Review of Sriwijaya Air flight Makassar-Celebes Island Jakarta in Economy

Airline Sriwijaya Air
Flight SJ599
Class Economy
Seat 31F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 07 Jul 18, 19:15
Arrival at 07 Jul 18, 20:30
SJ 12 reviews
Published on 27th October 2018
Hello friends! Welcome to one of my reports.

As usual, sorry for my bad English and bad quality of the pictures.

After flying to Makassar with Batik Air and having good 4 days in Makassar, it was time for me to return to my hometown. Cheapest fare for this journey was offered by Sriwijaya Air, and I quickly grabbed it before the price rises.

My father had flown to Jakarta earlier because had to attend a wedding ceremony of one of our relatives. Just like my flight to Makassar, this time I boarded the plane alone.

From our hotel, I left for the airport with the motorcycle taxi ordered through "Gojek" apps. The journey took about 45 minutes.

photo 42703128445_c0b3aedaa9_b

photo 42703120545_d348057630_b

The airport terminal with its unique exterior.

Flight schedule. My flight was SJ 599 to Jakarta.

photo 41799697000_6de130d159_b

Check-in counters.

My boarding pass, printed on a simple paper like this. LCC typical.

photo 43281379030_4f7c3b0680_b

Then I proceeded to the departure area after usual security check.

Look at the unique ceiling pattern.

No more international departures for that day, so the immigration counters were empty.

photo 28719784847_610d1d3d74_b

Waiting lounge, shared by all gates.

photo 28719791447_e90949a739_b

What I expected came true. My flight was delayed for more than 1 hour. I had known that almost all of Sriwijaya's evening flights never departed on time.

Scheduled to depart at 5.45 p.m, we were actually called for boarding at 6.45 p.m.

photo 42703015375_a3bcef24a7_b

photo 29737242868_daa5183464_b

Reaching the plane by bus.

photo 29737231028_1bb60c80d8_b

photo 29737225778_360220a6e4_b

The plane for our flight, Boeing 737-800, with reg code "PK-CMJ" and nosename "Kesayangan" (meaning: "beloved). The latest Sriwijaya's livery was painted on it, containing "SJ" letters and the web address.

photo 41799635570_1e9e414265_b

photo 42889602304_7b010b2318_b

A Bombardier CRJ of Garuda on its left side.

photo 43607127931_ec2a0b8e04_b

Entering the cabin.

After the boarding process completed, cabin crews started the safety procedure as usual.

The plane began to fly at 7.25 p.m (UTC+8) without queues.

photo 28719738287_a7de174dd4_b

photo 42889584154_ea58c829e5_b

Cabin lamps were turned on again. I checked anything in the seat pocket as usual.

Cabin crews gave all passengers snack bags containing bread and mineral water. Actually I had expected to get meal set because the scheduled flight duration was 2 hours.

photo 29737163248_c14136bd83_b

As no IFEs available, my entertainment source during the flight was my cellphone with its musics and videos.

It was very dark outside the window until the plane started to descend and lights of Jakarta could be seen.

photo 29737119238_7a6511995b_b

photo 42889538724_d95476165d_b

The plane landed safely in Jakarta at 8.15 p.m. (UTC+7).

Time to leave the plane. Unlike the departure, this time the aerobridge was provided for us.

photo 42889566424_7663d6dc36_bphoto 43559846862_6b4a89e374_b

Baggage claim.

photo 29737136428_cc9c5f3d36_b

photo 28719704487_2bf1120952_b

Finally leaving the airport for my lovely home by express bus.

photo 42889556194_33886612e7_b

photo 42702906305_472158e45a_b
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Just an ordinary flight with Sriwijaya Air, nothing special. The delayed departure had been expected. Based on my observation through Flightradar24.com, Sriwijaya Air's evening flights mainly depart later than schedule. I hope they can improve the punctuality. The cabin was good. The seat had enough pitch for my legs. Actually I quite dislike the leather-covered seat, but I admit that it was easier to be cleaned, especially considering the common bedbugs (Indonesian: "kepinding" or "kutu busuk"). Cabin crews were nice and friendly. The foods, only bread and mineral water, I still don't know if Sriwijaya actually provides meal sets for this route.

Makassar's Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, named after a popular Sultan of Gowa, is a gateway not only to Makassar or South Sulawesi Province, but also the eastern area of Indonesia. Some people said that the airport has been unable to handle the passengers, and the upgrading projects have been necessary.

That's my report, hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!



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