Review of Singapore Airlines flight Colombo Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ469
Class Business
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 02 Sep 18, 01:10
Arrival at 02 Sep 18, 07:40
SQ   #4 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 623 reviews
By 1066
Published on 17th September 2018
Hi guys,

Welcome to the next series of my flight reports.

First of all the little background story… It was time to give up my carefree life and get things complicated!
Yes!! I got married recently and this series covers our honeymoon journey.
I fell in love with my fiancee many years ago and then with Bali during my last visit.
So we decided it as our ultimate destination… with a little avgeek twist in our itinerary.

The carrier of choice was same as my last trip but except for the last flight all flights were different in some aspect.
For this first segment, it was the main flight of SQ to Colombo as opposed to the daytime SilkAir flight.
This red eye flight is preferred by many as it will be dawn when the flight lands in SIN thus giving easy connections to fly further east. It was same for us too!

We arrived at the airport around 9.45 in the evening and it was too early as check in opens only 3 hrs before the scheduled departure time.

Usual midnight rush has already begun!
photo dsc00108

As I mentioned earlier, taking off from CMB and flying east at this hour is convenient for many passengers.
This is strategy is well used by the carriers in South East Asian region as well as home carrier UL (who has few codeshare partners in the east).
The three hour window starts at 10.55 pm with AK46 to KUL, then followed by OD, MH, CX, SQ and TG, with UL flights also operating in between and ending the rush with UL306 to SIN at 01.50 am.
After that is the rush for flights from middle east which will only end when the dawn breaks.

We cleared the first two hurdles in to the terminal by going through the passport check and then the security check by the Air Force personnel.
I believe this practice started during the war time and still continuing for whatever the reason.

In to the small walkway with banks and boutique shops.

photo dsc00113

Before the check-in area there is another security check. But we are still too early to clear that.

photo dsc00114

Split-flap FIDS which I never miss to take a snap when passing this place.

photo dsc00116

Not so elegant TV screen showing that our check-in desks are oepn a bit earlier than expected.

photo dsc00121

SQ check-in surrounded by portraits of charming Singapore Girls.

photo dsc00123photo dsc00128a

We joined the queue of the only open J class check-in desk behind a Singaporean family… Seconds later another check-in desk opened and we were summoned to it.
Check-in took only few seconds and we were handed over our boarding passes.

We walked out of the check-in desk and then only realized that the passes were printed on wrong stock… just plain boring white paper. We didn't mind it and just try to proceed for immigration.
But wait again… the gentleman checked us in came walking to us, apologizing and taking our boarding passes back and reprinted on J class stock :) It is human nature to make mistakes, but the effort he made to correct it immediately (even though it was no matter for us) should be appreciated.

Immigration at CMB is getting slower and slower by the day it seems. It took good 5 to 10 mins to clear the border.

Our gate is already assigned and it is located next to the lounge.

photo dsc00132

Duty free area on the first floor.

photo dsc00134photo dsc00143

Transfer desks of SriLankan Airlines.

photo dsc00150

Only god knows whether this will be built or when it will be built!!!

photo dsc00156

MH178 to Kuala Lumpur, which I used for my first foreign trip!

photo dsc00158

The lone pier at this airport.

photo dsc00163

Araliya, the business class contract lounge for foreign carriers sans EK.

photo dsc00167

Our BPs were checked and stamped before we were let into the lounge.


photo dsc00169

Rush hour means lounge is crowded too…

photo dsc00170photo dsc00171

The food station with few choices of hot and cold food.

My pre-departure meal.

photo dsc00179

We managed to find seating with a view of the apron.

One of four departures to KUL at midnight.

photo dsc00185

Some sweets followed by a coffee.

photo dsc00189photo dsc00191a

Not much action on this side of the airport.

photo dsc00202

Inbound flight is early tonight.

photo dsc00205

An-32 in the background?

photo dsc00208

CX flight was delayed making the lounge more crowded. Another section of the lounge was opened for the guests.

photo dsc00211

Since the inbound flight arrived early we expected an on-time departure. We left the lounge 45 mins prior to the departure time.

photo dsc00214

Before boarding was the final security check. We were let into the boarding lounge and the dedicated premium passenger section.

photo dsc00227

Members of the A330 family, 4R-ALA of UL and 9V-STW of SQ.

photo dsc00234

Boarding was called soon, with priorities respected.

photo dsc00241photo dsc00243

Old habits never die…

photo dsc00245

Our seats.

photo dsc00247

The load was around 75% in the J class but Y seemed full.

photo dsc00252

I managed to talk with flight attendant Chang while other passengers board. We talked about different types of aircraft SQ operates and he indicated that this flight would soon be operated using 787-10.

