Review of AtlasGlobal flight Paris Istanbul in Business

Airline AtlasGlobal
Flight KK 2174
Class Business
Seat 01F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 14 Sep 18, 15:25
Arrival at 14 Sep 18, 19:50
KK 6 reviews
By GOLD 2824
Published on 25th September 2018


Welcome to the second part of this routing. We now have to connect from 2G to 2C.

photo dsc_1166_resultat

J wasn't aware that it was possible to go from the G terminal to the C via airside bus, this was a nice surprise, not being a great fan of clearing security multiple times. The bus is not direct though, you need to connect at 2E. The strange thing is that a connection to 2B/D is also available via 2E but not advertised.

photo dsc_1167_resultat

Passport control is performed by the coldest agent I have ever met. That doesn't play in favour of France's image. Sad.
Here comes the shuttle.

photo dsc_1168_resultat

While driving we saw this SQ A380:

photo dsc_1169_resultatphoto dsc_1170_resultat

Then AF - 777-300ER:

photo dsc_1171_resultat

AA - 330:

photo dsc_1172_resultat

It is the first time for me to use 2C

photo dsc_1173_resultat

Mandatory way through the Duty Free:

photo dsc_1174_resultat

Our flight is scheduled to be on time:

photo dsc_1175_resultat

Walking through the terminal to go the Paris Lounge:

photo dsc_1176_resultat

Lounge "Salon Paris" cdg terminal 2c

photo dsc_1177_resultat

The hall is not really welcoming, the lounge looks old and dated.

photo dsc_1178_resultatphoto dsc_1181_resultat

It is now 12:30PM and I' like to check something on the buffet.

photo dsc_1184_resultatphoto dsc_1185_resultat

I read in one of the french report that a fellow Flight Reporter visited the lounge after lunch time and that the breakfast offer was still in place. Bingo, that is exactly the same here. A shame for a lounge, IMO.

photo dsc_1182_resultatphoto dsc_1183_resultat

There is no small water bottle which is really odd, as there are soda cans, beer cans, juices can. Water is something that people love to take away and costs nothing. I don't understand the rational behind. Also on display some sweets that are certified, without pork. LOL.

photo dsc_1186_resultat

I inform one of the staff member that the breakfast offering is still on the buffet and given the time, it should be lunch by far. She apologizes and says it has been forgotten. She brings a plate of sandwiches and finger food out of the kitchen but the breakfast items stay where they are. I grab something to nibble, nothing to write a home about.

photo dsc_1187_resultat

We both hated this lounge: no view, the food is appealing, the staff not really helpful.


Sorry I wasn't able to get a better picture of the plane:

photo dsc_1188_resultat

MD to Antananarivo:

photo dsc_1189_resultat

The flight is codeshare with AF but all AF passengers need to come to the desk to have a new boarding pass printed on KK stock.

photo dsc_1190_resultat

A few words about this codeshare: the least I can say is that there is no communication between AF and KK: KK does not allow advanced seating assignement for non KK tickets. But they open their check in 48H before the flight. I selected 1DF for my mom and I. AF opens the check in 30H before the flight and then, we got 2A and 1F assigned. Impossible to make any change on AF site, I log on to KK and see that we are indeed in 2A /1F, I change it bacck to 1DF but then impossible to print the BP. On AF nothing changes. This got sorted out at the boarding desk, the agent explained that their systems are not working together at all.

photo dsc_1191_resultat

Boarding starts on time: Business first and then all others :)

photo dsc_1192_resultatphoto dsc_1194_resultat

At the door :)

photo dsc_1195_resultat

Fuselage Shoot :

photo dsc_1196_resultat

Very friendly and nice welcome, the hostesses are wonderful, dressed in all red (that might be a bit less wonderful). They are wearing very high heel red shoes, a bit Louboutin style. They remove the shoes for the service though. The cabin is not the Euro-style business but a real business class with only 8 seats.

photo dsc_1197_resultatphoto dsc_1198_resultat

Real pillow and big blanket:

photo dsc_1199_resultatphoto dsc_1200_resultat

The only not so nice thing are the paper seat cover, but that is not a big deal:

photo dsc_1201_resultat

The seat is very comfy with good padding and a generous recline.

photo dsc_1202_resultatphoto dsc_1203_resultat

Safety card:

photo dsc_1205_resultatphoto dsc_1204_resultat

Onboard magazine:

photo dsc_1206_resultat

Our neighbor is the HiFly A380

photo dsc_1207_resultatphoto dsc_1208_resultat

Slides are not armed yet:

photo dsc_1209_resultat

I have never seen that before: the curtains are closed to serve the pre-departure drinks. Folks in the back are not allowed to see what the guus at the front drink :)

photo dsc_1210_resultat

Here it is:

photo dsc_1211_resultatphoto dsc_1212_resultat

One can chose between OJ, sparkling wine or water.

