Review of British Airways flight London New York in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA115
Class Business
Seat 14K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 08:20
Take-off 24 Jan 19, 13:45
Arrival at 24 Jan 19, 17:05
BA   #56 out of 88 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 936 reviews
By 2404
Published on 23rd September 2019
Hi everyone! Welcome to the second leg of the Winter 2019 travel series! After an amazing vacation touring around Europe, it was time for me to head back to New York flying on British Airways. I have to say, this trip was quite an extraordinary one, not only because I was at one of my favourites cities in the world, I finally got the chance to visit Paris along with Brussels. Even though I wanted to go to Amsterdam as well, it unfortunately didn't work out in the itinerary. However, I can definitely go there during the next trip to Europe! Anyways, without further ado, let's get to this report! ;)

Inbound flight can be found here!


Anyways, it was a 20 minute drive to Heathrow Airport, and there was hardly any traffic while on the way. We made it at around 12:00 PM, which gave me just enough time to do everything such as checking in, going through security, and spending time at the lounge.

Terminal 5 Exterior
photo dsc08010photo dsc08011

Time to check-in!
photo dsc08013photo dsc08015

It did take some time to find the check-in counters for Club World since Terminal 5 was massive. So, I lost a bit of time trying to locate only to find it about 5 minutes later.
photo dsc08021photo dsc08030

Check-in counters
photo dsc08017photo dsc08020

The process was very smooth, with the total time of 5-10 minutes.
photo dsc08032photo dsc08033

Heading towards security
photo dsc08031photo dsc08036


photo dsc08038photo dsc08039

photo dsc08043

Checking out the extensive duty-free area

I must say, LHR Terminal 5 is such a massive terminal that it was a bit difficult for me at first to navigate around.
photo dsc08052photo dsc08053

Luckily, the signs came in handy and I was able to find a British Airways Galleries lounge in Concourse A
photo dsc08056photo dsc08057

Heading to the lounge, which was a couple of escalator rides away
photo dsc08058photo dsc08059

Lounge entrance
photo dsc08060photo dsc08063

The Galleries lounge was another level up
photo dsc08064

British Airways logo
photo dsc08061

A model of a British Airways Airbus A380-800 at the entrance
photo dsc08066

Lounge entrance
photo dsc08067

This is one of the British Airways Galleries lounge at LHR Terminal 5, as there is another one at Concourse B (which I didn't know about that the time). To cut a long story short, I'd say that this lounge is quite decent. However in my opinion, I found it a bit too dark in some areas and not as glamorous as the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Terminal 3

However, the upside towards this lounge would be the spacing, the organisation, and the food + beverages choices

More shots of the lounge
photo dsc08081photo dsc08083photo dsc08084

Boarding pass
photo dsc08088

Some of the beverage choices
photo dsc08091photo dsc08092

I later found out that my flight to New York was going to be slightly delayed but didn't know why at the time. Hence, the new time of departure was 2:45 PM. So, I had plenty of time before I had to board the flight.
photo dsc08096

After spending less than an hour at the lounge, I finally headed towards Concourse B
photo dsc08098photo dsc08099

It was a long trek going from one concourse to another

Taking the automated people mover to Concourse B

On the way to Concourse B
photo dsc08112photo dsc08114

Finally making it to the gate area
photo dsc08115photo dsc08116

Gate B43
photo dsc08117photo dsc08118

Well, time to head back home!
photo dsc08120

Plane to JFK: G-ZZZA
photo dsc08121

Taking the escalator towards the aerobridge
photo dsc08122photo dsc08123photo dsc08124

Walking down the aerobridge
photo dsc08125

Another view of G-ZZZA
photo dsc08126

Well, time to board!
photo dsc08127photo dsc08128

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 24 January 2019
Airline: British Airways
Flight Number: BA 115
Route: London (LHR) - New York (JFK)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Registration: G-ZZZA
Distance: 3445 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 1:45 PM
Actual Departure Time: 2:44 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 5:05 PM
Actual Arrival Time: 5:43 PM
Flight Time: 8 hrs 20 mins
Departure Gate at LHR: B43
Arrival Gate at JFK: 7


