Review of easyJet flight Paris Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U23737
Class Economy
Seat 23F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 30 Sep 18, 13:05
Arrival at 30 Sep 18, 18:40
U2   #8 out of 13 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 585 reviews
Yonatan Paz
Published on 2nd December 2018
Hello and welcome to my fligtht to Tel Aviv
The flights for this trip:
TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) -> CDG (Paris, France) U2 A320 Economy TLV - CDG
CDG (Paris, France) -> TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) U2 A320 Economy YOU ARE HERE! / VOUS ETES ICI!

EasyJet's activity in Israel:
Current to 2018 EasyJet operates many routes and flight to Tel Aviv, Israel from those cities:
Paris - CDG (5 weekly flights)
Bordeaux (2 weekly flights)
Nice (2 weekly flights)
Lyon (3 weekly flights)
Milan - Malpensa (5 weekly flights)
Venice - Marco Polo (3 weekly flights)
Naples (2 weekly flights)
Berlin - SXF (4 weekly flights)
Berlin - TXL (1 daily flight)
Geneva (5 weekly flights)
Basel (4 weekly flights)
Amsterdam (5 weekly flights)
London - STN (2 weekly flights)
London - LTN ( 11 weekly flights)
London - LGW (3 weekly flights)
Manchester (2 weekly flights)

All the flights are operated by A320/A320neo aircraft.

Information about Paris - Tel Aviv route:
The route is really busy with many carries like Air France (A320), Transavia (B738), El Al (B738, B739, B744, B763, B772, B789), EasyJet (A320), ASL Airlines France (B73G), XL Airways (A332, A333, on S18 flight operated by ET B788), Arkia (B738 behalf of SmartWings and they will opearte a brane new A321LR).
Primera Air used to fly on this route from the end of October 2018 with brand new A321neo aircraft but the airline has ceased operations.

The day of the flight:

I'd to return my car at the aiport so I arrived to the airport at 10AM.
This is the car that I've rent:

photo 20180930_100201

This is the enterance for Terminal 2D which used for some airlines like Easy Jet, Belavia, Finnair, Austrian Airlines, UIA, Air Malta etc.

photo 20180930_100653

Our flight is on time:

photo 20180930_1007380

On the way for the check in counters:

photo 20180930_101040photo 20180930_101611

XL Airbus A330-200 will fly to Tel Aviv (TLV), Israel:

photo 20180930_105003

Austrian Airbus A321 landed from Vienna (VIE), Austria and Finnair A320 landed from Helsinki (HEL), Finland:

photo 20180930_105045

Blank Airbus A320 of Air Malta landed from Malta (MLA):

photo 20180930_112051

Easy Jet Airbus A320 is pushing back to Lisbon (LIS), Portugal:

photo 20180930_112827

Finnair Airbus A321 landed from Helsinki (HEL), Finland:

photo 20180930_1140140

View of the airside of the terminal:

photo 20180930_114719

Azerbaijan Airlines Airbus A320 will depart to Baku (GYD), Azerbaijan:

photo 20180930_115047photo 20180930_115055

My plane arrived from Ajaccio (AJA), France. This is an A320 aircraft, OE-IVQ which is the same aircraft the took my from Tel Aviv to Paris:

photo 20180930_114922photo 20180930_115151photo 20180930_115154

It's time to board:

photo 20180930_124250photo 20180930_124728

Our Airbus A320:

photo 20180930_125009

View from row 23:

photo 20180930_125155photo 20180930_125158

The seat has a small table and a hook for coats:

photo 20180930_125409

The legroom isn't the best for 4h30m flight:

photo 20180930_125403

The cabin is full today:

photo 20180930_125357

Due to busy traffic at the airport we'd to wait almost 15 minutes until the permission for pushback:

photo 20180930_130259

Pushaback was made at 13:20:

photo 20180930_132154

Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 landed from Kiev (KBP), Ukraine:

photo 20180930_132405

Joon Airbus A321 will depart to Lisbon (LIS), Portugal along with Alitalia Airbus A321 landed from Rome (FCO), Italy:

photo 20180930_1324440

Many AF's and Joon's planes:

photo 20180930_132747photo 20180930_132816

MEA Airlines Airbus A330-200 landed from Beirut (BEY), Lebanon with Air France A380-800 that will fly later to Los Angeles (LAX), USA:

photo 20180930_132913

Air France Boeing 777-300ER will depart to Dubai (DXB), UAE:

photo 20180930_132849

Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-900 landed from Hanoi (HAN), Vietnam:

photo 20180930_132922

View of Air France's widebodies:

photo 20180930_133036photo 20180930_133138

Align to the runway:

photo 20180930_133415

Take off was made at 1:34PM, 29 min behind the scheldue. The take off was hard due to winds.