The curtain to the galley is also closed.

photo dsc_1213_resultat

And opened back for the safety demo. The HiFly A380 again:

photo dsc_1214_resultatphoto dsc_1215_resultat

EK A380:

photo dsc_1217_resultat

Teaser for the next flight:

photo dsc_1218_resultat

Pretty smart compartment but mind to not forget your belongings after the flight…

photo dsc_1216_resultat

How I miss this beauty in the skies!

photo dsc_1220_resultatphoto dsc_1221_resultat

Primera - A321 NEO:

photo dsc_1223_resultat

E-135 - Equaflight:

photo dsc_1226_resultat

A320 - Small Planet:

photo dsc_1227_resultat

Qatar - 333:

photo dsc_1228_resultat

Line up soon:

photo dsc_1231_resultat

V1, V2, rotate !

Short movies are shown on drop down screens:

photo dsc_1236_resultat

The table is dressed:

photo dsc_1237_resultat

15 minutes into the flight the tray arrives

photo dsc_1238_resultatphoto dsc_1240_resultat

The offer today is either beef, fish or pasta. The only regret here is not being handed out a menu.

photo dsc_1239_resultat

Very basic cuttlery:

photo dsc_1241_resultat

The wine is pretty cheap but drinkable.

Salt and pepper:

photo dsc_1245_resultat

We both went for the beef that was good. It was more a chinese style beef, but without menu, not sure on what it was exactly. The starters were fresh and the bread is served warm in a bread basket. Once finished, hot drinks, digestive liquors and dessert are offered in a separate step.

photo dsc_1246_resultatphoto dsc_1247_resultat

The dessert was nice and a good way to round off the meal. No service trolley was used during the whole meal.

In cruise:

photo dsc_1248_resultatphoto dsc_1249_resultat

The flight is smooth and the crew comes very often to check if nothing is needed. Very proactive!

Shortly before arrival the captain takes the mike and informs us that we have to do some holding as IST very busy is. As usual, indeed!

photo dsc_1254_resultat

As we land I am surprised to find this TU134:

photo dsc_1257_resultatphoto dsc_1258_resultat

Impossible for me to know more about it, apart that it seems to be a russian state plane.

photo dsc_1259_resultat

Once at parking stand the crew thanks the passengers for using KK and tells the business passengers that a dedicated crew bus is waiting for them.

photo dsc_1260_resultat

We have fast pass cards for immigration and breeze through it in no time. Our bags are delivered among the first and we are out 20 minutes after landing, great job. But catching a cab is a nightmare: ridiculous long lines and very few taxies available: we will need 50 minutes to get one. The only good news is that the ride to the hotel costs … 20TRY and that is less than 3€ for 10 minutes.
Stay tune for the next part to come soon!

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Cabin crew9.0

Salon Paris - 2C


Paris - CDG


Istanbul - ISL



KK is far above AF on that route (keeping in mind that AF has now handed this over to Joon, its low cost arm). Where KK has a dedicated J cabin, real pillow and blankets, full 4 course menu served in 2 steps and private coach to the terminal, AF has none of this. The best thing is if you book your ticket on AF stock, you'll get miles and XP as for an AF flight.

For us the decision is made, as long as possible, KK will be our first choice to fly to Turkey.

The "Salon de Paris" lounge is a shame for a worldclass airport. Better go to McDonalds or Starbucks.

Nothing to complain about CDG nor IST, apart from the lack of cabs.

Thanks for reading!

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Turkish Airlines avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 3 heures et 22 minutes.

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  • Comment 467000 by
    NicoWK 1661 Comments
    Grutzi Steph!

    Really interesting report, I just discovered KK and it's a good surprise. I think I missed the one in french ;-) Sorry...

    This is the better or even the only good choice to fly to Turkey with "skyteam". Has I can see, it was a great flight, with "real" business seats and a good catering, far away from JN. I think this code share is the only way to keep the AF's business costumers and for the moment it's a good deal. In fact, only if you don't keep in mind the lounge ;-)

    Thanks for the report, see ya!
  • Comment 467003 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Welcome back to the darkside Cher Esteban ^^

    Wow, I can’t say I ever remember seeing a report on KK and I’m very impressed.

    Connecting from 2G is always painful and seems even more so to get to a non-AF terminal, in your case 2C. Nevertheless, I am glad to head it can now be done airside.

    I remember AF-DL codeshares could be a pain at times with seat selection, and they are Joint-Venture and SkyTeam partners, so it’s not surprising to hear that the IT relationship between AF and KK’s systems is glitchy to say the least. Glad you were able to work out the seat assignments, but it’s never pleasant being split up from travel companions, especially when paying for Business class.

    Nice to see KK have real J seats on this mid-haul route where AF have Euro-J. The catering also looks really appetising and we’ll presented. KK’s J product is quite convincing overall.

    Thanks for sharing this exotic report on a carrier I barely knew existed!
  • Comment 467142 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    It looks like you had a nice flight with AtlasGlobal. Their Business Class product and food offering looks quite good. Thanks!

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