Review of Emirates flight Dubai Bangkok in First

Airline Emirates
Flight EK374
Class First
Seat 4K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 06:30
Take-off 27 Jul 18, 22:30
Arrival at 28 Jul 18, 08:00
EK   #4 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 534 reviews
By 2739
Published on 27th December 2018
Hi everyone! Welcome to my 30th trip report here on FR, and yet another flight on the Summer 2018 travel series! Before I get to the details, I wanted to state that I'm quite excited to share this flight experience with all of you as I would consider this my spiciest trip report, as I will be flying on two of my favourite airlines, Emirates and Cathay Pacific! This time, I'll be going to Bangkok and then onwards to Hong Kong. I'll explain my whole situation in the pre-flight section.

So, this trip to Dubai was rather short. However, I was able to visit places that I didn't go while in January such as Abu Dhabi, the Palm Jumeirah, as well as various restaurants that I haven't tried before! Overall, it was a good trip! Anyways, I hope I hadn't bored you all too much with my travel plans. Let's get on with the flight! ;)


I initially thought I could change my destination while in the process of booking flights. However, I was proven wrong. I ended up calling EK to find out if I could end my journey in Hong Kong instead of flying to Bangkok (since the ticket originated from there). I later found out that even though I was flying on First class, I couldn't necessarily make these changes including changes dates without making a hefty payment as I only had a First Flex ticket.

Since I already paid in order to change the dates on EK, I used my CX mileage to get myself a one-way flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong on business class. On the bright side, I was able to find a flight being operated by an Airbus A350-1000, an aircraft that CX has recently acquired!! I don't know why, but I always believed that things happen for a reason and this was definitely a good one! I was already excited!

Anyways, back to this flight! I ended up spending the day at The Dubai Mall in order to kill some time since my flight wasn't until 10:30 PM. Afterwards, I went back to my hotel, did some last-minute packing, and got ready for my chauffeur, which picked me up at 7:30. I was staying about 25 minutes from the airport and as always, I needed as much time as possible in a huge airport like DXB!

Premium departure drop-off at Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3
photo dsc05405photo dsc05409

Emirates First and Business Class check-in
photo dsc05413photo dsc05416photo dsc05415

Since there was no one behind the check-in counters, I eventually found someone after two minutes. The check-in process this time took less than 5 minutes. Before I knew it, my bag was immediately checked in all the way to Bangkok. At least I can say I'm going to one of my favourite holiday destinations and to an airport I'm extremely familiar with!
photo dsc05414photo dsc05428

Walking down the red carpet yet again! ;)
photo dsc05417

The long walk to security
photo dsc05426photo dsc05429photo dsc05434

Business Class check-in counters
photo dsc05433

Finally making it to security
photo dsc05435photo dsc05437photo dsc05440


This time, my flight to Bangkok was departing from Concourse B, which didn't require a ride by the Automated People Mover but a simple ride on the elevator
photo dsc05441photo dsc05442

IMO, I would say that Concourse B is a decent airport terminal with a variety of duty-free options, but not as great as Concourse A

More shots of Concourse B

Yet another luxury car at the terminal!
photo dsc05468

Now, time to head to the lounge!
photo dsc05473photo dsc05475

Everything in Concourse B is actually close to one another, which is a definite positive detail
photo dsc05476photo dsc05477

Business Class lounge entrance
photo dsc05478

First Class lounge entrance
photo dsc05479photo dsc05480

A little fountain area at the entrance
photo dsc05481

To cut a long story short, this lounge was not bad, but it is quite old and a bit dark compared to Concourse A that I have raved so much about.

Shots of the lounge

photo dsc05486

Boarding pass
photo dsc05492

The famous view of the concourse from the lounge. I believe the business class lounge is a level above from the first class one.
photo dsc05519

Since I had about 2 hours before the flight, I decided to get something to eat before the flight. So, I made my way to the dining area after exploring the lounge and check out some of their catering options.
photo dsc05507

Dining area
photo dsc05498

Just like any other lounge, there were à la carte options as well as choices from the buffet. I have to admit, they looked really good!

There was an additional dining area, which was a bit secluded but had an amazing atmosphere, especially the lighting.
photo dsc05553photo dsc05554

Virgin Mojito
photo dsc05512

I ended up getting palak paneer for my main course, which was amazingly delicious!
photo dsc05515

Hot towel
photo dsc05517

More shots of the lounge

Despite the fact it did look a bit old from my standpoint, the lounge was quite spacious, providing the same standards that Emirates always promises its passengers!
photo dsc05521photo dsc05527

Little did I know that two hours would fly in an instant.
photo dsc05561photo dsc05562

Walking towards gate B17
photo dsc05563photo dsc05564

Time for the long journey back home!
photo dsc05565

Taking the elevator towards the aerobridge
photo dsc05567photo dsc05573

Despite the average pre-flight experience, I was quite excited for this flight!
photo dsc05575photo dsc05576

