Review of Cathay Pacific flight New York Vancouver in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX889
Class Business
Seat 22K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:00
Take-off 11 Jun 18, 21:50
Arrival at 12 Jun 18, 00:50
CX   #4 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 451 reviews
By 3201
Published on 14th October 2018
Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Part 1 of the Summer 2018 travel series where I'll be flying to Vancouver for a mini-vacation! So, my parents had planned a trip to Vancouver sometime in June. I thought to myself that I could join them since I had nothing else better to do!

Since they were coming in from Hong Kong and I had a few things to take care of prior to departure, we came to the conclusion that I would meet them there a few days after them. I thought to myself that this would be yet another great trip since I've been wanting to explore Vancouver for years, and this was my first trip ever to Canada, so I was definitely quite excited!



Since there were only a few direct flights from New York to Vancouver, it was rather difficult to decide which airline to fly with. After careful planning, I came to the decision that I would use my Asia Miles to get myself a redemption ticket on Cathay Pacific. After all, it's about time I put it to use! To sum it all up, booking flights for this trip was absolutely smooth, and I was quite excited to try out CX on a 5th freedom flight like this one to YVR.

Anyways, back to the flight. I knew for a fact that there was going to be tons of traffic leading to the airport, especially at peak hour. So, I ended up leading at around 5:30 PM which would give me a good time span to check-in, go through security, explore the terminal, and chill at the lounge.

Terminal 8 Departures exterior
photo dsc03938photo dsc03940

Terminal 8 Departures interior
photo dsc03941photo dsc03942

It was a bit crowded. However, I was not surprised since it was the start of the summer peak travel period.
photo dsc03948photo dsc03952

Cathay Pacific check-in counters. As always, the process of checking-in took 5 minutes.
photo dsc03946

Heading towards security
photo dsc03955photo dsc03957


This time, security took quite a while as there was always the long line at the airport. I guess I was at there at a time where there were a lot of departing flights out of Terminal 8. Nevertheless, I made it out within 15 minutes.

The Big Apple
photo dsc03959

photo dsc03962photo dsc03967

This amazes me every time!
photo dsc03968

I came to the airport at a time when all of the shops were open!
photo dsc03979photo dsc03980

I even got a good opportunity to do some plane spotting!
photo dsc03972photo dsc03973

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, N724AN, which will serve as AA104 to LHR and a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER right behind it, A7-BEP, preparing to depart for DOH as QR702
photo dsc03970

More airside pics

After my usual exploration of the terminal, I headed to the American Airlines Flagship lounge, where the elevators are located a few meters after security
photo dsc03994photo dsc03996

Lounge invitation
photo dsc03998

Lounge entrance
photo dsc04000

photo dsc04001

Shots of the Flagship lounge

I have reviewed this lounge previously on another report back in December 2017. The only difference was that during this visit, the lounge was extremely crowded. In fact, I couldn't even find a single available seat! (Link to my previous trip report can be found here)
photo dsc04008photo dsc04010photo dsc04014

So, I ended up going to the Admirals Club, located just next door
photo dsc04016

There were hardly any people, but it was definitely a peaceful place to relax before the flight. Also, it was a better selection in regards to food and drinks, especially with à la carte choices.
photo dsc04017photo dsc04018

Shots of the Admirals Club

Bar area
photo dsc04019

Boarding pass
photo dsc04028

I have to admit, I felt quite comfortable with a small lounge like this!
photo dsc04036photo dsc04031photo dsc04037

After taking a look at the menu (which I completely forgot to take a picture of), I decided to get a light bite before the flight.