Pre-departure drinks and hot towels were offered in the meantime. I chose SQ special welcome drink (mix of different fruit juices) while Mrs. chose OJ.

photo dsc00254

A full menu was presented for this four hour flight.

photo dsc00260

Standard SQ headphones.

photo dsc00261

Push back was right on time…

photo dsc00285

Another visitor from the ASEAN bloc.

photo dsc00288

Latest version of the SQ safety video played while taxiing.

photo dsc00297

Off we go… 2mins past the scheduled departure time.

photo dsc00324photo dsc00334

Post departure drinks were offered. Me with the usual choice and my wife choosing Hot Chocolate.

photo dsc00347

The IFE selection was in top notch as always. Tried to watch Deadpool 2 but somehow it was unsuccessful (I was distracted).

photo dsc00349

Menu for the supper.

photo dsc00267

Appetiser was fine.

photo dsc00355

Main Course : We both went with Chicken. It was tender and tasted good. Veges accompanied well.

photo dsc00367

Carrot cake was perfectly done, not too sweet.

photo dsc00372

Meal service was over but the linens were not taken away!?

I did mention Chang that we are on our honeymoon trip, and he has a little surprise.
He presented a second dessert to share between two of us.
It was made by himself using choco brownie, watermelon jelly and chips.
What a creative lad… Cheers to him for going an extra mile to treat us!

photo dsc00375

We still had more than 2 hours of flight. So it was time for a nap.
We were flying at a relatively low cruising altitude of 31,000 ft!

photo dsc00377

I woke up as we were closing on the island of Sumatra.

I was curious to taste the SQ's own version of Singapore Sling, so I ordered one.
They call it "SilverKris Sling" and it has a quite a citrus flavour compared to the original.

photo dsc00388

Over Sumatra and thunderstorms were visible in the distance. I guess they are pretty common in this region.

photo dsc00390photo dsc00391

We are already approaching dawn.

photo dsc00402aphoto dsc00414

Cabin lights were turned on and everyone was stretching their arms to get ready for the early landing.

photo dsc00415

Descent begins… we are well ahead of the scheduled arrival time.

photo dsc00416photo dsc00421photo dsc00430

Approaching SIN from the south side (Runway 02C) with the view of numerous ships visiting ports of Singapore.

photo dsc00435

A little island. Belongs to Indonesia?

photo dsc00436

More ships…

photo dsc00439photo dsc00443photo dsc00447

SMRT Yard.

photo dsc00453photo dsc00454

Touchdown! exactly half an hour earlier than the schedule!

It was a misty morning… can hardly see out of the window.

photo dsc00455photo dsc00458photo dsc00459

Taxi time was minimum compared to SIN standards and we docked to a F gate in T2 in quick time.

photo dsc00460

We thanked the crew before deplaning, especially flight attendant Chang and leading stewardess Catherine for the wonderful service and making our honeymoon trip even special.

I guess this is the first time I'm seeing a jet of a Yankee airline!!!

photo dsc00463

As we landed early we had ample time to visit the lounge and get refreshed. On to the long but colourful concourses of SIN.

photo dsc00465photo dsc00466

This brings us to the end of this segment and stay tuned for the second episode…
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Araliya Lounge


Colombo - CMB


Singapore - SIN



Exceeded our expectations. Ground services were good. Lounge is average as usual. But the flight was enjoyable. Cabin was comfortable enough for the length of flight. Food was fine enough for a red eye and IFE was decent. Cabin crew was exceptional and they were genuinely happy to serve us! Greatly reflected their status in the industry.

Information on the route Colombo (CMB) Singapore (SIN)


  • Comment 466294 by
    aaqib67 52 Comments

    Hi Thurya,

    First of all Congratulations to both of you!

    Seems like SQ serves better quality Cashew Nuts on Y Class when compared to UL :)
    Good to see that SQ performing well on this competitive sector, also that we'd be seeing their 787-10 soon

    Was on the verge of trying out SQ myself from CMB to CGK since they utilize their A350's on the SIN-CGK sector, however I had to settle for UL (Patriotic much)

    Great FR and Loved the Narration
    Looking forward to reading your next


    • Comment 466897 by
      Thurya AUTHOR 78 Comments

      Hi Aaqib,

      "First of all Congratulations to both of you!"
      - Thank you very much for the wishes.

      "Seems like SQ serves better quality Cashew Nuts on Y Class when compared to UL :)"
      - Hahaha... I couldn't test in on canine to see whether it pass the threshold ;)

      "Good to see that SQ performing well on this competitive sector, also that we'd be seeing their 787-10 soon"
      -Indeed SQ is doing so well in this sector. For J its an upgrade if they change to 787-10 but I personally think it has a denser configuration in Y compared to A333.

      "Was on the verge of trying out SQ myself from CMB to CGK since they utilize their A350's on the SIN-CGK sector, however I had to settle for UL (Patriotic much)"
      - Please read my next flight report to see the treasonous act :D

      Thanks for stopping by.

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