Club World Business Class cabin
photo dsc08130

My seat, 14K
photo dsc08131

Water bottle and amenity kit found as I got to my seat
photo dsc08133

Legroom, which was quite decent for a flight to the other end of the pond
photo dsc08137photo dsc08138

View from my seat, with a view of British Airways Boeing 777-200ER, G-VIIL, which will depart shortly for SEA as BA49
photo dsc08135

The introduction of the inflight entertainment system
photo dsc08143photo dsc08145

Cabin views
photo dsc08173photo dsc08175

Welcome drink: Champagne
photo dsc08153

Menus were then handed out
photo dsc08157photo dsc08160

Drink list
photo dsc08158photo dsc08161

British Airways Boeing 747-400, G-CIVG, preparing to depart as BA273 to SAN
photo dsc08166

It took about half an hour for boarding to be completed and for the captain to make his welcome announcement, and apologising for the delay as the aircraft that was originally going to serve this sector, which was a Boeing 777-200ER, had some technical problems.

So, the reason for the delay was for BA to find a replacement aircraft which would fly this route to New York. So, this Boeing 777-200 (non -ER version) was available. I was a bit stunned by this, but it didn't really bother me as much as there was no significant difference between the two, besides having slightly different configurations.

Flight route
photo dsc08169

Controls, headphone jack, and USB port
photo dsc08171

Settling into my seat!
photo dsc08134

Views from pushback
photo dsc08176photo dsc08177

British Airways Airbus A380-800, G-XLEI, which will depart as BA269 to LAX
photo dsc08180

Views during the taxi

Etihad Airways Airbus A380-800, A6-APE, preparing to depart back to AUH as EY20
photo dsc08206

Terminal 4
photo dsc08207

British Airways Airbus A380-800, G-XLEA, preparing to depart as BA209 to MIA
photo dsc08211

Swiss International Airlines Airbus A220-300, HB-JCD, preparing to depart for GVA as LX353
photo dsc08214

Terminal 2 and a lot of Star Alliance carriers
photo dsc08219

Taxiing to Runway 27L
photo dsc08216photo dsc08226

We then took off an hour behind schedule at approximately 2:45 PM

High above the clouds!
photo dsc08232

A few minutes after departure
photo dsc08240photo dsc08241

See you soon, London!
photo dsc08245photo dsc08247

Hot towels were being offered
photo dsc08242

Before I knew it, the crew came around with drink orders. I got myself a glass of Los Cabos de Urbezo 2017 from Spain
photo dsc08254

After about 15 minutes, I decided to check out the entertainment system extensively and see how it compares to the Boeing 747-400
photo dsc08253

To cut a long story short, it definitely looked a bit dated compared to the former, but luckily it was a touch-screen and was easy to use.

Time to continue where I left off!
photo dsc08255

Now, it's time to enjoy the rest of this trans-Atlantic flight!
photo dsc08258photo dsc08260

Views outside
photo dsc08264

Cabin views
photo dsc08267photo dsc08268

Before the meal service started, I made a quick visit to the bathroom, which is quite standard on most aircraft
photo dsc08269

Once I got back to my seat, I came in just in time for the meal service!

The appetiser: Hoisin-glazed aubergine with daikon radish, carrot, and coriander. It was quite tasty!
photo dsc08273

Even though things were going smoothly on this flight, the only downside was that the service was quite slow, and it took almost half an hour before we got to the main course.
photo dsc08300

However, I was able to use this time to find something else to watch on the AVOD

Since I never got to finish Neighbors 2, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to watch it again!
photo dsc08279

As time passed by, the main course finally arrived. I ended up getting the miso-glazed Atlantic cod with wasabi mousseline and wok-fried vegetables. If I have to be honest, I'd say that it tasted a lot better than it looked.
photo dsc08287

For dessert, I decided to end it all of with some strawberry trifle with vanilla custard cream, which was amazing!!
photo dsc08295

Besides a few delays, the whole service didn't take too long, as the crew cleared out the tables within half an hour.

