Review of Batik Air flight Jakarta Makassar-Celebes Island in Economy

Airline Batik Air
Flight ID6262
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 04 Jul 18, 08:45
Arrival at 04 Jul 18, 12:15
ID 22 reviews
Published on 13th October 2018
Hello friends! Welcome to one of my reports.

As usual, sorry for my bad English and bad quality of the pictures.

This time I will tell you about my 1st flight to Makassar, South Sulawesi. That was my 1st visit in my life to Sulawesi Island, a large island in eastern side of Indonesia.

Actually, I just followed my father who was going to Makassar for church purpose. He was sent by his congregation to attend a national-scale church meeting in Makassar. I had nothing to do in this occasion, but my father invited me to follow him. I was excited because I had been so curious about Sulawesi Island, especially after hearing stories from my friends about their land trips from Makassar to Toraja.

When I checked the ticket prices, Lion Air offered the cheapest, but sorry, it had been on my blacklist. The 2nd cheapest price was offered by Batik Air, Lion Air's subsidiary, which had better reputation and provided more services. It costed about IDR 900,000 (about USD 60.00). I would board the plane alone because my father and his church colleagues had booked a Lion Air flight.

JULY 4th, 2018

Before leaving home at early morning, I printed the boarding pass. I suggest anyone flying with Lion Air group to do the online check-in and print your boarding pass by yourself, because their check-in counters will usually have long queues and no dedicated line available for those who have done the online check-in.

photo 2018-10-14_08-27-36

Me and my father went together to Soekarno-Hatta Airport by bus. Upon reaching the airport, my father alighted at Terminal 1A, while me alighted at Terminal 1C. We would meet again at Makassar.

photo 41800355940_cd8297f3a9_b

photo 29737079428_4da0be9037_b

It was 6.30 a.m., while my flight was scheduled to depart at 8.30 a.m. Then I decided to have my breakfast at a "soto" stall.

photo 29737889908_6f508eb39b_b

photo 42703738225_b90773b017_b

Flight schedule of the day.

photo 42703731855_788ac4bfcb_b

Check-in counters had been crowded. Luckily I had nothing to do here.

photo 41800339310_9b356c2837_b

photo 42890310924_91635d6759_b

Proceeding to the airside. Security check as usual.

photo 28720428967_f2ca8c664d_b

photo 28720426937_89aa28dc86_b

As stated on the boarding pass, I had to wait at Gate C6.

photo 28720424947_8cac81ef5e_b

photo 42703713095_968e7ccfdd_b

Do you want to drink coffee?

photo 41800323610_6d0d03443a_b

Charging station.

photo 28720419977_120b8b0c79_b

The plane, Airbus A320, with registration code PK-LAU, would bring me to Makassar. It was delivered on February 2016.

photo 28720416557_1367aac8ce_b

Other Batik fleets in the apron.

photo 28720413837_6d611210aa_b

Time to board the plane.

photo 28720416107_d6ecef1d32_b

Entering the business class firstly as usual. Still looked new and fresh.

photo 42890298694_e392ea4db9_b

photo 43607785411_ece81daccf_b

Economy class.

photo 28720366107_3856d36a9e_bphoto 28720367267_dacd0bbe9c_bphoto 29737842038_6a3f4cdcdb_b

I was sitting on the emergency row. Of course the pitch was wider than others.

photo 42890294544_64018764f6_b

Boarding completed. I guessed around 90% of the seats were occupied. I also saw some people from my father's church but different congregations. They wore clothes showing their church and congregation's names.

As usual, passengers on the emergency row like me were given additional safety briefing by the cabin crews.

Then the safety video was played on the IFE. The video was in Indonesian language with English subtitles.

photo 41800301490_aa9ce9cd0d_b

photo 29737832268_5d8f067e76_b

Scenes outside the window.

photo 42890280074_0ecf0a9127_b

photo 43560607272_49482e192f_b

We had to wait for an Air Asia to land, before our plane allowed to fly.

photo 42703689085_a8d6605c8a_b

Time to leave the runway at 9.00 a.m. (UTC+7).

photo 43560606782_c92d7f512a_b

photo 42703688575_b9e45f2789_b

The take-off process was so smooth, supported by good weather and air condition.

About 5 minutes after that, the seatbelt sign was turned off.

Time to explore the IFE. USB slots were available, but only for charging. It couldn't read your files.

photo 43560605892_cca902138d_b

photo 42703687545_ddc03935e2_b

The movie collection was good. As Batik Air also flew to India (Chennai) it also offered good collection of Indian movies.

