Review of Air France flight Pointe-à-Pitre Port-au-Prince in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF606
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 21 Mar 18, 16:35
Arrival at 21 Mar 18, 18:35
AF   #24 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 6117 reviews
By SILVER 1114
Published on 11th November 2018
Hi everybody,

This report deals with the first part of the flight AF606 (between Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe and Port-Au-Prince, Haïti). This flight is operated with an A320 "Carribean network".

After PAP and MIA, we have others flights (with AA) to go to Denver (our final destination), the routing:

21/03 - AF 606 PTP-PAP here you are
21/03 - AF 606 PAP-MIA here (french)
23/03 - AA 2586 MIA-DFW Here (french)
23/03 - AA 2356 DFW-DEN Here (french)
06/04 - AA 2342 DEN-MIA Here( french)
06/04 - AF 606 MIA-PAP Soon
06/04 - AF606 PAP-PTP Soon

Every year I go to Colorado to snow sports, and I can say that I never seen better snow than in Colorado, and resorts are exceptionals!

The two AF's A320 are based in Pointe-a-Pitre and do flights to Cayenne via Fort-de-France (Martinique) and to Miami via Port-au-Prince (this report). I decided to do the flight PTP-PAP-MIA in two parts.

Before you start, you have to know that my initial flight was Thursday, 22nd but AF and Air traffic control was on strike, and i have been moved on Wednesday 21st by FlyingBlue, it has been fast and easy.

My flight is previously expected at 4:35pm, I decided to be at the airport at 2pm, but the day before Air France send me an email to ask to be at the airport at 1pm . For me, it's impossible, I finish High school at half past twelve.

Finally I arrive at the airport and it's only 1:20pm, not bad.

I'm going to Terminal 2 to check-in.
photo img_1001photo img_1002

I check the FIDS, and I see a little star "The recording of the flight AF606 is made at Terminal 1". Good, so I go to Terminal 1 and I discover that the tail for AF606 is the same that the queue for the flight AF793 to Paris Orly… Not really practical.
photo img_1004
photo img_1005
photo img_1006
photo img_1008

After that, we have to come back to Terminal 2 to cross the police. I don't know the utility of doing that…

Some norwegian ads.
photo img_1009

And airways counters oerating from T2
photo img_1010photo img_1011photo img_1012

photo img_1013

The border Police
photo img_1016

And after cross the Police at Terminal Two, we don't come back to Terminal 1 waiting room (as we do for Norwegian) we go to T2 waiting room !
photo img_1017

With obviously ATR to Carribean islands
photo img_1018
photo img_1019
photo img_1020

photo img_1022

Air Transat from YYZ or YUL in 737.
photo img_1021

I rarely come in T2. The style is modern and colorful. Theer is a little Duty-free. The building is shaped like a round, with a beautiful architecture. Negative point, the room is too small for all passengers, there are flights to SJU, SFG, FDF, SXM, ANU, my flight to PAP and MIA, electrical outlets are missing. It should be noted that the Airport wi-fi access (furnished by Orange Guadeloupe) works very well.

In this wednesday afternoon, there are no many planes, but there are some..

Air Canada Rouge going to Montreal.

photo img_1033
photo img_1036
photo img_1037
photo img_1038

Air France season flight from CDG (in normal time 2 Beoing 777 to Orly per day, in season it's 2 777 to orly and 1 A343 to CDG !).
photo img_1026
photo img_1027
photo img_1028
photo img_1029

Air Caraibes from Orly with an A359
photo img_1031
photo img_1032

I missed the XL Airways A332 from Marseille. XL Airways operated new connections from France : Lyons, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, Brest and Nantes. Paris-CDG still operated.

