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Airline Brussels Airlines
Flight SN 3815
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 07 Sep 18, 10:00
Arrival at 07 Sep 18, 11:50
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Published on 21st October 2018
Hi and welcome to the second report of this series covering my late summer trip to Portugal with Brussels Airlines:

1) 07.09 - SN 2560 WAW-BRU - A319 -
2) 07.09 - SN 3815 BRU - LIS - A320 - you are here
3) 16.09 - SN 3816 LIS - BRU - A320
4) 16.09 - SN 2559 BRU-WAW - A 319

After a very nice flight from WAW we had a short stopover in BRU (1 hour and 10 mintues), enough to walk from gate to gate, have a coffe and take the next flight.

photo img_2600photo img_2602

Our gate to LIS was located downstairs and required a long bus ride to a remote stand.

photo img_2604

When we finally arrived to the aircraft I saw that on the bus there are more people than just me excited about the fact we are going to fly a special livery A320: The Trident

photo img_2605photo img_2606

But as we disembark the bus, we discover to our disappointment that the one supposed to take us to LIS is parked next to the special one and has no special livery at all :(

photo img_2612

At least I can take some photos as boarding is very slow

photo img_2607photo img_2616photo img_2620

Bye bye Trident, maybe next time!

photo img_2618

Once we get on board I discover this A320 must be of the recent ones as it looks quite modern and fresh inside

photo img_2624

So boarding seems completed but we still keep waiting with doors open - why is that? After 15 minutes we are informed by the captain (in English) and female purser (in French and Flemish) that we are not allowed to take off due to heavy fog in Lisbon that delayed most of the morning arrivals forcing the airport to stop for a while all the incoming flights that haven't yet departed. So we waited, waited and waited being given every 15 minutes information from the crew about the situation. Finally after 45 mintues or so, chocolates and water were distributed.

photo img_2626photo img_2627photo img_2629

I checked the situation on FlightRadar and noticed that deleyed flights started slowly to arrive into LIS. We were still standing and waiting in BRU.

photo img_2622photo img_2630photo img_2631

Finally after almost an hour and a half of delay we were given permission to start taxiing.

Luckily there was no queue and we became airborne in a while

At first the weather was perfect, then as we approached the Atlantic coast, it became cloudy

photo img_2653photo img_2655photo img_2658

As the whole journey took longer than planned we bacema hungry and decided to try something from the BOB. A tandoori chicken wrap and Leffe beer were a very tasty option.

photo img_2660

Legroom is as good as on the A319 from the previous flight

photo img_2621

The weather has improved as we entered the Spanish and then Portuguese airspace

We approached Lisbon from the north (some remains of the morning fog could still be visible) but as we were supposed to land from the south it required a deep left turn over the ocean

After a while we were once more over the city with some stunning views of the red bridge called "Ponte 25 de Abril" and the city centre

photo img_2682photo img_2683photo img_2685

As the airport is situated almost inside the city a very low approach over the buildings is required. It's not very common these days in Europe, even in WAW when you land from the nort-west you are not so close to people's houses

photo img_2691photo img_2694

Finally on the ground. We spent altogether almost 4 hours at the aicraft (1,5 hours on the ground and almost 2,5 hours in flight)

photo img_2696photo img_2697photo img_2700

A last look of the A320 that brought us here

photo img_2704

After a very long walk through rather old and used terminal building we finally made it to the baggage reclaim area

photo img_2706photo img_2708

That's all about the flight, time to discover Lisbon (a photo bonus will be included in the next report).

Many thanks for reading!
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Brussels Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Brussels - BRU


Lisbon - LIS



Despite the delay caused by the weather, it was a very pleasant flight. The crew was very professional (mainly the senior purser that spoke 3 languages, was very polite and seemed to know how to do her job), the aircraft was fresh and the BOB quite resonable as far as the prices are concerned. BRU is a good airport for transfer flights. LIS from the arrivals side looks a little bit old and used but as it is located inside the city it has one big advantage: you can reach it easily by the underground for 1,45 euro.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Hi Loukas, thanks for sharing this next report in the series! Ah, too bad you didn't get the Red Devils livery, but at least you got some great shots of that beautiful bird! Good to know the B.O.B. menu is reasonable. I always enjoy Leffe! Hope you enjoyed Lisbon and look forward to the bonus in the next report.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 471382 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    What a buzzkill to miss the special livery when everything indicated you'd fly on it.
    Nice touch to serve water and chocolates during the wait.
  • Comment 481492 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 999 Comments
    Hi there! I'm happy to know that that fog didn't spoil your holidays! You were lucky!

    This is the first time I see a "traffic light system" like the one at LIS baggage claim. Very useful! But I wouldn't like to see the red "last bag delivered" light go on when my bag has not yet come!

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