The downside was that the IFE didn't have musics. Only audio books. As a music lover I was disappointed.

photo 29737815688_a9024409ba_b

Games also available.

photo 43560597672_6ccde779c9_bphoto 29737814358_9166dfb430_bphoto 43560596332_3301f92ab0_b

Flight map & info.

photo 43560590362_45f475ea39_b

I also didn't forget to check all stuff inside the seat pocket as usual.

About an hour after departure, cabin crews started the food service. Our food consisted of fried rice (mixed with potato, sausage, and sliced carrot), plain bread, and mineral water. The taste was moderate, nothing special, but good enough to fill your stomach.

photo 28720374137_b77db5d393_b

As no musics available on the IFE, I chose to listen musics in my cellphone and playing the IFE's games.

About 2 hours after departure, the land started to be seen. Yaaayyyy, I finally saw the Sulawesi Island for the first time. My dream to visit the island came true.

Landed safely at Hasanuddin Airport at 12.10 p.m. (UTC+8).

The airport terminal building.

photo 28720370917_ed7122b31e_b

photo 43560568142_1b6355fd89_b

An AirAsia with special ad livery just landed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

photo 28720369247_5a555c000f_bphoto 28720368997_7343c95b19_bphoto 28720368827_704d7f41cd_b

Our plane parked beside the Citilink.

photo 43560567472_942a740a2a_b

photo 41800258530_63530133bd_b

Time to leave the airplane.

photo 28720364737_9c1ac55384_bphoto 41800253570_464745c064_bphoto 41800251670_3e10b8263b_b

Entering the terminal building.

photo 41800253100_ebe00d0502_b

photo 41800251180_9322dc31a6_b

Proceeding to baggage carousels.

photo 41800247730_388505a712_b

photo 42890216414_953af58ae8_b

The public arrival area.

photo 41800245750_3e18769f81_b

photo 41800243980_bc487fe627_b

I still had to wait my father whose flight was delayed for 1.5 hours. After all delegations from Jakarta arrived, we left the airport for our hotel by chartered bus.
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Batik Air

Cabin crew7.5

Jakarta - CGK


Makassar-Celebes Island - UPG



Personally for me Batik Air's service was average and nothing special. I still don't know if Batik Air can be classified as FSC, but I think it is still not "all out" to serve the passengers as a FSC. Is that because its condition as a subsidiary of LCC company?

But the 2 y.o. plane was still fresh and clean, and I hope this condition will stay for long time.

Cabin crews were still young, polite, and friendly. I always hope that Batik Air and all Indonesian carriers can improve the English skill of their cabin crews.

The food quality was moderate, nothing special, and I think only 1 kind of foods available in every Batik Air flight.

The IFE's touchscreen was still sensitive. The movie collections were good. But where's the music? IFE without musics was quite funny and disappointing for me. Please improve it, Batik Air.

Another thing to be improved is the branding. Can you see their logo? It's like a simple writing. Also the livery, especially patterns on the tail, looks too "serious" and not "fresh".

About the airports, as usual, I have no comment about the Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Makassar's Hasanuddin Airport was nice with modern architecture and good layout. It's probably the largest and busiest airport in Eastern Indonesia. The cleanliness needed to be improved. Public buses to Makassar city center are available.

That's my report. Hope you enjoy it.

Information on the route Jakarta (CGK) Makassar-Celebes Island (UPG)


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  • Comment 469856 by
    ThomasDutch BRONZE 597 Comments

    Thanks for your fr, but may I know the reason to blacklist Lionair? I have never really had any bad experience with them (though my expectations are low for LCC)

    • Comment 469875 by
      Davidbom 12 Comments

      As an indonesian myself i might be able to answer your question..

      1. Frequent Delays
      Lion Air is probably the worst airline in indonesia in terms of On time performance
      2. Poor Delay handlings
      Lion Air sometimes has entered the national news because of their in delay handling,which sometimes they didnt inform anything about delays
      3. For me personally,Legrooms
      In indonesia they are probably the worst, i mean both airasia and citilink have better legrooms...
      4.(Mostly) Rude flight attendant

      Will i fly lion air? Yes if i get their brand new 737 MAX other than that i would say No

      P.S nice report anaknegeri..

    • Comment 469910 by
      anaknegeri AUTHOR 55 Comments

      Yes, some reasons have been explained by davidbom.

      To be honest, my standard for a good LCC is AirAsia, because it's also perhaps the pioneer of LCC in Southeast Asia. And for me Lion Air does worse than AirAsia, not only with their frequent delays, but also their low level of service, especially the airport staffs who can't communicate properly with the customers.

      Yes, as an LCC, I don't expect luxury things from them, but at least a "proper" service.

      Note: this is not a black campaign for Lion Air. I just share my personal thoughts.

      Thanks for your comment.

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