Plane to BKK: A6-EER
photo dsc05577

Well, time to board!
photo dsc05579

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 27 July 2018
Airline: Emirates
Flight Number: EK 374
Route: Dubai (DXB) - Bangkok (BKK)
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Registration: A6-EER
Distance: 3049 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 10:30 PM
Actual Departure Time: 11:10 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 8:00 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 8:09 AM
Flight Time: 6 hrs 30 mins
Departure Gate at DXB: B17
Arrival Gate at BKK: E4


As soon as I entered the first class cabin, I was lead to my seat by one of the cabin crew members.
photo dsc05582

Emirates A380 First Class
photo dsc05584photo dsc05587

My suite, 4K
photo dsc05590photo dsc05591

Suite features
photo dsc05592photo dsc05593

More photos of my suite
photo dsc05594photo dsc05748photo dsc05757

Tablet and mini-bar
photo dsc05604

Amenity kits were handed out almost immediately, which included the usual slippers, eye-mask, and set of pyjamas

Inside of the amenity kit
photo dsc05603

Welcome drink - Orange juice
photo orange-juice

View from my seat
photo dsc05605

Exploring the inflight entertainment yet again!
photo dsc05606photo dsc05607photo dsc05608

The tailback camera view never disappoints
photo dsc05609

Collection of snacks
photo snacks 2

Arabic coffee
photo dsc05613

I remember boarding being complete at around 10:20 that evening, and that was when the captain came on with the pre-flight welcome and a welcome by the multinational crew. He advised us that the first half of the flight was going to be smooth, but the second half was going to be very turbulent at all levels. So, let's just see how things play out
photo dsc05621

Hot towel
photo dsc05618

Loving the legroom!
photo dsc05619photo dsc05620

Power outlet
photo dsc05623

Seat controls
photo dsc05630

Duvet and comforter tucked in the back
photo dsc05637

It is obvious that Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world that there is bound to be some kind of delays, and I wasn't wrong with this one! We were waiting to pushback from the gate for some time. By the time I checked, it was around 10:45 PM
photo dsc05644

I was well-settled into my seat for the next 6 hours! ;)
photo dsc05641photo dsc05642

Cabin lights were dimmed in preparation for takeoff
photo dsc05664

Writing kit
photo dsc05713

Flight info
photo dsc05662photo dsc05677

Terminal view with the DXB Control Tower
photo dsc05684photo dsc05696

More views during the taxi
photo dsc05666photo dsc05703

Additional tail camera views
photo dsc05685photo dsc05701

Taxiing to Runway 30R
photo dsc05705photo dsc05706

We then took off 30 minutes behind schedule at approximately 11:10 PM

View of Sharjah after takeoff
photo dsc05724photo dsc05728

Thanks for everything once again, Dubai!
photo dsc05733photo dsc05740

Cruising out of Dubai
photo dsc05745photo dsc05746

After 20 minutes, the cabin lights came back on. This was when the crew came around to distribute menus.
photo dsc05743

Menu cover
photo dsc05758photo dsc05759

Drink menu
photo dsc05761photo dsc05763

Menu for tonight's flight
photo dsc05766photo dsc05768

Cruising above the Arabian Sea
photo dsc05764

Overall cabin views
photo dsc05771photo dsc05772photo dsc05756

After some time, I went to check out the famous first class bathroom yet again!
photo dsc05777

I fall in love with this every time I'm here!
photo dsc05778

photo dsc05779

The shower!
photo dsc05780

Stairs leading to the lower deck
photo dsc05775

Before heading back to my seat, I had requested one of the cabin crew members to schedule a shower for me after 2 hours, in which she delightfully did so!

Since I missed out on a mojito the last time I was onboard the Emirates A380 lounge, I thought I might as well go now before they run out!

Business class
photo dsc05787

Lounge offerings
photo dsc05790photo dsc05791

Photos of the onboard bar
photo dsc05792photo dsc05793

I definitely came at a time where it was extremely busy. However, I was finally able to get my mojito!
photo dsc05806

photo dsc05801

Business class cabin with mood lighting before heading back to First
photo dsc05810photo dsc05811

I then headed back to my seat to enjoy the rest of the flight!
photo dsc05812

Somehow, I found the crew on this flight to be more friendly and attentive than on my previous leg from New York. Knowing that I'm an aviation geek, I ended up having hilarious conversations with a lot of the crew members throughout the flight!

Noise-cancelling headphones along with the case
photo dsc05817photo dsc05818

I decided to explore the inflight entertainment once I got back to my seat.
photo dsc05820photo dsc05821

Controlling the seat using the tablet

Time to continue where I left off!
photo dsc05832

Orange fizz, with kettle cooked chips
photo dsc05813

After 15 minutes into the movie, I thought it was time to try out the meals. From then on, the crew delightfully took my dinner order, set up the table, and told me it would take approximately 25 minutes to prepare.

