Review of SmartWings flight Tenerife Island Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline SmartWings
Flight QS1837
Class Economy
Seat 4E
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 06:50
Take-off 09 Oct 18, 16:00
Arrival at 10 Oct 18, 00:50
QS 15 reviews
By 965
Published on 10th October 2018
Hello and welcome to my return flight from Teneriefe to Tel Aviv.

I'm flying with Smartwings (Travel Service), they started to operate charter flights from TLV TO MAD and TFS with B737MAX8 from terminal 3 in Ben Gurion international airport.

We are on the way to Reina Sofia airport, the only International flight.
photo img_20181009_100328photo img_20181009_113755

Departures hall:
photo img_20181009_114413photo img_20181009_114416

Check in desks:
photo img_20181009_114407photo img_20181009_114913

And now to the security control:
photo img_20181009_121511photo img_20181009_121512

After the security control you are entering right to the Duty free shop.
photo img_20181009_123621

There is a great view of the runway and the parked airplanes:
photo img_20181009_122711photo img_20181009_122713photo img_20181009_122717

Than we are going down to the departure gates.
photo img_20181009_130144photo img_20181009_130146
There are some cafe's and some fast food restaurants.

There is a passport check after the duty free for all international flights, we are the only one there:
photo img_20181009_134021photo img_20181009_135004photo img_20181009_135007photo img_20181009_135016

It's time to board the Max, by bus again.
Our plane for today registration is: OK-SWB.

Our flight is delayed after we board the aircraft because of Strong turbulence over Italy, the pilots tolled us they are changing the route and it will take a time.
Instead of taking off at 14:40, we taked off at 16:00.

Take off:

It's time to buy some food:
photo img_20181009_190113photo img_20181009_190651

And for dessert, a great view of the engine:
photo img_20181009_195544photo img_20181009_210113

The cabin:
photo img_20181009_223650photo img_20181009_223658photo img_20181009_224043

There is a lot of space for those who seat in rows 1-4 of this aircraft:
photo img_20181009_142247

The tight Max toilet:
photo img_20181009_225424

And after 8:20 hours on the plane, it's time to land in TLV:

photo img_20181010_010501photo img_20181010_010904

And the bus enterance of landing flights:

Those who bought in Duty free shop in TLV and saved them, they can take the packages here:
photo img_20181010_012437

unfortunately I didn't get some pictures of the baggage claim so we need to finish the FR here.

Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew1.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Tenerife Island - TFS


Tel Aviv - TLV



So on this flight there is an option to buy onboard some refreshments, there is no entertainment and no WIFI.
All passangers can get one cup of water on this flight.
The cabin crew was very rude, they always was angry by us, we all didn't know why, they didn't go with package of trash so the plane was dirty after everyone is deboard.
Smartwings and Travel service is a charter airlines, after all, the seats with the pitch especially on the first rows is great.
Don't trust what they wrote on their site because it's a lie, the menu is different, no Duty free onboard and there is no WIFI on flight to and from TLV.
If you buy a tickets with this company, check everything that your flight would be comfortable with no suprises.

Thank you for choosing to read my FR :)



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    LostLuggage 69 Comments
    Wow, that might be a new record for longest flight from the Canaries! Don't think Aeroflot's SVO service pushes 8 hours. Not sure a SmartWings plane is where I'd like to spend that long having used them on considerably shorter intra-European routes, even with the larger legroom up front.

    Thanks for the report and plentiful photos.

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