Ginger ale
photo dsc04032

My à la carte dish, flatbread margarita pizza
photo dsc04040

By around 9:00 PM, I decided to get ready to leave in order to board the plane since I knew it was going to be a long walk to the gate
photo dsc04045photo dsc04046

The journey consisted of going through the usual walkaways and escalators

Plane to YVR & HKG: B-KPG
photo dsc04052

The underground tunnel with a lot of advertising for the new Incredibles 2 movie, which was something that I've been waiting for 14 years!
photo dsc04058photo dsc04061

Heading towards gate 47
photo dsc04064photo dsc04066

Gate 43-47 area
photo dsc04071photo dsc04074

By the time I got to the gate, I eventually found out to my surprise that the flight was delayed due to the incoming aircraft arriving late. I initially thought it was going to be a 10-15 minute wait, but I was wrong. We ended up waiting at the gate for quite some time before the gate agents announced the new departure time, which was at 10:25 PM.
photo dsc04076photo dsc04077

Since there was approximately an hour left, I ended up going back to the lounge!
photo dsc04083photo g47

It was a bit annoying to find out that our flight was delayed and we had to wait for a long time before boarding!
photo dsc04089photo dsc04091

Heading back to the main concourse of the terminal

I ultimately went back to the Flagship Lounge, which was mostly empty at that point.
photo dsc04104photo dsc04105

Portrait of the Empire State Building yet again
photo dsc04003

I guess most flights operating out of Terminal 8 have taken off already.
photo dsc04107photo dsc04108

Some of the catering options, which I wasn't really a huge fan of
photo dsc04110

On the bright side, I could finally get my favourite seat facing the tarmac!
photo dsc04111photo dsc04112

A small bottle of San Pellegrino
photo dsc04115

Shots of the Flagship lounge
photo dsc04118photo dsc04122

I was there for about 15 minutes until the boarding call was made for our flight
photo dsc04123photo dsc04124

Here we go again!

Heading towards gate 47
photo dsc04138photo dsc04139

The boarding process was not that bad
photo dsc04141photo dsc04143

Heading down the aerobridges
photo dsc04147photo dsc04150

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 11 June 2018
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight Number: CX 889
Route: New York (JFK) - Vancouver (YVR)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: B-KPG
Distance: 2443 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 9:50 PM (delayed to 10:25 PM)
Actual Departure Time: 10:48 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 12:50 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 1:04 AM
Flight Time: 6 hrs
Departure Gate at JFK: 47
Arrival Gate at YVR: D65


Main business class cabin
photo dsc04152

My seat, 22K, along with the inflight controls
photo dsc04154photo dsc04155

View from my seat
photo dsc04156

The comfortable legroom in J!
photo dsc04157photo dsc04159

Pre-departure beverage: Orange juice
photo dsc04163

This was my first 5th freedom flight on CX, and it honestly felt a little strange not flying directly to Hong Kong.

Flight info
photo dsc04169photo dsc04167

It was quite a light load in business class
photo dsc04172

Settling into my seat!
photo dsc04190

As always, once boarding was complete, the captain came on with the rather quick pre-flight welcome along with an apology for the late departure due to the inbound flight being delayed. He did state that time was going to be made up by the time we arrived into Vancouver with the flight time of approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Hot towel
photo dsc04179

Approximately 20 minutes later, we were cleared for pushback!
photo dsc04184

Views from pushback
photo dsc04189photo dsc04197

Cabin lights were dimmed in preparation for takeoff
photo dsc04192photo dsc04208

View during the taxi, with a slight view of the Manhattan skyline
photo dsc04210

After the many delays which lasted for more than an hour, we finally took off!

I'll be back soon, America!
photo dsc04224

After 15 minutes, the crew came around to distribute menus, water bottles, and amenity kits.
photo dsc04242photo dsc04244

West Coast bound!
photo dsc04231photo dsc04237

Surprisingly, I ended up chatting with the ISM since she noticed me taking photos earlier on. We ended up having a fun and interesting conversation about various topics ranging from Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong, and our never-ending interest in flying, even on such a short flight like this one to YVR!

Menu cover
photo dsc04247

Menu for today's flight
photo dsc04248photo dsc04249

Drink selection
photo dsc04250photo dsc04251

Time to discover the inflight entertainment!
photo dsc04253photo dsc04256

To my shock, I was able to find episodes of The Big Bang Theory, which I ended up watching
photo dsc04262

Cabin views
photo dsc04287photo dsc04289

Before I knew it, the crew came around to start the dinner service as well as taking drink orders.