At 4:30pm, the boarding begin, with usual "No-Photo" but I brave the laws and here are some pictures:

The plane is the same as for my flight ATL-PTP (here (french))

But nearby theer is the second plane with Paris Olympic Games livery from Atlanta to Cayenne.

photo img_1048

And our plane to PAP and MIA.
photo img_1049
photo img_1050
photo img_1052

The terminal from outside. I find it very beautiful, it looks like the "Memorial ACTE" museum or the "MUCem" Museum at Marseille.
photo img_1051
photo img_1060

Some fuselage shoots
photo img_1055
photo img_1056
photo img_1057
photo img_1058

the pilots
photo img_1059

The other A320 with XL 332 from MRS.
photo img_1061photo img_1062

The pitch
photo img_1065

the cup holder very usefull.
photo img_1066

photo img_1063

Very usefull USB socket
photo img_1064

We pushback at 4:45pm
photo img_1068
photo img_1069photo img_1070

A343 Air France to CDG
photo img_1071
The runaway
photo img_1072
An Air Antilles Express ATR
photo img_1073
A350 TX and 777 AF
photo img_1074
738 Norwegian
photo img_1075

about-face and take-off.
photo img_1076
photo img_1077
photo img_1078
photo img_1079
photo img_1080

View of the old South Terminal with Control Tower, and in background the town of Pointe-a-Pitre
photo img_1081
photo img_1082
photo img_1083
photo img_1084
photo img_1085
photo img_1086

After that, we start to fly-over the "Grands-fonds" (inland), and we can see "Le Gosier" and "Sainte-Anne" cities.

The north of Grande-Terre
photo img_1095

That's (sorry for quality and clouds) the channel where slaves landed at the time of the colonies (I remind that Guadeloupe was a french colony but not anymore. Now that's we what we call a "DROM" (in french Departement ou Région d'Outre-Mer" we can traduce it by "overseas department".
photo img_1096

Some reading with safety card.
photo img_1097
photo img_1098

A little text abouth PTP-ATL new connection.
photo img_1099

Our engine with in background the island of Montserrat. We can easily see the marks of ash pours after volcano eruption in february 2010. The capital Plymouth has been totally ravaged and now nobody lives at Plymouth, but the city still the capital of the island. Actually, it's the only uninhabited capital in the wolrd.
photo img_1103
photo img_1104

There was choice between cheese or chicken sandwiches (i have chosen cheese), and drkins come after, as on lufthansa.
photo img_1105photo img_1109

After passing by Santo-Domingo, we start the descent to PAP. The border between Dominican Republic and Haiti is mountainous, it'"/>photo img_1118
photo img_1120
photo img_1121


photo img_1123
photo img_1124
photo img_1125
Caiman Lake
photo img_1128
photo img_1129
photo img_1130

We cross 10000 feats, mountains are lower, we begin to see Port-Au-Prince outskirts. Port-Au-Prince is a very big city (1million inhabitants) very extended, but very poor.
photo img_1135
photo img_1136
photo img_1137

We continue our descent, but we are higher than usual. Few seconds after I see it, the cockpit announces "Cabin crew, go around". I was not the only one to have seen it, luckily pilots saw it.
The plane goes back, this allows to take beautiful pictures.
photo img_1140
photo img_1141
photo img_1143
photo img_1144
photo img_1145
photo img_1160
photo img_1163

Touchdown at 6:50pm.
photo img_1147
photo img_1149
photo img_1150
photo img_1151
photo img_1152
photo img_1153
photo img_1154
photo img_1155

Sun from land
photo img_1165

the tarmac with AA and the local company Sunrise.
photo img_1157photo img_1168

American to Miami too
photo img_1166

photo img_1167

we then go down to the transit room, so that the Americans can inspect the plane before being in Miami. We are given a little paper for the transit

photo img_1171

Flight Radar 24

photo img_1307

the go around
photo img_1308

Thanks you for reading, stay tuned for the following fligths to Miami (then Denver) (fligths already available in French) !

I'm sorry for potiental mistakes of English.

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Air France

Cabin crew9.5

Pointe-à-Pitre - PTP


Port-au-Prince - PAP



PTP: A nice ride between the two terminals but useless. Terminal 2 is too small for so many people. Good point for high-speed wi-fi.

AF: Standard flight of Air France Regional network. The catering is better than before but still light. Functional USB socket. A wi-fi access might be interesting to compete with American (A319/E175 and 738) and Norwegian (news 738). Cabin crew was nice.

PAP : Can't be impartial because of the destructions caused by the 2010 earthquake. I can say that major efforts have been made since.

Information on the route Pointe-à-Pitre (PTP) Port-au-Prince (PAP)


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