Review of Air New Zealand flight Melbourne Christchurch in Economy

Airline Air New Zealand
Flight NZ898
Class Economy
Seat 23A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:10
Take-off 13 Sep 18, 09:15
Arrival at 13 Sep 18, 14:25
NZ   #18 out of 115 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 89 reviews
Published on 26th September 2018
Air New Zealand ZK-OJO NZ898 Melbourne - Christchurch

Flight details:

Airlines: Air New Zealand
Flight No: NZ898 MEL - CHC
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Departure Melbourne Terminal 2 Gate 6A: 09:15 AEST
Arrival Christchurch Int'l Terminal Gate 28 : 14:24 NZST
Flight time: 3 hours 09 minutes
Distance: 2,508 km

Full trip video: Air New Zealand ZK-OJO NZ898 Melbourne - Christchurch

Do watch and experience the trip.


This trip report covers flight to New Zealand in 2018. Had booked the flight few months ago.

Arriving at Airport

Drove on the Tullamarine Freeway to airport. Being a weekday, started early to avoid the traffic. Parked car at Long Term Parking and took shuttle bus to terminal 2.

Long Term Parking

photo 20180913_062944


After reaching the departure area, checked the flight check-in counter.

Check-in area

photo img_2

Check-in Counter J

Had already check-in the flight before arriving at the airport. Baggage was drop was through self check kiosk.

photo img_1

Had to scan passport, answer question regarding content and dangerous good. Baggage tags printed for number of bags. Since had booked seat + bag, got the tags. stuck them to bag and took bag to drop off area. Baggage was weighed, scanned and passed over conveyor belt.


Headed for breakfast as this flight had Buy-On-Board [BOB] service. View of tarmac from restaurant.

View of Qantas Domestic flights

photo img_3

Immigration and Security

First was security, which was quick. Followed by Immigration which was through self-check kiosk,

photo img_4

Duty Free Shops

photo img_5

Flight Schedule

photo img_6

Walk to gate

photo img_7

Flight departing from Gate 6

photo img_8

Long walk

photo img_9

Air China Special Livery

photo img_10

Waiting Area

As had arrived before gate open, waited for the boarding call. Boarding started around 9.00 a.m.

photo img_11

Singapore Airlines 9V-SWO - Boeing 777-312(ER)

photo img_12


Gate 6 had two flight of Air New Zealand. Gate 6A for Christchurch and 6B for Queenstown. Boarding for the Queenstown flight was called first , followed by Christchurch. Air New Zealand ZK-OJO was operating to Christchurch. Boarding pass was scanned and passengers were called by name when handing back the boarding card. My name was not called.

photo img_13


Queue was formed to board the aircraft. Boarding pass was checked at the door and directed to seat. The flight was full and overhead bins had no space for additional bags.

photo img_14

Side view of NZ A320

photo img_15

Settled in seat

photo img_16

Window view

photo img_17

Boarding completed

Boarding was completed quickly, Announcement was made with details of flight. The aircraft had arrived from Christchurch and was returning on same route.

photo img_18

Cabin crew carried out pre-flight checks

photo img_19

Pushback and Taxi

Pushback commenced while Antarctica themed safety demonstration video was displayed on individual seats. Crew pointed to the exit in case of emergency.

photo img_20

Taxi to cross runway at Tullamarine

Main runway was used for landing. While both runways were being used for departure.

photo img_21

Queenstown bound Air NZ departing

photo img_22

Flight details

photo img_23


Held for few minutes on the runway while a Virgin Australia B737 departed from the main runway.

photo img_24photo img_25

Ready to depart

photo img_26

Window view

Headed West after departing before turning South East

photo img_27photo img_28

Seat view

photo img_29

Port Melbourne

photo img_30

Melbourne Beaches

photo img_31

South East Melbourne

photo img_32photo img_33

Flight details

photo img_34

Flight map

photo img_35photo img_36

75th Anniversary of Air New Zealand

Watched video on the IFE

photo img_37

McDonald Douglas DC10

photo img_38

Flight path

photo img_39

Reading material

Found a magazine in seat pocket along with safety card and sickness bag.

photo img_40photo img_42

Immigration Card

Crew distributed New Zealand immigration form to all passengers after departure.

