Review of SmartWings flight Tel Aviv Tenerife Island in Economy

Airline SmartWings
Flight QS1836
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 08:25
Take-off 02 Oct 18, 17:25
Arrival at 02 Oct 18, 23:50
QS 15 reviews
By 1110
Published on 10th October 2018
Hello and welcome to my flight from Tel Aviv to Teneriefe.

I'm flying with Smartwings (Travel Service), they started to operate charter flights from TLV TO MAD and TFS with B737MAX8 from terminal 3 in Ben Gurion international airport.

Check in desks:
photo img_20181002_141446photo img_20181002_141450photo img_20181002_142747

Now we are heading to the security check:
photo img_20181002_145911

And after the security control and passport control, it's time for some shopping:

And now to the Dan lounge:
photo img_20181002_164430photo img_20181002_164756photo img_20181002_164800

Our boarding is through exit gate B1A (by bus), we are the last passangers:
photo img_20181002_170815photo img_20181002_170936photo img_20181002_170938

And it's time to board the new Max plane.
Registration: OK-SWA

Pushback and start:

Take off:

On this flights there is no free meal, just one water cup, there is an option to buy food and drinks onboard.
No duty free on those flights, I bought chicken sendwich and orange juice for 7.5 Euro.
photo img_20181002_210544photo img_20181002_213549

The toilet is very tight on the Max airplanes:
photo img_20181002_213705photo img_20181002_213714

Cabin on the middle of the flight:
photo img_20181002_223501

The pitch between the seats is fine for 1.8 meter person.
photo img_20181002_223526

And now it's time for landing in TFS, Tenerife saving money on electricity, the pictures will tell you all:

I'm the last to deboard the plane, there is a lot of pressure of the passangers that are deboarding the plane so that is the best way to deboard last:

Baggage claim after tha Passport contol:

And we are free to go on our way to Puerto De La Cruz:
photo img_20181002_234951

Thank you for joining me to this flight report :)
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu4.0

Independent Dan Lounge


Tel Aviv - TLV


Tenerife Island - TFS



So, There was one problem with this flight.
Smartwings have application that called ''Mywings'', this application is working on WIFI with all Max airplanes.
I've wrote emails to helpdesk of smartwings and they told me, there would be WIFI for this application onboard
After the Take off I've asked the cabin crew why the WIFI is now work?
The answers was different of all the Flight attendants, some told me that someone stoled the router, some told me that is not working and some told me that on flight from TLV, there would not be WIFI at all on those flights, so I send an emails to helpdesk again and costumer care of Smartwings with a week of no answers, even when I called them they didn't had an answer.
I reccomend to fly with Max airplanes to all destination, but don't ask them nothing on emails and don't trust what is wroten on their site because it's all a lie!
After all the plane was really quiet and good!

Thank you for choosing to read my flight report!



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  • Comment 469289 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    That's an unexpected route from smartwings !
    The flight is what 6 hours long ?
    Without IFE it must get boring really quickly.
    What a shame they didn't offer duty free when the magazine was there and people had nothing else to do but buy things.
    • Comment 469644 by
      ROY AUTHOR 54 Comments
      To TFS is 7.5 hours, to TLV is 6.45-7 hours.
      There wasn't even magazines on the flight hahaha, and duty free onboard is a bit expensive.
      You can download movies in the tablet, that could be OK, they just lied to me so I didn't expect that would happened.

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