Review of American Airlines flight Dallas/Fort Worth Washington in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2354
Seat 6A
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 27 Nov 16, 10:30
Arrival at 27 Nov 16, 14:15
AA   #48 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 419 reviews
By SILVER 1011
Published on 19th November 2018


Hello and welcome to the last report in this series.

This is the sixth, and final, leg in an old series from the fall of 2016 that I'd never gotten around to finishing. As a result, these reports have inadvertently become part of a retro-report series–though two years wasn't that long ago, the last two reports in this series, which includes this one, will definitely feel retro.

For some background on this trip, I had found some decent oneworld Business class fares to Peru over the Thanksgiving Holiday, which presented a perfect opportunity to go to Machu Picchu and check off one of those long-time bucket-list trips. The flights between Washington, DC and Lima were bought as one ticket and these domestic flights on LATAM were bought on a separate ticket.

This report will cover the 2.5 hour flight from DFW to IAD on a very retro MD-80. Once the workhorse of the AA fleet, the MD-80 is now being phased out and replaced with new B737 MAX and A321s.


Washington IAD ✈ Dallas DFW | American Airlines, B737-800, Domestic First Class
Dallas DFW ✈ Lima LIM | American Airlines, B757-200, Business Class
Lima LIM ✈ Cuzco CUZ | LATAM, A320-200, Economy
Cuzco CUZ ✈ Lima LIM | LATAM, A320-200, Economy
Lima LIM ✈ Dallas DFW | American Airlines, B757-200, Business Class
Dallas DFW ✈ Washington IAD | American Airlines, MD-80, Domestic First Class

Transit & Lounge

As we'd made up some of the delay, there was less of a rush to get to the next flight so I went outside for some fresh air after the long-haul.

photo img_4204

We then took the train to Terminal A, from which our flight to DC would be departing.

photo img_4205

We even had time to head to the Admirals Club for a bit before boarding.
It was pleasantly quiet that morning.

photo img_4208

At the time, the Terminal A Admirals Club had recently been renovated.

photo img_4209photo img_4210

We only had enough time to grab a coffee and a quick snack and headed to the gate for boarding.


Luckily the gate was just downstairs from the Admirals Club. We arrived just a boarding began.

It had been ages since I'd taken an MD-80 and this would probably be one of my last opportunities since AA has been retiring so many lately.

photo img_4207

Another MD-80 parked at the next gate.

photo img_7257

The cabin is definitely old-school, but the seats are actually very comfortable and well padded.

photo img_4212

There's a good a good amount of legroom.

photo img_4214

With a 40" seat pitch, the legroom is above the average of 38" for domestic First

photo img_7261

View out the window of the MD-80 at the next gate

photo img_7259

So the good news is that there is power at every seat, the bad news is it's not exactly modern…

We're far from USB ports here…vintage!

photo img_4216

Speaking of vintage…

photo img_7269

For pre-departure drinks, there was a choice of water and orange juice.

photo img_4217

Yep, we're definitely on a Super 80

photo img_7258photo img_7264

The flight

Being that it was one of the busiest travel days of the year, with many passengers returning home from Thanksgiving break, the flight was 100% full. Nevertheless, boarding was efficient and we pushed back a few minutes early. I often find boarding to be faster on aircraft with 2-3 configurations like the MD-80, MD-90, and 717 due to the one less seat per row.

photo img_7260photo img_7262

Taxi to the departure runway was pretty quick and the scenery was predictable, mostly AA…

photo img_7263

We just had one MD-80 in front of us for departure

photo img_7265photo img_7266

Ok, we're next

photo img_7267

And we're off for the 2.5 hour flight to DC

photo img_7268

Flying over downtown Dallas on a cloudy day

photo img_7270

Shortly after takeoff the cabin crew began the pre-meal drink service.

I had a mimosa (orange juice and sparkling wine)–it was Sunday Brunch time, after all. Drinks were served with warm nuts.

photo img_7272

It was then time to take out the tray tables and….a nasty surprise…

photo img_7271

I looked at the FA as she was about to serve the tray and said, "wow, that's really dirty"
She just shrugged her shoulders and laid the meal tray down.

Clearly, she couldn't care less…

Anyway, here's what was on the menu that day.

photo img_7276

I'd selected the Enchiladas ahead of time on

photo dfw-iad meal

The salad was the most boring salad I'd ever seen

photo img_7274

It wasn't pretty, but it was decent. Probably not the healthiest option, though.

photo img_7275

Some nice fall scenery during lunch

For dessert, warm chocolate chip cookies were served.

photo img_7278

With no IFE, not even overhead TVs, there wasn't much to do. Luckily, the skies had cleared and there was some nice scenery over the Appalachians.

Nice fall colours

Northern Virginia Suburbia on descent into Dulles

Dulles airport in view as we line up for landing

photo img_7303photo img_7305

We landed on time this nice fall day.

photo img_7306

The taxi time to Terminal B was short

photo img_7307photo img_7308

Taxiing past the beautiful Saarinen main terminal.

photo img_7310

We arrived at the gate a few minutes early

photo img_7312

Glad I got caught up on posting this old series of flights. Thanks for reading!
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American Airlines

Cabin crew6.5

American Airlines Admirals Club - A


Dallas/Fort Worth - DFW


Washington - IAD



These old seats are well padded, spacious, and generally comfortable, but I'm taking away a few points from the cabin rating for the poor cabin cleanliness. Same thing for cabin crew for the apathetic attitude regarding the dirty tray table.

Other than that, it was a pleasant short flight.



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  • Comment 476669 by
    jish.b 283 Comments

    Unfortunate with the sorry state of the plane, the crew's attitude towards it and the sub-par meal. But brushing all those aside any flight on a Mad Dog plane is a bonus, especially two years since this review! My only AA MD-82 flight resulted in the plane being sent to Victorville just 4 days after. Quick retirement!

    • Comment 477349 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6037 Comments

      Yeah, it was definitely cool to ride a Mad Dog for the geeky aspects, but AA suck at maintaining aircraft interiors. DL have older planes too and manage to keep the cabin interiors looking good. I didn't catch my plane's tail number at the time, but with all the retirements, I bet it's in the desert.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 483353 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 878 Comments

    Waaaaa ha ha ha ha ha.... that salad!!! Thank goodness you didn't ask for fish or chicken. You would have been told to kill them yourself!!!

    I'm just doing some research on the MD-80 for my next report.

    Cheers! :D

  • Comment 580297 by
    ChrisB GOLD 2429 Comments

    Hi Kevin,
    I am not sure this qualify as "salad", rather two left over vegetables that randomly foudn their way to your plate!!
    But what a chance to have flown the Mad Dog! Another plane for the history books that we won't see anymore! I only flew it once with Insel Air and I felt like I was brought back to the sexy 80s lol.

    • Comment 580340 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6037 Comments

      I am not sure this qualify as "salad"

      Haha, yeah it's more like "tiny chunk of lettuce 2 sad grape tomatoes"

      I am glad I got to fly the Mad Dog one more time before it was retired, but man it was ready to go. AA were making no effort to keep up the interiors, which were just worn and old. And of course MD-80s weren't the most fuel-efficient aircraft, so it was definitely time for the to go. Though I will miss that beautiful silhouette.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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