Safety card

photo img_44

Air New Zealand A320R Safety card

photo img_43

Destination information

photo img_45

Cabin Service

Cabin service started with water being provided. Crew came with trolley and handed food packets to those who had purchased The Works ticket. For other passengers, it was buy on board. As had booked Seat + Bag, skipped the food on board.

Tea or coffee was provide free for drinks to all passengers. Meal and drinks can be ordered through the seat IFE for charge.


photo img_46photo img_47

Flight map

photo img_48


Entertainment was buy on board for movies with first 5 mins being free. Didn't watch any program and rested.

photo img_49

Flight closer to NZ

Flying over the Tasman sea, it was sunny outside. Kept the window shades down most of the way till sometime before landing.

photo img_50

Flight information

photo img_53

Cabin view

Cabin didn't have partition, being an all economy flight,

photo img_51

Flying over the Clouds

photo img_52


Crew distributed lollies to all before descend commenced.

photo img_54

Cloudy over West Coast of South Island

photo img_55

Window view of the mountains

photo img_56

Descending on approach to Christchurch

Announcement was made regarding arrival into Christchurch. Flight would be reaching few minutes early.

photo img_57

Flight map

photo img_58

Outside view

photo img_59

Flight information

photo img_60

On approach

photo img_61

Flight map

photo img_62

Landed in Christchurch runway 20

photo img_63

Exiting runway

photo img_64photo img_65

Flight map

photo img_66

Flight Information

photo img_67

Arriving at gate 28

photo img_69

Air New Zealand and Emirates

photo img_70photo img_71

At gate 28

On reaching gate, doors were disarmed, passengers queued in aisle to exit aircraft.

photo img_72


photo img_73

Air New Zealand ZK-OJO preparing for next flight

photo img_74

Towards immigration

photo img_75


After passing through duty free shops, arrived at the immigration. At immigration there was no queue. Tried to use the self-check kiosk, which didn't work. Had to use immigration counter, got a "S" written on the immigration form.

Baggage Collection

Baggage arrived at carousel after about 5-10 mins,

Bio-security Check

Long queue was formed at Bio-security check. Took approx. 25-30 mins. Someone checked the immigration form then directed to another officer. Who asked If carrying any food stuff. Answered "No", was asked to head for bag to be X-rayed. Understood the meaning of "S" on the card. Put the bags through x-ray scan was allowed to exit.

Near the exit door an officer came with dog and sniffed the bags, made me wonder purpose of the million dollar machines.

Annoyed not for the dog sniffing the bag but officer laughing about it with another officer.

In Australia, that dog sniffing is done at the bag carousel,which is fair. Wasn't happy with what I saw as I had been to to New Zealand twice before never experienced this kind of unprofessional act.

Exiting the terminal

After exiting, headed to the rental car provider, took car keys and headed for the parking. It took about an hour to exit the Terminal.

photo img_76

First things on the list was to head to Countdown for grocery and local sim.

Realtime Driving: Christchurch Airport to Memorial Avenue

Hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for reading.

End of trip

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Air New Zealand

Cabin crew7.5

Melbourne - MEL


Christchurch - CHC



Air New Zealand was punctual, crew was friendly. Meal and entertainment was BOB as I didn't choose those services, can't comment. Melbourne was self check-in as I knew the process was quick with baggage drop. Immigration was self check kiosk which was quick. Security queue was long but processed quickly. Christchurch Airport self kiosk at immigration didn't work for me or others before me. Baggage arrived in reasonable time. Bio-security queue was long with only a A320 flight. Dread a A380 with full load. Took almost an hour to exit the airport. The overall trip was pleasant to be spoilt by the experience at the exit.



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