logic why the return flight is more expensive that outbound flight.

On the Day of my flight, since it is a morning flight i expect that Changi Airport will not be busy, so i decided to come to airport 2 hours before my scheduled flight, which im not wrong.

Changi Airport Early in the morning…
photo img_0227photo img_0242photo img_0235

Since i don't have any check-in baggage, i directly went to self check in kiosk, it is very easy to use and helps you with the check in process, in a minute or two, im done. if you use kiosk and if you have bag for checked in, it will print a luggage tag and will ask you to drop on the baggage counter. There are still counter for a manually check in procedure.

photo img_0232photo img_0228photo img_0229

Off to Airside. Flight info display before immigration.
photo img_0243photo img_0244

After clearance, an almost empty terminal is waiting for you.
photo img_0246photo img_0245photo img_0253 copy

I was lounging on the other side of the terminal when i received a notification on my ReadyToTravel app, A third party app, that my flight will be 3 hours delayed. I also checked the iChangi app and flight info display, that my flight to Taipei is still on schedule. Just to be sure, i went immediately to my boarding gate, and shows that it still on schedule, and staff are preparing for boarding. After 10 minutes they start accepting passenger inside the boarding area.

My plane, B787-8 9V-OFH named scootie-mite
photo img_0247photo img_0250photo img_0264

Im expecting a half full load flight as you dont see much people at the boarding gate.
photo img_0259

Boading commence on time with priority boarding. Allowing to bard first are in Scootbiz, elderly and PWDs. followed by economy by rows. we are the last group to board the plane.
photo img_0263photo img_0267

ScootSilence is a small cabin behind behind ScootBiz between Door1 and Door2. Scoot in economy configured as a 3-3-3 seat arrangement and scoot silence has a 3-5 rows in a small cabin. Decent legroom, good recline, nice head rest. the call and light buttons on the top of the arm rest really bothers me as i kept hitting the lights on button for more that 10 times, good thing that there is a elevated boarder around the call button else im going to unintentionally hit that button too. I think this could be placed elsewhere.

The time when i board and begins to settle down, i notice the biggest overhead bin that i saw and a huge window! Mood lighting is also installed in the aircraft.
photo img_0278photo img_0287photo img_0289

We depart SIN on time. Singapore still covered in darkness at 6am.

As we reach cruising altitude, the sun starts to break, and for me im starting to explore the aircraft!
photo img_0304photo img_0305

Table, Safety card, Movie/Tv guide and Seatback literatures…

The window is huge, when you are looking outside it feels like you are riding in a car as you can see everything unhindered. I also trie all the shades of the window. when you select the shade, it takes times before it effects specially from darker to lighter tint. 5 tint shades from darkest to clear.

I did not preorder any meals though the meals on board is quite reasonable, for S$15 a meal with a bottled of water/soda. Scoot also offers Wifi and Scoot Tv for a fee. ScootTv is their in flight entertainment. I found their selection was rather limited yet up to date. they also have series but with only few episodes.
photo img_0321photo img_0322photo img_0326

I also explore the Lavatory and cabin. Lavatory is well stocked of basic amenities. i also like when you unlock the toilet before you go out, there is a blue light that fills the lavatory.

Some view from outside the window, very sexy and sleek RR engine with raked wingtip. Pictures before landing…

And touch down!

Hallway going to immigration, some dutyfree. Clearing immigration took us almost an hour. Citizens and resident are separated from the foreigner, but still the queue are still long and snaking.

Bags are already on the belt as we clear immigration.
photo img_0382photo img_0383photo img_0384

And that concluded my first ever dreamliner experience.
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Singapore - SIN


Taipei - TPE



I would say that B787 Dreamliner is now my favourite aircraft. With its new technology and big window is a very good feature for Avgeek like me. it is really quieter compared to other aircrafts. Though the pressure and humidity technology dose not feel any different from others.

Scoot really delivers above my expectation, its on-time, clean and friendly and helpful staff.

Changi is Changi, still the best airport for me.

Taoyuan airports needs to address on how to expedite the clearing process in bound Taiwan as it really took a lot of time just to clear the immigration.

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  • Comment 460752 by
    JW19 120 Comments
    Delays are pretty common with Scoot, most cases 3 hours is actually not a delay at all. Great that you did not experience one. Gave up on them to Taipei and settled for Cathay Pacific instead offering return eco at $280 with no worries on luggage.
  • Comment 460784 by
    jaytot AUTHOR 30 Comments
    fortunately, its on time and i don't remember any delays from my previous scoot flights even before they were tiger air. i even checked beforehand the flight history of this flight and mostly they are all on schedule. thanks for dropping by

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