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Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1906
Class Economy
Seat 24E
Flight time 01:12
Take-off 19 Aug 18, 18:07
Arrival at 19 Aug 18, 19:19
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Published on 4th September 2018
Hi everyone,

Welcome to Part 2 of my trip to Baltimore. I hope you enjoyed the Detroit to Baltimore segment. The link to that TR: in case you missed it. After spending a wonderful weekend visiting places in Washington DC, College Park and Great Falls, Virginia it was time to head back to Detroit. My flight back with Delta would be on an MD-90 scheduled to depart at 17:54 EDT. I engaged another Lyft cab to take me from College Park to Baltimore Washington International. The airport is located in Linthicum, 16 miles south of the city of Baltimore. The ride to the airport which was only supposed to take 30 minutes, was stretched due to traffic. Slower speed limits on some of Maryland's highways (compared to Michigan, that is) added to the problem. I reached the airport at 4:35pm, an hour and 20 minutes before scheduled departure.

Curb-side at BWI
photo 43405084365_95307fa101_b

I found a Delta kiosk to check in and print my boarding pass before heading out to the TSA Security check point. I really liked the airport at BWI, it was well maintained, looked new and had wonderful natural lighting . Security check took a while owing to the evening rush at the airport. There was no Soan-Papdi experience this time, I was airside at 5:05pm. BWI was very lively around this time, just the way an airport should be. They also had some music playing on the speaker system (I think it was Kenny G).

If you enjoy plane-spotting BWI is one place that you will love. The airport has huge windows that offer unobstructed views of the action on the tarmac. The airport also has an open to the air observation deck. Sadly, this was closed due to maintenance. Some of the pictures that I managed to take in the 20 minutes that I had for plane spotting are below:

Post security at BWI
photo 43405057455_1e20de4f54_b

Regional jets in the distance
photo 44311099251_6b8cdb635d_b

JetBlue's A320-200-N580JB named "Mo' Better Blue" was preparing for her flight to Orlando. This flight was later diverted to Palm Beach International
photo 42503435800_2b156b0b22_b

American Airlines' Boeing 737-800 would be flying to Charlotte
photo 44311097461_29a4f3a115_b

This A321-200 had come in from Phoenix
photo 44311108251_f2cb7591a3_b

Alaska Airlines' Boeing 737-800 with Scimitar wingtips to Portland. The nose had the text "Proudly All Boeing". Not anymore, Alaska.
photo 43593996494_dc16b86f1b_bphoto 43593995914_70fd6fed1a_b

Baltimore-Washington International is one of Southwest Airlines' hubs. Ironically, this was the only picture of a Southwest Jet at the Gate that I had taken
photo 43593995634_2f395ac4f4_b

UPS Worldwide Services - Boeing 767-300, taking a break after hauling in freight from Louisville
photo 43593994934_6448706f57_b

An Embraer ERJ-175 belonging to Air Canada Express was preparing for its flight to Toronto Pearson International Airport. The MD-90 in the background had just landed from Detroit.
photo 43405055745_de5b438707_b

Walking through Concourse D, headed for Gate D25
photo 43593997024_468f6ace5e_b

Delta's part of the Terminal: A Delta Boeing 737-800 in SkyTeam Colours. N3758Y was flying to Salt Lake City
photo 43405057775_b2a2b0f64a_bphoto 43405056045_e4fe36dc95_bphoto 43593996194_94c604f6b8_b

N866DN, a Boeing 737-900 was flying to Minneapolis St. Paul
photo 43405057885_f76fea2609_bphoto 30444028128_9d42ca6f46_b

N901DE - MD88 service to Atlanta. The First Officer can be seen doing the external inspection of the aircraft prior to departure
photo 30444027848_4f03d65335_bphoto 30444027378_8455fe1f8f_b

Another Scimitar Winglet. United's 737-900 wearing the "Eco-Skies" livery
photo 43405053115_66c92a4ceb_b

All set for departure!
photo 30444027128_0f1a27ce2a_b

Sincere apologies for the awful image quality, but this is the closest I could get, don't know if this one is still in operation..
photo 44311106441_4a8a0741c1_b

Boarding for my flight to Detroit was announced at 17:30 EDT. The gate area was pretty small, and there was a fairly huge crowd around the gate area comprising of passengers for the Detroit flight and the flight to Atlanta in the neighboring gate. As always, there were passengers trying to get last minute seat upgrades, but many were left disappointed as the flight was almost full. Boarding, as always with Delta was announced for passengers with special assistance and status holders followed by Economy class, zone wise. I boarded the aircraft at 17:40 EDT. Just prior to boarding I had the chance to see a beautiful 767-300 operated by Condor to Frankfurt. I didn't have time to pull out my camera and take a picture.