photo 20180930_133428


photo 20180930_133444


photo 20180930_133453

El Al Boeing 787-9 landed from Tel Aviv (TLV), Israel, XL Airways A330-300 landed from Cancun (CUN), Mexico and Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER will depart to Montreal (YUL), Canada:

photo 20180930_133458photo 20180930_133501

View of Terminal 1:

photo 20180930_133512

Near Paris:

photo 20180930_133727

View of Paris city center:

photo 20180930_133918photo 20180930_133943photo 20180930_135131

Reaching the cursing altitude:

photo 20180930_141142

Over Zurich's lake, Switzerland:

photo 20180930_141820

Over the Swiss Alps:

photo 20180930_142146photo 20180930_142247photo 20180930_143536

I ordered a hot pizza:

photo 20180930_143504

View of the Dolmitans Mountains, Italy:

photo 20180930_142811photo 20180930_143630

Views of Verona and Venice, Italy:

photo 20180930_144229photo 20180930_144508

Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE), Italy:

photo 20180930_144544

Cabin durning flight:

photo 20180930_153717photo 20180930_153719

Over Zadar, Croatia:

photo 20180930_154334

Sharklet's view:

photo 20180930_142257

Some turbulences began due to cloudy weather as you can see:

photo 20180930_155404photo 20180930_163154

I ordered a can of Coke Zero:

photo 20180930_163832

Views of Albania:

photo 20180930_165821photo 20180930_171528

Sunset over the Mediterran Sea:

photo 20180930_172416photo 20180930_172927photo 20180930_173710

Time to descent to TLV:

photo 20180930_174629photo 20180930_175151

Over Tel Aviv, Israel:

photo 20180930_175142photo 20180930_175247

Cabin lights were dimmed:

photo 20180930_175338

Landing on runway 30 after 4:26 hours of flying:

photo 20180930_175900photo 20180930_175910

View of terminal 3:

photo 20180930_180119photo 20180930_180147

Our plane parked at remote stamd:

photo 20180930_180557photo 20180930_180606

Bye bye OE-IVQ, What a great airplane!

photo 20180930_181335photo 20180930_181355photo 20180930_181447

Wizz Air Airbus A320 landed from Warsaw (WAW), Poland:

photo 20180930_181306

Another photo:

photo 20180930_181420

Near the belt in Terminal 3:

photo 20180930_193918
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Cabin crew6.5
Buy-on-board menu6.5

Paris - CDG


Tel Aviv - TLV



Information on the route Paris (CDG) Tel Aviv (TLV)


  • Comment 478589 by
    Pilpintu 732 Comments

    Hi Yonatan!

    Azerbaijan Airlines Airbus A320 will depart to Baku

    What a nice livery!

    OE-IVQ which is the same aircraft the took my from Tel Aviv to Paris

    It's always a nice thing when you meet an old acquaintance!

    The legroom isn't the best for 4h30m flight

    Judging from these photos, everything about Easyjet seems to be just like the LLCs in my country. Looks like commercial aviation is becoming uniform all over the world.

    Reaching the cursing altitude

    This is different in my country, though. We just sit in silence for the whole flight. We only curse when we can't find an empty luggage bin or something like that.

    Hahahhaha Please don't hate me. I know I'm a pest!! You meant "cruising altitude" of course. XDDD

    I ordered a hot pizza

    Yummy!! Didn't the plastic wrap affect its crunchiness?

    Thanks for the nice report and the beautiful aerials, Yonatan!! :)

  • Comment 478712 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 530 Comments

    Thanks for sharing a nice report with tons of pictures. I personally would spend a few more bucks for more luxury on a flight of 4 hours instead of flying LCC, but I guess you have had a bit of luck that the cabin was a newly updated one (As they have tons with the old worn cabins too!)

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