Perrier, my standard drink!
photo dsc04279

I ultimately decided to skip the dinner service since I already ate at the lounge and I wasn't feeling too hungry in general.
photo dsc04283

Hot towel to conclude the dinner service
photo dsc04291

The cabin lights changed a couple of minutes later
photo dsc04293photo dsc04320

I then thought this would be the perfect time to switch to the inflight map to find out our current location
photo dsc04296photo dsc04299

Making it in good time over Michigan
photo dsc04300photo dsc04302

I then resumed to watching The Big Bang Theory.

After a couple of episodes, I headed to the bathroom with the standard J sink (which was nothing special)
photo dsc04305

It wasn't long before I decided to call it a night while above Minnesota
photo dsc04314photo dsc04322

A dark cabin, perfect for passengers to rest
photo dsc04323

Within less than 5 minutes, I set the seat in the fully flat position, lay the duvet all nicely spread out, and I was ready for bed!
photo dsc04324

I was able to get about 2.5 hours of sleep until the captain woke us up with his pre-arrival announcement saying that they are now starting the descent into Vancouver and we had 30 minutes till we landed. I thought to myself "Wow, this flight really flew by so fast!"
photo dsc04327photo dsc04328

From my perspective, I found the time frame of this flight similar to flights going from Hong Kong to India, as they depart in the evening only to arrive past midnight.

Pre-arrival drink: Orange juice again! I think this is a new concept on CX, but I really don't know.
photo dsc04329

Suddenly, the seat belt sign came back on giving the indication that we had to prepare for landing, which didn't take long.

Approaching YVR
photo dsc04335photo dsc04337photo dsc04340

Final shots before landing
photo dsc04346photo dsc04354

Time flies when you have fun!
photo dsc04355photo dsc04360

Mood lighting in preparation for landing
photo dsc04366photo dsc04377

The lights of Vancouver during the descent
photo dsc04374

We landed approximately 15 minutes behind of schedule at 1:04 AM due to the late departure. However, the taxi to the gate was quite short.

Mood lighting change yet again
photo dsc04381

Actual flight route
photo dsc04384

Docking at gate D65, next to a China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-200, B-5926, which will serve as MU598 back to PVG
photo dsc04386


Most of us (including myself) got off in YVR whereas there were only a few passengers who were travelling onwards to HKG, and had to remain onboard. It was definitely going to be a long journey for them
photo img_9834photo img_9835

photo img_9837photo img_9838

Apparently, there were agents who were checking whether or not we were actually getting off in YVR
photo img_9839

Arrival into YVR
photo img_9840photo img_9843photo img_9844

Air Canada Boeing 787-900, C-FRSA, which will serve as AC44 to DEL
photo img_9841

Right off the bat, I was amazed with the terminal! I've heard a lot about YVR prior to arrival, and it didn't disappoint me one bit!

Departure area viewed from arrivals
photo img_9851

Heading towards immigration

An amazing fountain display!
photo img_9857

Immigration took about 5 minutes, since it was a late arrival
photo img_9858

Baggage claim area
photo dsc04390photo img_9861

As always, I was able to get my bag within 5 minutes
photo dsc04391photo img_9864

Making my way towards the arrival hall
photo img_9865photo img_9866

By the time I got there, my parents spotted me within seconds, which eventually led to a short but well-lived reunion!
photo img_9867photo img_9871

Arrival hall
photo img_9874

We were able to get a cab since there was no line and we were on our way to our hotel where I was ready for a fun-filled vacation in Vancouver!!!
photo img_9875photo img_9877
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.0

American Airlines Flagship Lounge


New York - JFK


Vancouver - YVR



Like I've said on most of my flight reports, Cathay Pacific always has an outstanding seat onboard business class along with the crew service, which I found impressive. However, the inflight entertainment selection was somewhat average, and I didn't really get a chance to try out the catering options since I wasn't in the mood. Also, one downside about this flight was the annoying fact that my flight was delayed for an hour and arriving late into YVR. However, this was nonetheless a decent fifth freedom flight on one of my favourite airlines, even if it was a short one! Overall, this was yet an average flight on an airline that I've known and loved for so long. It was worth the miles!

Anyways, thanks for reading this trip report. I hope you enjoyed it. Tune in next time for the return flight which I'll be posting soon!

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