Airline: Delta Airlines
Origin: Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Linthicum, Maryland, United States (BWI/KBWI)
Destination: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Romulus, Michigan, United States (DTW/KDTW)
Flight Number: DL1906
Aircraft Type: McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30
Registration: N920DN
Scheduled Departure Time: 17:54 EDT, 19th August, 2018
Actual Departure Time: 18:07 EDT, 19th August, 2018
Scheduled Arrival Time: 19:33 EDT, 19th August, 2018
Actual Time of Arrival: 19:19 EDT, 19th August, 2018
Actual Flying Time: 1 hour and 12 minutes

N920DN would operate flight Dl1436 to Detroit
photo 43405055125_37ffc579c3_b

Boarding in progress
photo 43405084135_c0699ecdeb_bphoto 42503470760_95a0c265d1_b
Seating on the MD-90 in Economy class was in a 2-3 configuration. Seats were comfortable with sufficient leg room. I had an elderly couple for company in seats 24C and 24D. In-flight entertainment was offered in the form of the flight magazine and a clean window with a great view. A flight time of 1 hour and 10 minutes was announced from the flight deck. During the announcement a WOW Air A321 from Reykjavik, Iceland pulled in to gate E2. Push back was on time at 17:53 EDT. We taxied to Runway 28 for departure. Once we lined up with the centerline, the 2 IAE V2525-D5 engines roared to power the 47m jet down the runway.

View from Seat 24E
photo 42503469570_f77786b323_b

WOW Air from Iceland
photo 44311105661_e6b87fa62c_b

I've never been to an airport in the US where I haven't seen these Yellow Taxis
photo 44311104831_196e8db8c1_b

Taxi to Runway 28
photo 43405051195_40b040d2ef_bphoto 44311104441_cc9b16b081_b

photo 44263237162_5442e0885e_b

Take-off from BWI!
photo 30446567818_e597ffc1e5_bphoto 30446566448_7cfbb005ba_bphoto 29377842007_20d9287eb1_b

After a steady climb in excellent weather to our planned cruising altitude of 30,000ft, the seatbelt signs were turned off. Several passengers moved about the cabin. The inflight snack service also started about 15 minutes after take-off. It was the usual snack that is served on most American domestic flights. Passengers could buy snacks apart from the complimentary snacks and drinks served on board. For the complimentary snack, there was a choice between pretzels and another snack pack containing pretzels along with chips. I picked the second option along with apple juice.

In-flight snack
photo 43405049975_96efdc23a8_b

Cruising along to Detroit
photo 43405050775_4296609a3c_bphoto 43405050525_645459b228_bphoto 44263233262_ee0d048d00_b

Info on the A330-300 in the inflight magazine
photo 42503472560_720b762446_b

Around 40 minutes into the flight, one could hear the engines go quieter, indicating that we had initiated our descent into Detroit. This was confirmed by the seatbelt signs coming on accompanied by a brief announcement from the first officer informing the passengers that we would be landing around in DTW at around 19:15 EDT. The cabin crew picked up the cups and snack bags from the snack service and cleared the aisles in preparation for landing. We had started our descent somewhere over Ohio, continued over Lake Erie, then turned north to fly along the Detroit river before turning south for a landing on Runway 21L. The sky was clear, allowing for a smooth descent and landing, in addition to offering excellent views of the Detroit area during sunset. After a smooth landing on 21L, we taxied to the McNamara terminal (Terminal A). We docked at Gate A27, next to a Bombardier CRJ-900LR.

Descent over Lake Erie
photo 43405049075_5b589b96b3_b

Flying over Grosse Isle Municipal Airport
photo 44311100561_3319c652eb_b

Flying over Dearborn; The Ford Motor Company's headquarters are in this city
photo 43405048785_538d73c5bc_b

The Ambassador Bridge over the Detroit River connecting the United States (Left) and Canada (Right)
photo 43405048475_afc5bebe9d_b

Final approach and landing: Runway 21L

Taxi to Gate A27
photo 30444068268_3967767b21_bphoto 43405084925_3ce1505984_bphoto 42503471210_8fbf70aeeb_b

Thank you for a lovely ride :)
photo 43405084745_a88a9f74ae_b

I walked out of the aircraft into a super busy McNamara terminal while N920DN prepared for her next flight to Philadelphia. This was a wonderful flight with Delta, a great trip to Baltimore, all in all. The MD-90 is a wonderful aircraft, comfortable seats, decent legroom in economy, even for taller passengers on short flights such as this. The aircraft was well maintained and the cabin crew were professional in service. If you guessed that I took a Lyft back home, yes, you're right. Anything to accumulate airline points.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing my experience with you. Until next time, fly safe!
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I walked out of the aircraft into a super busy McNamara terminal while N920DN prepared for her next flight to Philadelphia. This was a wonderful flight with Delta, a great trip to Baltimore, all in all. The MD-90 is a wonderful aircraft, comfortable seats, decent legroom in economy, even for taller passengers on short flights such as this. The aircraft was well maintained and the cabin crew were professional in service.



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