Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Mumbai in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX663
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:50
Take-off 23 Jun 18, 20:10
Arrival at 24 Jun 18, 00:30
CX   #4 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 451 reviews
By 1276
Published on 20th October 2018
Trip Report: Cathay Pacific B-HLW CX663 Hong Kong - Mumbai

Flight details:
Airlines: Cathay Pacific
Flight No: CX663 HKG - BOM
Reg: B-HLW
Aircraft: Airbus A330-343
Departure Hong Kong Terminal 1 Gate 50: 08:10 HKT
Arrival Mumbai Terminal 2: 00:30 IST
Flight time: 5 hours 20 minutes
Distance: 4276 km or 2657 miles

Full trip video: Cathay Pacific B-HLW CX663 Hong Kong - Mumbai

Do watch and experience the flight.


This trip report is from 2018. Arriving from Sydney, see report : Cathay Pacific B-LAQ CX110 Sydney - Hong Kong, had a transit time of approx 4 hrs.

Below report covers the flight from Hong Kong to Mumbai.

Waiting area

photo file_24

Airside view

Shanghai Airlines A330 was parked near the waiting area

photo file_27

Checked the flight gate while charging devices. Many of the charging port were faulty or too slow. Not enough charging port for passengers using the facility.

photo 20180613_201943

Walk to Gate

The gate was in the other corner of the terminal, which meant a long walk.

Flight Schedule

photo file_48

Gate 50

Boarding had commenced for CX663 to Mumbai

photo 2018_0101_012757_001


After checking boarding pass and passport, was allowed to continue to board aircraft.

photo file_06

Boarding queue

Queue was formed at the aerobridge to board the flight.

photo file_12

Cabin view

Boarding pass was checked by the crew and directed to the seat. Seating in Economy is 2-4-2

photo file_13

Flight Details

photo file_14photo file_49

Seat view

My neighbour was a Mainland Chinese girl. We didn't talk except when I entered as she was already seated in aisles

photo file_16

Flight information

photo file_32

Window view

Passengers were mostly Indian nationals with fair sprinkling of foreigners. Many traders connecting from China. Crew distributed the immigration from to foreigners as Indian national don't have to fill the document. Customs document was provided to all.

photo file_28

Flying distance

photo file_22

Pushback and taxi

After boarding was completed, Captain came speaker and announced details of the flight. Shortly after safety video was displayed and pushback commenced.

photo file_30

Taxi and takeoff

Due to poor weather in Hong Kong, taxi time was long. Departed with view of the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge. Watch video to experience takeoff.

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300

photo file_07

Reading material

photo file_17

Departure - flight map

After departure heading East.

photo file_31

Cabin Service

Cabin service commenced with drinks service. No Menu was provided, Beer with peanuts.

photo file_50

Dinner Service

Dinner service began with special meals. Didn't notice many special meals on this flight. Soon after other passengers were served dinner, option was chicken or fish. As I had fish on the earlier flight, selected chicken.

photo file_51

Dinner: chicken with veggies

Selected chicken with red wine

photo file_52

Somewhere over Vietnam

photo file_59


I was tired and sleepy after the drinks, as it was well past the usual sleep time. Skipped the entertainment.

Inflight view

After dinners, cabin light were dimmed. As I was sleepy due to body clock and drinks. Snoozed off.

photo file_29

Flight Information

When I woke up, noticed the flight had progressed over India

photo file_33

Flight map

photo file_34photo file_35

Flight information

photo file_36photo file_37

Window view

photo file_45

Flight map

Slept for some more time. Most of the flight was resting and darkened.

photo file_01photo file_02

Somewhere over Central India

photo file_03photo file_04

Closer to Mumbai

photo file_08photo file_09

Flight information

photo file_05


Captain came on board and asked crew to prepare cabin for landing.

photo file_10


Approaching runway 27 from east. Passing over Navi Mumbai and crossing the Thane Creek.

Arriving in Mumbai

After landing, a long taxi to Terminal 2.

photo file_23

Arrived at the gate and docked next to a Lufthansa.

photo file_61


Disembarkation commenced after doors opened.

photo file_46

View of CX B-HLW preparing for return flight.

photo file_47


After long walk to immigration, got stuck in a queue that wasn't moving much. After waiting for some 15 mins, changed queue. After being processed by immigration, headed to duty-free for bottles of whisky.

Baggage Collection

As immigration took a while, bags had arrived on the carousel.


As I wasn't carrying any dutiable items went to the Green channel. Queue was short, had bags scanned before being allowed.

Exited Terminal

As I had arrived from Aussie winter, started to sweat immediately on stepping out. The heat and humidity was high even at night. Got picked up before heading home.

Hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for reading.

End of trip

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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew7.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Mumbai - BOM



Cathay Pacific provided excellent onboard, cabin service was professional. I didn't check any entertainment as it was past my usual sleep time. Hong Kong transit was easy, found many charging ports faulty or too slow to charge devices. Mumbai Airport immigration was slow, apart from that I was out within 45 mins of landing. Overall was satisfied with choosing to fly on Cathay Pacific.



  • Comment 471616 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5226 Comments

    Hi Koresh, thanks for sharing this nice report and video. Cathay offers one of the better Economy class experiences along with SQ and some others. HKG usually provides a pleasant and hassle-free transit experience as well. Surprising that for a newer looking cabin, the IFE seems outdated, judging from the look of the airshow anyway.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 477387 by
      koresh AUTHOR 43 Comments

      I found the service on CX professional. Hong Kong has better transit experince than Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok.
      My airline rating would be at top: SQ ->CX -> MH ->TG
      Airport at top : SIN -> HKG -> KUL -> BKK

      I'm not interested in movies and music hence I don't check the IFE. For me as long as its working that fine with me.

      Thank you for the comment.

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