Table setup
photo dsc05847

photo dsc05849

Carrot and ginger soup with cheese straws, which was truly outstanding!
photo dsc05858

Viewing my movie on the big screen, and the flight progress on the smaller tablet!
photo dsc05857

I did end up waiting for about 10-15 minutes for the main course to be ready, but it was worth the wait!
photo dsc05845

In the meantime, I switched to the inflight map to find out our current location
photo dsc05863

A second round of orange fizz
photo dsc05875

For the main course, I ended up getting grilled king prawns with egg fried rice, assorted vegetables, and orange sauce. I wasn't expecting much out of this short flight, but Emirates really met my expectations for this one! Apparently, this dish was much better than when I flew out of New York. Words can't say how much I'm loving this flight already!
photo dsc05868

Once I was done with my main course, I ended up getting some dessert: chocolate truffle cake with raspberry jellies (which was a nice compliment)
photo dsc05876

Post-meal offerings: including chocolates, a hot towel, as well as dental hygiene products including a toothpick and floss
photo dsc05880

The next thing I knew was that half an hour already passed by, as I found out that my shower has been scheduled!
photo dsc05878

Bar area in front of the first class cabin, fully decked with selected snacks and drinks
photo dsc05881

Soon after, I was on my way towards the spa and ready to take a shower. The experience was amazing as always! As soon as I was done freshening up, I changed into my pyjamas and decided to head off to bed. Hence, I asked one of the cabin crew for the turndown service.
photo dsc05887photo dsc05886

Fruit assortment handed out post-shower
photo dsc05893

Cabin view with the amazing star illusion!
photo dsc05895

Calling it a night above India
photo dsc05899photo dsc05900

Photos of the seat as a flat bed
photo dsc05906photo dsc05908photo dsc05909

In regards to sleep on this flight, I would say that it was like any other red-eye flight where I would sleep for about 2 hours, only to wake up to the captain's announcement stating that we were now starting the descent into Bangkok and had approximately 25 minutes until landing. I was enjoying this flight already, and it's already sad to see it fly by so fast!
photo dsc05910

Cabin with mood lighting
photo dsc05911

Filling out the Thai immigration form
photo thaiimmigrationform

It wasn't long before the seat belt sign came back on giving the indication that we had to prepare for landing
photo dsc05927

Starting the descent into Bangkok
photo dsc05919photo dsc05924

One of the funny things that happened on this flight was that I didn't have time to change back into my regular clothes prior to landing. So, what I ended up doing was to wait until we docked at the gate. On the bright side yet again, I get to spend more time on the Emirates A380!
photo dsc05940photo dsc05941

Hot towel
photo dsc05952

Time flies when you have fun!
photo dsc05947photo dsc05975

Approaching Bangkok
photo dsc05951photo dsc05971

View of the engines yet again!
photo dsc05954

I just love the views of Thailand upon descent!
photo dsc05969photo dsc05977

Final shots before landing
photo dsc05973photo dsc05976

We landed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport at around 8:10 AM, which was about 10 minutes from the scheduled arrival time. Honestly, it wasn't that bad as I had plenty of time before my next flight to Hong Kong.
photo dsc05985

Thai Airways International Airbus A380-800, HS-TUF
photo dsc05988

Actual flight route
photo dsc05991

Taxiing towards the gate
photo dsc05994

Docking at gate E4, right next to a Arkia Boeing 767-300ER, I-NDDL and another Thai Airways International Airbus A380-800, HS-TUD
photo dsc05996


Before disembarking, I went back to the first class bathroom to change into my regular clothes as well as take one last look!
photo dsc06000photo dsc06002

One last look of the first class cabin. I have to admit, this was a good flight!
photo dsc06004photo dsc06005

Disembarking/Arrival into BKK

The usual long walk to immigration
photo dsc06013photo dsc06014

The "warehouse" look of the airport

Making our way to immigration

Reaching the Premium Lane
photo dsc06034

Just like the last time I arrived in BKK, it took more than 15 minutes to get to the baggage claim area due to long lines, even in the premium lane! I don't think I've experienced any waiting time like this in the past. I thought there might be some kind of improvement, but I was wrong!
photo dsc06035photo dsc06037

However, it took just 5 minutes to get my bag
photo dsc06038photo dsc06040

Heading towards the arrival hall
photo dsc06041

Arrival hall
photo dsc06044photo dsc06048

I took an elevator leading to the departure level so I can check-in for my flight to HKG. So, my goal after checking-in as well as clearing security and immigration was to head to the CX lounge to sit back, get some breakfast, and relax!
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Cabin crew9.5

Emirates Lounge - First (Gates B)


Dubai - DXB


Bangkok - BKK



Overall, this was a pretty decent flight onboard Emirates. Despite the average pre-flight experience, I found it to be a significant improvement than my previous flight from New York a couple of days before this one. There were a number of factors which did well such as the crew (who were friendly and courteous as always), entertainment, bar, and even the spa

All I can say in conclusion is that this flight was pretty much the way I expected it. Anyways, thanks for reading this trip report. I hope you enjoyed it. Tune in next time as I'll be flying with Cathay Pacific back to Hong Kong on the Airbus A350-1000!

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