Once I was done, I decided to check up the progress of the flight

Above the Atlantic Ocean, with approximately 6 hours left
photo dsc08302photo dsc08303

Cabin view with the lights slightly dimmed
photo dsc08306

After another half hour, I was getting a bit tired and wanted to get some rest before arriving in New York. So as always, I set the seat to the flat bed position and get all the contents from the bedding package. It wasn't that difficult to make the bed.

Within a few minutes, I was ready for bed with the seat fully flat and the duvet all nicely spread out!
photo dsc08308

I was able to get some sleep for 5 hours, and then woke up when the captain did his pre-arrival announcement saying that they are now starting the descent into New York and we had the usual 30 minutes until landing
photo dsc08313

Cabin preparing for landing
photo dsc08316

Filling out the US customs form
photo dsc08317

View of the sunset
photo dsc08331

Starting the descent
photo dsc08326photo dsc08327

Over Long Island
photo dsc08337

Final shots before landing
photo dsc08345photo dsc08346

Before I knew it, we landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport at 5:43 PM, more than 40 minutes behind the scheduled arrival time. However, the taxi to the terminal was quite quick

Flight information
photo dsc08356

Actual flight route
photo dsc08357

Docking at gate 7, with a side view of British Airways Boeing 747-400, G-CIVX, about to depart back to LHR as BA112
photo dsc08359photo dsc08360


Disembarking/Arrival into JFK

Heading towards immigration, baggage claim, and customs

I breezed through immigration and customs, making it to the arrival hall within 10 minutes, despite this being an evening arrival.

Terminal 7 arrival hall
photo dsc08375photo dsc08379

Terminal 7 Arrival exterior
photo dsc08381photo dsc08383

I then called for an Uber, which took about 5 minutes. Afterwards, I met my driver and was on my way back home!
photo dsc08384photo dsc08385
See more


British Airways

Cabin crew8.5

British Airways (South) Galleries Club - 5A


London - LHR


New York - JFK



Overall, I would say that this was an average flight on British Airways. It was nice to review the difference between a Boeing 747-400 and a Boeing 777-200. Despite the last-minute aircraft change, I don't think it affected my overall opinion of the flight, and I think a lot of factors made that up. In particular, the crew service, the AVOD, and as always, the seat. Although it was a bit older compared to the seats on the Queen of the Skies, it is still a comfortable one for a trans-Atlantic flight like this one.

I was quite excited when I first heard about the British Airways Airbus A350-1000 as the seats in business class look amazing, and I can't wait to try it out someday!! I don't know if that particular aircraft will serve the route to/from New York, but it would be definitely something to look forward to if that were to happen!

As always, thanks for reading this trip report. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I will be posting more trip reports in the near future. So, be sure to tune in next time for the Summer 2019 travel series which I'll be posting very soon! ;)

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  • Comment 523888 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6188 Comments
    Hi Rbix, lovely report as always! Agree with you about the T5 Galleries lounge being dark in some areas. And you were at the South lounge which has the most light...the North lounge is mostly a mirror image on the north side of T5 but even darker.

    Other than that a pretty decent flight with BA in Club World. Love these seats when travelling as a couple...not so much when travelling alone, and the 747 upper deck is a much better experience, of course.

    Filling out the US customs form

    I'm surprised you don't have Global Entry as much as you fly internationally! Flying into JFK without GE is usually a nightmare...lucky it went quick for you this flight!

    Looking forward to upcoming series of reports!
  • Comment 524076 by
    rbix AUTHOR 73 Comments
    Thanks for the comment, KévinDC!! Luckily where I was sitting at the lounge, it was quite bright and I even got good views from the tarmac. However, I really think the lighting is one of the things that BA lounges can really improve on.

    Love these seats when travelling as a couple...not so much when travelling alone, and the 747 upper deck is a much better experience, of course.

    Yeah, I definitely agree!! Hopefully, I'll try it out if I get the opportunity to try out the 747 upper deck as well as the A350-1000 like I've mentioned in the conclusion.

    Generally, from what I've experienced, it's quite quick at immigration. But I might consider getting Global Entry in the future.

    Thanks so much once again, and happy travels!! ;)

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